Dreams Related To Dog

Friendly dog

To encounter a very friendly dog in your dreams is a sign of loyalty. It means you will be surrounded by people who will be greatly devoted to you and concerned about your well-being. Their presence in your life will bring you much luck and happiness.

Stray or homeless dog

Encountering a lost or abandoned canine within your dreamscapes carries significant symbolism, often representing an omen of impending misfortune. This unsettling vision could potentially foretell the emergence of challenging circumstances or even health-related concerns on your life's horizon. Dreaming of a stray or homeless dog serves as a potent indicator, suggesting a likelihood of forthcoming adverse events or crucial well-being issues that may demand your attention. It is crucial to recognize and address these dream-derived messages, allowing proactive measures to navigate and mitigate the potential challenges they portend.

Hostile dog

If you dream you came across a hostile dog while driving or walking, then it is a warning to beware of scandalous events or acts of deception being orchestrated behind your back by people you know and who do not particularly like you.

Black dog

If you dream of encountering a black dog, then it is a bad sign. It could mean you will soon face disappointment in someone you once thought was your best friend. If this is the case, you will soon realize this person always tries to avoid you during the toughest times in your life, and this person ends up revealing information that tends to make your situation worse than what it already was.

A dog bite

To witness yourself or someone you know experience a dog bite is a sign of confusion. It means you will soon begin facing conflicts and lack of communication with your significant other or business partners.

A dog following you

To dream that a dog is following you while you are walking a trail or a road is a warning that you need to exercise caution when engaging in certain activities because some of them may become hazardous to your overall health.

Dog licking your hand

Dreaming of a dog licking your hand can symbolize loyalty, companionship, and support, suggesting that you will find success in your professional life. The action of the dog licking your hand signifies a positive and encouraging connection, possibly with a friend or someone within the business realm. This dream implies that the support and assistance of this connection will play a significant role in helping you secure a good job or achieve a promotion. It encourages you to appreciate and leverage the relationships and alliances you have, as they may contribute to your career advancement.

Carrying a white dog

1 white dog circling around me begging to be carried and looked hurt. But before I can carry him, I have to hold another white dog lying on its back. I am hesitant to carry the dog because I am afraid of dogs.

The white dog in this dream represents a loyal and trustworthy friend. Because the dog was begging to be carried, you are being told by your subconscious that a loved one needs your help in reality. This is probably someone you can count on, and it is time for you to return the favor during their time of need. However, your hesitation to hold the white dog reveals your tendency to avoid responsibility. The other white dog you have to carry means you are already helping another person with their problem, so perhaps this makes it harder to take on the issue of another friend. Helping someone carry a burden is never easy, but you owe it to a loyal friend or family member to be supportive and reliable in order for you to continue a relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

White dog

A white dog is a positive dream symbol usually associated with a loyal and trustworthy friend. The presence of the white dog in the dream vision is a comforting sign that no matter what happens, you have someone you can always rely on. It is also an assurance that you can fully trust this friend who possess only pure intentions and wholeheartedly supports you in your endeavors.

Healing a sick dog

In my dream I saw a sick dog being healed by us. What does it mean?

Dreaming of a sick or dying dog usually refers to interpersonal conflicts and disagreements. Since dogs are associated with ideals such as loyalty and protection, they are typically symbols of family and trusted individuals in your social circle. The sickness afflicting the dog in the dream points to ideological differences or misunderstandings that are threatening to sever your bond with a friend or loved one. However, perhaps due to the experiences you both shared and the history you have together, you are motivated to patch things up with this individual or people as indicated by your efforts to heal the dog.

A scary dog licking the face

Dreamt that a big scary dog came around to my childhood home and was licking my face.

Dreaming about being scared of a dog portends victories and overcoming obstacles. It's an indication that you would muster the courage to face your adversaries. Despite feeling anxious and unsure about your next move in the beginning, you would be successful in defeating your enemies. The notion of the dog being friendly and licking your face has positive connotations. It symbolizes the presence of individuals who are loyal to you and would be happy for your triumphs. Be confident and take things in your stride because eventually you would rise above your weaknesses.

Being frightened by a big dog

To dream of being frightened by a big dog is a sign of victory and overcoming obstacles. It means you will start rebelling against all those things that have proved to be negative in your life and will start making great improvements to rise above the ignorance surrounding you.

Bonding with a dog from an abandoned house

I look at an old abandoned house. Junk in the garden, windows dark and black. Dark atmosphere. I feel evil lurks inside, preparing for some malevolent thing to emerge. Not lucid, but feel desire to face the dark window. A dog appears at the window, bounds towards me. I stand my ground. The dog jumps up, hugs me. I feel its fur and feel love. We communicate telepathically about something. I feel a great bond. I notice a small flea from the dog. I want to help it get rid of the fleas.

Dreaming about an abandoned house has negative connotations because it predicts coming across an individual who would break your trust. It may be someone very close to you as well, such as a longtime friend or family member. On the other hand, being visited by a friendly dog that shows love towards you signifies the presence of a faithful and loving person in your life. This is someone who cares about you deeply. The flea on the dog's fur could represent the very person who broke your trust in the first place. Despite their evil presence, you can rest assured that the ones who love and care for you would always be there to offer you their full support whenever you might require it.

A vicious black dog attacking everyone around

I had a dream about a black Rottweiler attacking me. It bit me several times, but I finally called it and it killed the guy who kept sticking it on me. The dog hurt several of my friends and the people who had the dog are people I used to know.

Seeing yourself or someone you know being attacked and wounded by a vicious dog is a sign of tragedy. It means you may soon face a serious disease or lingering illness, and it can also mean a close friend or relative passing away. As for the dog bites, witnessing yourself or someone you know experience a dog bite is a sign of confusion. It could predict soon being involved in conflicts and unable to maintain an open communication with your significant other or business partners.

A dog stuck between two doors

I live in a Georgian-style farmhouse and in the window over the front door there is a dog in the window. The front half of the dog is outside and the rear half is inside. There is a sliver of meat that looks like sliced ham that you get in a deli, in between the two panes of glass. I can move the rear part of the dog, which results in the other two parts moving in totally opposite random directions. The dog is alive, seems happy there is no blood or gore. It's a recurring nightmare.

Windows in dreams generally refer to new opportunities as well as the dreamer's outlook, while dogs symbolize loyalty and protection. Perhaps the dog in the window of your house in the dream refers to a family member who is conflicted about grabbing an opportunity or settling down. The opportunity presents a promising picture for the future, but it would take him or her away from the family and home in general. In addition, the meat in between the window panes represents obstacles. No matter which choice this individual makes, there would be downsides as well as upsides to it. Maybe this vision also shows your apprehensions about being away from your loved ones. Perhaps you are likewise conflicted about supporting the dreams of others over your preference of having them around.

Multi-colored dogs trying to attack

At an unknown house get together and there were three dogs, one black, one white and one that was black and brown. All three were trying to attack and owner was trying to hold them back. My special one was with me and they didn't bother him, and he went on through but the dogs were jumping and trying to bite me. Then I felt something on my back and thought it was a dog that was biting, but it was a little boy. I woke up then.

Dreaming of aggressive or angry dogs means that you could be betrayed by a trusted friend or colleague in the real world. The black, white and brown colors of the dogs represent the various faces of the traitor. White may be a facade of loyalty and kindness so he or she would gain your trust. Black represents the dark sides and aspects of your fake friend or ally scheming against you. Meanwhile, the brown dog could be a metaphor for ambition, perhaps this is the reason for you being betrayed soon. Finally, the little boy represents your stronger sides of character you possess to counteract any moves to discredit you when you need to be more assertive and strong-willed.

Small breed arm dog

To dream about a small breed dog, such as a Chihuahua or some other small breed is a sign that you are about to meet a lover who is somewhat shallow and has a tendency to be more preoccupied with his or her own looks and persona more than anything else.

Being bitten by a small dog

A small white Jack Russell. Brown patch on his eye. Biting my right hand. My hand is in his mouth with his teeth closing on my hand but do not break the skin. I'm screaming trying to pull my hand out and there's a person telling me to stop, he won't bite but I'm not really listening.

Dreaming about being bitten by a dog has negative connotations. It signifies that you would face trying circumstances which could lead to difficulties and problems with your significant other. These conflicts could also be related to your workplace. Since dogs generally represent friendship and love, an aggressive canine indicates certain hostilities which are developing behind your back. Consider it a forewarning and beware of malicious individuals who are out to create obstacles in your path.

Being greeted by dogs in a room

I had a dream where I opened a door to a house and 4 dogs greeted me. I said where is the preparation for a meal. A large stairway and a long hallway along side of it, a living room on the right side with another room along side that room. I never saw the second story.

To see many or several dogs in a room means you are going to enjoy a period of prosperity and success. You would not have to suffer a lot of setbacks and success would come fairly easily for you. Of course family, friends and relatives would play a big role in your achievements especially, because a dog is often meant to symbolize family or loyal friends in dreams. As for the meal, this serves as a reminder for you to set aside petty problems or minor issues and focus on important matters instead. The long hallway implies your journey to personal success and financial security is about to begin.

