Dreams Related To Crypt

Visiting a crypt

A dream in which you see yourself visiting a vault or a crypt could be significant of the assistance or help which you might receive in the form of support from folks who are concerned about you. These people are apprehensive about your problems and care for you deeply thereby offering you solutions for your troubles to help you move forward in life.

A crypt of a famous person

Dreaming about standing in proximity to a sepulcher of an eminent person or a famous personality could be symbolic of you receiving a substantial amount of cash. It could also be a sign that you are about to inherit something. This bequest might make you a very rich person indeed but will also bring disrepute and disgrace along with it. This might in turn cause unnerving consequences which you may have trouble dealing with.

Crypt engulfed in fire

Dreaming about a crypt engulfed in fire must be taken as a warning sign. A sign of caution related to some evil influences affecting your life. It could also signify the troubles which you will face while tackling or dealing with unscrupulous behavior or the fact that you might be warding off wicked powers which might also cast a dark shadow on your loved ones.

Locked in a crypt

Dreaming about being bolted up in a crypt or a sepulcher without any means of evading it is symbolic of some negativity in your life. It could portend possible intricacies and complexities and the resulting disappointments which you may feel. It could also signify that you might abandon your current job or position due to lack of interest.

A crypt for the rich

Dreaming about a sepulcher or a crypt aimed for an affluent person who has departed this life is symbolic of your own material wealth. This dream signifies that you are about to become prosperous. You would be able to spend the money as you please and on any lavish and opulent items which you will be able to afford quite easily. On the other hand such a dream can also be symbolic of a fact that you are about to visit an Asian country any time soon.

Preventing destruction of a crypt

Dreaming about yourself trying to avert obliteration or destruction of a sepulcher or shielding it from being demolished could be pointing to the fact that you will be a recipient of some important piece of information. This enlightening news in turn would play a major role in helping you achieve your goals.

Looking for a crypt

Dreaming about looking for a lost or missing crypt is symbolic of sacred and spiritual growth. It could also signify that you might be able to unearth the true meaning of something which you encountered in the past. This transformation or renewal in your ideas will have a strong effect on your individuality. You might discover hidden potentials and aptitude within yourself which will help you achieve the good things in life.

Finding a crypt under your house

A dream in which you discover a hidden crypt or sepulcher beneath your house or residence is symbolic of winds of change. These transformations could be in the form of you relocating to a different house. Or it could signify that you might be moving to another country or returning back to your origins and starting to live in a place which once was inhabited by your forefathers.

Crypt flooded with water

A dream in which you see a sepulcher or a crypt inundated with water is symbolic of the ambiguities or the veiled facts related to your inheritance or ancestry. This could also be symbolic of the fact that you might be embarking on a prolonged expedition after which everything will become apparent and comprehensible.