Dreams Related To Demon

Someone possessed by a demon

A dream in which you see someone being possessed by a demonic entity could be a vision indicating that a certain person or group of people are harboring some sort of distorted curiosity or ill intentions towards you. Although it is impossible to foretell whether the described attitude would eventually manifest in direct actions, know that it is still likely to result in undesirable disturbances in the general flow of your waking life. This interpretation is true regardless of whether you are familiar with the possessed person in your dream or not.

A demon in general

If a demon happens to strike you as an important part of your dream, know that this symbol is traditionally interpreted as an ill and alarming omen. It could speak of the presence of a powerful and hostile external source of negativity and deterioration in your life. This force or factor could be an exceptionally complicated person, a work you hate, a home that does not feel like one or any other thing that regularly spreads anxiety and confusion through your otherwise calm and stable life. Such an interpretation could be especially true if the witnessed dream is a recurrent one.

A demon chasing

Dreaming of yourself being pursued by a demonic entity or even a group of demons, regardless of the outcome of this chase, could be a vision reflecting your inner disquiet and concerns related to a certain endeavor or project that you deem wrongful or illegal, yet may have joined either willingly or not. Alternatively, such a vision could be a symbol of your worries about being late in successfully finishing a certain project, duty or task, for example, a specific job with a strict deadline, preparing for an important exam or even just arriving at your office on time.

Dreams about demons or demonic entities or being possessed

A demon for women

If you are a woman who is currently in a romantic relationship, regardless of whether it has already resulted in a marriage or not yet, envisioning a demon in a dream is usually interpreted as a reflection of the mood and interactions governing the said alliance. It could be that some of the strongest emotions you feel towards your partner in love include intimidation and fear, as well as a vast uncertainty. The listed feelings could be following you incessantly, not vanishing even during episodes of physical intimacy with your partner. Another side of such a relationship could be that you are obedient and submissive, doing everything that your partner in love commands regardless of how much disapproval and disagreement you feel towards these actions.

Someone tortured by a demon

Witnessing a demon tormenting or torturing someone you know signifies a cry for help. A loved one, possibly a sibling or a friend, is going down a dark path and they need you to intervene before it ends tragically. This person may be suicidal and in denial or ashamed to ask for help. You need to show them your compassion and understanding so they do not withdraw or reject your helping hand. There could be something deeper, like childhood trauma or bullying, that is feeding their suicidal thoughts. It is up to you to take the initiative to investigate the root of their pain so proper steps can be taken to start their healing.

A demon that kills loved ones

Female. I lose someone I care about and spend what feels like a long time finding them and it's frustrating and a lot of times I find them again but they are not the same person anymore and they either want nothing to do with me or avoid me. Once (this is a reoccurring dream, just different settings and sometimes people) I found them and a demon or something dark spoke through them and taunted me, then killed the person I cared about.

Trying to find a loved one in a dream means that there is a growing gap between you and this person. Perhaps you risk losing this loved one or your dynamic becomes irreparably changed due to a rift or conflict. It can also signify insecurity whenever you feel rejected or inadequate in the dream. Your abandonment issues may be resurfacing because of changes in their behavior you have recently observed. Alternatively, the demon that killed your loved one in the dream probably refers to your weaknesses and personal issues. The demon may be your short temper, insecurities or any negative emotion you may be holding inside of you. Maybe you need to confront your own demons in order to avoid alienating your loved ones.

A demon and water

A dream in which you happen to see a demon in a body of water such as a sea, a lake, a river or even a puddle, is believed to be an ill and ominous vision. It is likely that in the upcoming future you could become the witness of an abominable crime or a dreadful accident that would happen in close proximity to you. Although it is impossible to predict any specific details of the approaching tragedy, it would probably involve someone either dying or being severely mutilated as a result of this occurrence. Keep in mind that this interpretation remains valid for any other possible combination of a demonic being and water, for example, the creature could be drinking water from a cup or being soaked after a rain.

Demons singing

Envisioning a dream in which a demon sings either solo or along with a group of similar beings, is often interpreted as the harbinger of approaching wealth. As a rule, it is believed that the mentioned profits would come from some sort of gambling or luck-derived activity, such as playing lottery, slots, making sports bets or winning at a blackjack casino table. Alternatively, such a dream could speak in favor of some other unforeseen sources of money and wealth in the upcoming future resulting from favorable external forces or just from an episode of lucky timing in which you may get involved.

