Dreams Related To Crying

Someone crying

Having a dream about someone crying means that you will make a person close to you feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed because of your unthoughtful actions or behavior, it can also predict getting some kind of news.

Crying as a response to bad things

Crying in your dream as a result of hearing bad news or being unhappy signifies quarrels or scandal that may soon happen. If you are contemplating having a party or reception which will involve alcohol, it may lead to unpleasant consequences or even disastrous outcomes.

Crying because you are happy

Crying in your dream while being happy or as a sign of joy signifies receiving consolation in the future and predicts great joy, happiness accompanying you and your family, freeing yourself from worries, success in work. You may also encounter unexpected luck, nice surprises, or spend time enjoying things in life.

Crying with family at the hospital

My mom has cancer. And in the dream I visited her in the hospital and I couldn't stop crying and hugging her. Which made her cry a little and my brother was there and I made him cry too.

Dreaming that you visit a sick person who is staying in a hospital often alludes to the discovery of some unpleasant and potentially shocking news sometime soon. Hearing about this piece of information has the possibility of completely changing your opinion about the subject of this news. This is especially true because you knew the person you were visiting in this dream. You may feel extremely upset or distraught by what you find out, as can be seen by your crying in the vision.

Tears down your face while crying

Dreaming of wiping tears off your face while crying indicates that you will find solace and comfort from others during a challenging situation or a significant event that is about to take place in your life. The dream suggests that you won't have to face your struggles alone, as supportive and caring individuals will be there to offer their understanding and help. It could also imply that you may experience emotional healing or resolution after going through a difficult period. This dream serves as a reassuring message that you have a support system to rely on and that you don't have to carry your burdens alone.

Consoling someone who is crying

A Korean guy was facing my direction and asked me "Who do you want?" and I pointed to him and said, "You". He started crying and I held him.

Dreaming about seeing a crying guy or boy is symbolic of sympathy. It is possible that you would soon show to your family or to someone with whom you have a close relationship that you stand by their side. You would provide them with much-needed support and help by showing how you love and value them and by performing extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity. Furthermore, the bit where the Korean guy asks you "Who do you want?" to which your responded with "You" reveals your ability to validate and empower others. Your sensitive nature gives you the unique position to boost self-confidence of your peers. Someone in your social circle may be feeling purposeless and lost, hence your subconscious through this dream is illustrating the power of your words.

Crying together with somebody

Discovering oneself within a dream, shedding tears in unison with another individual, holds profound significance as it foreshadows an imminent festivity brimming with joyous merriment and the delightful exchange of heartfelt presents. This intriguing dream scenario holds the promise of a forthcoming celebration, complemented by the delightful reception of greetings accompanied by exquisite gifts.

Crying while sitting on bed

Dreaming about crying while sitting on the bed can evoke feelings of deep sorrow, emptiness, and unhappiness. This symbolic vision serves as a reminder of the emotional turmoil you may be experiencing in your waking life. It signifies a period of profound sadness and a sense of feeling lost or disconnected. This dream encourages you to acknowledge and process your emotions, allowing yourself to grieve and heal. It's important to reach out for support from loved ones and seek professional help if needed. By addressing your emotional well-being, you can work towards finding inner peace and happiness. Remember that healing takes time, and with patience and self-care, you can gradually restore joy and fulfillment in your life.

Others crying incessantly

Seeing someone crying desperately in your dream indicates your future joyful existence or may mean that somebody feels very compassionate toward you. A great deal of happiness may enter your life or lives of your dear friends resulting in a lot of mutual pleasure and companionship. Sometimes this dream is an indication of a happy marriage.

Having this dream is also a sign of reconsiling and reuniting with your family. For a young woman this dream can also mean disagreement or a fight with her loved one leading to quick reconciliation, only if she realizes that it was her fault. For a salesperson this dream may portend short-lived troubles or woes.

Crying hysterically

Dreaming about yourself crying hysterically indicates that you have hidden feelings and emotions that need to be released, and soon you will have a chance to do just that. It may lead to confrontation with tears or to a situation resulting in bursts of laughter to the point of stomach hurting from laughing.

Bumping into a crying person

Bumping unexpectedly into a crying person in your dream indicates a possible accident with somebody close to you and you are able to prevent it from happening. You need to watch closely to get some clues to who may be needing your help.

Crying when wearing black mourning garments

Dreams are often filled with symbolic messages, and one such powerful symbol is the act of shedding tears while adorned in somber black attire. This poignant image signifies a momentous turn of events in your professional life. It foretells an imminent promotion or an unforeseen surge in your career trajectory. These profound dream signals encapsulate the anticipation of an extraordinary boost, propelling you to new heights of success and achievement in the workplace.

Crying with a loud voice

Discovering oneself in a dream, where tears are shed unabashedly, may signify an imminent occurrence of joyous and favorable circumstances. By embracing a touch of audacity and ingenuity in your professional endeavors, the outcomes achieved might surpass even the loftiest of expectations. Additionally, be prepared for the potential entry of a rival into your romantic life, potentially causing turmoil in your current relationship. Nonetheless, there remains a glimmer of hope to encounter a new and devoted partner who will shower you with profound affection and unwavering support.

Crying when missing a person far away

Dreaming of crying and feeling sorrow and sadness over a person who is now living far away is a symbolic representation of an upcoming period of sorrow and grief in your life. This dream suggests that you may soon experience emotional pain or loss related to someone who has been physically or emotionally distant from you. It could indicate a separation, a change in relationship dynamics, or the longing for a connection that is no longer present. Prepare yourself emotionally for the challenges that lie ahead and be open to seeking support from loved ones during this difficult time. Remember that healing and growth often follow periods of sadness, and with time, you can emerge stronger and wiser from these experiences.

