Dreams Related To Daughter

Your existing daughter

Dreaming of your actual existing daughter, perhaps when you are spending quality time together or your eyes focus on a photo of your daughter displayed somewhere in your home, portends tumultuous times ahead for you. The imagery of your daughter actually symbolizes a storm of problems that would likely test your resilience. Fortunately, after you survive the hardships and challenges, you would enjoy peace and harmony in your life. You would come out of it stronger and wiser. The symbol of conflict could also point specifically to your relationship with your daughter. You may go through a lot of misunderstandings and have heated arguments due to differences in opinions and perspectives. The good news is, if you manage to communicate clearly and listen to each other instead of letting your emotions take over, you may further strengthen your bond. Otherwise, the issues could pile up and threaten to tear you apart.

Your daughter getting married

Dreaming that your daughter is getting married, maybe when the vision is about the actual wedding ceremony or her engagement with her significant other, exemplifies upcoming blessings and positive opportunities for you and your family. While this may not mean an actual wedding or marriage, it does portend similar heartwarming milestones and shared moments with your loved ones. It could be a big gathering or reunion or a dramatic rise to success and recognition for one of your children.

Looking for daughter at a party

I dream of myself and looking for my daughter at an all-white lesbians party.

Looking for your daughter during a dream vision may actually represent your desire to regain some part of yourself that was lost in the past. This could include anything from picking up an old hobby or regaining self-confidence in your looks and abilities. This symbol may be interpreted further to suggest you would be given some type of opening or suggestion to pursue this goal, perhaps by your daughter given her presence in the vision. The party with lesbians suggests that your dreams may be partially career-related, like going back to school for a particular type of degree or giving up a "normal" career to pursue something unusual or less business-oriented, like painting or music.

Daughter suffering

Seeing your daughter suffering, for example from the pain caused by an injury or a more emotional torment like a heartbreak, is a harbinger of turbulent times ahead marked by hardships. In this kind of dream vision, your daughter represents peace and anything you hold dear, such that her suffering means things would go wrong and you would have to figure out how to overcome the challenges. You could also experience a profound loss which would leave you and your family grieving and in a state of disarray.

Daughter with a long brown snake

I dreamed I was at someone's house, there was a staircase. My daughter picked up a rather long snake, it was neutral color, maybe green or brown. It looked like a rope, it was so long. She had it in her left hand, and a knife to probably kill it in her right. She handed me the snake, it was looped up like rope. I held it as she went upstairs, then I threw the snake to the floor and got away from it.

The long snake your daughter was carrying in the dream refers to her rebellious tendencies and immaturity. The fact that she passes it on to you while she went up the staircase indicates a distance between the two of you as she grows up. Perhaps your disagreements while she was young have created a gap in your relationship. Maybe it means you are being left to clean up her mess as she lives her life without any accountability. The knife is another symbol of conflict. This usually indicates a separation. Throwing away the snake at the end of the dream reveals your own decision to let them carry their own burden instead of trying to fix them or save them from themselves.

Daughter with an outburst of emotions

In my dream I saw my daughter crying unconsolably and hugging me. She is 21 years old and hates expression of emotions.

Seeing your daughter cry in the dream realm is likely a projection of your own apprehensions about the future. Since your daughter is not expressive or emotional in reality, this scenario is your subconscious providing a cathartic experience for you as you connect with your daughter perhaps because you are not always able to in waking life. This could also allude to your frustrations about family members you think are not motivated enough or are not living up to their potential. Finally, consoling a family member with hugs is an auspicious symbol of joy. So perhaps your subconscious is comforting you and telling you that everything will be better.

Daughter ignoring you

A daughter who is ignoring you in a dream even if you are in the same room or venue, or maybe she is not answering your phone calls, means she is likely going to experience major changes in her civil status or relationship with her significant other. If unmarried, she may soon get engaged and marry her current boyfriend or partner. On the other hand, if your daughter is already married, then this symbolizes the possibility of infidelity or having a lover on the side which you would discover.

A daughter that does not exist

If you do not have a daughter, then dreaming about having one, whether she is a full-grown adult or a baby girl, symbolizes an emerging plan, project or venture that would keep you quite busy and preoccupied in the waking world. In particular, if this non-existent daughter is sad, sick or sulking in the dream, then your planned undertaking could be doomed to failure or would undergo a lot of hiccups. If she is happy and radiant, then you would find fulfillment, satisfaction and success in this new endeavor.

