Dreams Related To Crocodile

Looking for crocodiles

I'm a girl and I saw a dream in which I and my brother are participating in a competition. This is a competition to find crocodiles or any other activities such that we can show our level of courage. We both found 2 crocodiles and tell them here they are and at the last we are going in search of one more crocodile, before we accomplished our task we reached some strange place of a forest at night and we saw the eyes of crocodiles, not the whole crocodiles' body, then we collected the eyes in a bag.

Competing with your brother in this dream vision means your family will embark on a journey which will test your strengths as well as your bond. You could decide to go into business together, compete for the affection of the same person or get acquainted with the same circle of friends. This means your lives will become more intertwined and prone to clashing. As such, finding crocodiles is your subconscious warning you about duplicitous individuals who could come between you and your family. Only get involved with or befriend people you trust because crocodiles symbolize self-centered people. It is up to you and your loved ones to watch each other's backs.

Crocodiles or alligators in dream meaning and interpretation

Seeing a crocodile

A dream in which you perceive a crocodile has negative connotations. If realized early, this dream can help you comprehend the fact that people whom you consider to be your buddies or best friends are about to deceive or dupe you. Additionally, it could mean that your adversaries or rivals may become aggressively active in trying to create obstacles and hurdles in your way so that you are unable to finish the projects which you have undertaken.

A crocodile blocking the path and a silver coin

I am a female that had this dream - crossing a road and stopped towards the end as there was a small crocodile on the path that then proceeds to slide into the river to the right. Once it left I threw a small silver coin onto the path - words that I heard during this was "You threw the coin after seeing a crocodile to bring good luck".

Crossing a road means you are putting yourself in harm's way. The presence of the crocodile in your dream means someone in your social circle is going to betray you. This individual is someone you trust which would make the betrayal even more painful. The more you open up to this person, the more ammunition you are giving them to eventually take advantage of you. The silver coin has a similar dream interpretation because it signifies conflict involving your family or loved ones. You could lose a friend or become estranged by your family because of this big disagreement.

A crocodile attacking and trying to mate

My mom dreamt she was being attacked my a crocodile. I saved her but then the crocodile got on my back and she thought it was going to tear me to shreds but then realized it was trying to mate with me?

Your mother's vision has a couple of potentially worrisome implications if things are not sorted quickly and thoroughly. Specifically, being attacked by a crocodile represents upcoming health troubles. Your mother may soon fall victim to an illness or, if she is already sick, could experience a bout of weariness or weakness much stronger than before. Furthermore, the idea that the crocodile was trying to mate with you could reveal that she does not feel as supported by you as she may need. Perhaps she would like to spend more time with you or needs help with some tasks that she is no longer able to do by herself.

Crocodile biting someone

The image of a crocodile snapping its jaws at or biting someone in the dream realm is often considered an ill omen. It generally represents causing someone else pain or anger due to being insensitive. For instance, you might make an unfortunate joke that hurts a friend's feelings or make a political comment that rubs someone the wrong way. It would be wise to consider your words carefully before you start running your mouth, lest you cause a major rift to form between you and someone you care about.

Dream about being attacked by a crocodile

Crocodile attacking someone

If you dream about a crocodile attacking someone it could signify that you might be responsible for offending someone or rubbing them the wrong way because of your apathy and lack of concern for their welfare. For a person who is married and had this dream, it could portend infirmity or ill health for their children.

In some circumstances this dream could be taken as a forewarning. It could indicate that you are about to get into disagreements with members of the opposite sex who might be critical and judgmental regarding your current romantic association and would only criticize the choice which you have made.

Stepping on a crocodile

A dream in which you see yourself unintentionally stepping on a crocodile is symbolic of the negative vibes in your life. You might have to face certain intricacies and obstacles. These difficulties would be overwhelming for you and could create problems as well. In order to avoid these hardships you must stop trusting people who you believe are hypocritical and dishonest and are bent on causing you harm by their actions.

Crocodile attacking you

A dream in which you see a crocodile attacking or mauling you is significant of approaching disasters. These calamities pertain to your health and are an indication of ill health and infirmity. On the other hand this dream could also symbolize extended periods of acute weariness or exhaustion.

This dream could also be portentous of serious difficulties and depression as well as the uncertainties or ambiguities in your life and the turn it might be taking. These circumstances would cause you much despondency and desolation and also prevent you from working towards your goals.

