Dreams Related To Cuckoo

A cuckoo clock with numbers

Male. I was in a float tank and dreamt of a light that caught my attention. I asked "What is this?" and then a broken coocoo clock came towards me. There was a small little wooden man hammering really fast, like he was fixing the clock. Then I looked around the clock and there were these gold metal numbers but there was like 100s of each number. They were scattered about and almost spiraled inward like it went on forever.

This dream vision seems to contain two sets of symbols, some with positive and others with negative meaning. The light that caught your attention at the beginning of the dream is a sign often associated with good fortune. In many cases, the dreamer would receive fortuitous news after a long period of waiting. This is bore out by the cuckoo clock. While it appears broken at first, the attempted repair by the wooden man repeats the theme of the previous symbol, namely, that your current trials and worries would soon be alleviated. The spiraling numbers, however, suggest that the stress and fatigue that have come with these troubles would not disappear quite so quickly. It may take you some time to recover mentally or emotionally from this trying time.