Someone crying with teeth showing

Seeing someone crying in front of you with teeth showing signifies entering tough competition and can also be a sign of lengthy and complicated litigation in your future.

Crying intensely with wheeping

Having a dream when your crying becomes too intense, to the point of sobbing and wailing, indicates existing violent or extreme emotions and feeling you may be harboring and which may result in unexpected behavior on your part.

Crying uncontrollably

Having dream visions in which you are crying or sobbing uncontrollably reveals your deep-seated fear of losing face. This type of symbol usually appears whenever the dreamer is facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge which could likely end in failure or embarrassment. As such, the hysterical bout of crying is a reaction to this knowledge or threat of tarnishing your credibility. On the other hand, this could also point to a cathartic moment. You may have been holding on to a lot of stress, self-doubt and negative emotions, and some pivotal situation in reality would allow you to release all this pent up energy so that you can allow yourself to relax again.

Dead father crying

The image of your dearly departed father crying in the realm of dreams is a highly symbolic portent. Using the associative method, it is possible to connect this vivid imagery with the idea that you need some form of guidance or support in reality, particularly in the face of major life changes. For some, this would come at certain rites of passage, like graduating high school, getting married or having their first child. For others, this symbol would appear around certain events in wake life, such as tax season, a major pandemic or a natural disaster. Getting advice from someone who has already been through difficult, trying times would give you the peace of mind and knowledge necessary to get through the situation yourself.

A boy trying to console a crying girl

I dream that there is a girl sitting in the corner, she is crying and one boy coming to the girl to hug her and one girl saw them. She wanted to react, instead she only bowed her head and the boy wanted to come closer to her but the other girl cried again.....Please help me to interpret.....thank you and good day!

Dreaming of observing a crying girl may translate the possibility of upcoming negative events. These would be related to your relationships. For example, your partner or lover could soon cheat on you or resort to some unfaithful or deceiving acts. Two girls were involved. One of the girls was observing and one of the girls was crying. This does not necessarily mean that there is a third person involved. Rather, it suggests that the negative relationship-related happening would come as a complete and utter surprise. Hence, part of you started crying, whereas the other part of you observed and was unable to react. She remained submissive and watchful of the unfolding events. The image of a boy could symbolize the cause of the grief. Alternatively, there could be someone coming into your life. He would try to comfort you and help you deal with such difficult situation. Although the external help might come in handy, you should try to take responsibility and courageously face and solve whatever is about to happen.

Crying bloody tears

My niece was crying, screaming, and her eyes were filled with blood instead of tears.

Dreaming about a crying girl is often a sign of experiencing events that negatively affect you in the near future. Specifically, it suggests issues with close relationships, usually significant others or best friends. These issues are normally tied to betrayal, often pointing towards unfaithful behavior or back-stabbing. The bloody tears seem to contribute two meanings to this vision. Bleeding from the eyes means that this negative situation is somewhat unexpected, either because it is truly out of the blue or because you have been denying the signs along the way. Then, continuing, the tears alone suggest feelings of regret or disappointment from the knowledge that things can never be the same between you again. You may need to completely cut yourself off from this person to begin the healing process.

Crying after being hugged

Last night I had a dream about me walking up these steps and when I look up I see my friend or brother and he walks to me, doesn't say anything, and gives me a hug and I broke down crying (collapsing, falling and crying) and then I woke up. When I woke up, I was actually crying and haven't stopped crying since. Help me understand :(

A dream about your brother can be interpreted as envying an aspect of his personality that you yourself lack. If you are a female, your brother could represent male aspects of your own personality, such as assertiveness or confidence, which you need to embrace. Crying in dreams is most often associated with sorrow in real life. When this sign is experienced around or as a response to the appearance of your brother in a dream, it points toward needing to accept all parts of yourself to gain a more positive outlook on life.

Crying hysterically in a friend's dream

A friend of mine saw me crying hysterically in her dream.

A dream in which you were perceived by someone close to you crying hysterically represents hidden feelings and emotions bursting to get out. Your friend may soon feel overwhelmed by a particular situation, a confrontation perhaps, and try to find a chance to release these feelings that have been weighing her down. This could prove to be a great relief for her in the end, and you could be involved to a certain extent to help her during the time when it happens.

A colleague crying in the kitchen

A dream about my colleague crying at a kitchen table, crying in front of a cake tin filled with paper.

Seeing your co-worker in a house could predict receiving some sort of long-awaited news in the near future. Their tears likely suggest that this would lead to unhappy or unfortunate circumstances for you. If you were expecting a reply from someone or an answer to a question, it is possible you would not get the response you wanted. Additionally, the papers in the tin can be interpreted as a sign that this situation would completely change some aspect of your life or personality, meaning it would have a big impact on your outlook on life or future ambitions.

Crying at the scene of a dead body

I saw a dead body in my dream which was cut by a man and I was crying and weeping, but my parents and my brother stopped me. And then I woke up.

Seeing yourself grieving or crying over a dead body in a dream represents nostalgia. You could be yearning or longing for something or someone from your past. Something in reality may have triggered previous experiences or reminded you of an earlier period which you want to re-live. Alternatively, you may want to reclaim an aspect of yourself, or a characteristic, which you have lost. Perhaps you feel a little bit jaded or cynical because of what you have gone through and now you want to rekindle your optimistic and hopeful side.