Dogs running free in traffic

I was driving down the road with a friend. Two happy house dogs running on the road with oncoming traffic, as we went down the road we saw many dogs along the road that were injured from being hit.

Driving in the dream world is usually associated with movement or progress in your waking life, either professional or personal growth. The dogs, being loyal companions, likely represent family and close friends. Given those symbols, your dream vision may be telling you that on your way to achieving your goals, you may end up losing sight of your loved ones. Focusing on your own needs and ambitions could lead you to neglect their well-being, hence putting a significant strain on your relationships.

Being attacked by dogs

Being attacked by dogs in your dream is a bad sign. It means you will either encounter negative forces or experience a great deal of misunderstandings or negativity in life, which may make your life unbearable and less fulfilling.

Swimming dog

Seeing a swimming dog in the pool or some other body of water in your dreams is a sign that you will have some lucky circumstances. It can also mean you will experience success in completing current projects.

My dog dying

The death of a dog represents a personal tragedy. In traditional dream analysis, a dog is a symbol of loyalty and unconditional love. This means that witnessing a dog die in your dream is a warning that someone close to you is in trouble. You are probably too busy with your own problems to notice strange behavior or unusual silence from a loved one. Your subconscious is basically telling you to reach out to family members or a friend who may need your support.

A white dog that looked like a lion

I dreamed about a very hyper white big dog, but inoffensive. The dog looked little like a lion and was attacking anybody that said something about him but didn't hurt them.

White dogs are symbols associated with promising relationships, so seeing one in a dream vision may predict establishing a new romantic connection or point toward improvements in your current relationship with someone. The dog's behavior may allude to the excitement you would feel or the amount of attention you would receive from the other party. Given other people's reaction to this dog in the vision, it is more likely that the personality of the individual you connect with would be energetic and outgoing.

A dog walking towards you

Seeing a dog walking towards you in a dream is a bad sign. It means a very unhappy event or negative circumstance is soon coming your way, which will take a considerable amount of time to overcome.

Dogs eating someone and a restaurant

I saw dogs eating someone and there was blood behind a wall. Then I saw an underground restaurant.

Seeing dogs viciously attacking or even eating someone means you may have domineering or controlling family members or relatives. Parents or authority figures may be too strict to the point of scaring off friends and other acquaintances. As such, the underground restaurant reveals your desire to get away from their authoritarian ways and find support and solace in a safe environment.

Husky breed dog

To see a husky breed dog like a Siberian Husky in your dreams is a sign of loyalty. It means you will soon establish a friendship with someone who will prove to be very devoted and loyal to you for the rest of your life.

Dog on your doorstep

Encountering a dog showing up at your doorstep in your dreams is a compelling indication that a delightful surprise awaits you—a visit from someone you deeply admire and hold in high regard. This unexpected arrival holds the potential to bring a sense of joy and connection, allowing you to engage with someone whose presence you greatly value. Just as a dog's arrival can evoke feelings of warmth and companionship, this dream signifies the positive impact this person's visit might have on your life. Embrace the anticipation and excitement that come with this dream, as it foreshadows a meaningful interaction that could uplift your spirits and leave a lasting impression.

Walking a dog

Dreaming about walking a dog while exercising or leisurely can indeed be a positive sign. It may symbolize a balanced and harmonious approach to life. Walking a dog often represents responsibility and care, and doing so while exercising or leisurely suggests that you are handling your responsibilities well. This dream may indicate that you're in a good place physically and emotionally, which can lead to increased productivity and success in various aspects of your life. It encourages you to maintain this balanced and healthy lifestyle, as it's contributing to your overall well-being and success.

Dog show

Dreaming of attending or participating in a dog show means you will live a life with beneficial outcomes. It also means you will be able to enjoy the direction your life is taking because it will be filled with ease and little or no hardships.

Dog fight

Orchestrating or witnessing a dog fight in your dreams is a bad sign. It indicates that all of your romantic pursuits will take a sour turn or result in some very unpleasant experiences that will cause emotional distress.

Having a pedigree dog

Encountering a dream where either you or someone familiar possesses a pedigree dog unveils a promising symbol, foretelling the imminent arrival of prosperity in your life's narrative. Just as the pedigree dog signifies lineage and excellence, your dream reflects the potential for increased wealth and an elevated lifestyle. By interpreting this symbol, you're encouraged to anticipate the positive shifts ahead, recognizing that your endeavors are set to yield substantial rewards.

Being protected by a dog

If you find yourself being protected by a dog in a dream, then it is a sign that you are being watched over and protected by a higher power, or it could mean you have developed such control of your intentions that it has become a behavior you can use to your advantage.

A white dog circling you

To dream about a white dog close to you and repeatedly circling you is a very good sign. It means your romantic relationship with another person will turn out to be highly successful, and you will have the sole attention of this person when it comes to your personal life.

Barking dog

Encountering a barking dog while walking or driving in a dream can indeed carry negative connotations. It may symbolize the anticipation of unpleasant news or the likelihood of confronting unfortunate situations in the near future. This dream could serve as a warning to be cautious or prepared for challenges and obstacles that may arise.

Saving a dog from wild animals

I am a girl. Last night I had a dream. A white dog who is chased by a bear and a lion. And I was worried about the dog, then I brought him home.

Dogs, because of their loyalty and protective nature, often symbolize family and loved ones in dreams. The dog in your dream being chased by a bear and a lion may contain an indication that someone near and dear to your heart is currently or could soon be in trouble in the waking world. There may be rivals or bullies taking advantage of his or her weakness and it would be up to you to protect this individual from getting hurt. This vision shows your kind and nurturing side. Whenever someone you love is in need, you are one of the first ones to come to their aide.

Brown dog

Seeing a brown dog in the dream realm represents a period of loyalty and friendship, according to the traditional symbolism associated with dogs. This dream indicates that you are surrounded by friends who are reliable and loyal, despite a possible presence of enemies in your life. Generally, a brown dog is seen as a symbol of friendship, and this dream may be a sign that you should focus on strengthening your relationships with those who matter to you. Spiritually, these metaphors suggest that you are on the right path and should continue to trust your intuition when it comes to making important decisions.

Playing with a dog

Dreaming of playing with a dog, especially one owned by you or someone you know, can be interpreted as a positive sign of forming a new and meaningful friendship. The dog with loyalty and companionship, symbolizes the qualities of a friendship. The dream suggests that you will encounter someone with whom you'll establish a connection, and over time, this connection will evolve into a strong and lasting friendship, potentially becoming your best friend. Embrace the opportunity to build meaningful relationships, and cherish the bonds that may develop through shared experiences and mutual understanding.

Being chased by a rabid dog

To dream of being chased by a rabid dog while trying to take a walk is a sign of opposition. It means your are about to face some struggles that will require you to be focused so you can concentrate on the strengths needed to deal with these types of issues.

A dog biting my hand

A dream vision of a dog biting your hand depicts quarrels with a family member. Based on associative method, the dog symbolizes a loved one, so the aggressive behavior towards you signifies betrayal. This relative will likely show open hostility toward you because you refuse to enable their vices or lend money to be used for superficial wants. Holding your ground will hopefully make them more self-aware and self-sufficient.

Feeding a dog

To see yourself feeding a dog belonging to you or someone you know means you are a person people will consider to be very reliable, self-sufficient, and determined to achieve goals in life. Therefore, you will always come across people who exhibit much respect and admiration for you.

Your dead dog

The imagery of your dog dying or dead, especially if this is the dog you currently have as a pet, is considered a neutral dream symbol according to traditional dream interpretation literature. It reflects your current state of frustration or disappointment about the friendship you have with someone you know closely. Perhaps they did not fulfill your expectations or committed something you consider to be an act of dishonesty or even betrayal. However, your suspicions are most likely groundless and you should be looking forward to this relationship improving soon. If the dead dog was your pet from the past, then Islamic dream interpretation sources suggest forgiving and forgetting someone's transgressions or betrayal and moving on with your life.

Dog running away

Channeling the image of a dog running away from you during REM sleep may reveal something of your subconscious fear of opening yourself up to others in reality. As dogs tend to be associated with loyalty and friendship, a dog that runs away from you could point toward an unfortunate involuntary reaction to closeness, that is, pushing others away. For instance, you may find yourself getting too close to someone and find yourself falling for them. However, if you have been burned before, your knee-jerk reaction may be to push them away before they can do the same to you. Perhaps you need to seek professional help or try opening up to someone in order to put these wrongs to right.

My dog that passed away

Dreaming of a pet that has passed away can be a poignant experience. If you dream of your dog that has died, it symbolizes your feelings of loss and grief. However, if the dream is happy, it could be a sign that your pet is in a better place and at peace. You may be reminded of the importance of the bond between pets and their owners, and how much they can mean to us. In a spiritual sense, if you keep dreaming about your pet that has passed away, it is a sign that you are still processing your grief and need to find a way to move on. Remember that it is okay to mourn the loss of someone beloved or a pet, but you should also try to focus on the happy memories you once shared.