Daughter crying

The meaning behind a dream of a crying daughter, such as when she is throwing tantrums or suffering from a physical pain she cannot endure, is often a reflection of your own exasperation and frustration, regarding things that have not gone your way. For example, you could be disappointed in your own failings. You think you can achieve so much more if you put your mind to it. You may also be disappointed about the lack of motivation from other members of your family.

Daughter for a mother

A mother who dreams about her daughter, perhaps doing mundane tasks together or having a heart-to-heart talk, reveals the dreamer's struggle to remain optimistic in the face of unfavorable circumstances. Despite your best efforts, your plans and projects may not be performing as expected. Alternatively, this could also symbolize your need for acknowledgment and validation from someone you deeply respect, like your mentor or even your own spouse. You could be feeling neglected that is why you dreamt of this symbol.

Daughter injured by her friend

My daughter was sliced on her arms by her friend whom I disapprove of and I couldn't call the police, my phone wouldn't work properly.

Dreaming of your daughter alludes to your anxieties and worries. Specifically, the presence of her friend reveals your overprotective nature especially when it comes to her choice of friends. The wound inflicted on your daughter by her friend is likely a projection of your own pessimism. Perhaps you tend to see the worst in individuals and this feeds into your judgment about them. However, your perception may not be accurate, especially if you do not allow yourself to get to know them better first before forming an opinion.

My daughter having a baby

Dreaming that your daughter has given birth in a vision actually has connotations related to your present mental and physical condition. While you may be happy at the safe birth of a grandchild, you may also be concerned about your daughter's health, financial situation or ability to care for a child. This is all a metaphor for life. You may feel content with many aspects of your life, including what you have accomplished or the places you have traveled, however, you may also be concerned about the next stages of your being. You may have concerns about your body becoming weaker or your mind deteriorating. Perhaps speaking with your doctor or picking up a new hobby with those around your age would help you feel more comfortable with where life takes you.

Your daughter in danger

Dreaming that your daughter is in danger, such as a vision depicting an accident or watching her interact with shady or menacing characters, reveals the deteriorating state of your quality of life. You could be dealing with a never-ending onslaught of personal problems, from health issues to piling debt, that your own subconscious is showing you these signs of threat and lurking danger so you can be more proactive in handling your day-to-day affairs in hopes of eventually turning your life around.

A daugher for women

For women, dreaming of a daughter, maybe having a conversation with her or going for a drive together, has something to do with your personal affairs as well as your overall well-being. If your are currently in a relationship, regardless if it is a new one or something long-term, then you can breathe easy because this dream vision is likely an assurance that your significant other would remain loyal to you and would be there for you not only for happy occasions, but also during times of trouble.

Daughter being kidnapped

In my dream my 6-year old daughter was kidnapped. As I was running in an unknown town I seen the guys who took her. They advised that she was sold. As I ran around looking for her, I found her at the bottom of a pool not dead, but close. I dove in the pool, brought her out and went running with her. I woke up in a panic. What does this mean?

Dreams about your daughter being kidnapped or taken from you often indicate some secret or undisclosed information you have yet to share with her. This may be due to concern that she is too young to understand, or it may be fear that telling her could cause some ill effect. The men seen within the dream vision may symbolize this not yet shared information being about someone close to her, possibly her father, another family member, or even yourself. However, being able to save your daughter at the end of the dream and escaping from that place together may represent a subconscious yearning to tell her the truth and become more transparent, possibly leading to a better relationship in the future.

Daughter dying

A dying daughter, for example in a hospital setting due to an illness or the aftermath of an accident, usually signals a shift or an entirely new phase in your relationship with her. This development may be negative or positive, though the change would ultimately be significant for the both of you. As such, your mind may be preparing you for this approaching transition so you would be able to cope and maintain whatever bond you have with your daughter instead of being completely overwhelmed.

This dream symbol could also be a reflection of your tendency to worry excessively about the well-being of your children even if there is no cause for concern. If you are childless, then the dying daughter could be a metaphor for your worries and general fretfulness about things that are either just minor concerns or events that have not even happened yet. This could be a subliminal message for you to keep your anxieties in check.

Daughter during labor

Watching or witnessing your daughter going through labor, likely by her side at the delivery room or from behind the observation glass, conveys positive dream meanings for your own life. To be more specific, this dream symbol is associated with the acquisition of wealth and significant money from a mysterious or unexpected source. An angel investor could provide you with enough capital to put up your own business or perhaps an unknown relative who passed away may have left you substantial inheritance.

