Dreams Related To Cup

Broken cup

Seeing a dream involving broken kitchen utensils such as glass mugs, ceramic dishes or coffee cups bears a negative interpretation. Actually, the dreamer's subconscious is expressing a lack of control in their relationship in waking life. If you are having doubts about solidifying a newly formed relationship into a marriage you must speak to your would-be partner about the doubts that might be affecting your thinking. Alternatively, if you are a couple who is having a hard time with each other lately, it is time you confronted your partner in all honesty to mend things for good.

Plastic cup

Someone giving you a white colored plastic cup filled with a hot drink in a dream represents truly genuine feelings of love the person has for you. White color is generally associated with trust whereas the hot drink being offered is an indication of honest feelings, therefore your subconscious is reminding you of the worthiness of the relationship between you and the other person. In short, people who see such things in a dream are lucky to have someone who loves them unconditionally.

Empty cup

An empty cup that once held coffee, tea or some other beverage is a metaphor for looking for balance. Even if you were not the one who drank from the cup, the cup was once full and completed its intended purpose, which was to satiate the thirst of someone. As such, you are likely looking for objects to bring you comfort or people to bring you love in reality. You want to feel full, whole and balanced. However, looking outside yourself for this validation would only provide temporary happiness. Finding the strength and peace within yourself to be centered is the true key to solving the mysteries of life.