Dreams Related To Cut

A razor cut in a dream which felt real

I was shaving with a straight razor when I accidentally cut my jugular. I half woke up and could feel myself lying in bed, but I had a sharp pain on the side of my neck as well as felt the energy drain from my body.

Envisioning yourself with a cut jugular is a highly ominous symbol indicative of great misfortune or catastrophe striking your life. Given the notion that you cut it yourself, it seems you may bring about these troubles through your lack of preparation or attention to detail. Now that you have received this warning, you should be on the lookout for signs which could predict the nature of your mistake and work to avert the situation as quickly as possible.

Being cut by someone

To be wounded or cut by someone, such as with a knife, means you are going to get hurt or slighted. The person who wounded you in the dream may not necessarily be the perpetrator in the waking life, and the damage may be more emotional than physical. If your hand was cut, it could mean you will feel out of balance because someone is questioning your capability. On the other hand, if you were getting your hair cut in the vision, the pieces that have fallen represent insecurity or a blow to your self-esteem. It is up to you whether you let other people's perceptions affect your self-confidence.

Being cut in half

Envisioning your body or someone else's being cut in half refers to the two primary aspects of your being. The first is the physical aspect, represented by your human body and limbs. This is connected to everything that you perceive with your senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. The second is the emotional aspect, reflected in your relationships and the problems and joys that come with those connections. If you are seeing this symbol, something is likely out of balance in your life.

Someone cutting themselves

Someone harming themselves, like cutting their wrists or digging their fingernails into their palms, perhaps is a reflection of your own inability to cope with stress and anxiety in wake life. You may feel things very strongly but lack a good outlet for your emotions. However, hurting yourself is not the answer. If you have thoughts about hurting yourself, you should contact help immediately. For those not in such a situation, finding better ways to manage your stress or taking a break are both recommended.

Cutting yourself

Cutting or harming yourself in the dream realm when you are not suicidal in wake life is more often than not a sign that you are hurting and that emotional damage has been done to you at some point in the past. You may feel pain when thinking about or reliving these very real situations, even if you think you have worked through most of your issues already. You may even be very open about your struggles. The good and the bad news is that we are all works in progress. There is always room to grow and heal more. An opportunity may present itself to help you reach another milestone or use your own experiences to help someone else, which would bring you satisfaction too.