Daughter having an operation

I dreamed that my daughter had an abscess, but it is operated on and is cleaned by the doctors.

Imagining that your daughter has become ill enough to require hospitalization and surgery in a dream vision suggests the opposite in wake life. This symbol's interpretation means your daughter is likely to be and remain in good health for some time to come. This includes normal illnesses, such as colds or influenza, and also accidents. However, there may be some special points of interest in her life, such as friends, relationships, or hobbies, which may need your guidance for her to continue her life in a safe, well-balanced manner.

A happy daughter

Seeing your daughter happy in a dream, perhaps laughing or smiling about something you said or during her birthday and similar happy occasions, means peace and harmony would reign in your household. Everyone in your home, whether or not they are members of your family, are sure to get along and strengthen the bond you share. Another meaning for this same dream symbol could be a surprise visit from friends or relatives whom you may have not seen in a long time.

Daughter for a father

Fathers who dream about their daughter, like watching her grow up or playing with her in a playground, is a premonition about impending success and recognition which you would gain in reality. In a way, your pride for your daughter mirrors the pride and respect you would get from your colleagues and contemporaries at work and even in your personal social group. This esteem and appreciation of your capabilities would result from unexpected developments which would allow you to use the full range of your skills.

A daughter for men

For men, a dream about having a daughter especially if you do not have a daughter yet, such as going on a stroll or giving her advice about her career and life in general, is most likely a reference to unattained goals and unrealized potential both for your children as well as yourself. If you are more concerned about your own "what ifs", then your daughter in this case symbolizes the lingering hope that you still have time to pursue your passion and strive for personal success. Otherwise, you could also be worrying that your children can achieve so much more than what they already have.

Uncaring daughter

An uncaring daughter, for example when she is avoiding you in the dream or forgetting to check up on you, could be an indicator of a growing gap between the two of you in reality. Perhaps negative encounters with her are being projected in your subconscious and exaggerated because you are worried that you would drift apart. Although this can also be a general warning about obstacles, hardships or setbacks you would have to deal with soon. In that case, your daughter is merely means that something you care about is not going well.

Marrying your daughter

Men who dream about marrying their own daughter, like having a proper wedding or asking her to marry you, could be your own subconscious admonishing you about your penchant for flings and flirtatious encounters. There may have been numerous occasions when you had succumbed to temptation and gotten into a short-lived romance with different women even if you are already married or in a long-term relationship. So in a way, your daughter here represents your conscience and reminds you of your responsibilities.

Leaving daughter alone to go to jail

My daughter had a dream about me leaving her home alone and going to jail. Please advise, (F) gender.

Your daughter's dream about you going to jail reveals your lack of communication. Your daughter could be feeling neglected because you are too preoccupied with other commitments and responsibilities. In addition, she feels like she is not being heard whenever she tries to reach out to you. In that sense, going to jail could also symbolize your tendency to be rigid and strict which is causing a barrier in your relationship with your daughter. She has something to tell you, but she could be scared of your rejection.

Deceased daughter coming to life

My daughter passed away and I dreamt she was moved for her resting place and I dug her up and she was alive, but I had to keep getting her out of her coffin and then putting her back in and burying her again. She wanted the light on in her coffin when I put her in. I cried and told her that it was ripping my heart out by having to keep putting her in the coffin and I felt much better where she was before and I could visit her, which is untrue as if I could, I would dig her up .. Why did I say the exact opposite of what I am feeling?

This dream about seeing your daughter who passed away coming to life and yourself trying to put her back in the coffin reflects your tremendous sense of loss and sadness following her departure and some unresolved issues or unanswered questions you still may have. The symbolic vision of her wanting more light inside the coffin also speaks of some plans or activities you have not had a chance to pursue or finalize together. Therefore, she comes back to you in dreams asking you to do it for her, for both of you really. This is a very powerful vision and you should tend to her plea in order to restore your own peace of mind and find closure.

Disabled daughter missing

Went in my disabled daughter's room, but she and her hospital bed were gone. Looked as if her toys and other furniture was there, but no bed or TV or any of her special equipment.

Dreaming that your child is missing could be an indication of your inability to relate to her. Perhaps you have not spent quality time together lately or you have been too busy taking care of her needs that you are struggling to get to know her better. Alternatively, she may be growing up too quickly for you to keep up. There could be a gap or an unresolved issue wedged between the two of you which needs to be acknowledged and resolved in order to strengthen the foundation of your relationship.

