Dreams Related To Doll

Dreaming about evil dolls like Annabelle

An evil doll head

A doll head follows me everywhere I go and tries to hurt and kill me, my family and friends. The doll head can control objects and possess objects.

The doll's head by itself in your vision represents feelings of loneliness and isolation. You likely try to brush off these emotions or hide them from others for fear of these individuals becoming more distant that they already are, but in reality you feel all alone even when in the midst of a large group. The head attacking you, then, suggests that beyond others becoming more distant, you worry that they would reject you outright, either for not wanting to be closer to them or for some other reasons known to you. This vision is in essence the manifestation of your fears and doubts, indicating that if you want to get over them, you have to face them head on.

Seeing a doll

Seeing the dream image of a doll, like a collectible ceramic doll or a kid's Barbie doll, is often associated with spending habits and financial status. You may be entering a period of excessive shopping and spending spree which could spike your credit card bill or put a dent on your emergency fund. This could also mean that a lot of your bills and debts are due or overdue so you would have to urgently attend to your responsibilities, otherwise unpaid dues could snowball into more debt.

A flash showing a ventriloquist doll

I was actually awake and had a quick flash of a ventriloquist dummy, it only lasted less than a second, and then it was gone.

Depending on when and where you witnessed this vision, the meaning could be altered. If you were in the company of others, you could be picking up on the loneliness or hurt of one member of your group. This could be a message from a higher power asking you to intervene and help this person. On the other hand, if you were alone at the time of this vision, it is possible you have become aware of a plot to be manipulated or taken advantage of by someone, a warning that you should be careful whom you tend to associate with.

What does it mean to dream of a doll or evil doll

Becoming a doll

Turning into a doll or becoming a doll, like a mannequin or a miniature doll version of yourself, is a bad sign that you would likely lose your material possessions. The inability to pay off your debts could force you to sell off some of your property and valuables to clear your accounts. It is also possible that an emergency would come up which would cost a lot of money, like an accident or a family issue, so some of your assets and valuable may serve as collateral.

A rubber doll

A rubber doll is a symbol of superficiality. Dreaming of a rubber doll, playing with it or looking at the doll and contemplating buying it, means you may be in a relationship with someone who is not as genuine or trustworthy as you think. This individual may be subtly manipulating you into submission or outright controlling your actions for his or her gain. In that sense, the rubber material of the doll in the vision refers to the artificial or superficial bond you have. Instead of being based on real emotions and connection, you may have a shallow bond after all.

Stabbing a doll with a knife

I was stabbing a doll with a knife and I was blaming the doll for killing my friend.

Dolls in the dream world signify immaturity or the time when the dreamer was a child. The act of stabbing the doll in this dream could portend your desire to quell your childish habits and attitude. The notion of you thinking that the doll was responsible for the death of your friend could symbolize that you may be holding yourself responsible for a break or growing issues inside your friendship. Being more open, mature and accountable with your friendships could help you resolve any minor issues beforehand and ensure that your friendships last for a long time.

Fixing a doll house

I dreamed that there was a tiny house that was home to the Disney princesses but someone started to take everything out and make it look more normal. Luckily, I came and fixed it back to the way it was. But I was scared he would do it again, so I confronted him at his old house but he got mad and ran away.

The tiny home in your vision represents a budding new relationship in your reality. Your unconscious mind recognizes that this individual, be they a friend, potential lover or extended family member, may play an important role in your life in the coming months and years. As such, you could be concerned about their influence. This is seen in the image of the Disney princesses. These characters represent the traditional values you were taught in childhood, the things you remember and go back to when life seems out of control. Maybe you have some subconscious fears that this man or woman would change something fundamental about you, which is why you see the man taking things from the house. As you were able to return the house to normal and confront the man, however, it seems you have the strength of character to deal with anything that arises.

A doll for young women

For young women, dreaming of a doll, whether you own the doll and you are playing with it or you are merely looking at a doll within the context of your dream, means you could meet and fall in love with someone who has no ambitions or means of social mobility. This love affair could be doomed from the start, not just because of this person's laziness and lack of goals or ambition, but also because of significant differences in your personalities. After a while, the initial attraction or spark would fade.