Cautious about menacing dog

Being cautious about a menacing dog that is in your path in your dreams means you will soon enter a period in life where you will have to confront and deal with people who may seems like potential enemies or people you may not particularly be comfortable with, but who may eventually become your friends.

Playing with a bunch of dogs

Dreaming of playing with a bunch of dogs simultaneously may signify your thrifty nature, where you tend to be cautious with spending and resourceful in managing your finances. However, this dream may also suggest that your frugal tendencies could lead to a sense of self-centeredness or selfishness in your interactions with others. It encourages you to strike a balance between being financially responsible and considerate of the needs and feelings of those around you. While it's essential to be mindful of your resources, remember to be generous and compassionate in your dealings with others, as fostering positive relationships and connections can bring about greater fulfillment and harmony in your life.

My deceased dog

A lifeless dog is an allegory of loose ends that need to be tied up. You have been carrying this burden for so long, and now is the time to finally close this chapter in your life. The simple remedy to your emotional malady may simply be to stop dwelling in the past. You could stop pining over the one that got away or cut off toxic people from your life. Alternatively, this could be a reminder to focus on people who truly care about you. Instead of wasting your time begging for someone to love you, there could be someone around you more worthy of your time and affection, just like the pet you used to keep.

Being bitten by a dog

A dog's bite is a negative sign in the dream world. Folklore depicts dogs as loyal friends and signs of good fortune, so if a dog bites you, trouble is not far behind. If you are going to be betrayed, it will not be for senseless reasons. For instance, neglecting to show concern and appreciation could erode friendship. Perhaps your temperament and arrogance will rouse resentment in your group. Ultimately, if you do not treat them well, they could turn against you.

Running into a group of other dogs

I was walking my two dogs, as we turned a corner, there was a group of different breeds of dogs, one black dog came around me from my right, behind me to my left and when I looked down I was no longer holding the leashes, I was holding a stick (in my left hand) and I kept the dog away with it (not hitting, just guiding it) and my right hand was holding a mouse. I then handed the mouse to someone (I never saw anyone) and they handed me a white bunny then a German Shepherd jumped up to get it and I heard "No" (not sure if I said it or someone else), and the German Shepherd was gone.

While this vision looks complicated on the surface, the interpretation is fairly straightforward and deals directly with your overall health and emotional stability. Seeing numerous domestic animals or pets in one place is often seen as a warning to take better care of yourself. Just as animals are often considered loyal companions who take care of us, so does this sign indicate a need to be better aware of your health. The dogs, in particular, point toward mental and emotional well-being, as they are often associated with the presence of a person in your life who causes unnecessary stress and anxiety. Avoiding or removing this person from your life could drastically improve the quality of your daily existence and give you a renewed sense of inner peace.

Indifferent dog

Seeing an indifferent dog while walking a path in your dream means you will soon be the recipient of a nice gift or some other surprise that will come from sources you never expected to receive anything from.

A black vicious dog

A black, vicious dog is often interpreted as a warning. It means someone you were once close to, a friend or a family member, may be spreading some untrue rumors (or true, but unflattering gossip) about you. This is likely to cause a deep sense of betrayal and disappointment because you trusted and relied on this person in the past. However, this person probably was not a true friend to begin with, and their interference may put you in a worse situation than you were in previously.

A lost dog

Dreaming about trying to locate or search for a lost dog that has been missing for quite some time is a sign of hardships. It means you will soon face some troubles or threatening circumstances that you will have to deal with for a while.

Black dog attacking me

A black dog attacking you during the course of a dream vision is highly ominous. It means you would be negatively affected by illness or pain. In most situations, this would refer to psychological trauma, like fallout from a disagreement with a friend or a conflict at your job with a co-worker. However, it is also possible you may become physically ill or suffer because someone close to you becomes sick. No matter the case, it would take you some time to find happiness and peace of mind again.

Enormous in size dog

To see an enormous size dog in your dreams is a sign that you will soon meet someone who will later turn out to be your best friend or companion. This dream could also mean you will receive a great deal of support from an old friend who will soon resurface in your life.

A dog wagging its tail

To see a dog wagging its tail while you are talking to or petting it is a sign that you are about to have a reunion with friends you hold dear to you or people from your past whom you haven't seen for quite some time and love to reminisce about.

Luring a dog

To dream about enticing or luring a dog towards you or trying to get its attention with some kind of a treat or a toy indicates you will have an extended conversation with someone who you have known for a very long time.

Dead dog

A dead dog in the dream world often points toward issues that need to be laid to rest once and for all. In a sense, it represents closing a chapter and cleaning up any loose threads. For instance, if you have been waffling on whether or not to break up with someone, now may be the time to be completely honest with your feelings. Alternatively, if someone has recently helped you accomplish something, you may want to formally thank them or give them a small gift for their trouble.

Dog chasing me

A dog that is chasing or running after you is an allusion to a relative or family member who is highly dependent on you. This person may rely on you for advice to solve a problem or perhaps they are looking to you for some financial assistance. Either way, you may reach your limit with this person and decide to cut them off so they can learn to be more independent. Meanwhile, Edgard Cayce associates dogs with a downward spiral. Things are probably going to get worse and you cannot outrun your problems. Sooner or later you will have to confront your problems or deal with the consequences of your actions.

Dog killing another animal

To dream of a scene where you will see one dog killing another kind of animal, such as a cat, bird, or squirrel means you will be able to make a successful bargain or business outcome. It can also be a sign that you will soon receive some good news.

Dogs fighting

The image of dogs fighting in an alley or in a dog park is a highly ominous symbol to perceive. This symbol traditionally means you are about to butt heads with someone in reality due to their greedy, possessive personality. You would have to fight to get the recognition or rewards you deserve, otherwise this individual would hog the spotlight and steal all the credit if given the chance.

Dog attacking someone else

Witnessing a dog attack someone else in your dream implies having protective loved ones. You are lucky to have people who are willing to fight your battles for you. The Bible associates dogs with loyalty, so you can rely on your friends and family to take your side when you get into an altercation with anyone. On the other hand, this could also be a projection of your dependence on others. Instead of waiting to be rescued, you need to learn how to stand up for yourself.

A dog showing its teeth

Dreaming of a dog showing its teeth when attempting to attack you is a sign of betrayal. It means you will have potential enemies conspiring to enact behavior that will work against you. It can also mean you have a negative outlook on life that is filled with anger and disappointment.

A dying dog

I keep having a dream about a sick dog which has no eyes and the spot is growing where his face is necrotizing and he is laying in the driveway of a family member.

Dreaming about a sickly dog that is missing an eye indicates you rely on others for help and advice but do not show appreciation or gratitude for their assistance. Your tendency to use people without reciprocating or thanking them properly could cause some friction to build up, meaning there is likely to be some conflict or disagreement between you and the people who may have helped you in the past. This could be directly related to the relative you saw in this vision or to your family in general.

Having a hound for a dog

If find yourself or someone you know having a hound for a dog, it is a sign of positive things coming your way. Expect to be a part of some favorable or beneficial events or circumstances which will allow you to accomplish your goals in a shorter period of time.

A wild dog

Dreaming of seeing a wild or rabid dog can be interpreted as a symbolic representation of internal conflict. The presence of this aggressive and untamed canine may signify a challenging situation or personal dilemma that seems overwhelming and difficult to handle at the moment. The dream suggests that you are grappling with a conflict or issue that feels intense and uncontrolled. It encourages you to confront and address these challenges, seeking resolution and finding a way to tame or manage the difficulties you are currently facing in your waking life.

Bleeding from a dog bite

If you dream you are being attacked and are now bleeding from a dog bite, then it means close relatives or people in your household are going to create problems or situations that will take some time to work on before they are solved.

Working as a dog trainer

Dreaming about yourself working as a dog trainer is a warning that the life you are living at this moment is not the most beneficial way of life for you. It is important that you reexamine your life's choices and rethink your outlook on life.

An aggressive dog that is going to bite

A dream which involves an aggressive dog portends betrayal. Your colleagues or peers may be orchestrating your downfall or concocting gossip to tarnish your credibility. Dogs threatening to bite you in your vision typically point to someone close to you, such as a family member or a confidant. This level of trust and bond between you and the backstabber or double-crosser make this infinitely more difficult to deal with.

Black furry dog

A particularly black and furry canine may be a sign that you are about to lose some money. This symbol is commonly associated with disappointment in people you were once close to, most likely due to the fact that they have not repaid borrowed money or have displaced an object that was valuable to you. You may want to consider whether their actions are those of true friends or not.

Friendly or vicious dogs in dreams symbolic meaning

Black and white dog

A black and white dog suggests you have a good friend who would soon disappoint you or betray you. You would be very upset over this transgression, however, it is very likely that their behavior was a complete accident. Because they did not actually mean to hurt you, it should be possible to eventually forgive them and move on, although it may take some time to do so.

