Dreams Related To Darkness

Walking in the darkness

This vision signifies the return of an item that was misplaced. You might have been searching for an item that seemed to have vanished. It will find its way back to you or you might stumble upon it accidentally. Finally finding a piece or item that was missing can be relieving as you eliminate the stress of trying to locate it.

Walking through the darkness with a torch

This dream signifies some form of progress towards achieving your expectations. You are making steps towards reaching your set targets. Gaining insight from previous blunders can help your dreams flourish. You are heading in the right direction, therefore you will be able to succeed.

Trying to light the darkness

When you dream about trying to light the darkness then it means that you are making an effort towards resolving several issues in your life. Finding solutions to your current problems is a good thing. The challenges that you are going through are forcing you to find a way out. You can begin by handling one issue at a time.

Finding light while in the darkness

This dream signifies the achievement of goals for your present undertaking. You should expect things to turn out better than you expected. You should continue to work on your tasks with the expectations of achieving positive outcomes. The goals that you have in place will definitely be a success in the end.

Lost in darkness

This vision signifies your present situation of being bored or disgruntled. You might perceive being unsafe and therefore being in a very vulnerable position. You should be careful to watch out for anything that might affect you negatively.

Driving in the dark with someone

Driving in the dark accompanied by someone, such as at night without any street lights, means you face an uncertain future. There is also a hint of trepidation on your part and it is your fears that make darkness envelope the surroundings while you drive. You have plans, but there is nothing definite or concrete about how you want to go about achieving your goals. The only positive thing that will keep you going, despite the fears and uncertainties, is knowing you will not be alone in figuring out how to realize your dreams. In addition, the darkness could also symbolize unresolved issues. The more you repress bad memories, ignore warning signs or refuse to acknowledge your own failures, the smaller the chance you are going to learn or become enlightened, which is a crucial step in becoming a better version of yourself.

Caught in the darkness

Your dream vision portends the failure of your current undertaking. If you are working on a certain venture or task then it is likely that your efforts will be futile. You will however be able to find solutions to your problem if there was a presence of light in your vision later on.

Losing someone in the darkness

Dreaming about losing someone in the dark means that you will be infuriated or angry at another person. Somebody will make you irritated in the near future. The vision cautions you to practice composure in order to stop things from getting out of hand. You should restrain yourself to avoid being enraged by this individual.

Darkness during bad weather

This dream vision signifies an upcoming embarrassing situation that is likely to turn into anxiety. Being in a demeaning position can have a negative effect on your overall mood. The situation should however last for a short time. Do not allow the discomforting treatment to affect every aspect of your life.

Unafraid of darkness

This vision shows you the importance of the people around you who are willing to lend a hand. Avoid dismissing their assistance because you might need it. Refusal of their help might have a negative effect on your life. Accepting some form of assistance now and then should be appreciated because their efforts are honest.

Being afraid of the darkness

This dream symbolizes the avoidance of resolving certain problems in your life. You have been disregarding issues that you have been currently going through. Overlooking certain challenges in your life can be problematic in the long term. You can try to face the challenges you are going through so that you can come up with an appropriate solution.

Exiting darkness to a lit spot

Dreaming about exiting darkness to a lit spot shows the concerned nature of the people who are dear to you. Your friends and relatives are troubled by the challenges that you are facing. These people are willing to lend a hand so you should let them. Accept their assistance as you come up with the right solutions together.

A lit candle in the darkness

Dreaming about a lit candle in the darkness signifies the presence of a higher power in your life. The higher power is watching over you without your knowledge. You should be at ease knowing that you are protected and safe. There might also be someone who is influential watching out for you.

Struggling through darkness in blood

I am surrounded by darkness and when I try to run, my legs won't move. Then, I see a faint light and look down and see that I am covered in my own blood and something keeps cutting me but I don't know what it is. I look at the light again and see someone standing there and reach out for them because somehow I know it's someone I trust and care for, but they don't come to me so I try to yell out for them but I fall on the ground and try to reach out for them again, but they turn and walk away and the light slowly fades with them and then everything is completely dark again.

The symbols of darkness, helplessness, and being covered in blood experienced in this dream connote the state of despair and uncertainty you could presently find yourself in. Falling and being left alone is a manifestation of the hard choice you need to make, and it seems to be the result of the mistakes you have just made or things you let spiral out of control. The overall atmosphere of this vision suggests you may want to start from ground zero and look for means to find your way out of the dark tunnel you are in.

Seeing someone in darkness

Seeing an unknown person standing in the darkness is a reflection of your own ignorance, and therefore fear, about death and dying. This looming figure whose features you cannot make out may feel evil or malevolent, but really this is a reflection of your own subconscious which is unable to clearly picture what life after death looks like. The truth is that it is different for everyone, but coming to terms with this unclear, ambiguous situation is difficult for many.