Dreams Related To Disorder

A kidney disorder

Finding out that you have some disease of the kidneys in a dream vision suggests you would soon go through a period of time when you are often annoyed at your significant other. Their actions, behavior or even subconscious habits could soon become more grating than endearing. For those without a spouse or partner, this is likely to be true of someone equally close to you, like a sibling, roommate or friend.

Having a psychological disorder

To dream that you are having a psychological disorder, for instance when you experience strong paranoia, anxiety and vivid hallucinations while obsessively thinking of a betrayal a friend subjected you to recently, could mean a possible increase in conflicts and disagreements with people who are close to you. This may be a sign for you to find the root cause and eliminate it before things escalate and get out of hand. You should maintain harmonious relationships as much as you can for you to retain a peaceful and sane mind.

Mental disorder

Having a mental disorder or illness in the dream world or perceiving that someone else does can have two possible meanings. The first meaning is tied to stress and anxiety levels in reality. You may be living a lifestyle that leads to the accumulation of stress, like programmer or designer who has to meet strict deadlines often. Similarly, you may not be good at getting rid of stress. For instance, instead of taking a bath or reading a book, you may get sucked into pointless online debates or make unfair comparisons between yourself and others on social media. The second interpretation of this symbol ties it to suffering and misfortune at the hands of long term plans that were never meant to come to fruition. For example, forcing yourself to diet incessantly for a body that is not meant to be yours would only lead to lost time on things that are more important and valuable for your future.