Dreams Related To Dad

An advice from your dad

If your dad appears in your dreams and offers a piece of advice to you, be sure that this advice merits a very serious consideration. This advice needs to be followed very seriously. It must be taken into account during decisions that you are making to untangle a complicated issue or to resolve difficulties you are currently facing so as to emerge out of it successfully.

Your deceased dad in general

If your deceased dad appears in your dreams, it points to some matter not yet settled or an outstanding issue or an unfinished business. It relates to something which both of you were once aware of or involved in. Therefore, now it is solely upon you to settle this outstanding matter in a manner such that he would have been satisfied. It is only upon appropriate settlement of this matter that you would no longer see your departed dad in your dreams.

Dad wearing orange clothes

My dad wearing my favorite clothes in the dream and the color is orange.

Seeing your father wearing your favorite garb represents discovering aspects of your personality or behavior in him. While in some cases this symbol refers directly to physical similarities, like having the same nose or both of you being left-handed, in this dream it appears to represent something in your way of thinking or interacting with others. The color orange is often associated with crazy, unusual or unconventional behavior. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as those with magnetic personalities and good senses of humor often see this color in their dreams. Perhaps your subconscious is linking some aspect of what you find humorous or amusing with your father.

Dad with the nose missing

My whole family including my husband and I were moving into a new house. My dad came in and said he fell and was missing a chunk of his nostril, later he disappeared again and came back and was holding the base of his nose saying he fell again and his whole nose was gone. There were still a few pieces intact but for the most part, it was gone. I was talking to I'm and saying "Oh dad, it's OK, we are going to fix it".

Moving in to a new house represents a new opportunity which will present itself to you in reality. Grabbing this chance will give you and your family prosperity and happiness. This could refer to a new job, a business venture or adding a new member to the family. Unfortunately, this will not be an easy or smooth transition for everyone. For instance, the nose injury sustained by your dad represents unwarranted advice and criticism about an important decision. A lost nose or missing nose also refers to criticism. Even though you and your loved ones will have a lot to gain from accepting an offer and embracing this new chapter in your life, there will always be other people who will disagree or make it hard for you to enjoy your blessings. At the end of the day, the only opinions that matter are those coming from the people who actually care about you.

Deceased dad for a female

For a female who is in love with or in a relationship with a boyfriend, seeing her deceased dad in a dream may imply to be a forewarning that her lover or the partner in the relationship is cheating on her, he is not being faithful to her or is likely to leave her in the coming days, suggesting that she must be careful about this relationship.

Talking with your dad

If you dream about yourself having a conversation with your dad, it suggests that very soon there would be some new developments taking place. They would be positive in nature. You would feel that they have brought cheer, happiness and joy into your life and this change has been for better.

Your dad in general

If you see your dad in a dream, it implies that you are in a dilemma or unclear about some matter and need some good advice which would not necessarily be received from your father, without which it would be very difficult for you to solve a problem or an issue all by yourself.

Sick dad

If you see your dad in a dream as having been sick or admitted to a hospital due to sickness, it could be suggestive that you are deeply concerned about some intriguing, unresolved issue which you could be currently facing, which is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety that is so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind, it is not leaving your attention.

Your deceased dad being alive

Having a dream in which you see your deceased dad as being alive or coming back to life as if he never passed away, points to an approaching positive period during which you would be able to regain your strength and rejuvenate to lift your spirits to a new high.

Someone attacking deceased dad

I dream about my deceased father, in the dream someone was trying to break his neck, and they did and all I did was hugged him.

Dreaming about your deceased father indicates there is some unfinished task that the two of you started when he was alive. This dream begins as a reminder of this project or goal that has yet to be accomplished, suggesting either your father or your subconscious perception wish for it to be fulfilled. Additionally, seeing someone break his neck but not doing anything to intervene might represent some ambivalence on your part to this task. Perhaps it was something that he was more interested in than you. In this case, finishing the job could lead to some deeper understanding of his feelings and possibly give you some closure or peace of mind about the situation.

Your dad crying

Finding your dad to be crying in your dreams indicates possibilities of something unusual or extraordinary happening. It has a negative tinge about the circumstances that are likely to emerge. This change would make you rethink how you live your life. It could lead you to have a second look at the ways and approaches you use to look at, evaluate and deal with important things in your life.

Arguing with your dad

Dreaming about having a disagreement or exchanging arguments with your dad points to a possibility that your character is no longer impeccable, which could lead to a time of crisis when you would feel helpless, hopeless and might not be successful on your own without the help of others in some of your endeavors.

Your dad dying

If you have a dream wherein you see your dad dying, although he is currently alive, it amounts to a forewarning implying that there are going to be some negative developments like obstacles, setbacks or difficulties in your plans or regarding the actions you are contemplating, which make it imperative for you to be extra-cautious and careful.

Your dad being drunk

Dreaming about your dad being drunk when you saw him or tried to talk to him, is indicative of possible cheating on the part of your spouse or lover. It suggests a possibility of setbacks coming your way in regards to business activities. It also points to possible threats to your health or personal integrity. The adverse effect of such forces may result in degradation of your life.

Your dad praising you

If your dad appears in your dreams and he has good words to say about something you have accomplished or praises you with no specific reference or subject, it indicates that you are likely to receive some gift or some encouragement or incentive in return for your efforts, which could be tangible or intangible. It would be a pleasant and delightful motivational boost for you.

