Dreams Related To Divorce

Divorce with your current partner

Divorcing your current partner in the dream realm does not predict such an event in reality. Instead, this symbol has a positive connotation that suggests your connection to your significant other is stronger than ever. You probably have no reason to be concerned about adultery or any other bad behavior. Instead, you can focus on the good qualities of your relationship and rest assured that you have each other's backs in all things. This knowledge and trust is sure to bring you much happiness and contentment.

Being asked to sign divorce papers

I am a 26 year old married woman with kids. I had a dream that I kissed my ex boyfriend. Then, I went home, there were lots of people showing up at my house. Suddenly, a man in a suit with lots of papers came in, sat down at the coffee table. I asked him who he was, what he was doing here. He said he was here for me to sign divorce papers. My husband wanted a divorce. I signed them without reading them. It was also a trick to frame me for a crime of murder I didn't commit.

Despite the ominous message of the dream, this is actually the opposite of what will happen in reality. Specifically, dreaming of yourself kissing your ex-boyfriend means there will be unexpected events or circumstances which will take you by surprise. Fortunately, the second part of your dream suggests this surprise will be a positive one. The reason you can expect positive developments in your life is because a divorce in dreams actually means your marriage is stronger than ever. Instead of worrying about problems with your partnership, you will be happy to know that you have a loving, supportive and loyal husband. In combination with the first dream symbol, this means a new factor will add more blessings and optimism to your household. Perhaps there will be an addition to your family or you can expect current issues to be resolved leading to peace and harmony once again.

Divorce of the royal couple

Royal couple divorcing.

Dreaming about the royal couple, like Kate and Prince William, divorcing signifies your internal disagreement with or disapproval of the recent actions or behavior of some famous people or even someone you know closely.

Divorce in general

Divorce, as a general symbol in the dream world, tends to reveal dissatisfaction and unhappiness with your current circumstances, particularly in regards to romantic relations. You may have recently become discontented with your partner or found that the two of you are stuck in a rut, unable to reclaim the spice and excitement of the early days of your relationship. In some situations, this vision is seen relatively soon after observing others go through or talk about divorce in reality. Your subconscious may have picked up on this, leading to its presence in your dreams.

In some situations, dreaming of divorce can be seen in response to becoming angered, annoyed or otherwise dissatisfied with someone other than a romantic partner, such as a family member, friend or co-worker. You may wish to distance yourself from this individual or completely remove them from your life, but you do not have the strength or courage to reveal your true feelings yet. You would continue to feel a sense of frustration and illease until you are able to get away from this individual and find peace.

Being divorced

Finding that you are divorced in the dream world when you are currently married in reality is commonly interpreted as a neutral symbol. It is often thought to be connected to feelings of discontent and disappointment with those who are near to you in reality, although not necessarily your spouse or partner. For example, you could be annoyed by the behavior of another family member or feel upset about something your co-worker did at work. Alternatively, dreaming of divorce could be a reaction to minor turmoil and trouble in reality. In this sense, your subconscious is revealing its desire to separate itself from the emotional disturbance and find a more peaceful state of being for both you and your family.

Parents getting divorced

In the dream, my parents ended up getting divorced and went through the whole process of saying the crap like "We still love you, guys" to me and my three other siblings, which I got really mad about, but that's when I woke up.

Seeing your parents separate in your dream means that you do not rely on honest practices or do not have consistency in how you handle things, making it difficult to achieve higher status within your community. Having your parents affirm their love for you further indicates that you are putting too much emphasis on your career or personal growth while ignoring your family needs, so this dream serves as a warning about possible unpleasant developments you may experience if you continue down this road.

Cheating and divorce

Dreaming of cheating and getting divorced, for instance after having sex with someone you know or a complete stranger, can stem from a fear or feeling of insecurity in your current relationship or partnership. Generally, these visions are signs of weakness that depict a desire for something different or a need for change in your life. It is a reminder to get rid of negative energies wrapping you and focus on your mental and physical health.

Someone getting divorced

Seeing someone getting a divorce in the dream realm indicates feelings of insecurity or uncertainty about your own relationship or marriage. According to modern dream workers, this nocturnal vision is quite common and can represent a natural transition. However, it may also hold a deeper meaning about the nature of partnerships and separations. Generally, it is a reminder to reflect on your own relationship and consider any changes or improvements that may be necessary to maintain a healthy and fulfilling connection with your partner.