Dreams Related To Detective

A woman detective trying to protect kids

A female detective wants to understand the mystery behind lost kids. She saw a book that had a drawing of a kid halfway inside a tree that had a hole at the bottom. The child had lemon green items, some were crayons, pencils and even the shorts of the child were lemon green. Away from the kid a monster was hidden in a bush. The detective heard some kids were going on a trip. She ran to her pal's house to warn her not to allow her kids go. She didn't listen. The monster ate those with lemon green clothes.

The presence of a detective in your dream means there are hidden dangers in your environment which would require a keen sense to detect. The lost kids or missing children actually refer to a part of yourself which you have lost or repressed all these years. This could be your curiosity and sense of wonder because those traits are often associated with kids. Meanwhile, the monster eating the kids is a symbol of adulthood which is killing your child-like wonder because of all the responsibilities you have to carry. It could also be a specific person who is killing your joy and making you feel trapped. This is the threat you need to confront in order to regain your freedom and independence. As for the color, green clothes in particular usually point to wealth and happiness, so your subconscious is basically telling you to stand up to the oppressive force that is keeping you from realizing your full potential.