Dreams Related To Dirt

Dirt in general

Dirt, as a general dream symbol, has a negative connotation. It means you have either done or are considering doing something that would leave you open to criticism and harsh judgement, like starting a Twitter feud or getting involved with individuals who drink excessively or do drugs. This symbol can have a number of possible interpretations depending on your circumstances and the other symbols present in the dream, so it is important to pay attention and consider multiple eventualities.

Digging dirt

According to Christian biblical interpretations, digging around in the dirt can be a complicated symbol to understand or wrap your head around. This is because the act of inserting your hand into the ground or soil is associated with secrets or secretive behavior. How people view you would depend on how well you keep the secrets you are supposed to guard. Watching what you say and holding your tongue when necessary could earn you some very loyal friends.

Cleaning a dirty house

A messy, dirty or untidy home is often considered a sign that things are not right. However, the act of cleaning things up though represents clearing away the bad juju and and getting rid of negative emotions. This would free you up to have higher energy levels and a more positive outlook on life.

Being buried alive in dirt

Being buried alive in the dirt or mud in a dream can symbolize a sense of being overwhelmed or trapped by negative circumstances or emotions. This extreme activity reflects a feeling of being stuck or unable to move forward in some aspect of your life. Moreover, it suggests exploring the mystery behind these negative experiences, seeking potential solutions, and reaching out to supportive people who can assist you in overcoming these challenges.

A pile of dirt

Hello there. My dream was a big pile of earth on the road outside my house.

Traditional dream interpretation sources usually refer to visions of unearthed soil as an indication of soon attending a funeral, either inside your own family, or of someone whom you know closely. Coupled with the vision of the road in the same dream, it could be possible that your would have to travel, nearby or far, to attend this service.

Husband giving dirt to eat

My husband gave me dirt to eat.

Dirt or soil seen in dreams can symbolize humility, so being given soil or dirt to eat can mean that your husband is trying to rein in your spending and hedonistic habits. He may be trying to make you more practical, even frugal, in reality because you have been spending too much on unnecessary items or hobbies. Alternatively, dirt can also symbolize shameful secrets. In that sense, the dream can also mean your husband may soon reveal some new information about himself which you may have trouble accepting.