Being chased by demons

My husband was driving us to my mom's house one night. He noticed a demon-type creature on the side of the road that I couldn't see, then it popped into existence, along with a swarm of others. I knew we'd be safe after getting to my mom's, so I tried calling her to make sure the door was unlocked. Each time I dialed her number, it changed to the wrong number. We got to my mom's and the door was locked, causing us to panic. I woke up as the creatures were swarming around us. Female.

Being pursued or chased by a swarm of demons in the dream world suggests lingering psychological and emotional issues. There may be some brewing issues or problems in your marriage due to disagreements or personal issues coming from either or both of you. Demons in dreams typically symbolize self-doubt, anger and other negative emotions as well as destructive habits you may have harbored over the years. Your bond could be tested by your personal demons. Meanwhile, your mother's locked house likely reflects feelings of rejection and insecurities. Perhaps you feel like your relatives are not as supportive about your marriage and that you have to navigate marital issues on your own.

Defeating demons and growing wings

Demons had burnt down my house and turned my home city into a wasteland. I was completely surrounded by them. Suddenly, I knew what to do. A power rose from me and I began to speak strange words. Then, all around me, the demons were cast out of their bodies. I was able to save my family. But when I looked over my shoulder, I realized I'd sprouted a pair of large, black wings.They were the same color as the demons.

Demons are the manifestation of our desire for power and influence in the dream world. Therefore, seeing your house and home city in ruins as a result of the demons' invasion could represent your ambitions destroying everything you love and hold dear. The other important symbol in this vision is the wings you grew at the end. Wings can be associated with material wealth and property, although the black color seen in your vision may reveal that the source of your prosperity may not be legal or morally sound, further contributing to the issues described. It would seem that your efforts to become rich, famous or influential would not come without consequences. If you wish to proceed, you should be willing to part with your past and current ambitions completely.

Demons splitting body in half

I dreamt there was a crash and I seen the corpses, as I ran down for help there was an old graveyard, I must have walked on the wrong stones because I came to well-dressed demons with red eyes that wouldn't let me leave, then tried to get me into an old stone building, they split me in two and forced one half in that I couldn't get to again if I went in after I was gone. They were very forceful, they told me they are coming for the other half and there's nothing I can do to stop it, I woke up.

Dreaming about being chased and intimidated by demons could mean that you are facing lingering psychological or emotional issues, particularly if you are in a relationship with someone. You could be having problems with your spouse or any other loved one, which may have led you to acquire destructive habits. Demons are often a manifestation of multiplying issues or self-doubt, anger and other harmful emotions and those negative feelings are often the reason why our bond with other people becomes strained and eventually breaks. The vision you had of being divided in half could symbolize your worries of struggling with such negative emotions and being unable to handle your relationships properly. Perhaps you should muster enough courage to face your inner demons and improve your relationships with others so you are not perturbed by demonic forces in your dreams.

A demon for men

If you are a man, dreaming of a demon could be a vision signifying your burning desire to become more powerful and influential, especially if you have been feeling weak or lacking self-confidence lately. The motivation behind such a will and its subsequent manifestation in your dream can differ greatly depending on what aspects of your life are currently bothering you the most. For example, if you are not in a relationship, you could be longing to be more persuasive and attractive to women. If you are worried about your work, such a dream could be reflecting your wish and determination to improve your career, maybe even turn the tables and be among the top authorities in your niche rather than playing the role of a mere subordinate.

A demon turning into a human

A dream in which you happen to witness a demon turning into some sort of human being, regardless of the specific final appearance of the creature, is interpreted as a reflection of your selfish and egotistical ambitions, plans or even general attitude in life. Alternatively, such a vision could be foretelling exceptional power and admirable victories in the upcoming future, but these successes would be very likely to result in a personal disaster subsequently. Keep in mind that the interpretation remains unchanged even if the demon in your dream has transformed into a seemingly positive or even divine being, such as a saint or an angel.

Talking to a demon

A dream featuring yourself talking to a demon or any similar demonic entity, such as an imp or a devil, could be a vision foretelling that you would be deceived or taken advantage of by an immoral and dishonest person or even a criminal organization of some sort. It is impossible to tell whether the violator would be someone you are currently familiar with or whom you are still to meet in the upcoming future. In any case, such a vision should be considered as an admonition to carefully observe everything happening in your immediate surroundings to minimize the possibility of described developments. On the other hand, a similar dream is sometimes interpreted as an auspicious omen foretelling a long and prosperous life awaiting the dreamer.