An image of a crocodile

Dreaming about a picture of a crocodile embellished on a label or as an illustration has ominous connotations. It portends that you might be in a great jeopardy from an individual whom you think of as a trusted companion or a friend. However this person cannot be relied upon and is out to destroy you.

After experiencing this dream you must try and stay away from this individual and must not in any case give in to your feelings of sympathy or empathy for this person. In fact find a way to get rid of this person in a calm and sensible manner.

Crocodiles attacking during a party

I was in my house with my family and we had just thrown a party, so I started sweeping. When I go to the back to sweep my backyard, the pieces of cement start to float off and break, and as I look up there is a lot of crocodiles. It wasn't a swamp, it was more dry land than water. I run and tell my dad, one started crawling to him, so I told him to get up. Then we moved and the more we tried to scare them, the more of them started coming towards us. And he told me to get against the wall and put my feet up, so I did, but my feet slipped and a crocodile snapped and bit my leg. I was scared and crying, then my dad was fighting them.

Overall, this dream vision suggests that there are some obvious tensions taking place inside your family and even though things seem to be normal on the surface, there are moments of disagreements or misunderstanding which have been dominating the life inside your family. The image of crocodiles attacking you and your father is significant of emerging issues affecting your relationship with him. This dream could also predict periods of mental exhaustion or declines in his physical shape causing ups and downs in the way you two communicate and possibly issues escalating to a boiling point.

A talking crocodile

A talking crocodile in the dream realm could have different meanings depending on the context. For instance, being able to understand or remember what the crocodile said could point toward being the victim of hurtful or damaging gossip by someone known to you in wake life. It may even be directly related to the crocodile's words. On the other hand, not being able to understand or comprehend the talking crocodile may reveal some upcoming embarrassment due to a mistake or omission that is uncovered by someone close to you.

Crocodile chasing me

A single crocodile that is chasing you in the dreamscape means there is a constant source of frustration in your life. In Islamic dream interpretation, a crocodile is a metaphor for sinful behavior and greed. There could be a highly unethical person in your workplace or social group who is corrupting otherwise morally upright people. Your subconscious is therefore urging you to confront this person about their questionable behavior or report them to authorities.

Crocodile eating someone

To witness a crocodile devour someone in your dream is a reference to Carl Jung shadow or the dark aspects of your personality. In this particular instance, the violent imagery pertains to your lack of empathy. You could seriously offend or hurt a loved one because of your selfish motivations. If you have your own family and children, this ominous dream could predict a serious health issue affecting a member of your household.

Crocodile in water

Seeing a large crocodile another type of animal from the alligator family swimming alongside you in water in a dream realm is an indication of yourself being vulnerable by trusting people easily in wake life. When you trust people this carelessly, there is always a chance of you getting betrayed sooner or later by a few of them. Therefore, you must practice at least some caution before letting people get close to you and especially when sharing your secrets. Alternatively, this dream may also symbolize your own aggressive and unstable emotional state.

Walking on crocodile's back

A dream in which you see yourself walking on a crocodile's back is portentous. It signifies that there are trials and tribulations in store for you. You might have to resolve these issues by yourself and wouldn't be getting assistance from anyone else. However, when trying to solve these problems on your own you might finally be triumphant in making your troubles turn to your advantage.

This dream must be taken as a forewarning to practice prudence while dealing or corresponding with other people. Caution must be taken so that you do not reveal too much about yourself to others regarding your plans or intentions, because these people might use this knowledge against you and try to cause hurdles in your path.

Crocodile devouring its prey

A dream in which you perceive a crocodile devouring its prey symbolizes the lapse which you will have while living life to the fullest and taking pleasure in it. Additionally, it could signify that you might become involved in some bizarre or peculiar circumstances which might leave you dazed or confused.

For the younger lot, such a dream could signify the re-emergence of a past lover with whom they may have broken their relationship. This person would now like to return and avenge themselves and cause you much hardships and difficulties for breaking off your involvement with them.

Taming a crocodile

A dream in which you see yourself taming a crocodile by plying it with food symbolizes that you are about to enter a phase of reconciliation and settlement with those who might have treated you dishonorably in the past. However, this cease-fire might not last for a very long time because the person could be up to their old tricks again.

