Dreams Related To Creature

Nightmares about creatures flying what is meaning

Being scared of a strange flying creature

I'm at work, a coworker is telling me her husband was shot overseas, but she is ok. Then I'm telling her about some boots I saw on sale after work. I go to the store to buy them and I'm telling the clerk that I'll be back tomorrow for the brown pair. She says to me "No, you won't because you are dreaming". All of sudden I am in my bedroom, I do not know how I got there. I'm sleeping. Then I turn and face the window and I see a big black birdlike object, not sure the wings are flapping so hard. I can feel the wind from them, too scared to see what it really is. I awaken I think it is trying to get me, but I'm too afraid to look up.

This dream vision, although fragmented, could predict an encounter with some important person in your life, which you have been hoping would benefit you in some way. However, the creature envisioned by you in this same dream could indicate some careless or inadequate behavior or attitude on your part which could make the person hesitant or reserved to continue with this interaction. Overall, the dream suggests to be careful in choosing words and acting in certain ways when you seek to advance your goals and aspirations.

Large sea creatures

In dreams, large sea creatures, such as whales or sharks, are a powerful symbol associated with both strength and beauty. Giant marine animals gracefully move through the ocean depths and are therefore a sign seen by those who need these qualities to thrive in their current situation. As such, this vision may be a reminder of current qualities you possess but have yet to utilize, or it may be a suggestion from your subconscious to work on these traits for your personal development.

Dream interpretation of strange unknown creatures

Strange creatures

Strange creatures that are difficult or impossible to identify in a dream often represent illness and disease according to leading dream researchers. While your conscious mind can find no connection to the images, your subconscious mind's connection to your physical self is well aware of what is going on inside you. You may see this vision as a reaction for anything from the common cold to cancer. It is recommended that if you see this symbol in your dreams, you should consult a medical professional if you notice anything out of the ordinary with your body.

A shadowy creature in the room

I've been seeing a black shadowy creature with fuzzy static edges. Has a long snout and pointy ears like a jackal or werewolf. No distinguishable features other than that. Appears in most dreams. Sometimes in a group of 3. Usually I have a sense of foreboding or fear when they appear. They don't attack, they just stand there. The last dream I opened my door, 3 of them were standing there and then I got a strong taste and smell similar to old tube TV's when you turn them on and sit close.

This fearsome creature in your dream represents a problem or situation that you are refusing to confront. This is also the reason why this creature has appeared multiple times and as several instances during various dream scenarios. Your subconscious is forcing you to face this issue head on. The number three usually refers to past, present and future, so this dream symbol can give you further clues about what you are actively trying to avoid. For example, a past transgression, wrongdoing or mistakes could still be haunting you. In short, this is your own darkness that is trying to surface. Instead of dealing with it, you prefer to ignore or deny it. And until you take accountability and become responsible for the consequences of your actions, even your future will be filled with fear and anxiety.

Mystical creatures appearing from the woods

I was fishing along the bank of a river in the mountains when a group of bears came from the willows. A black Pegasus appeared between them and me in a fairly protective stance. However, horses personally scare me and I think it knew that, so it turned into a hippogriff. The bears were chased off and it turned to me, touched my forehead and then I passed out. I can determine bears and winged horses, but the hippogriff is throwing me. Any thoughts?

The act of fishing in your vision pertains to dreaming or trying to catch a break. The bears are the competitors and obstacles that you could encounter in your quest for success. Meanwhile, the Pegasus represents your determination to triumph and self-actualize, hence the wings. This dream reveals your competitive nature and doing whatever it takes to climb the corporate ladder or further improve your social status. The transformation of the Pegasus into a hippogriff alludes to a change within you that could occur in the process of achieving your goals. This part may seem unfamiliar and possibly make you behave in certain ways that are uncharacteristic of you. Hippogriffs are still part-horse, therefore this new aspect of your personality or attitude may be something you are not quite comfortable with.

What do strange sea or ocean creatures symbolize in dreams

Unknown sea creature

Monsters that rise from the depths of the ocean often reflect the human desire to want to explore various feelings or situations that would normally be considered weird or like a fetish. For instance, wanting to be bitten while being intimate with someone or being interested in the dark supernatural. This dream symbol simply shines a mirror on some deeper aspect of your personality that wants to come face to face with a monster, be it real or metaphorical.

Bitten by an unknown creature

I got bitten hard on my right hand's index finger by some flying creature. Most likely a small bird.

The index finger is supposed to represent your intelligence and wisdom. Being attacked by a flying unknown creature indicates that you may be prone to a physically harmful attack, quite possibly something that you're causing to yourself knowingly. The attack on that specific part means it's avoidable but you need to be smart and look to your past experiences for your answers.

Creatures coming out from under the floor

I dreamed of the same haunted house on three separate occasions. One I could remember is I had my niece on my back running with my mother. The floor opened up and creatures started pouring out of it.