Bowing in a front of a demon

A dream in which you happen to see yourself bowing in reverence, shame or submission to a demonic entity, is usually interpreted as a vision foretelling significant changes at your workplace, most likely regarding either your direct supervisors or your company's top officers, such as managers, directors or even owners. Resulting from external factors and processes, this shift of powers could significantly affect both your current status and future possibilities, so it is recommended to stay alert and seize any kind of favorable opportunities that may appear amidst the approaching upheaval.

Dancing with a demon

A dream in which you envision yourself in the process of dancing with a demon, be it one on one or as part of a larger group of dancing demonic entities, is usually interpreted as a symbol foretelling you could assume a position with significant power, influence and authority over other people. For example, this ascendancy could take place at the company you work for, although it would not be necessarily related to your current position or duties. Keep in mind that regardless of the magnitude of the upcoming changes, it is impossible to predict whether they would be beneficial for you in the long run or become the source of hardships and suffering.

Feeding a demon

If you happened to have a dream in which you were feeding a demon, be aware that this is traditionally interpreted as an exceptionally ill omen. Such a vision could be foretelling imminent death either for you or for any other person that was involved in the process of feeding the demonic entity. It is impossible to foresee how soon the possible tragedy would happen or what would be its eventual cause, so it is recommended to stay alert at all times and keep an eye for possible dangers.

Being scared of a demon

If you happen to find yourself engulfed in visceral fear of a demon in a dream, know that this vision could be a reflection of your inner insecurity and worries about your own future. Although it is impossible to interpret univocally the potential source of said concerns, it is very likely that they were caused by some underestimated and overlooked duties or tasks in your waking life. By neglecting them, you have subsequently cast upon yourself an insidious feeling of underperformance that could be now taking its toll.

Defeating a demon

Dreaming of yourself achieving victory over a demon, such as in a violent fight or a game of some sort, is usually considered to be a highly favorable sign. This vision could be foretelling that your current projects and undertakings are destined to be successful in the end, even if the road to such an outcome is challenging and hard to endure. Know that if you have been dealing lately with an unusually high amount of hardships and difficulties related to the projects in question, they are finally about to end in the upcoming future, resulting in the long-awaited victory you have strived so vigorously to seize.

A demon for the sick

A dream in which the dreamer meets or directly interacts in any other way with a demonic entity or group of demons is an exceptionally ill omen if the dreamer is currently fighting a disease or dealing with a health condition in waking life. Such a vision is usually interpreted as a sign of imminent departure either due to approaching complications of the illness or resulting from its incurability at the time being. It is impossible to foretell whether the described tragic outcome would be a sudden and painless one or long and exhausting both for the affected person and his closest surroundings.

Stabbed by a demon

Being stabbed by a demon while you are dreaming predicts that someone would use your generally passive or mild nature against you. This individual would likely be someone with a strong personality and a need to exert their dominance, like a competitive coach, overprotective father or jealous lover. You would suffer under their tyranny, and you would be unable to show your true feelings without risking their wrath and ire, even over trivial matters. You would do better if you avoid or get away from this individual as quickly as possible in the first place.

Someone turning into a demon

Seeing someone turn into a demon while in a dream state can have different interpretations depending on whether you knew them or not. If you are acquainted with or close to the person who transformed into a fiend, you could be subconsciously distancing yourself from that individual because you sense ill will coming from them. For example, you may think your friend is jealous of something you own or have done, and they may be seeking an opening to knock you down a peg or two. On the other hand, not knowing the transformed individual may allude to general feelings of distrust and discontent with your circle of friends. Maybe your friends are annoying you with constant group messages or plans to go out when you are busy studying or trying to save money. Perhaps you need to distance yourself from those who are setting off your alarms subconsciously.

Fighting demons

Fighting a demon is commonly a Christian symbol associated with dealing with troubles in certain aspects of your life. Your struggle against this evil entity suggests you would face some obstacle on your road to success in reality. If you were able to gain the upper hand or beat the demon, it means you would be able to achieve victory by acting in a morally superior way. However, losing to the demon could reveal that your reliance on less than ethical tactics would cause you to ultimately fail.

Demon in the mirror

It starts out with me lying on my stomach, reading a book in a dance studio with mirrored walls. I look up and see myself in the mirror. My face cracks and begins falling away revealing a demon underneath. The mirror cracks and the demon reaches through and grabs me by the wrist. The demon's claws sink into my wrist, crushing it, and making me bleed. There is a lot of blood. The demon pulls me into the mirror. I find myself in a maze of mirrors. The demon is chasing me. It is foggy. I follow an animal, perhaps a tiger that is guiding me through the maze.

