Dreams Related To Crucifix

Drawing crosses to protect from evil

At someone's bad house. I drew on the walls crosses for safety against bad.

Seeing yourself drawing in a dream is a sign of your tendency to idealize things in your waking life while ignoring the real facts and harsh reality. Although things may not be going well for you at the moment, you have convinced yourself that everything is great. This is unhealthy and you might want to look at your current situation from a different perspective because your over-confidence may be undermined when something unexpected or negative comes into play. Crosses are symbolic representations of available options, and, in this case, could point that you have not fully explored those you may have at hand.

A crucifix shielding from the storm

I'm a female. In my dream I saw my husband carrying a huge crucifix and he placed it against a door to shield me from a coming storm.

The approaching storm in your dream vision could signify an underlying health condition that could worsen if not treated properly. On the other hand, the crucifix symbolizes sacrifice, suffering and faith. Perhaps your subconscious is preparing you for a rough patch in the near future. During this tumultuous period, you and your husband would have to rely on each other to overcome the challenges. Those are the times that would test your bond as husband and wife. If the crucifix was gold, then that conveys a positive resolution to your problems which would in turn strengthen your marriage and partnership.