My dog being killed

Witnessing a dog get killed alludes to long-held grudges or personal issues that should be laid to rest. Perhaps you have finally made peace with a break up, an ongoing rivalry or your imperfections. In Hinduism, death can lead to reincarnation. This means whatever ending is on your horizon, you can look forward to a new start. Maybe you will find a new partner, start a new career, or move somewhere for a fresh start. In some instances, the dog's death can refer to a loved one who is feeling neglected. Make sure you do not forget to appreciate people who have been showering you with love.

Dog races

Dreaming about watching or being a potential bettor at the dog races is a sign of isolation. It means you may suffer loneliness, and it may be a long time before you are able to effectively communicate well with other people.

A dog trying to bite me

A dog's bite often refers to misunderstanding and conflict with a loved one, so a dog's attempt to bite you signifies differences in opinions. Even though you and this loved one have not gotten into a full-on argument, there is palpable tension whenever touchy subjects get brought up. Another suggestive interpretation for this dream symbol has to do with folklore's interpretation of dogs as lucky symbols. So if a dog is trying to bite you, it means luck is not on your side, hence you better be prepared for any outcome.

Taking a selfie and a dog biting

I and my friend took a selfie and realized there was a girl in it, so we ran around the house freaked out then an imaginary dog bit my neck really badly, so I threw it in the dumpster and called the cops.

Taking a selfie in a dream alludes to vanity and narcissism. It means you tend to focus on appearances instead of getting to know people on a deeper level. The appearance of another girl in the selfie may have something to do with an aspect of yourself you no longer recognize, perhaps as a result of being too self-absorbed. The dog bites on the neck represent conflicting thoughts and feelings. You know the right thing to do, but your emotions are forcing you in a totally different direction.

Losing or killing a pet dog

In a lot of my dreams, I have a dog and somehow, by the end of the dream, I end up losing the dog or accidentally killing it. I don't have a pet dog in real life.

Since dogs are associated with protection and loyalty, they often symbolize family and loved ones when dreaming. In the context of your dream, losing the dog or killing the dog likely represents the disintegration of family ties. Since the incident of losing or killing the dog was not intentional, it means the damage to your relationship with a loved one could be an indirect result of your negligence. This negligence may be a failure to prioritize your friends or family, or perhaps you tend to make decisions that are against their interest or words of advice.

A dog dark in color

Dreaming about seeing a dog dark in color is a warning about willingly participating and getting involved in illegal or criminal acts. This dream can also mean you may be trying to accomplish a goal or do something that will wind up being not well thought out and unreasonably done.

It would be wise to learn how to exercise caution before acting on a thought not well planned out because you may end up losing everything you have because of some foolish inclination on your part.

A dog barking when a baby is sleeping

Please tell me meaning of this dream. I saw that my older nephew (now 8 yrs). I saw that he is about 2 yrs and sleeping on the shoulder of my husband and our dog is barking, so I run to shut him up so that my nephew does wake up from his sleep and the dog goes to living room scared. We had similar incidents earlier when my nephew was same age.

Dreaming about a barking dog while someone is asleep can be a negative sign. It portends the possibility of receiving negative news or facing some unfortunate circumstances. But based on your dream when you were able to stop the dog from barking and scared it off can also mean that you may be capable of avoiding or preventing this from happening.

Hearing dogs growling behind you

If you dream of walking down a path and hearing dogs growling behind you, then it is a sign of betrayal. It means someone who's known for fabricating gossip about others is about to befriend you for the purpose of damaging your reputation and making your life miserable.

This dream is letting you know that you will have to confront this person and try your best not to succumb to this person's destructive actions or behaviors even though the attempts may sometimes just be a waste of your time.

Dogs sleeping quietly

Seeing dogs sleeping quietly in a dream is a sign of delay. It means you may have to soon postpone your projects or other plans in order to make taking care of your family a top priority. It can also mean you may will yourself to experience a period of uncertainty or lack of direction.

A dog being eaten but still alive

I have a small Yorkie, 2lbs. She is my best friend. I am very protective of her. Had to leave her with people I don't know. No other choice in an emergency. Not sure what the emergency was. I begged them to make sure to keep other animals away from her for her safety. Came back to get her. The whole time I worried after I left. Came back. She was laying on the floor being eaten by a 25-pound dog. All that was left was her neck bone and head and she was looking at me in fear. Still alive, eyes moving to see me. Really bothered me, I felt sick for days. I had to walk away from my family a year ago. I spent a lot of time-saving them back then.

Watching your beloved pet being overtaken by another large dog is symbolic of an upcoming tragedy you are likely to experience, most likely in relation to your family. While you may not be close to or on speaking terms with your family now, it seems your precious dog is symbolically representing something terrible happening to either them or you which requires you to meet with them as soon as you can. This vision gives no indication as to the outcome of such an event (whether it would inspire a reconciliation or not), but it does suggest that, in the time leading up to this occurrence, you may feel more tense or anxious than normal, perhaps owing to an underdeveloped sixth sense. You may want to be on the lookout for such feelings to prepare yourself, but it is also important to try and maintain a calm, peaceful place within yourself to escape to if things become too overwhelming.

A dog and a crocodile

I am female. I dreamed of my deceased dog (I put her down in 2014). There were two dreams, in one she had fallen through the slats on a deck and was hanging by her neck , I think she was still alive. In the other dream she was lying on the ground, not sure if she was alive or not. A crocodile had her by the paw and she had a dead mouse either in her other paw or in her mouth. I don't recall taking any action in either dream, just being horrified at the sight of both and then waking up.

Dogs in dreams generally represent friends and family because they are seen as loving and loyal companions. In your case, this recurring dream of your deceased dog could reveal your concerns about the loyalty of your current group of friends or even family members. Your dog's injuries may symbolize weakening bonds or brewing problems between you and a close friend or sibling. In the first dream, the nature of your dog's suffering could mean that you are worried about someone's well-being. Someone close to you may be conflicted and needs your help to get back on track. Meanwhile, the crocodile points to a bad influence or a manipulative individual who may be trying to ruin your relationship with your loved ones by pushing them into making bad decisions. Perhaps this devious person would cause all your problems and you are feeling helpless about the situation. It is possible that your subconscious is encouraging you to take action, otherwise you could lose someone you love.

Dog with a collar

Dreaming of seeing a dog wearing a collar but appearing to be lost is a warning for you to take control of your emotions. It is time to exercise caution when making decisions so your preoccupation with emotions won't interfere with the success of your intentions.

A dog with a muzzle

Seeing a dog with a muzzle in your dreams reveals the need to exercise caution when confronting and dealing with your potential enemies or competitors so you can experience success in what you are trying to accomplish at this time.

A dead dog resurrecting

I had a dream my dead dog came back to life.

Seeing your cherished pet dog coming back from the dead is a warning. You may often ask for help or assistance with certain issues in your life but forget to thank the people who help you or refuse to reciprocate the favor and lend them a hand when they need it. This could come back to bite you in the rear since being labeled as an ungrateful individual could have long-term ramifications in your life.

Killed or wounded by a dog

To see yourself or someone you know being killed or wounded by a dog is a sign of tragedy. It could mean you will soon face a fatal disease or lingering illness, and it can also mean a close friend or relative will soon pass away.

Your own dog barking at you

Dreaming of your own dog barking at you can be interpreted as a symbolic sign suggesting potential envy or jealousy from others regarding your status in life, accumulated possessions, or overall wealth. The dog, often associated with loyalty and protection, barking in this dream may indicate that not everyone around you is genuinely supportive of your success. It's a reminder to be mindful of those who may harbor negative feelings or jealousy.

Chaining a dog

If you happen to dream about chaining a dog to a fence or a pole, then it is a sign that you will gain some powerful enemies that desire to take advantage of your life and will try to use your vulnerability to their advantage.

Dog entering house

A dog entering your house may be an allusion to letting someone into your life who would cause chaos and wreak havoc. They would fill your head with all sorts of misinformation and conspiracy theories, and they may even try to get you involved in illegal or immoral activities. It would be wise to carefully vet or screen all new potential associates before getting too heavily involved.

An unfriendly dog

A dog holding me real hard and he is not letting me go. If I move he gets mad.

Dogs in dreams symbolize loyalty and protection. Someone close to you, possibly a confidant, may be becoming a little too overbearing and controlling. The strong hold on you is a sign of great dependency and unwillingness to share you with other people. Alternatively, this could also signify betrayal. If the person you trust suddenly gets hurt for some reason, he or she could end up breaking your trust. Hence, tread carefully in dealing with friends who may be a little too close for comfort. If you allow this person to overstep the boundary, they could soon start feeling entitled to your attention and affection.

Losing a dog

I lost a dog and couldn't find it. I kept looking but it was nowhere. My brother begun helping me look. We rode around looking in his car.