This dream vision is a reflection of your relationship with a man or a male figure you are currently dealing with. If this is the case when you have a relationship with this person, chances are he is dominating or exerting a lot of pressure on you. This could also be an indication of some dark thoughts or intentions you might be having relative to an issue or dilemma you are currently facing or trying to solve. Visions of a lot of blood could be a sign of your inability to make the right decisions in order to bring your current endeavors or projects to completion. However, the tiger in this dream could point out profuse and plentiful energy, fervor, gusto and the fortitude which might help you to solve these issues.

Being punished by demons

There was a ghost in my home awhile back. I showed my friends where I felt the ghost's presence. We asked if it was it with us. It replied "Yes" through me. I became possessed and my friends ran away into another room after I asked them for help. I followed them to that room (not being possessed). My 2 y/o niece was sitting there and I sat across from her. She seemed older and asked me questions. If I didn't get them right I was punished by the demon. Sometimes I would get them wrong on purpose to see what would happen. One time nothing happened and my mom came in and said it was bad, something worse could happen later.

Trying to communicate with a ghost in this dream could reveal some unhealthy relationships or the way you are treated by other people in your social circle. You are most likely cunningly deceived or subjected to lies by certain people you have to deal with on a regular basis. You could have made some conscious attempts to "test" their sincerity on several occasions, but unsuccessfully to this day. You are misguided and confused by either their behavior toward you or the information they share with you. Demons, as symbolic recollections taken from a dream, are often interpreted as clusters of negative energy accumulated by dreamers, and in the context of your dream story, you could be starting to test your limits of tolerance needed to deal with this situation and these people.

Having a demon for a father

About a demon that was my father and a demon at the same time, and I was very scared.

A dream in which you see a demon taking on different incarnations, including those of your loved ones like your father, is an ominous sign for those you may personally know and who are currently afflicted with a disease or an illness. The vision portends emotional turmoil that could cause you and these sickly individuals undue stress and anxiety.

Being pursued by an army of demons

I dreamt of demons hunting me. At first I was protected with a fence, but they managed to enter and I ran with my baby and soon enough they learned where I was hiding and they came and threatened to kill me and my baby if we do not show up. I saw light in their eyes and their skin turned to be a frame, inside of them there was fire. They were so dangerous and many, so I came out and agreed to go with them and they were holding my baby.

To dream of being chased or hunted by demons suggests lingering psychological and emotional issues. You could be prone to projecting your own fears and negative energies onto those around you, especially your loved ones. The demons symbolize self-doubt, a short temper, and other destructive habits or tendencies you may have harbored over the years. Being called out by the demons in this dream vision thereby points to a need for you to acknowledge your shortcomings and failures as a way to be freed of the darkness within you. The first step is always to confront your problems instead of running away from them or denying their existence.

A demon from a dark cloud

My dream was me waking up under spiritual attack. Had a dark cloud around me and my voice sounded demonic. In my dream I started shouting for the demon to go away and started to yell "Jesus" until I woke.

The dark cloud that surrounds you in this vision represents little doubts about your religion that eat at the back of your mind. This is likely the work of the demon in this vision, a minion of Satan. It is possible that your doubts are beginning to get in the way of more fundamental beliefs. Calling out to Jesus, in the context of this vision, suggests you are aware of what is happening and desire to find a way to have unconditional trust once more. The journey back to this spiritual place, however, would require much study and self-reflection.

Saving a tiger cub from demons

Saving a tiger cub while demons are attacking.

The tiger cub in your dream represents youth and all the meanings associated with it, including being carefree and innocent. The demons, on the other hand, are the threats all around you, usually negative emotions threatening to transform you into a cynical and pessimistic version of yourself. Perhaps despite all the disheartening things taking place in your community and all around the world, you are still trying to preserve your sense of wonder and zest for life.

A dot on the wall and a demon in the room

I am in a white room or hallway and I see a black dot in the distance, then I blinked and it was gone. I turned around after and a demon appeared in front of me covered in blood.

The white room in your dream suggests new beginnings and a fresh start. You could be tired of your routines and daily existence, hence you are looking for new opportunities. Meanwhile, demons generally represent negative thoughts and attitudes. This means that while you may be actively looking for ways to break out of your current situation, you are also a victim of your own pessimistic views. Perhaps you feel insecure about your own skills and capabilities. So the only way to achieve your goals would be to focus on what is important and confront your inner demons.

Surrounded by demons

I am a 19 year old female. I was in an underground place with a reddish illumination. It looked to be demons or some demonic creatures gathered together. Looking to be fighting or eating at something. Then they turned to me and it felt like I was forced out if my dream.