Daughter leaving

I am male. I saw my daughter move to Korea. In the airport I said to my daughter "If you leave never come back here". And I grabbed the ticket and tore it.

Envisioning your daughter preparing to leave for Korea at the airport may be the symbolic representation of your subconscious recognizing she is her own woman. Whether she is still young or full grown, your daughter is still your daughter. You worry if she makes the right decisions and want the best for her, desiring to step in and save her from disappointment even when parts of you know she has to discover these things for herself. This is manifested in your taking and tearing of her plane ticket. This symbol suggests you find it difficult to let go and let her have her way. Your vision, then, is a reminder that sometimes a parent's job is simply to let their children find out how life works by themselves.

Upset daughter and another dying

I'm a mother and my daughter has died and my other daughter is upset with me.

The death of a daughter usually signals a shift or an entirely new phase in your relationship with family members, most likely her or her siblings. Both of you would feel the significance of the change in dynamics, but whether or not it is for better or worse is unclear. Your other daughter ignoring you suggests she may be about to go through a change in regards to her significant other or partner, so changing family dynamics due to marriage or a move seem more likely. Perhaps this vision is a warning, then, to consider how you would react to news from family members, as sometimes first reactions, especially those involving surprise, may not fully encompass our true feelings, leading to misunderstanding and hurt feelings.

Watching daughter clean herself

I dreamed I opened a curtain and saw my adult daughter cleaning herself after having a bathroom accident, she was kneeling in a water fountain, I then picked her up and hugged her and kissed her and said everything is ok. I'm a male my daughter is 25.

Seeing your daughter washing or cleaning herself means someone you love may have done something shameful or embarrassing and they want to rid themselves of the possible stigma attached to their actions. The curtain symbolizes privacy, so perhaps you would discover this by accident. This person could be deliberately hiding their problem from you because they are afraid of being seen as a disappointment. Fortunately, your unconditional love for this person means you will not judge them for their mistakes or lapses. Instead, you will bear this burden with them and even help them overcome this challenge.

Daughter causing a car accident

I dreamed that my 13 year-old daughter was driving my car but I wasn't in it. She kind of brushed against a parked police car, when I came to help her, with my hands I pushed the car away from the parked car which was scratched a little bit. Still processing the scratch on the car when again she crashed the car to a bunch of parked cars. I was running toward her, she got out of the car without a scratch. Suddenly the car flipped down the parking lot building on other parked cars. As I stood there looking at the damages I started thinking about my insurance fee going up then I hoped that I was dreaming.

Dreaming of your vehicle being controlled by someone else indicates not feeling in control of certain aspects of your life. This may be directly related to your daughter, perhaps because her schedule dictates yours and eats up a lot of your time. However, this could also be related to work or volunteer activities as well. Seeing your daughter's accidents progress in severity represents the situation is quickly becoming or will soon become more than you can handle, your inability to fix or prevent the damage symbolizing the difficulty you are having finding balance. Your concern in the dream is well-founded. This dream could be a subconscious warning to take a step back and reassess how much you are taking on.

Waiting for daughter with yellow flowers

My daughter has this dream, can you let me know what it means. "I had a nice dream and you were in it! I was walking on the edge of a city near water. Imagine near where Mom grew up and that area that's developing between there and south station. And I saw you sitting in a field with yellow flowers waiting for me, and we hung out watching airplanes go by above us".

Dreams containing imagery of being near water usually reflect dreamer's emotional state or certain concerns related to loved ones. Since you were the prominent figure in this dream, your daughter could be preoccupied with thoughts about you in particular. Yellow flowers you were holding, as a dream symbol, could point to some developing challenges or emerging obstacles in something important you are currently trying to accomplish or decide on, either on your own or together with your daughter. There could also be some visible signs of frustration or dissatisfaction on your part which have recently become apparent to her. Similarly, the notion of watching planes in sky above points to her anticipation of this situation changing very soon, either in a positive or negative way. Perhaps this dream is a hint for you to act or make a decision in a more proactive way, especially considering the fact that she has shared this dream with you personally.

Giving birth to another daugher

Giving birth to another daughter, in addition to your existing daughter or daughters, is a dream symbol for unexpected news or occurrence that could be considered a significant deviation or development from your usual way of life. Apart from the big effect this would have on you and your family, it can either bring positive or negative changes. A negative surprise could be an unwanted pregnancy which would have serious practical and moral implications. A positive surprise could be a new venture with a lot of potential.