Coming across a doll

Discovering or coming across a doll buried among your other belongings, such as inside a box of stuff in the garage or in the attic, conveys a lucky dream meaning. It means you would soon acquire certain assets and property which would boost your financial standing. Perhaps you would acquire some real estate via inheritance or your own wise investment. It may also happen like a stroke of luck, such as finding a valuable antique in your property or getting a great deal off something that would yield high returns.

A doll in general

Dolls as dream symbols, such as in a shop's display window or a princess doll seen around a room or in your own house, generally refer to an unwavering personality or point of view which veers on a stereotypical way of thinking. It may be hard for others to get through to you because you are set in your ways even though your behavior and beliefs are antiquated and prejudiced towards others. Alternatively, this could also be your mind warning you about your aggressive or violent tendencies which could lead to possible criminal behavior.

A doll can also refer to possible health issues involving a loved one. A family member, friend or relative may fall ill or be incapacitated as symbolized by the inanimate doll in the dream. An accident could occur or a contagious illness may make someone in your social circle prone to physical ailments. Alternatively, this could also be an indication of being betrayed by your own kin or possibly being provoked by your friends into a bad situation.

A wooden doll

As a dream symbol, a wooden doll such as one inside a glass box being sold in a toy store or a wooden doll as decor inside a home means you may be growing complacent and becoming lazy in reality. Instead of focusing your time and energy in pursuing productive hobbies or interests, you may be drawn to superficial and meaningless ventures. These distractions, while it gives you some pleasure, may keep you further and further away from achieving your dreams and aspirations.

Dream answers for playing with a doll or scary dolls

Playing with a doll

Dreaming of playing with a doll, like dressing up the doll or setting up the dolls in a doll house, means you are perfectly in control of your life. The playing and the dolls represent your view of your surroundings and the roles you have to play. This means that you have a clear and sound mind which allow you to put structure and order in your existence. Even your home and workspace are meticulously organized to make you more productive. Everything is going your way and your subconscious is showing you this contentment.

Bathing a doll

Bathing a doll as a way of cleaning it, either with water or other solution, could be an indication of an upcoming shopping or spending spree. This may be a well-deserved reward for you because you have been working hard all this time. So you may spend your hard-earned money on a vacation or personal time off. On the other hand, this could also happen unintentionally or out of pure impulse. You see something you like and you have the money to spare, so you end up spending a ton amount of money.

A very small doll

The dream image of a very small doll or a miniature doll, displayed on shelves, placed inside a dollhouse or as part of your own play set, is an auspicious dream symbol referring to health and wealth. The great thing about this symbol is that it does not just portend your own luck or your own blessings but it also includes your loved ones in this happy twist of fate. All of you would enjoy the outpouring of opportunities and lucrative deals or investments that would make your lives infinitely better.

A doll delivered by someone

I am sweeping the floor when a courier comes with a doll in white tulle dress with alphabet letter "V" written.

Sweeping the floor is usually associated with receiving an unexpected visit from someone or meeting up with someone you have fallen out of contact with. Receiving a doll from a messenger suggests you have recently been lonely or feel that others are giving you the cold shoulder. You may want to use the opportunity presented to make a new friend, as it can help assuage the solitary situation you find yourself in.

A talking doll

Dreaming of a talking doll, such as having a full-on conversation with a doll such as a puppet or a porcelain doll, means a part of your psyche is trying to communicate with you through this dream symbol. The topic and tone of the message being conveyed by the doll is likely an aspect of a repressed area of your consciousness trying to surface. Maybe you need to deal with it or confront it so that you would have some peace of mind. It could also be an obsession, an addiction or unhealthy preoccupation which is taking over your subconscious. Perhaps you need to rid your system of this unhealthy habit.

A marionette doll

A marionette doll in dreams points to conformity. For example, you may dream about a doll maker making a marionette, watching a performance involving marionettes or seeing an image of a marionette. This points to your tendency to go with the flow or submit to others who have more authority or exude certain power and sphere of influence. You may be setting yourself up for failure and mediocrity if you allow others to dictate your actions or passively allow them to order you around.

