Dreams Related To Doctor

Doctor appointment

In the dream realm, having an appointment with a doctor or a physician usually means that something is going on with your health. According to biblical authorities on dream interpretation, consulting a healer in a dream is akin to your body suggesting you need to pay more attention to you current mental state or physical condition. Maybe you have not taken such great care of your well-being recently and are on the verge of falling sick. Your subconscious mind may be urging you to pay a visit to the doctor before this issue becomes more difficult to fix.

Naked doctors but not in a hospital

There was a lot of doctors, some where naked and it was not in a hospital.

Not surprisingly, a dream about doctors can be related to your health, especially when you need some form of guidance or reassuring advice. Normally, doctors will appear when there is an imbalance in your life. In your dream, the doctors were naked, which can indicate an impending accident or mishap with a possibility of injuries and subsequent suffering as a result. The magnitude of such pain is unknown, but these visions give sufficient reasons to exercise caution and avoid places or people who could become the source of harm or damage.

Being examined by an unfamiliar doctor

Female. I was playing with my siblings and suddenly a handsome guy came into our home who is a doctor. He had a stethoscope and he was staying in my home. In the next moment I saw my one breast hanging, the same guy removed his coat, took the stethoscope, and reached me. I was scared to show him my breast, he covered my breast and did a little examination. Then I saw my breast start growing and some drops of milk were coming out. He asked about it and I remained quiet, then he treated the nipple, and cleaned it. I smiled back and then my breast was fine.

This vision contains two highly powerful yet opposing images which speak of some internal struggles you may be going through. The image of your breast swelling and leaking breast milk is symbolic of health and vitality, suggesting you naturally have a lot of energy or a strong personality. On the other hand, being cared for or treated by a doctor represents feelings of despair or hopelessness. It seems that you are finding it difficult to be content with your life even though there is nothing particularly wrong with it. Furthermore, it may point toward developing an ungracious demeanor or attitude problem. Life is what you make of it, and in order to be truly happy and satisfied with it, you have to challenge yourself and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.

Saved by a doctor after a heart attack

Had a dream that I was in a bus and somehow the next moment on the road few minutes later the bus came back but while I was alone I dreamt I had a mild heart attack starting to get worse. The bus came. I told them they should get me to a hospital when we got to the hospital doctors where busy but I was calm until the doctor started helping me. Woke up with paralyzed arm and have real cramp in chest. My father died of a heart attack I do get mini, but never like this. Tell me what you guys think.

Visions of trips involving public transportation means, such as buses, could be symbolic of new projects, journeys, endeavors or general life improvements. Dreaming about having a heart attack could reveal upcoming difficulties or anxiety. These could appear while trying to carry on with your daily activities. Alternatively, given that the heart attack occurred while on the short bus trip, these trials and fears could be experienced in relation to some new project or task you have been contemplating. The trip was short and this could suggest that you could make a mistake, postpone or even quit this project. Moreover, some loss, possible putting in jeopardy your well-being, might be experienced. The vision of a doctor trying to help you in the same dream reinforces the notion that your current state is despair. You might feel that your situation is getting worse. Help was needed in the dream, but was failing to arrive. A short synthesis of this notion is that the dream represents the fear of death, your own or your loved ones. This feeling could be provoked by a life event, such as memories of your father or simply by pain or discomfort during your sleep (for example, caused by certain health conditions, or even physical conditions in which you sleep - a bad mattress or poor sleeping environment).

Being chased by a doctor

My dream was about a burnt doctor (probably 4th degree burn since his face was unrecognizable), who was chasing me and he was wearing a scrub suit full of blood. Then he was forcing me to open my eyes as I was praying and he told me "Open your eyes, you're the only one I need". Then when I did not open my eyes, all doors closed and he was locked outside the house screaming and I was inside the house safe... Everything was so vivid.

Nightmare scenarios, such as your dream, typically stem out of anxieties you could be experiencing in the waking world. The burnt doctor in your vision represents your destructive habits and harmful activities. You could be engaging in vices and activities which are harming your health and well-being. Doctors symbolize healing, so the doctor's deformed appearance in your dream vision alludes to the opposite of wellness. Are you starving yourself or working out to the point of self-destruction? These are things you need to consider to start the process of recovery. Closing eyes alludes to your power to change your present situation. You always have a second choice.

Being called by a doctor

I am a female, I dreamed I was at a hospital and was given a form to fill out, I wrote my name twice on the form. The doctor came to call out names to go for medication and he didn't call mine. I waited outside preparing to leave then I heard him calling my surname.

Dreaming about being in a hospital is often a sign that you would need medical attention in the near future. This may be due to a sudden illness or injury, or the result of complications from a long-term medical problem. However, writing your name twice on the form alludes to a tendency to think about yourself too much. While you should always advocate for your rights as a patient, playing the victim or crying "woe is me" may only annoy others and cause them to ignore you when you may very well be in need of serious care. Finally hearing your name called suggests you naturally have a friendly disposition, so perhaps your condition may be the reason you are less amiable than normal. It would still be wise to remember that a smile and gratitude go a long way when it comes to those who take care of us.

Talking to a doctor

Talking to a doctor during the course of a dream vision, whether it was for an examination or a medical emergency, means that you may have some concerns with your health. However, you may be a bit shy to discuss these issues with either your family physician or another trusted individual. If your true wish is to improve your overall health and be in a position to get stronger or faster, this is the time to take your physical well-being into your hands.

Doctor treating you

Seeing a doctor treating you in the dream realm symbolizes the need to address and heal emotional or psychological issues in your life. The doctor in the dream represents a part of yourself or a figure of authority that has the ability to help you through these issues. Furthermore, the fact that the doctor is performing treatment or surgery represents the idea that major changes or amends need to be made in order to overcome these emotional difficulties. You as a patient represent different aspects of yourself or different areas of your life that are in need of healing. The drive to seek out proper treatment and examination in the dream indicates a strong desire to improve and overcome the difficulties you are facing in the waking world. The dream suggests that the healing process will bring you closer to feeling love and acceptance for yourself.