Daughters dying

Crying in my dream with heavy emotion. Having a funeral for both of my daughters and crying so hard. In my dream my daughter was a ghost coming to me. I could not cope with life after the lost of my daughters.

This dream vision should not put you into great worry. Seeing yourself attending the funeral of your daughters indicates good luck in the family matters, which may be associated with your jobs, school or other aspects of waking life. However, crying with heavy emotions and one of your daughters appearing to you as a ghost depicts the need to release some concealed feelings. There could be matters within yourselves pending to be resolved, which could prevent success and fortune that is meant to come your way. It is wise for you to check on your family's current situation and offer possible assistance if anyone is under some unfavorable restraint.

Daughter in an electric chair

I dreamt that my daughter was in an electric chair shouting "Mummy, help me!" but I couldn't help her. I couldn't move. I just stood and cried screaming "Stop!" as they hurt my little girl.

Witnessing torture in the dream world is an ominous omen. It suggests you or someone you love may soon become ill or be afflicted with some disease. The graphic nature of the torture and your inability to help your daughter could point to this being something very serious or life-threatening. The fact that it was your daughter who was tortured could signify that she is the one who would experience these health problems. Your subconscious may be picking up on something in wake life, and it has given you this vision as a warning to seek medical attention immediately should something appear wrong with your child.

Daughter hurt in a car accident

My 14-year old daughter was in a car wreck with her friend. As she was walking away from the crash unhurt the car exploded and a piece of metal shaped like a snake flew off and hit her in the back, it burnt into her back and paralyzed her. What does this mean?

This vision speaks much of your concern for your daughter's future as well as your hopes for what she might accomplish. Specifically, cars and car accidents are usually considered indicators of change in an individual's life. As her mother, you are watching as your daughter grows from a child who needs guidance to a young woman who is capable of taking care of herself. It is natural to consider what events and situations she might encounter. The snake-shaped object that burns her back and paralyzes her, however, can be interpreted as a sign of being open to new possibilities. Her destiny is somewhere inside her, and her potential is waiting to be unlocked. The best you can do for her is to help her discover her true talents and passions.

Daughter getting marriage proposals

I am in discussion with one proposal for my daughter. I saw a dream that groom side agreed with the marriage and said that their 9100 people will attend marriage and from my side 900 people. Total 10000 people will attend marriage. I have to make food expenses. Marriage will be performed at groom's city. Also I remember a figure of Rs. 2.25 lacs. It is a dowry or what I don't remember.

Having a dream about getting marriage proposals for your daughter is a sign of favorable and positive changes coming into your daughter's life as well as yours. The number of guests you mentioned estimating to be invited or in attendance in this dream may symbolize the magnitude or extent of these favorable changes, meaning with this large number of people, the changes may be quite significant. Thinking about or estimating dowry in your dream may be related to other people's involvement (such as depending on their support, advice, even money etc.) you will need in order to move forward.

Daughter burning alive in an oven

Dream my daughter was laying in an oven and it caught on fire, she was burning alive and I was trying to get her out the oven. I would give my life for my child, she had me by the hand and she was screaming and I woke up. It scared me to death, please help.

In the context of this dream vision you have experienced, seeing your daughter burning alive in the oven predicts emergence of a new person in her life, which would drive a wedge into the relationship between you and her. Possible reasons for this to happen could be her falling in love with someone special, becoming pregnant or moving away, soon or when the time comes for her to make this decision. Fire in a dream, by itself, is also symbolic of personal renewal and transformation, therefore, it could be a positive experience for both of you, even though it may hurt when it first happens.

Fighting with grown-up daughter

Having a violent verbal and physical fight with my 30-year old single daughter.

This dream could be showing your urge to control some, if not all aspects of your daughter's life. Because she is your only child, you may be too much concerned about what is happening to her. However, at her present age, it could be quite difficult for you to tell her what she should or should not do. She has to make her own decisions about her life. You may be feeling that whatever she does is not appropriate or wise and you would like to change that. This dream points to stress and anxiety that you may be harboring because of your inability to fully influence your daughter's life.

Snake bite to my daughter

Envisioning a snake biting your daughter suggests the two of you may soon get into a fight or a disagreement. It is likely that, no matter who starts it, the other party would be goaded into responding poorly, leading to an escalation in harsh words and violent reactions. The only way to avoid things getting worse would be to take a deep breath, step back and come back to the problem at hand when both parties are clear-headed and calmer.

