Dreams Related To Diploma

Not receiving a diploma

The dream is always different in small details but is always about me not having gotten my diploma (which I did) and things always happening to keep me from getting to class to do it. Sometimes I am young again and sometimes I am my actual age (50).

In dreams, a diploma represents achievements, recognition and your point of pride. As such, dreaming of not getting your diploma means you do not feel accomplished enough. There are still things you want to chase, especially passions you may have set aside for more immediate priorities. The obstacles to get to class also has something to do with distractions. Instead of focusing your energy on realizing your ultimate goals, other things and responsibilities get in the way. Alternatively, this could also reveal your resentment for not being recognized for all your hard work. Even though you place other people's needs over your own, they still do not give you enough credit for all your sacrifices. So, this is your subconscious urging you to finally prioritize yourself for a change.