Dreams Related To Cricket

Dead crickets

Female, 32. Dreamt about having to remove dead crickets from my breast pump parts as I wanted them in the sink. There were other people in the room but nobody helped. It was not my kitchen and was very dirty.

The dead crickets refer to bad advice. You are probably seeking guidance from the wrong people and making decisions based on their advice will get you into trouble, so make sure you consult wise and experienced people. As for the breast pump, this means your dilemma or source of confusion is likely linked to matters of the heart. You could be thinking about settling down with your current partner, but you are unsure if this is a good idea. This uncertainty is further strengthened by the symbol of a dirty kitchen which represents conflict and disagreements. Since the kitchen is not yours, this suggests the other person is the unstable and unreliable party. You could soon have a major fight with your significant other because of your differing priorities.

Killing crickets

Dreaming of killing crickets is a metaphor for suppressing emotions or negative feelings in your life, reflecting a sense of bad or harmful actions. Moreover, it symbolizes a need to address unresolved issues in a relationship, as crickets are associated with numbers and omens, possibly indicating a need for balance and harmony in your emotional life.