Giving daughter for adoption

I had a dream last night that I gave my 4-year old daughter away. But then later on in the dream I decided I wanted her back, and so I went and took her back since it wasn't a "legal adoption". I knew the people I gave her to. Most of my dreams don't stay with me, but I haven't been able to shake this one.

Putting your child up for adoption alludes to a sense of loss. You may have given up in something, possibly a long-headed dream or ambition, thinking that it is a long shot. However, as indicated in the next scenario, you could be regretting passing off on this dream in favor of a more practical, stable route. Your subconscious is telling you that all is not lost. You still have time to chase your goals and aspirations, you only need the right attitude and motivation.

Daughter living with you

Dreaming about your grown-up daughter living with you in a house or an apartment, especially if she already moved out and living with her own family in reality, could be a warning about drastic and possibly dangerous changes that could occur in your own life or your daughter's. There could be threats or lurking hazards to your well-being so your subconscious conjured up your daughter as a way to comfort you. Maybe you do not want to be alone in case something bad happens.

A daughter you don't have

Dreaming about having a daughter when you do not have one in wake life is an esoteric symbol associated with new projects, plans or endeavors. You may undertake this on your own or be given this as an assignment by a boss, teacher or mentor. Furthermore, your non-existent daughter's manner in the vision could predict the outcome of your efforts. If she seemed to be in a good mood, you may experience success and satisfaction, but if she seemed unhappy or ill, it is possible you would fail or embarrass yourself.

Daughter injured by a fishing hook

In a boat with a male and my daughter. She was asleep. A fishing hook hooked her just above her eye. She put her hand to it in her sleep and ended up pushing the hook deeper and getting it stuck in her hand as well. I grabbed her but couldn't stop her from getting it deeper. I was calling the male (unknown who this was) to help.

Symbolically, seeing or handling fishing hooks in your dreams could serve as an indication that you have been trying to introduce or welcome someone new into your life and, based on the parallel visions in this dream, it could be a new male friend or even a father figure for your daughter. However, she may be reluctant or strongly opposed to your efforts to make it happen. These visions altogether could also portend a worsening relationship between you and your daughter if you choose to pursue these plans further.

Daughter jumping out of window to her death

My adult daughter was in her bedroom three stories up. I looked at her brushing her hair, she looked like the teenager she once was, natural-colored wavy hair. She was wearing a light blue chiffon dress, she turned and smiled, then jumped up and down on her queen-size bed, over-balanced on landing and fell through a window gap down three stories of stairs to her death on the floor below. What could this possibly mean please?

Dreaming of seeing your daughter in her youth indicates a nostalgia for a simpler, idealized time in your life. There is a desire to keep her within your protection, away from harm, and shield her from the realities of life. The transition of her jumping for joy on the bed and then falling out the window to her death is symbolic of her journey into adulthood and your realization that you are no longer responsible for her actions or decisions. As it does not appear to be a suicide, but rather a consequence of her jumping up and down the bed, her falling out and down from the window implies separation from her family, maybe out of wanting to be independent. Hitting the ground and dying in the dream does not necessarily mean death in real life, it could be that growing up and facing the difficulties in the real world has made her more grounded and realistic in her perspective. Nonetheless, the vision is communicating your apprehensions towards your daughter's recent or past decisions and actions, reminding you to continue to look after and support her.

Daughter being upset

Someone shouting at my window with a message that my daughter is crying.

To dream that your daughter is crying indicates that you may cause distress to a loved one. Perhaps a family member may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed over your insensitive comments or thoughtless behavior. Alternatively, you could receive an unexpected news that may cause some emotional upheavals within your social circle.

Trying to help an imaginary daughter

I dreamt I had a daughter, but it didn't feel like she was mine, she was suffocating with a cup in her mouth, then I removed it, gave her CPR and tried calling out for help and screaming, but no sound came out. Then came the ambulance and said to step back, she isn't mine and took her away, but allowed my cousin to go and all I did was cried until she came back and she was mine now and everyone was finally seeing that she was mine. I don't have a daughter in real life though.

This dream vision contains two opposing symbols which are the presence of a daughter and her need for medical care. Having a daughter usually suggests happiness and prosperity in your life, so seeing your daughter in pain could point to difficulties getting in your way of having a better life. Trying to save your daughter and calling for help indicate that to get back on track, you should rely on your friends and family, even if you think you are better off alone or being independent. Your pride may be hurt, but their support may be the difference between living a full life or continuing to build a fortress around yourself.

