Dreams Related To Crystal

Finding crystals

Finding crystals at some point during your dream is usually a sign that you are seeking guidance on a spiritual matter. This symbol is commonly associated with purity, healing or renewed life, so those who have overcome a trauma are likely to perceive this in their dreams. The guidance you seek may be related to your recovery or processing of what you went through. Speaking to a professional or someone you trust would be the first step in getting to the right place spiritually or mentally.

A crystal in general

My dream was about a crystal.

Dreaming about a crystal in general is an ominous sign indicating that a series of unfortunate, virtually unstoppable events are about to take place in your life. This snowball effect is likely to begin at work, when you would be trying to save some failing project or pick up the pieces of a damaged office relationship. You efforts to rectify the situation, however, may only cause the situation to get worse and lead to even more troubles compared to what you started with.

Crystal stones

Crystal stones, such as those used in jewelry, often reveal what you are subconsciously seeking in wake life. The color or type of crystal, therefore, is highly symbolic. For instance, a pink or reddish crystal stone commonly represents a desire for love and connection with others. A white or clear stone, on the other hand, suggests a need to step back from a hedonistic or materialistic lifestyle in order to reconnect with yourself. It is often seen by those whose soul cries out for purity and healing.

Clear crystal

Seeing a clear crystal in the dream realm is a sign of transparency and clarity in your emotions or situation. It represents the courage needed to confront and overcome emotional obstacles you are feeling in your waking life, leading to healing and growth. Alternatively, a clear crystal or transparent quartz is associated with spiritual love and enlightenment, as it reflects the colors of the rainbow. The presence of these metaphors in the dream can amplify these feelings and add a layer of romance or passion to your relationships with others.

Broken crystal

A broken crystal in a dream suggests that something in the dreamer's life is not working out as expected. The crystal, often associated with mysteries and spirituality, indicates that the situation has a deeper, more spiritual meaning. Moreover, the negative connotation of the broken crystal shows that the issue may be spiraling out of control, and is causing the dreamer stress or discomfort. The dreamer is entranced or captivated by this situation. Overall, the dream is encouraging us to look beyond the surface level and uncover the mysteries at play in our waking life.

Crystals and being in hospital

HI there! Thank you so much for allowing me to share this dream with you. My sister (we are twin girls) has been having very intense, vivid and crazy dreams. She has been dreaming a lot about crystals and dreamt I was in the hospital, her ex came to visit me and destroyed her citrine. What could that mean?

Crystals generally portend an ominous message associated with unfavorable events which are beyond the dreamer's control. Seeing you in a hospital means your sister is worried about your well-being. The ill-fated event she dreads somehow involves you. The destruction of the citrine is particularly telling of her sense of powerlessness. She is still saddled by baggage and issues from her previous relationships, so she is worried that focusing on these matters will make her overlook problems or upcoming issues you would become embroiled in. Her subconscious is basically urging her to break free from her past, so she can focus on people who actually matter.

Collecting crystals underwater

I have a reoccurring dream about discovering crystals, quarts and other points of different colors under water while diving either in a river or ocean bay. The crystals always are easy to gather and I always feel like I need to gather them quickly and not let others know.

Discovering crystals underwater represents positive developments in your future. This is associated with exciting opportunities that would open up for you, in line with your personal goals. You could be offered the job of a lifetime or discover a lucrative investment that would make you a lot of money. There could be an element of time tied to this opportunity which is why you feel like you need to grab the crystals before anyone else shows up. It could be an emerging trend in the market and you need to act fast in order to reap the rewards after. If you have a business plan in mind, then you need to get funding and implement it as soon as possible before others beat you to it.

A queen, crystals and climbing out of a window

I was being yelled at by a queen in a castle. She left and there were these crystals floating in a chest. Only one of them was the real one. I grabbed the real one and ran. I ran into this office. Really looked out of place. This guy gave me his wallet and pointed me to a window. I climbed out the window and started climbing on the ledge of a strange building. In the windows, I saw the stories of others. Like a mother who woke up everyday not knowing her child.

Dreaming about a crystal is an ominous symbol that indicates the beginning of a series of unfortunate, virtually unstoppable events which are about to take place in your life. This snowball effect is likely to begin at work, for example when you try to save some failing project or pick up the pieces of a damaged office relationship. Taking the crystal may allude to trying to take responsibility in this situation. The wallet you receive from the man in the office suggests others have been boosting your confidence with compliments and gratitude for your achievements, possibly leading to you becoming overconfident in your ability to handle such a situation on your own. Climbing on the ledge of a building reveals the possibility of overcoming this challenging time, however, it may take a lot of effort to get through the events after they take place.

A crystal filling with smoke

I am a 25 year old mother of a 3 year old. In my dream I stood in front of my younger brother and his girlfriend wearing a white and clear quartz crystal around my neck. When I held it, it filled with black smoke then I handed it to my brother's girlfriend because she had her hand out to me.

The necklace with a crystal around your neck in this vision points toward soon going through a series of unfortunate events. They may start small, like becoming ill or getting a flat tire, but they would soon begin to snowball into larger issues. For instance, the flat tire may prevent you from getting to work easily, cutting into your salary. Handing the crystals filled with black smoke to someone else may predict their involvement in these events. You may inadvertently hurt your brother's girlfriend through your actions. This dream could be considered a warning to watch out before you drag others down with you.

Pink crystals

Pink crystals, such as healing stones or quartz, are a fortunate symbol to perceive in dreams. They are a symbol with feminine traits, but are seen equally by men and women. This symbol is associated with feelings of love or being around someone who has a positive energy. As such, you likely bask in this individual's attention and enjoy their company very much.