Losing your dog during the course of a dream vision may reveal that you have recently been lax in your responsibilities or less attentive than you should be towards certain areas of your life. Slacking off on homework or avoiding troublesome chores is fine once in awhile, but making such choices a habit is sure to have negative effects both for your quality of life and in how people perceive you. If you have been putting off tasks you do not like, it might be better to just suit up and do it. You would surely feel better once it is done and out of the way, and others would admire your responsible, can-do attitude.

You turning into a dog

You turning into a dog in a dream is a bad sign. It means your household will undergo tragic events which could make life seem like a period of never-ending suffering. This is mainly due to bad things you have done in the past.

Putting a dog to sleep

Dreaming of someone euthanizing a dog in your dream may symbolize various emotions and situations. Dogs often represent loyalty and protection, so this dream might suggest feelings of betrayal, loss, or a need to let go of something or someone you perceive as loyal in your life. It could also reflect a desire for peace and serenity amidst chaos. If this dream troubles you or resonates with specific life experiences, consider journaling your dreams for deeper self-reflection.

A dog with red fur

Coming across a dog with a red fur coat in a dream could symbolize an upcoming connection with someone who may evolve into a romantic interest or a temporary sexual partner. This dream suggests the potential for a passionate or intimate relationship with this individual. It's a reminder to remain open to new connections and the possibilities of romantic or sexual experiences in your life.

Snake attacking dog

To see a snake attack a dog is an ill omen about a huge betrayal. Someone your family has trusted and cared for will turn their back on you and ruin your reputation. Freudian dream analysis, on the other hand, associates a snake with sexuality. This means a snake attack on a dog may indicate sexual harassment. If someone in your household is behaving strangely or acting out, it may be time for a heart-to-heart talk or simply an opportunity to let them know that you care about them so they will feel safe enough to open up to you.

Swimming in a lake with dogs

I was at my other house and we had a lake! My two dogs were with me and were swimming in the lake. We were swimming and it started to rain and I decided to go under water my first priority was to get the dogs in the house once my second dog heard the thunder he ran to the house. I got scared and my dog could sense it so she ran away. She was running as fast as she could and looking very frightened. Finally, we both got in the house and were fine.

Seeing a large body of water, like a lake, is a neutral sign which predicts receiving an opportunity or a lucky chance that may impact your life greatly in the near future. The fact that you got caught in the rain while swimming suggests this is something related to agriculture or gardening. Perhaps you find you have a green thumb or that the produce you grow improves both your health and your financial situation through the selling of excess food. In either case, if you do not currently care for some plants, you might consider doing so to reap the benefits it may provide.

Vicious dogs attacking through a fence

Walking by a fence on the sidewalk at night. There were two white wolfish-looking dogs behind the fence that started growling and baring their teeth, so I hit the fence with my foot to scare them. They became more vicious and somehow clawed my leg against the outside of the fence. I then used my left arm to pull my leg away and then they clawed through the fence again and bit my arm trying to drag it through the fence. So I finally managed to pull free by cutting my pants with some scissors.

Dogs in dreams generally refer to family members and loved ones because of their loyalty and tendency to be fiercely protective of their owners. Meanwhile, fences allude to protection and privacy. In the context of your dream, the dogs could be a reference to the loved ones of someone in your social circle, perhaps a colleague or a friend. Their aggression could be a result of your closeness to this individual or developing relations. Perhaps this individual's friends and family are suspicious of your motives and intentions, hence they are wary of readily welcoming you into the inner circle. You can either prove that you have good intentions or distance yourself from this individual before things can get out of hand.

Albino dog

To dream of seeing an albino dog is a positive sign. It means you will be able to receive the support and assistance from people who are close to you. It also means you will be able to reestablish connections with a person who used to be your friend a long time ago.

Traveling with a dog

Dreaming of traveling with a faithful canine companion to a new location holds a promising message. This dream signifies that you are on the path to expanding your social circle and achieving greater success in your endeavors. Just as the dog is known for its loyalty, you will find genuine friendships and support on your journey. This dream encourages you to embrace new opportunities, as they will lead to personal growth, happiness, and triumph in your pursuits. Trust in the positive connections and accomplishments that lie ahead, for this dream heralds a bright and prosperous future filled with companionship and achievement.

A female being attacked by a dog

Dreams of a female acquaintance being attacked by a dog and having her clothes ripped off could symbolize upcoming changes or transitions in her life, such as an engagement or marriage. This dream might reflect your perception of significant events happening in her future. It's important to note that dream interpretations can be highly subjective, and the specific meaning may vary depending on the context and emotions associated with the dream.

A dog shot and dying

My pet dog got shot. I hold him in my arms. I searched for help. No one noticed. He died in my arms. I cried a lot.

This dream would not necessarily contain negative connotations, but be about things you should perhaps pay attention in your waking life. Dreaming about your pet dog dying as a result of being shot by someone could be a reflection of your growing concern about your safety and security of your home. This could be the result of recent accumulation of some valuable possessions which you are afraid could be stolen or taken away from you somehow. You are subconsciously looking for possible ways to protect and safeguard your material possessions, regardless of the fact whether it is warranted or something you are only imagining could happen.

People turning into dogs

I saw two long-legged women go into a house. I looked into the window of door. They were kissing on a man. He saw me... The women turned into dogs and he turned into devil... The door flew opened and the dogs chased me thru an orchard. Before they caught me I climbed a tree praying to god. Then I woke up...

This is a fairly complicated vision with a number of interesting symbols. The first sign is that of the women kissing the man, which tells of an unfortunate experience that is about to befall you. The dogs you see represent the scandal and gossip that occur as a result your thoughtless actions and behavior. But the man turning into the devil makes the situation clearer, pointing toward some temptation that you are dangerously close to giving into. If you give into your desires without considering the consequences, you may be the target of rumors or may even be shunned by others. Climbing up the tree at the end of the vision, however, means there is a glimmer of hope, namely that you could avoid this trouble and even become more successful in life if you do the right thing and resolve your natural urges and desires to find balance and stability in life.

A dog in RV and a butterfly

I dreamed of traveling in an RV. I opened the door to the RV, it was raining, there was a small white terrier dog, looked lost. I petted him, held on to his collar and walked him to some girls so he wouldn't get hurt. I wanted to keep him, but I already have a dog. Also, dreamed of a large Luna moth (butterfly) that in the dream it was beautiful, but somehow got one wing torn off.

Traveling in an RV means that you are going on a long journey. More often than not this is a figurative journey, such as a journey of enlightenment or self discovery. The size of the RV and the rain suggest an emotional journey in which you would carry a lot of personal baggage. Maybe you have been hurt recently and you want to get away or escape from the turmoil and, because of your trauma, you may be incapable of making new connections or forging new friendships which is why in the dream you decided not to keep the terrier. You probably already have a lot on your plate and you cannot accommodate another person during your period of healing. Finally, the moth is likely a representation of yourself. The broken wing reveals your broken spirit or at least your perception of yourself. You may still need to make yourself whole in order to fly and regain your confidence.

Getting bit by a dog

A bite from a dog in the dream world is an ill omen. Since folklore represents dogs as symbols of loyalty and harmonious relationships, getting bitten by a dog indicates conflict and misunderstandings. You could be betrayed by a trusted friend or your own family. It is also possible that you will do something that will cause the betrayal. Perhaps showing appreciation to the people who wholeheartedly love you will prevent possible resentments.

Two dogs and one dying

I had a dream where I had a few dogs as pets and out of those dogs two were attracted to each other. But somehow got separated. They were separated till the girl dog dies. Basically they loved each other but.got separated. What does this mean??

Experiencing a dream with dogs present is a sign of having a person close to you who might bring a lot of havoc and disorder into your life or someone with whom you might have a lot of issues in your life because of the emotional attachment. The notion of losing one of the dogs in the same dream could be a sign of upcoming hardships. It could mean you might soon face some troubles or threatening circumstances which you will have to deal with for a while.

Being held down in bed by a black dog

My wife dreamed that she was lying on a bed and suddenly a very big black dog came from nowhere and held her tight around her stomach. She was feeling the hard grip around her stomach even after waking up.

Black dogs are highly ominous symbols in dream visions usually associated with a loss of faith in a once close friend. This means your wife may soon realize one of her friends does not care about her as much as she cares about them. This is likely to become more clear when your wife sees how her friend tends to disappear when troublesome situations arise but reappears when it seems beneficial to them.

A dog pooping

My black dog, a Labrador, is running around in my kitchen and struggling, so I let her outside where she does the biggest poop... almost as big as she is! Then she is running and bouncing around happy. Then curls up and falls soundly asleep.

Dogs represent loyalty and security which is why they are oftentimes associated with family. In the context of your dream, however, the amount of dog feces or poop suggests cleaning up after a mess made by a loved one. You may have to take control of the situation in order to avoid further complications. Alternatively, this vision could also symbolize a loss of control as a result of your desire to express yourself. Perhaps you have been reigning in your emotions for too long that being able to get them off your chest would give you catharsis.

Forgetting to bring the dog for the night

Waking up thinking I haven't brought my dog in for the night.

