Dreams Related To Diarrhea

Diarrhea in public

Having diarrhea in public during the course of a dream vision carries some fairly straightforward symbolism. It suggests the dreamer is feeling the weight of a particular problem. Much like a backed up pipe that is ready to burst, so does this symbol reveal that your work or someone in your personal life is having a negative effect on your energy. If you do not resolve the issue or find and outlet for them, you will likely end up exploding at a very unpredictable time and place.

Diarrhea on floor

Seeing diarrhea or wet, runny feces on the floor at some point in your dream is a bad sign. It portends problems cropping up in wake life. Much like someone who has not picked up after their dog, finding this unpleasant surprise not only shows you the trouble you are in, but suggests your emotions towards the source of those issues would be less that charitable.

Having diarrhea and using sand

I dreamed I was outside somewhere, seems some sisters were around. I had to use the bathroom, #2, so I started using it, had diarrhea, was near a mailbox. As I was going, there was sand on the ground. I used the sand to wipe my behind. I can't remember anything that was going on, just I had running diarrhea and had to go, now. So I did. The sand seemed like beach sand, but I wasn't at the beach.

The general vibe of your dream points to turbulence in your emotional state. The diarrhea reveals the urgency of an issue that needs to be addressed. Perhaps you need to purge emotions that are preventing you from functioning properly in your day to day. You have to snap back to reality, reach out to friends, or consult a professional if your mood and mental health are severely compromised. Loose bowels could also symbolize an unintentional purge or cleansing. It is possible that you will disclose revealing information about yourself while you are feeling vulnerable and you could regret this action after the fact. The sand in the dream is a metaphor for instability. Being in a state of flux is making you more defenseless and at risk for exploitation, so make sure you surround yourself with people who sincerely care about you.

Explosive diarrhea

The unpleasant sensation of explosive diarrhea in the dream realm is a metaphor for being surrounded by suffering and various problems but being confused about how to deal with them. Much like stomach problems in wake life, this situation probably came on suddenly and out of nowhere. You have an emotional nature and are possibly clairvoyant, so while you have probably sensed that something was out of place, the full scale of the issue was unclear and now you are in hot water. The only way to deal with this situation is to search for the root of the problem and fix that first.