Losing a daughter while at a playground

Female. I had a dream in which I had a daughter. She was the most beautiful little thing, with blue eyes and blonde hair. She was on a playground and I left her alone for a few seconds to grab something from a bench nearby, and when I came back she was lying on the ground face-down, dead. It was the worst image my mind ever conjured up. At the last minute though she lifted her head slowly, so she was not dead but this was my worst nightmare ever. Also, I am only 19, so too young to even consider children.

Since you are not yet a mother, the daughter in your dream alludes to your femininity and youthful side. The playground likewise points to a carefree attitude and uncomplicated lifestyle. As such, there are aspects of loss and transformation in this vision. Perhaps your current journey to adulthood is alerting your subconscious about the realities of the real world. Growing up entails leaving behind the carefree days of pure play and embracing more responsibilities. Death, therefore, is not referring to a loss of life, but to the need of shedding certain immature ways or letting go of childish behavior.

Daughter wanting to move house

I dreamt I was in my daughter's house on the steps and she was telling me she no longer wanted the house. I asked "Where would you move to?" and she was unsure, only that she wanted to leave her house. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

Moving house symbolizes a change of pace. Your dream wherein your daughter expressed a desire to move probably alludes to her current discontent. Maybe she wishes to change her employment or her commitment to her current partner is being put into question. Not knowing where to move reveals her confused state. Perhaps she needs your guidance in whatever predicament she is in. You may have had a recent encounter with your daughter which triggered the alarm in your subconscious, and this vision serves as a reminder to be there for your daughter in her time of need.

Daughter kissing someone and injured after

A group of young girls sitting at a table and my daughter is standing up kissing a girl in a wheelchair someone escorts my daughter away and she has blisters on her face and chest.

Dreaming about your daughter kissing another girl could be interpreted as a sign that disagreements and hostility among family members are about to come to an end. The blisters on her face and hands, however, suggest that the emotional wounds that were inflicted during this time may not heal so quickly or easily. While the open animosity is likely to end suddenly, recovering and rebuilding relationships may take much longer.

Daughter undergoing blood transfusion

I had a dream that I was siting next to my 16 year old daughter in an emergency room hospital bed watching her have a blood transfusion. About two weeks later she was talking in her sleep telling me several times that her blood was too thin. She didn't know about my dream and did not remember her dream, only knew she had one, when I asked her the next morning.

The symbol of blood in dreams has a lot of interpretations. Being blood-related, this dream about your daughter having a blood transfusion is associated with the state of your relationship with her. Are you perhaps experiencing some distance or gap in reality? Maybe you have not been seeing her eye-to-eye lately or you are unable to relate to her or understand her as you once did. You may be feeding off each other's energy in the real world and she is also noticing the growing gap in communication. This way, your subconscious experiences are inevitably linked. A transfusion means reviving or bringing back vitality. As such, the similar visions you both had serve as a reminder to keep your relationship alive by communicating more openly.

Daughter falling out of an open door

My daughter and I are in a tall building and there is an open door at the end of a hallway. My whole family is there with us. My oldest daughter falls out of the open doorway at the end of the hall, I wake up before she gets to the bottom. I have had this dream several times in the last few days.

Having a dream vision about a wide-open door is a positive symbol that predicts receiving a very generous gift, reward, or incentive, either as a result of accomplishments and hard work or just as a kind gesture. Falling through this door could represent becoming unpopular with those nearby, especially because of misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Considering that it was your daughter who fell out, it seems like she may be the one who receives a gift and is treated poorly by others because of it. Maybe her friends would consider it a sign of favoritism, or her rivals may become jealous and want to retaliate.

In a cave with wounded daughter

I dreamt that my daughter and I were in a cave and when she got up to leave, she had blue sores on her knees.

Dreaming about caves portends a period of gloom and depression. The fact that your daughter is in the cave with you signifies that the hysteria you feel is somehow related to her, as it denotes intense feelings of helplessness. Perhaps your daughter's actions in wake life are responsible for you feeling this way. The blue sores on her knees could represent your desire to help her even though you are unable to actually do so. While you cannot fix the problem for her, you can provide complete support and give her assurance of your undying love.

Daughter stolen by wolves in a forest

My young daughter was kidnapped by wolves in a forest (kind of like a State park). Most of the dream was me trying to search for her, with nobody lending a hand to help. I finally found a cave that was filled with several people (almost like tourists exploring the cave) and so I called her name and I heard her voice "I am here" and she crawled towards me through the other people and I lifted her up and out. I awoke in a complete sweat and could not fall back asleep.

