Dreams Related To Cub

Cubs of predator animals

I dreamed that I was living somewhere where all sorts of animals lived in our backyard. There were 3 lion cubs and one ended up in my house and as I was putting the cub with the others the mother saw me and attacked me. I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her outside and locked the door. The next day there were 3 tiger cubs with mother and same with the lioness and 3 cubs and 3 leopard or cheetah cubs and the mother outside my back door watching me. I'm a 26 year old female.

The animals in your backyard refer to memories and experiences about your childhood friends and social connections. It seems there is some conflict or disturbance involving your friends and family which could be rooted in the past. Specifically, the lion cubs are the blessings and harmonious relationships you currently enjoy, but will soon become toxic because of people with malicious intent. Being attacked by the lioness means your enemies will successfully exploit your weakness to their advantage. They could even stoop low by involving or spreading lies about your loved ones to discredit you. Among the enemies you should watch out for is the leopard symbolizing a strong-willed individual and the cheetah who is an ambitious and driven person willing to destroy your reputation just to advance their social status.