Forgetting to bring your dog in for the night is often thought to be the reflection of your lack of responsibility about current matters in reality. You may be putting off important tasks or avoiding certain chores, which could make your life more difficult in the long run or make other people annoyed or uncomfortable. While it may take a little time to get back in the habit of doing things in a timely and detailed manner, it would surely be to your advantage. A tidy space and a completed to-do list would be sure to lift your spirits as well as assure others that you are more than capable of handling whatever is on your plate.

Black dog barking at me

A black dog barking at you in a dream can have multiple interpretations, depending on the context of the dream. In general, it could be a negative sign that warns you of some impending danger or obstacle in your life that you need to pay attention to. However, it could also be a spiritual message or a call for your attention to a higher purpose in life. On the other hand, if the dog appeared friendly and approached you in a non-threatening manner, it means that you will receive answers to some of the questions that have been weighing on your mind lately.

Dogs fighting over a piece of meat

Seeing dogs fighting over a piece of meat you have given to them means you are about to network with someone who is very greedy. This dream also means you are the one who is very greedy and possessive on occasion.

A dog dying from a snake bite

Seeing a dog dying from a poisonous snake bite in your dreams means you do not value or appreciate the people closest to you, and you tend to neglect them. These feelings will later turn into much regret.

Dog being given away

To hand your dog away or send him to another place suggests that you are in a situation in the real world where you need to decide. However, these decisions might be viewed as an act of treachery, and this state is making you feel desperate. Chasing or running after the dog in the dream implies that you would try to justify your choices, yet people would shun you. The barking of the dog, on the other hand, is your gut telling you to have confidence and faith in your life choices.

Looking for a dog trainer

Finding yourself looking for a dog trainer in your dreams means someone else is going to receive serious retribution for mistakes you have made and for things you let happen because of general oversight or carelessness.

A friendly black dog

Dreaming of a friendly black dog indicates positive feelings of trust, loyalty, and friendship. In a more general sense, the appearance of this dog is a source of comfort and support in your waking life. On the other hand, this dream also suggests that you have a spiritual connection or guidance that comes in the form of a trustworthy and optimistic influence, alleviating any fears or negative emotions you may have.

A dog with many heads

Seeing a dog with many heads in your dreams is a warning. It means you run the risk of suffering from burnout and drained mental ability because you have taken it upon yourself to take on and deal with too many plans or projects at the same time.

Barking with no dogs present

To dream of hearing the sound of barking with no dogs present in sight is a sign of danger or a threat being targeted at you. It can also mean you are about to become the subject of much gossip and idle conversation by people who are acquainted with you.

Howling dog

To dream of hearing a howling dog means you may experience an extended period of separation from someone you are very close to. This dream can also mean someone you know will soon pass away.

Dog with a cat tail

To see a dog with a cat tail in your dreams is a sign of betrayal. It means a person who you once thought was a sincere friend is actually making it a goal to bring you down or make you feel unhappy due to this person's lack of maturity or absence of accountability in the relationship.

Your own dog biting you

Dreaming of your own dog biting you is considered an unfavorable sign, suggesting potential challenges ahead. This dream may symbolize an impending loss of wealth or the onset of trouble and hardships in the near future. It serves as a metaphorical warning to be cautious and prepared for difficulties that may arise. This dream encourages a proactive approach to financial matters and general life challenges, emphasizing the importance of resilience and strategic planning to navigate potential setbacks.

Dogs swimming to shore and chasing, killing people

This image of uncontrollable, violent dogs swimming to the shore of a lake or beach and attacking the people sitting there is highly ominous. It suggests your enemies are on the prowl and are very likely to become successful in their attacks against you. There is nothing you can do to stop them from ruining your plans, however, it is possible to mitigate some of the damage. For example, you may put extra money aside to deal with fixing things broken by your enemies or avoid the places they are most likely to be in order to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Getting lost with a dog

Getting lost while walking with your dog is considered a neutral symbol in the dream realm. While it does represent achieving some useful and important things in your life, the uncertainty of your path could point to a couple possible issues. For example, you may face a number of stumbling blocks before you reach your goal. Alternatively, you may go down some bad paths before you find the right one. This vision should be considered a reminder that good things are coming but that you would have to be both patient and persistent in order to achieve them.

Dog attacking child

Seeing a dog attacking a small child or toddler may be a sign that others in your life consider you a person worthy or needing of protection. While their care or concern may be welcomed, they might also be hampering your ability to solve problems on your own. If you see this symbol in your dreams, consider trying to solve the issue that comes your way on your own.

Many dogs in one room

I had this dream that there are many types of dogs in one room.

Dreaming of seeing many dogs means you will live a life with beneficial outcomes. It also means you will be able to enjoy the direction your life is taking because it will be filled with ease and little or no hardships. Playing with a bunch of dogs in your dreams means you are thrifty, and your frugal nature causes you to sometimes act selfish towards other people.

A black dog killing family members

I was at the store with my family and there was this black, scary looking dog. It followed us around the store and killed my dad and friend. It also lunged at me.

The dream visions you had about a hostile dog following both you and the other two other people who were with you in this dream could mean that there are actions and plans in place which are being conceived by those whom you consider your enemies or someone you do not particularly like. The black color of the dog symbolizes your upcoming disappointment following the betrayal of your best friends or trusted acquaintances you thought you could rely on when you are in need of help. These individuals may assist your enemies to make them succeed in their harmful intentions against you. The notion of the black dog killing your father and friend is also not a very promising sign. In traditional dream interpretation, it could be related to one or both of these people succumbing to illness or disease, or even departing this world soon. Being attacked by the dog in the context of the above-mentioned possible meanings serves as a warning that you could also be impacted by these unfortunate developments.

A dog in a strange garden

I was looking after a work colleague's dog at her home. I let the dog out in the garden but saw he was escaping through a small hole in the fence. After I called the dog back I patched the hole with paper. It was then I saw instead of flowers there were mobile phones and handbags planted in the soil. I thought the idea was genius and decided to copy it in my own garden. Please help me (48 year old woman) interpret this dream... Am I insane?

Dreaming about a dog that has escaped through a hole could contain a prediction of upcoming conflicts or misunderstandings closely related to some responsibility or promise you are failing to follow through with. The hole patched with paper signifies your attempts to come up with excuses or justify your actions, most likely through written or typed communication. The last vision of cell phones and handbags planted in the soil is also a sign of growing sense of distrust and lack of confidence possibly starting to affect your personal or professional relationships with others.

Cutting off dog's head

I dreamt I was cutting the head of a dog.

This dream vision could be a reflection of your current state of mind when you are considering severing ties or ending friendship with one or more people who once were important in your life. This decision could be a direct result of their insincerity, an act of betrayal or simply because you feel you have outgrown this relationship beyond compatibility or any significant value to you.

Being chased and attacked by a dog

I was trying to get away cause I had weed on me, then I jumped a fence. I saw the dog legs, it tried to attack me.

Dreams containing images of being chased by someone or something is an indication that you tend to do things in haste, without careful consideration and attention given to the matter. It could be happening recently, or you could have this inherent quality because of your personality and character. At the same time, you may be slowly realizing that this way of approaching things is starting to bother you, as the image of the dog in the same dream implies. Most likely, the mistakes you have made in the past are catching up with you resulting in a great deal of frustration and preventing you from achieving more in life.

Being chased by a small dog

When I was younger, I used to have recurring dreams of being in my grandmother's house. There would be a small dog in the house and every time I would go into one of the rooms, it would be there and chase me. All I remember about it is feeling scared of the dog chasing me. The dream was the same every time. Can you tell me what this dream might mean and why it was a repeating dream? Thank you!

Being chased in a dream by anyone or anything is a reflection of things that never found a proper closure. You may have been tormented by the memories of the past or you may have ended up in a situation when you had to leave a place or location which bears a special meaning and significance to you. It is also possible that you have found a safer ground to overcome pains and hurts of the past, but do not feel you are quite there yet.

Being thrown across the room by a large dog

I dreamt that I was at a friend's house and there were approximately 7 dogs in the living room. When I approached the largest dog (mastiff) to say hello, he picked me up and threw me across the room.

Your dream points to a personal lack of altruism and even some sort of frugality that sometimes makes you selfish towards other people. The dog in your dream guarded your friend from what some of the people near you see as possibly deceitful nature. This is a warning sign that a change of heart is required and that people may start to distance themselves from you, perhaps in an orchestrated manner. A careful review of your interpersonal relations is long overdue.

A dog's protection from an unpleasant man

I was walking down a grassy field, with a couple of dogs walking around me, I couldn't see them, then I saw a man from behind, he looked like an ex from years ago, not a nice man. I only saw him from behind and he was walking towards a wooded forest and I was following him for some reason with the dogs. Then all of a sudden one of the dogs jumped on me and pushed me to the ground and held its paw on my chest to hold me down, lovingly looked at me and then started barking and growling at the man as he kept walking and his pace quickened and he disappeared into the woods.