Two crocodiles fighting

Dreaming about being witness to a combat between two crocodiles is a portentous sign. It signifies that there might be discord between two callous and hardhearted individuals in your social circle. It would be a wise decision to stay out of their matters and not become drawn in or tangled in their conflicts as this would only lead you to suffering from great pain, anguish and torment.

Crocodile chasing you on land

A dream in which you find yourself being chased by a crocodile on land and being successful in escaping from it has positive connotations. It signifies that you are about to resolve most of your problems and things are beginning to look up for you. Circumstances would possibly start working in your favor and you would realize that certain issues which might at one time have seemed terribly intricate or complicated would be solved with little effort.

Crocodiles chasing me

Being chased or followed by multiple crocodiles in the dream realm has a slightly ominous connotation according to traditional African and shamanistic sources. It alludes to problems bubbling up or minor inconveniences making themselves known. If you were able to successfully maneuver around or run away from the crocodiles, it suggests that you would be able to overcome these challenges. However, being caught by the crocodiles could mean you would face multiple hurdles on your path, and you may even falter or fail.

A crocodile egg hatching

A crocodile egg hatching. There was two of them but only one hatched. And, I saw a baby crocodile emerge from it. It looked straight at me. It was colored green with a bit of yellow stripes in between its back. But, while I was staring back at it, I realized that I didn't feel terrified even if it was a crocodile. On the contrary, I felt at ease looking at it.

This dream vision of a crocodile hatching from an egg symbolizes the emergence of a new person in your waking life. You could have just gone through a situation when you had to separate, either temporarily or forever, from a person who was important to you. Based on your description of being comfortable looking at the crocodile egg hatching in this dream means that you are open and ready to welcome a new friend or acquaintance into your life. The notion of two eggs in front of you and only one successfully hatching could also mean that you already making conscious attempts to make friends or get to know someone more closely among those available. Visions of observing birth in dream interpretation usually mean the dreamer's desire to replace recently broken, failed or ended relationships (including those which involved someone passing away) with new friends, so be open and accepting of these changes.

A monster with a crocodile body

A silver crocodile body-snake head in the sea following me and my son... It killed so many people... When it was captured, it was placed in the swimming pool, but later on it walked like a human and started following us... People in the area didn't mind it even someone had already died..

A monster or a scary creature following or chasing you in a dream represents a hint to exercise caution and watch your back because someone is trying to put you or members of your family in a compromising position or threaten you. You could soon discover some unpleasant or unsettling news. If you try to find out more about what has been plotted against you, use only legitimate and safe methods. Do not attempt to prevent or disrupt someone else's attempts to degrade you using direct confrontation and hostility because your actions may backfire causing more damage than good. Also, from the end of this store it can be inferred that some people around you could be helping the person in question to bring you down, so pay attention to what is happening around you.

A dead crocodile with eyes falling out

Dreams about a baby crocodile being opened up on the side, its flesh crawls out, lies in a basket of crab meat and dies. When carrying the basket, two eye balls fall out and when they touch the ground the appear as broken eggs.

This dream vision could be a reflection of a situation which took place recently when someone enraged you by telling lies, either about you to someone or about themselves to you. You could have just recently become aware of this wrongdoing and witnessed (as the images of eye balls falling out of the basket suggest) it yourself. However, the vision at the end of this dream of eggs getting cracked and splattered upon impact after they fell to the ground symbolizes integrity and wholeness of your character. Quite the opposite of what the broken eggs might indicate, your firm beliefs, well-rounded character and sound judgment would lead you to forget this incident or even forgive the person or people responsible for this kind of behavior.

Having a crocodile for a pet

Having a crocodile as a pet and considering killing it before it becomes too large and can hurt myself or someone else.

Having a pet crocodile is symbolic of forgiveness, particularly in relation to someone who has wronged you. This sign suggests, however, that this person may or may not take your feelings seriously, meaning they may upset you again. In this case, your consideration of whether or not you should kill the crocodile makes perfect sense, representing your hesitation to forgive and forget. You may need to take more time to think about what value this person adds to your life and act accordingly.

River with crocodiles

A dream of seeing crocodiles and alligators crossing the water banks usually represents our inner desires and emotions. Perhaps you are feeling vulnerable in your relationship in the real world, which manifested as this animal in your dream. This animal is also typically used as a medium for self-protection. Therefore, this vision is your sense telling you to be more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Moreover, the sheer numbers of alligators in this dream imply that you will soon receive or realize a solution to your problems.