Dreams Related To Cross

Burning crosses falling from the sky

I had a dream about burning crosses that fell down from the sky and set on fire. Me and my brothers quickly got into the house because the crosses were falling on police cars and destroying them.

A burning cross suggests chaos and lawlessness. Since a cross is a symbol of faith and religion, all those burning crosses represent societal decline due to humanity's declining sense of empathy, kindness and overall decorum. Taking shelter in your house means that as you encounter hatred from others, you would find comfort and safety among your close friends and family. Your subconscious is telling you not to lose heart and retain a sense of hope that things will take a turn for the better, instead of becoming cynical and angry about the world.

A white cross at the end of a tunnel

Female. My dream was I saw a waterfall, it was beautiful and peaceful and then it led me to a tunnel with gushing water in it, I felt like I was there with it, then it led me to a wooded area it was beautiful and had a long path and then I ended up being at this place where I saw a shadow, but there was a white light in from the side. I could see specifically a cross, the cross was brown, the white color was very white (not clear white).

The beautiful and peaceful scenery of the waterfall at the beginning of your dream is symbolic of your natural state. You are very comfortable in nature and wild places, and you probably have an innate curiosity about life outside of cities and the hustle and bustle of modern life. The flowing water that leads you along suggests that following your heart would lead to riches and wealth. This could refer to material possessions and money but more likely represents spiritual wealth and peace of mind, especially considering the other symbols present. This vision culminates in the image of a cross and bright white light, a symbol associated with a search for spiritual enlightenment. In essence, this vision is a message that getting closer to nature and your true self would help you on your journey as a religious or spiritual individual.

Flying crosses

Flying crosses coming down burning me.

Even though the sign of the cross is a religious symbol and can speak of spiritual awareness in someone's life, it can also be an indication of an upcoming adverse event depending on other symbols seen in your dream. In fact, the vision about burning crosses foretells confusion and disorder in your immediate surroundings. You may be soon getting on a path of hardships and suffering when you would have to deal with challenges and seek a safer place for your loved ones and especially for yourself.

A cross on top of green grass

I dreamt seeing a huge cross at home surrounded by green grass and I was walking on top of the grass and I could also feel that there was water under the grass.

All of these symbols are extremely positive in nature, especially in regards to your future prospects. Crosses are often said to represent positive news, and a large, stately cross has an even stronger connection with this idea. This is further elaborated upon by the imagery of the green grass which represents your hope and anticipation for some major change in your life, such as a promotion, move or bringing a new life into this world. This is also supported by the water you felt beneath the grass, which is most commonly associated with opportunity and lucky chances.