Dreams Related To Cult

Being in a cult

I was in a cult and couldn't get out.

Being trapped within a cult in a dream may actually represent disenchantment with religious institutions or other groups with a particular set of beliefs or ideology, such as political parties or fan clubs. While you may not be a part of any such group in reality, this vision could represent fears or uneasiness about how those groups could affect your life. In a sense, you may feel pressure to sympathize or join with the larger group just to avoid being ostracized or retaliated against later on.

Being hunted down by a cult

I am a freshman male. My dream was about me being hunted down by a cult. The dream usually ends with one of their members finding me either at a school or an apartment-like building, and maybe they kill me, I am not sure. The members wear black robes with a hood and a white or silver mask, but I can never remember the masks' facial features. So far, the dream has happened twice.

Being chased by members of a cult suggests you feel pressured to follow certain practices or traditions that are religious. While you may not mind participating in some family holidays, certain rituals or daily habits may seem archaic or simply illogical to you. The black clothes of your pursuers are a warning of upcoming loss and hardship, while the masks they wore as they came after you symbolize falling victim to traps that have been set. Perhaps you need to be honest with your family or friends about your true beliefs so that you can avoid conflict and misunderstandings in the future over these events.