A voodoo doll

Dreaming of a voodoo doll, such as having one in your hand with the intent of inflicting pain on another person or witnessing someone with evil intentions handling a voodoo doll, means someone is trying to manipulate you to advance their interests. For example, this manipulative individual may try to infiltrate your social circle in an attempt to use your connections for professional advancement. This person may also drop subtle hints trying to make you open doors or opportunities even though they lack the qualifications.

Unable to buy a doll

Looking at a bunch of dolls inside a shop or seeing someone's doll collection knowing you cannot afford to buy a single one of those dolls speaks of your own financial capabilities. It means that deep down you know you have a poor financial standing or credit history and you have no real plans on how to go about improving your credit standing. This may also point to your spendthrift ways and irresponsible handling of your money which is why you dug yourself into this situation.

Plastic dolls and bees attacking

I had a dream I was in a sorority house that was filled with life-sized dolls. They looked more plastic. And when I looked at them they came to life and looked at me and would walk away. When I would touch one's dress it turned black and distorted and mean-looking and then I woke up. Right before I went into the house I was outside and bees landed on me one at a time, but I felt a slight fear because I don't like bees but none hurt me.

Dreaming of a house filled with people who are not real (dolls) implies you feel alone or isolated. Possibly there is a side of you that your friends do not know or recognize, meaning you cannot truly be yourself around them. The dolls that become animated and walk away and the one doll whose dress becomes strange and horrible looking before your eyes both mean you hide this aspect of yourself from others due to fear of rejection or contempt from your friends. However, things begin to look up at the end of the dream. Having a bee touch or land on you suggests there is someone out there who really gets you and is waiting for you to find them. This person could be your true love or a best friend and close confidant.

Dressing a doll

Envisioning yourself dressing up a doll or changing the doll's clothing as part of your playtime is a bad sign for your close relationships. This is especially applicable to female dreamers. It means someone in your immediate social circle, like your closest friend, could deceive you or lie to you which is the ultimate act of betrayal. Since this individual is likely your confidante, he or she could end up spilling your intimate secrets or the things you said in confidence. So maybe your subconscious is trying to warn you about people trying to take advantage of you.

Buying a doll for your child

Buying a doll for your own child, perhaps a Disney princess doll for your daughter or a limited edition popular doll, actually means that you yourself would receive an expensive gift or a generous present from your significant other. A big occasion may be coming up, like an anniversary or a milestone event for you, and your partner would set up a special surprise for you befitting the special occasion. In a way, the doll itself symbolizes your own child-like reaction to this generous gift you would get.

Many dolls around

Seeing a lot of dolls around, maybe in the doll section of a toy store or being inside a house of someone with an extensive doll collection, means you would soon witness something extraordinary in reality. This massive event would resound all over the world or at the very least affect a lot of people in your community. This could either be a positive or negative happening or circumstance, so perhaps your subconscious showed you this dream symbol to make you mentally prepared for what is about to come.

A beautiful doll

A beautiful doll, perfectly made and manufactured with delicate features, points to a brief moment of bliss. This could be due to achieving some sort of success at work with your project, but in the end it would seem that this achievement is fairly insignificant or negligible in the large scheme of things. Romantically, you may have a brief affair with someone or meet a person during a random encounter with whom you are going to share a beautiful moment or a short and profound period and then everything would fizzle out.

A talking doll on grandmother's lap telling future

My husband had a dream that he saw my grandmother on a chair with a talking doll on her lap and that the doll told my grandmother my husband's future and said the police was after him. The tone of the dream was calm.

The talking doll in this dream represents your husband's suppressed desires or things he wants to do with or without your permission. The police and the grandmother could both be representations of your excessive control or dominance over his wishes and wants, which are not always bad or inconsiderate in their nature, at least in his opinion. He could be wanting to spend more time with his buddies or not go on that vacation you planned without his input. In any case, he could be subconsciously, and now through direct communication with you, trying to have more freedom and think independently as far as the relationship goes.