Dreams Related To Cruise

Trying to escape a cruise ship after attack

I am a female. I was on a cruise ship, the cruise announcer told everyone to go inside because a Russian ship was planning on attacking us with killer poisonous gas. Everyone was panicking and I could not find my friend. I started filling out information about myself and possible requests for my funeral. I finally found my friend and we realized the only way to live was to flee the ship on a ferry. The ferry cost money, so I had to call my mom and ask her to wire me some, but she would not pick up.

The cruise ship in your dream represents leisure and a good life. As such, being on board this cruise ship represents your ambitions and the lifestyle you want to lead. Perhaps you are already on track to getting what you want. However, the Russian ship represents a rival or anything you deem as a threat or obstacle to achieving your dreams or getting your desired lifestyle. Something could go wrong which would sabotage a great opportunity and your career would not pan out. The ferry then refers to a period of transition or transformation or maybe your Plan B. You may have to reevaluate your goals and life plans because your initial goals may be impractical at the moment. Unfortunately, you still need your family's support to follow this path which is not in your original plan and perhaps they are not receptive to this back-up plan of yours.

A choking baby on a cruise ship

I was on a cruise ship with lots of people that I didn't know. I walked into a room where there were lots of people surrounding a baby. When I walked in, everyone suddenly walked out. Then I noticed that the baby was choking. I tried to help, but I think I made it worse. Then I went back and told the parents that I'd killed the baby and they got really angry. We went back to the baby, I poked it and it came back to life. I am female.

This vision has two conflicting symbols, that of the cruise and the choking baby. The first symbol, your presence on a cruise ship, suggests you want to overcome personal doubts and hang ups. You likely have felt that these areas where you lack confidence are holding you back from achieving your full potential. On the other hand, the choking baby means there is something in your path or something that is holding you back. Perhaps until this situation is resolved you would be unable to make the progress you desire. However, the baby coming back to life at the end of the vision predicts you would be successful in the end, even if it takes some time.