Walking through a grassy field in a dream vision is often indicative of being in a good place in your life, meaning you are happy and well-off financially. This is likely due to your thrifty, prudent nature. You are not wasteful nor do you take people or things for granted. This happy scene is threatened, however, by the man you thought you recognized. The dog, which knocks you down and protects you, represents your internal desire to not return to previous times of sadness and hardship (likely brought about by others). If you have recently been invited to some event to rekindle the past or have had someone suggest going back to an old way of doing things, you may want to stick with what works for you.

A dog jumping over a fence

Someone made the dog jump over a fence, but the dog gets hurt.

A dog in the context of a dream embodies characteristics such as loyalty, generosity and being protective. The fence can be interpreted to have a positive or negative meaning depending on the situation experienced in a dream. On a positive note, fences serve as protection from external dangers and a need for privacy. The negative connotations include barriers, obstacles or confinement. Jumping over the fence could be indicative of a desire to break free from the confines of a situation or a relationship. Your instincts for self-preservation may be kicking in from feeling trapped in an unhealthy pattern of behavior or partnership. But freedom comes at a cost and it is unlikely to come out of it unscathed. Whether or not it is worth the risk is up to you.

Dying after a dog attack

There were two black dogs above me looking down at me with their master who was standing there looking at me. Then, he let them go and they attacked me by biting my neck and I knew in my dream that this killed me.

The symbol of a black dog or dogs in dreams is commonly viewed as a negative omen. Seeing one or more of these animals attacking you often portends a falling out with someone close to you. A friend or confidant may soon betray your trust and gravely disappoint you. The fact that the dogs' owner was a male could be a hint about the identity of whoever may end up causing trouble for you.

A dying dog covered in blood

Dreamed about a random sick dog was lying near my car whimpering, covered in blood. Dog's fur was all pink (stained from blood). What does this mean? Death?

Dogs in dreams, just like their nickname "man's best friend" implies, could indicate the presence of someone in your life to whom you feel you owe some sort or loyalty. You may not actually get along with or even like this person, but something seems to prevent you from severing the bond between the two of you, whether it is blood, a common activity or a shared experience. However, seeing a dog dying from an unseen cause suggests that something may come between you two which would end the relationship quickly and without any pain for either side, possibly causing you to feel relief and satisfaction.

A small brown dog coughing

I dreamt about a small brown dog coughing outside my dining room window. What does it mean?

This dream represents an ominous portent. Seeing a brown dog outside your house predicts the possibility of being invited to engage in illegal activities. Should you accept such an invitation, things could spiral out of control making you wish you had not gotten involved in the first place.

A dog sleeping on meat

I dreamed of buying red meat and walking in the street with a shopping cart and a small black dog was in it sleeping on a large piece of meat.

To dream of buying meat alludes to good fortune that is on the verge of becoming a reality. It indicates that you might receive a gift of substantial value from a wealthy donor who may or may not be a member of your family. It could also mean that everything would go your way in your line of work, business or romantic relationship. The sleeping dog, on the other hand, is a sign of delay. Hence, while there is good fortune coming your way, it may take a while, so be patient.

Frightened by a husky dog on the deck

I was sitting on a deck writing, my leg was dangling out between a wooden divider and the floor. I tried to get up with difficulty as the space seem to be too narrow. Then I saw a ferocious black husky walking towards me and lying down beside me. I am telling myself to stay calm. I could feel the roughness of its hair.

To dream that you are sitting on a deck while writing means that you are trying to understand yourself. This scenario in your dream suggests an attempt to untangle certain aspects of yourself that you may not be fully grasping. The appearance of the black husky which proceeds to lie down next to you symbolizes loyalty. This dream vision conveys the message that in getting to know yourself better, somewhere in the waking world you could encounter an individual with whom you will forge a lasting friendship built on trust and loyalty. This individual's devotion to you, whether platonic or romantic, is beyond reproach. You need only to look beneath the surface to drop your guard and form a lasting bond.

A pet dog killing another dog

As salam aleikum brother. I saw my pet dog biting a small black dog by his neck whining. I tried to make him stop hurting the unknown dog, but he killed and ate the other dog. I was so hurt in my dream. I love animals and I feel that I failed to protect the unknown dog from harm. Please help. Also, I am from a very disturbed Christian family who is always trying to harm me and my parents. They always hurt us emotionally and sometimes I find it very discouraging and difficult to concentrate on my salat. How could I help myself and my parents to be not affected by them?

Dogs in dreams represent loyalty and protection. They are typically associated with family and personal support systems. Your pet dog's action of biting, then eventually eating the other dog, suggests that clashes with your relatives may worsen in the near future. The tension and disagreements may become so problematic that either your parents or your relatives would attempt to sever ties with each permanently. The devouring of the other dog does not bode well in terms of the outcome, however, the compassion you exhibited in the dream predicts your pivotal role in bringing your family members together. One voice pushing for understanding and acceptance on both sides can make all the difference.

A husky dog in an unfamiliar house

I was in a house I did not recognize. I walked in a room and saw what I thought was a wolf. After a closer look I realized it was a Siberian husky dog. Maybe 2 years old, gray and white mix fur. I petted him on the head and said hello. I rubbed him down to his neck. He seemed to be cool, calm and collective. There was no one else around at that time. And I wondered how did this dog get in here. He was very friendly. Then I woke up.

Finding yourself in a strange, unknown house represents a possibility of meeting a mysterious stranger who is special and quirky. This individual's unique qualities are likely to pique your interest and, as a result, make you invest a lot of time and effort into the budding friendship. Your initial fear of the dog, when you thought it was a wolf, means that others may not be as welcoming of this person as you are, meaning your new friend could fall victim to bullying or exclusion by others. However, overcoming your fear and petting the big dog represents being able to solve this problem together and eventually getting along with everyone.

A dog disturbing church members

I dreamt of a male dog standing and disturbing people in the church with its penis erect. I tried to stop it while it was refusing, but it turned into a woman leader that I know at my church.

Dogs typically represent loyalty and protection. Within the context of your dream, the dog's arousal within the confines of the church represents your weakening beliefs and diminished faith in your church. Perhaps you have heard of or witnessed moments in which your loyalty was shaken. Those events could involve influential religious figures and respected leaders. In your eyes, their credibility may have been tarnished and you are no longer easily swayed by their teachings and sermons.

Becoming a dog and chasing the deceased

My boyfriend dreamed he was a dog and was chasing his mom and son who are both deceased around in a circle.

Your boyfriend's dream wherein he appears as a dog shows his protective instincts. Dogs are symbols of duty, loyalty and protection. As such, his act of circling his deceased loved ones reveals his need to protect their memories and pay tribute to their significance to him in life as well as in death. There may also be an element of guilt. Perhaps he feels as if he could have saved them or taken better care of them while they were still alive. He may still be coping and mourning their passing.

In a car with dogs and one smoking a cigar

Driving in car, dogs sitting in backseat, one smoking a cigar.

Dreaming of driving a car reflects the journey you are taking in your waking life. The dogs as passengers could be friends and loved ones with whom you share or shared important moments and experiences. The dog smoking a cigar symbolizes challenges and bumps on the road. There could be opinions and perspectives that go against your personal beliefs, but which serve to broaden your understanding of the world.

Small dogs with ticks

At a home and there are three small toy poodles that appear, one black the other light tan or white. They run up to me and as I'm walking they follow me playfully but aggressively at my feet. The black one latching on. I literally pried it off but it was reattached. Then I felt a bite, I look and see ticks. Finally, get away from the dogs and see a child with ticks on her. I get angry with the owners and ask why no one saw this and why are they acting as if it's normal.

Dogs that follow you and nip at your heels often represent the ill effects that certain activities may have on your health. In some cases, they suggest habits, like smoking or poor diet choices, may soon limit your physical capabilities. The more obvious interpretation points toward getting involved in tasks beyond your skill level or without proper training, which could lead to injury. The ticks on both you and the child predict that no matter the medical problem you face, it would have serious implications for both your quality of life and the well-being of those who may rely on you for assistance.

A dog biting cat's head

A dog was biting a cat's head I could see the dog's teeth down inside the cat's head.

Dreams about witnessing a fight between pets are a manifestation of your struggle to resolve some existing conflict or misunderstanding. If you envisioned these animals as your own pets, it could be indicative of you standing in the midst of some major argument happening inside your relationship with someone close to you. If you were just a random observer of the act, it could serve as a hint to stay away from being embroiled in disputes or confrontations which are about to unfold in the near future.

Being a dog and protecting people

I dreamed I was a white standard poodle defending a man and woman who were oblivious to a small male lion around the corner of the house. I barked to warn them, but they didn't pay attention. The lion picked up its pace and I was scared but stood my ground growling and barking. Just as the lion rounded the corner I attacked it, then woke up.