Your dad scolding you

Having a dream in which you find your dad scolding you or criticizing your behavior, is a forewarning. It points to a possibility that with your behavior and attitude you may be upsetting or disappointing the people who are close to you. This is to alert you that your dear ones could begin ignoring, avoiding or even deserting you, owing to your misbehavior.

Your dad wearing strange clothes

Dreaming about your dad wearing strange clothes suggests that you are on a wrong track as far as understanding someone close to you. You do not understand or fully embrace what this person is doing for you. You are not completely clear about or you are misinterpreting the actions of this person. This implies that although the person is trying to help and support you, you are treating him or her as a bad person due to your tendency to misjudge their good intentions.

Your dad in a good mood

Having a dream in which you see your dad in a good mood bodes well for you as it suggests that you are going to receive a large amount of money or other financial incentives which would bring you happiness. It also implies that your relationship with other people is cordial but you need to keep an eye on things which could spoil this relationship because of some reckless, careless or thoughtless act or conduct.

Your dad frowning

Having a dream wherein you see your dad being upset, in a bad mood or frowning upon you implies that your conduct with some people is not in good taste. You must take care not to deceive others. You must guard against telling a lie or something intended to deceive, disguised as innocent. Such deceptions on your part could lead to bigger troubles and disastrous outcomes in the days to come and therefore you must be careful about your conduct.

Your dad with your mom

Having a dream in which you see your dad and your mom together, irrespective of whether none, either or both of them have passed away, indicates that you are heading for a favorable period during which you would find yourself being fortunate and having luck on your side. This will be the feeling in every endeavor and every project that you are working on or are about to initiate.

Your dad content and happy

Having a dream in which you find your dad to be happy and contented suggests that the times bode well for you and some positive changes are likely to take place in your life. These favorable changes may be related to some fateful and meaningful new beginnings that you may initiate, improvements in your overall health and your peace of mind.

Becoming a dad

Dreaming about yourself becoming a dad implies a happy marriage if you are already married. If you are not yet married, it signifies the possibilities for a happy marriage in the future. Either way, it is a positive sign pointing to a happy and stable married life.

Paper in deceased father's eyes

I have recurring dreams of me trying to pull or remove documents, letters, or some type of paperwork from my dad's eyes. Dad is deceased.

Dreaming about your departed father is a neutral symbol associated with the idea of unfinished business. There are likely some issues that have yet to be resolved concerning his passing. The paperwork coming from or being placed on his eyes could suggest there are some legal documents or personal letters that you have yet to see or find that would, if read, change some aspect of his life. It may be wise to go through some of his old things or ask around to try to locate these missing documents.

Deceased dad calling your name

My deceased dad saying my name from his chair and my mom said "It's just not the same without the music".

Your deceased father calling out to you represents his reminding you of some unfinished business you have to take care of in reality. In a sense, he is reaching out to you through your dreams to encourage or motivate you to get something important done. The reason he has come to you now may be seen in your mother's words, as a lack of music alludes to diminishing returns or disappearing opportunities. If you do not act quickly, you may lose your shot at something important to you.

Dad dying in different ways

Well, I have been having the same dream in different types of ways. In almost every dream my dad dies in some sort of way. Whether it be him dying for a year, or him having a heart attack. I just want to know what that means.

Dreaming about the death of your father is generally an ill omen in the realm of dreams. It means you are going to experience a big setback. Your father, being a crucial figure in your life, symbolizes guidance and support. This means you are at risk of losing a pillar or foundation of your life's work, such as losing your job or cutting ties with a lifelong partner. Death can also be an awakening and the myriad of ways your father dies in your recurring dream is a projection of your changing mindset. For example, seeing him die from a heart attack means you will be devastated by a personal or professional loss, but there is an underlying silver lining of new opportunities available to you once you get back up on your feet.

Worried about deceased dad's resting place

Dad passed away last September. Hospitalized for 3 weeks. Suffering. Several forms of life support. I blame the doctors. I dreamed I visited dad's grave and did not like the way the casket was sitting. Strange, because dad is entombed in a beautiful AC chapel mausoleum. What he wanted. Man who moves caskets in the cemetery was with me and mom. He appeased me. Picked up casket roughly and moved it place to place. Not satisfied with any spots. Was worried about my dad's body falling apart. I Woke up.

Your dissatisfaction with the placement of your dearly departed father's casket in this dream vision may actually be a reflection of your growing ability to deal with and move past the grief of your loss in reality. Even though you were unhappy and worried in this vision, you admit that your father has been entombed in a beautiful place that he himself was happy with. While you may still have some times of anger or discontent, you are growing past those bitter emotions and accepting what has happened. You may soon find peace like your father would have wanted if you continue to let go of those negative feelings.

Dad who doesn't love you

Envisioning your father who you feel did not love you speaks volumes of your relationship with the rest of your family, especially if he is already dead in reality. In essence, seeing him appear in your dream may reveal that you are worried about the well-being of someone in your family. Perhaps you or someone close to you is about to marry, and you have concerns about the match. Alternatively, someone in your family unit may be involved in a business deal or personal relationship that you feel would result in trouble down the line. While you should probably not get directly involved, gently checking in on this individual would probably help you feel better and reassure them that other people have their back, no matter their choices.