Dreams Related To Deep

Deep water

A dream containing the image of deep water while in a state of sleep represents your current emotions and your relationship with the spiritual realm. For people who see this type of symbolism, it means you have a solid connection to realms beyond most peoples' perceptions. However, this almost clairvoyant gift also comes at a price, as it suggests you are subconsciously in tune with the feelings of others and are more prone to worry about various issues or matters taking place in your everyday life. If you were standing and not really moving the water, it reveals that you might need some help to sift through all the current emotions you are experiencing. Swimming through the deep waters though, alludes to feeling light enough to not worry about things you have no control over.

Falling into deep water

In the dream realm, falling or plunging into deep water carries a very special meaning. According to traditional Judeo-Christian sources, this type of imagery could symbolize changes in your circumstances that challenge or transform your spiritual beliefs. As such, floating or just existing in the water can carry the interpretation of fear, discomfort or trepidation at the idea of being confronted with information that contradicts your current views. However, there are many opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth. If, after falling into the deep liquid water, you found yourself swimming, it suggests that you are able to use this chance to participate in an activity or situation that would greatly improve your understanding of your personal psychology.