Dreaming about turning into a small white poodle has negative connotations as it portends a period of gloom and darkness. These problems are actually the manifestation of your past deeds. The fact that you see yourself trying to warn people of impending problems points towards your own inability to overcome these troubles, especially considering that your efforts were in vain in the vision. A lion in the dream world represents a controlling individual, so perhaps your difficulties stem from the arrival of this man or woman. The best course of action would be to stay on alert and put matters right before you land in any undesirable situations.

Scanning the dog at a checkout

I brought my dog to the grocery store and I scanned her at the self checkout and sent her down the conveyor belt towards the bagging area.

Shopping together with your dog and then sending her down the conveyor belt at checkout is a more personal interpretation of throwing the baby out with the bath water in the dream world. Shopping suggests you are trying to improve some aspects of your life while getting rid of bad habits or traits that have held you back in the past. However, pets tend to represent the best in us, so seeing the dog moving away from you could be a warning that, by giving up something bad, you may also be losing something good. You may need to carefully evaluate how you are reshaping your life.

Being concerned about dog's safety

I was at a desk and I got up, but my dog was not following me. I saw him on a tall platform with a group of men that were trying to keep my dog away from me. This dream was in the daytime but I was afraid that the men would take my dog away from me and harm him because I had a sick sense about the men, I woke up feeling afraid.

Dogs, because of their loyalty and protective instincts, often represent family and loved ones in the dream world. Hence, the men trying to take your dog away from you could symbolize real-world threats to certain members of your family. Perhaps you have a relative or close friend who is getting involved with the wrong kind of crowd and you fear for his or her well-being. There could also be individuals or personalities putting a wedge between you and a loved one by entertaining certain destructive ideas in their head. You may need to watch out for suspicious characters trying to create conflict and discord in your household.

Adopting a stray dog that resembled a human

I am female and I dreamt that I came across a stray dog in the street who spoke to me with a human voice. Her teeth were human also, but in a dog's mouth. She said she was so tired of her life as a stray and I took her in my arms and took her home with me to live where she curled up to sleep on an arm chair. The whole interaction was deeply affectionate on both sides and I felt very nurturing and loving.

Coming across a stray or homeless dog in a dream often alludes to misfortune. It is possible that there may be an unfortunate event or problem you have to contend with in the near future. Alternatively, a stray dog can also represent a part of yourself that feels rejected and neglected by your loved ones. You may have a tendency to dwell on negativity and pessimism. In a sense, adopting the dog is a metaphor for coming to terms with your loneliness and isolation. Although, you can also see it in a positive light or constructive way. Perhaps making peace with loneliness can mean acceptance. Instead of feeling angry and bitter over your abandonment issues, you can choose to understand those who have hurt you and find out the roots of your present state.

A dead pet dog attacking

My dog has passed away but in my dream he was attacking me, and I was playing on my phone (acting like it wasn't happening). He was acting really crazy and I had bites and blood all over me. My husband got my dog away from me. In reality my husband woke me up.

Seeing your cherished pet dog coming back from the dead is often interpreted as a warning in the world of dreams. It suggests that you tend to ask for help with certain issues in your life but forget to thank or repay those who help you. You may even decide not to lend them a hand when they need it. This could come back to bite you in the rear, as seen in the image of your dog attacking you in the vision, because being labeled as ungrateful could lead to others deciding not to help you in the future.

An irritating dog and unclear water

I dreamed there was a large dog that kept jumping on me as I walked. He wasn't mean, just kept jumping up, irritating. Then I went inside, someone turned on the kitchen faucet. The water was really yellow coming out, it tasted salty. I saw the yellow water in the sink, and there were some green water spots too.

A large dog symbolizes a person in your life, likely a loved one, who takes up a lot of space. This space could be a mental one, such as constantly fussing over them or worrying about them, or a physical space because your live in close proximity and you always interact. Meanwhile, the yellowish or unclear water means you are tiring yourself out with inconsequential things. Worrying about a needy loved one may not be your responsibility. This person is capable of taking care of themselves and coddling them may not be helping. Sometimes, you need to put your needs first and look after yourself before you can properly help out others.

An elephant and a dog with a tick

I dreamed of a large female gray elephant. She had a small baby elephant with her. Also, I dreamed next night my dog had a tick, just one tick, regular size. Thanks.

Dreaming about seeing a gray elephant together with its baby could be a cautionary advice. Namely, you should not forget, neglect or abandon your close friends and relatives. You would benefit from spending quality time with them and nurturing your friendship. Relationships, and especially close relations, require constant love, care, attention and dedication. The subsequent vision or your dog having a tick may reveal that abandoning the relationship altogether could have negative affect on your mental health and well-being.

Dead dog alive again because of symbols

My dream started with me staying at the house I shared with my ex fiance, skipped to the next day and my beloved dog that I just buried on my ex's property comes running towards me, still a bit bruised and broke but so happy and full of life and spirit. I embraced him so hard. A man appeared and told me this occurred because I had a marking of a tornado on my chest and an Indian horse was sacrificed. My dog couldn't get enough of me, even with other familiar faces around. Female.

Usually, being in a past living arrangement or meeting with an ex is indicative of nostalgia or a desire to go back to when things were simpler and easy to understand. Perhaps you feel confused and upset at the moment, most likely due to conflict with those near you in reality. The cause of your troubles may be been in the image of your cherished pet dog coming back from the dead, as this symbol is often interpreted as a warning in the world of dreams. It suggests that you tend to ask for help with certain issues in your life but forget to thank or repay those who help you. You may even refuse to lend them a hand when they need it most. The idea of a tornado marking upon your chest and the slaughter and sacrifice of the horse mean that you have it within you to be generous and provide good feelings and experiences to those around you. However, up until this moment you have neglected to do so. You would continue to suffer until you become better at putting others first.

A dog chasing a stranger

A stranger was being chased by a white dog. The dog had a red and blue leash and collar. The stranger asked me for help and I told the dog to stop chasing him. The dog stopped and started licking me.

White dogs are generally considered the embodiment of a loyal friend or comrade in reality. Seeing this dog chase some stranger, then, could reveal that you would see this friend suffer due to unfinished business or plans. Intervening for this stranger is a sign that you must do the same for your friend. You could help them take care of whatever small "impossible" task that is preventing them from reaching their goals or full potential. This would prove your loyalty and bring the two of you even closer together.

Dog talking to me

Animals talking in dreams usually carry a message about having a better and deeper understanding of life and our unconscious minds. In particular, to see a dog speak depicts your amicable personality. It is easy for you to make relationships work brought about by your warmth and friendly disposition. Additionally, this dream signifies that something unexpected is bound to happen, although it is not clear whether this is good or bad.

Severed dog head

The image of a severed dog head or a canine that has been decapitated is an extremely vivid and esoteric symbol to perceive in a dream. The unfortunately beheaded animal represents debts and increasing expenses causing you sorrow in wake life. Unless you find a way to pay what you owe and keep your expenses under control, you may find yourself in an extremely precarious position.

Dog escaping

Envisioning a dog running away or escaping from you reflects your tendency to similarly avoid difficult situations or conversations in relationships. When it feels like something stressful or tense is going to come up in conversation, you shy away because you have been treated poorly in the past or you have not yet developed the ability to thoroughly express your feelings. Working on this skill and through any past trauma, however, is the only way to get over this and improve the overall quality of your connections.

Hurting a dog

Dreaming of accidentally harming or killing a dog can be a horrific experience, as dogs are often associated with loyalty and companionship. In general, the hidden aspect of the dream suggests that there are underlying issues or emotions that need to be addressed in your waking life. The results of interpretation for this dream can vary, but it indicates a fear of being attacked or harmed by others. The injured or killed dog somehow symbolizes a part of yourself that has been hurt or lost. Overall, the dream implies a need to be more mindful of your actions and their consequences, and to work through any unresolved emotions that may be affecting your life.

Brown and black dog

Seeing a brown and black dog or with similar patterns in the dream realm can have different interpretations depending on its behavior. If the dog barks or shows aggression, it represents negative feelings or strained relationships. However, if the dog is friendly and calm, it symbolizes positive emotions such as happiness and companionship. Post-dream analysis should focus on the context and how the dreamer felt towards the dog, as well as any specific details that stood out. In essence, a well-behaved dog of this color in a dream usually signifies positive and fulfilling connections in waking life.

Black dog attacking someone else

A black dog attacking some other person in a dream can be a symbol of betrayal or presence of evil. This indicates that a friend or acquaintance is not what they seem and may have negative intentions towards you. In spiritual terms, the symbolism of the black dog can represent the shadow self or negative aspects of the psyche. The dream may be attempting to give you answers about a situation or person in your waking life. Paying attention to the details and emotions in the dream can help you uncover the message as it is a spiritual warning, urging you to be cautious and alert to potential dangers.

Adopting a dog

Adopting a dog in the dream represents your emotional connection with an animal in waking life. If you were determined to adopt a puppy from a shelter, it signifies your determination to create a positive change in your life or a particular relationship. Moreover, it shows your willingness to take a chance on something new or to provide support to someone who has been neglected or forgotten. In a nutshell, this dream suggests that you are open to making positive changes and embracing new experiences in your life.