Dreaming that you are underground means you have entered your own subconscious. Consequently, the gathering of demons which you saw in the vision are your own personal demons that are unknown to you or issues that have been repressed because you are not willing to confront them. This is also why it felt like you were forced out of your own dream. You do not want to accept or acknowledge these aspects of your personality, so you would rather turn a blind eye on them. However, because of the fact that you dreamt of this scenario, it means you are almost ready to look within yourself. A pivotal event would make you unravel and make these repressed issues rise to the surface. This could either help you heal or bring out your bad side.

Mother covered in tar and a demonic girl

In an unknown mountain side watching mother sleep while tar slowly builds up around her eventually covering her. Then I am in an unknown room with a demonic girl walking to me eventually biting me on the shoulder. I am male.

The tar that engulfs your mother as she sleeps points to your growing dependency on your parents. You need to start learning how to fend for yourself and take on responsibilities as an adult. Meanwhile, the unknown or unfamiliar room indicates success. Despite the dependency, you do have aspirations of becoming successful and powerful. This is further validated by the demon in the room which represents your immense passion to realize your full potential. The drive and capability is present within you, you just need to take a leap of faith. The bite to your shoulder is a sign of insecurity and this is ultimately what is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.

In a house with a demon

Talking about God, then this man pulled me and he threw me on the bed and started to cut me limb by limb, then I was in the unknown room, there was a cage. This demon girl, me and others were in the house with her parents. They where separated, we messed up a deck of cards by accident, the others and me, the dad got mad. After we went for drinks ,seen the dad, had a talk and he said the girl kills when she sees red. The girl then changed herself into a boy so she can kill in this hospital. I told the father Jesus if he could help.

There are three main symbols we should focus on in this rather complicated vision. First, talking about God is often a predictor of soon getting into trouble. Your subconscious tries to find goodness to ease the guilt of past misconduct. In this case, it seems your troubles are related to work or your job, as having your limbs cut off is often associated with setbacks at work. Your productivity may decrease, you could lose clients or you may anger your loyal customers. The messed up deck of cards refers to important decisions you were supposed to make. In this case, you bungled the choice and made a mess of things, which is likely the source of your troubles. Unless you can go back and fix the error or make amends, you would have to live with the consequences.

Casting a demon out of the house

I had a dream about my friend and I who decided to move together into a house, well later we found out it was haunted. I decided to pray to cast the demon out of house, but my friend became impatient and wanted to leave, so she pulled me out of the house before I could finish my prayer and we were surrounded by darkness. There was a collapsed bridge in front, later a street light flicked and street light turned on and I ran to it. Later I returned to my friend because she was not with me.

This dream reflects a feeling of unease or uncertainty about some current situation in your life. In dreams, a haunted house represents a situation that is causing you fear or anxiety, while the demon inside the house is the origin of this dread or nervousness. The fact that you decided to pray to cast the demon out of the house implies that you are aware of the problem and are attempting to find a solution. Your friend's impatience and urge to leave the house before you have finished your prayer exemplify a lack of support or understanding from those around you in dealing with this situation. Also, the darkness and collapsed bridge in front of you illustrate the feeling of being lost or trapped in these circumstances, and the street light turning on and you running towards it shows hope and a way out of the darkness. The decision to return to your friend because she was not with you is an indication that you recognize the importance of having support and companionship in dealing with complex situations and vice versa. Overall, this dream is a reminder to always seek assistance and support from others in dealing with tough situations and to not give up hope even when things seem bleak and that you are a person who believes in helping people.

Demon in your closet

Dreaming of a demon in your closet can evoke feelings of fear and anxiety. This unsettling dream may symbolize repressed fears, unresolved issues, or hidden emotions that you are avoiding or suppressing. The closet represents a metaphorical space where you store aspects of yourself that you find difficult to confront. The demon signifies the negative impact of these suppressed feelings, which may manifest as self-destructive behaviors or persistent emotional turmoil.

A demon with red eyes

The appearance of a demon with red eyes in your dream can be a symbolic representation of the human sin of wrath or extreme anger according to Christian dream philosophy. It indicates that you or someone close to you is struggling with anger-related issues. The vivid red eyes of the demon symbolize the intensity and potentially destructive nature of this emotion. To interpret this dream fully, it is important to consider the context of your waking life and your emotional state. Reflect on recent situations or relationships that may be triggering feelings of anger or frustration, and use this dream as a prompt to address and manage these emotions constructively. Understanding the root causes of anger and finding healthier ways to express and cope with it can lead to personal growth and more harmonious relationships. If you do nothing, however, you are likely to suffer the consequences of your unchecked rage.