Dreams Related To Delivering

Someone delivering you a letter

When someone delivers a letter to you in the dream realm, it often reflects the difficulties or hang-ups you are currently experiencing in relationships. In a sense, this letter, especially if it came from an unknown source, is the manifestation of you confusion over what to do in this situation. You current lover or significant other may be suffering due to your lack of understanding of your own feelings and intentions. Until you sort out your own issues, you would be putting the connection between the two of you at risk.

Delivering items to someone

Female 30. My mother was driving me to deliver a man that I've known for years his stuff. I'm not exactly sure what the stuff is, but I had a car trunk full and I was delivering it. When I arrive he's not there, but his cousin is. I try calling him, but I misplaced my cell phone. On the ride to deliver the stuff I'm OK and at peace. I get a little worked up when I can't find my phone.

This dream vision you have experienced contains notions of you being unable to share some important information you may be in possession of with those it is intended to be delivered to, you could be running out of time too. You may be in a situation when you intentionally conceal an issue or build a wall around yourself to stay safe and comfortable, but the longer you keep it to yourself, the higher the probability you will alienate yourself from people who matter and play an important part in your waking life.