A dream wherein you see your daughter disappear could be indicative of secrets or undisclosed information which you have not shared with her. It is probably because she is too young to understand the nature of these secrets. The wolves could represent difficulties which you might face in your daughter's upbringing. Despite your best efforts to care for your daughter you may often face certain dilemmas or difficult choices which make you question your parental skills. Since no one was helping you in the dream, this could be a direct manifestation of little to no help you receive in the waking world while looking after her.

Looking for daughter who is suffocating

My dream was more of a dream within a dream. I dreamt, but I was at a hospital with some friends and my children were playing hide-and-seek in my dream, I saw my daughter hiding in a closet full of toys and stuffed animals and she started to suffocate within a plastic bag. In my dream I watched her banging for help trying to get out. I've been searching every closet in the building looking for her emptying out bags of stuffed animals with no luck finding her until days later. Repetitive.

To dream of a game of hide and seek alludes to secrets and information being kept from you. Since you end up being the one searching for your hiding daughter, perhaps you sense something bothering her in the waking world. She may be acting withdrawn and avoiding any line of questioning from you. In addition, the toys in the closet could be her comfort zone or anything that gives her a sense of security. Perhaps this is her escape, yet the burden of keeping a secret may be wearing her down because hiding also has the connotation of shame. She could be afraid of judgment. As such, it is your duty to draw her out of her shell and open her up to you in case she has some problems.

Losing daughter in a tent with elephants

I had another terrible dream last night about losing my daughter. But at the end of the dream I was at an Indian bazaar. There was a huge tent with elephants in it just standing still. Indian women were caressing the elephants and singing and humming to them. Suddenly, I was flying through the tent, up and underneath and around the elephant's gigantic bodies.

Losing your daughter in this dream may be a metaphor for a rift developing between the two of you in reality. Perhaps you have had disagreements and miscommunication which may have led to some conflict. The elephants, in particular, signify loneliness and communication problems with others. In your case, the communication issues may be in relation to your daughter. This dream may be your mind's way of reminding you to be more understanding and patient in dealing with your daughter, otherwise your bond could be seriously tested with the possibility of being alienated from each other.

Daughter injured, rodents and snakes

My mom was driving, there was a crash, she shielded my daughter with her own body. In the hospital to heal my daughter was reduced to embryonic state but could still talk and communicate. Then my dream morphed completely to a rodent eating a snake which I stopped, but then the snake started eating another snake?

The car crash involving your mother and your daughter depicts an ongoing struggle between you and your mother about how to raise your own child. While you may not always agree about parenting styles, you both mean well. However, the regression of your daughter's development as a process of healing in the vision relates to how the struggle between the two of you is actually making her feel smothered. As for the second part, the rodent eating a snake represents a threat to your household. There is going to be a clash between you and a family member which will not end well for both parties. If one or both of you manages to keep your emotions and anger in check, then you could both learn a valuable lesson and become enlightened in the process.

A deceased daughter of the same age

I am a 39 year old female, I lost my 18-year old daughter in a wreck last year 2 weeks before her senior year of high school and she had reached out to a community about her faith in God. I dreamt I was sitting in a car looking at myself or her as she would have been at 39. I remember asking her age and conversations but do not remember the talk. I have had a strong feeling about this dream but the longer it passes I forget it more each day.

In the dream world, conversations with those who have already passed take on special significance, and their meaning is closely tied to the life and story of the dreamer. In this case, you envisioned your dearly departed daughter who passed on last year. Talking to her in your vision is first and foremost a reflection of your feelings of loss. You have been robbed of the opportunity to see her grow into adulthood and lead her own life, which is partially why you saw yourself and how she would have looked when she was older. Furthermore, the conversation itself points toward developments in your own life, as things must go on even if she is not here. This dream is, in essence, a reminder that it is fine to consider the possibilities that were lost, but not to lose yourself in what ifs. Moving forward, even when it is difficult, is very important at this time for you.

Your daughter's father trying to kill her

Dreaming of your daughter's father trying to harm her may reflect a combination of concerns. Firstly, it can signify your realization of mortality, which is a natural aspect of parenthood. Secondly, it may suggest her past experiences of feeling threatened or intimidated by her father or other authoritative figures. If this dream recurs, it is advisable to engage in open communication with your daughter to understand any underlying anxieties or concerns, as motherly intuition might be drawing your attention to something in her life. This dream serves as a reminder to nurture a supportive and trusting environment for your daughter, ensuring her emotional well-being and safety as well as your own.