Dreaming of a haunted house, especially if it is a recurring dream, means that you have been exposed, either indirectly or intentionally by others, to some ongoing quarrels and conflicts on many occasions. You have been drawn into this conflict because people who are in it depend on you as someone capable of providing protection for them or they simply want you to be involved. The creatures appearing from under the floor of the house and flooding it represent unnecessary rumors or misinformed opinions people outside of this conflict could exchange in regards to what's happening around you. The most sensible solution to this situation for you personally would be to identify the true reason you stay interested in participating in and spending time on these confrontations.

A cyborg creature attacking

There is this bin filled with gray sludge I put my hand over it my hand strata glowing and I resurrect a cyborg very buff and strong Jesus. He tries attacking me, I run away and hide under a diving board in a pool. He scans for me. I get out and end up in this room with this box that starts shooting out everything I can possibly imagine at me like creatures and giant people that are different colors. I noticed I was dreaming half way though and tried to lucid dream, but I couldn't control anything. Then I wake up nervous and confused. What is wrong with me?

Dreams involving giants represent people who you look up to, such as parents or teachers. The multiple creatures and variety of activity in this dream seem to point to memories or recollections, possibly about school, making the sign for teachers more likely. If you are in school now, this vision might be the result of your subconscious mind trying to process the sudden flurry of activity and social interactions you are now experiencing. If you are not currently enrolled in classes, it may be that this time of year is bringing about those thoughts and feelings. Finally, seeing the image of Jesus is symbolic of wrestling with moral issues. You may want to think about how you have acted recently and the possible consequences of your actions.

Being followed by an unknown creature

Me and my family went on vacation in Italy. We stayed in a house on a hill in the middle of nowhere. We stayed a week and every night when I am in my room, I feel like I am being watched and I get the same dream. I wake up in the house and there is a big dog-like creature with fur darker than black and red eyes (that walks on two legs). It just kept watching and following me and then it disappeared. When I went back to my homeland, it came back, but it was in my house. After that I woke up.

Dreaming about a creature resembling a black dog is an ominous sign, but it is not necessarily related to your vacation or your feeling of being watched. While dogs are normally associated with loyalty and trust, a black dog represents a breach of trust you have with another person, likely a friend you see fairly often. While this person is around when times are good, you may notice their absence when things get rough or, conversely, realize that what you share with them in confidence may become the gossip among those around you. While this is something that needs to be addressed promptly, you should be careful not to act rashly. The red eyes of the dog indicate a tendency to act in haste, which could make your situation worse than it already is.

Creatures emerging from an open wound

Was in a structure, maybe a house, that was being invaded by cats with razor sharp teeth and claws. My palms were flayed open defending the house, which was eventually sealed. I had severe pain in my hands, and upon examining my wounds, I discovered various sea creatures and a centipede writhing around in them. Someone (I don't know who) whose authority I respected, claimed that the creatures were the gods being born after I had removed them and watched them scatter into the wild.

The more intricate the tapestry of a dream, the more specific the message it conveys. In your case, the house represents your persona. As such, defending yourself from the cats alludes to self-preservation. The cats symbolize betrayal from backstabbers and manipulators in your life. Be on guard from suspicious people worming their way into your life who could end up taking advantage of your generosity and good will. The final bits of your dream point to your attitude under pressure. Sea creatures are able to breathe underwater, but the centipede suggests doubts and negative thinking. Perhaps you have a tendency to buckle under pressure or crumble in confrontations. This vision shows you that you are capable of overcoming challenges no matter how difficult, if only you let go of your fears.

Unknown creature turning into a dog

As I was lying on my bed on my back with my legs open, there was this heavy body on my body, really heavy that was trying to penetrate me. I tried so hard to fight this body off my body as I couldn't breathe and then I started saying "In Jesus name, in Jesus name" and the body suddenly lifted off my body and as it left my body it turned into a dog and it ran off with its tail between its legs.

Dreaming about being raped by what feels to be a heavy, formless body is often interpreted as a sign of demons and other negative energy trying to get inside of you and get ahold of your soul. This can be caused by the presence of trials and tribulations in your life which could influence you to act negatively. The culmination of these hardships is likely to be a separation from someone you loved or once had a strong connection to, as seen in the image of the retreating dog. Calling out to Jesus, however, suggests your faith is strong and that you have the strength it takes to fight these battles.

Trying to catch a creature in the ocean

In my dream, all that I can remember was planning on how we (we being me and whoever I was talking to, but I couldn't see anybody) were going to catch something in the ocean. I vividly remember being in the ocean under water planning the tactics of how we were going to catch this unknown. I woke up charged and energized, almost excited in a way.

Being underwater in the vast ocean trying to catch something alludes to feelings of empowerment. You are likely feeling confident about your capabilities and ready to take risks to see where your skills can take you. This denotes a period of harnessing your hidden potential. Diving into the ocean's depths also symbolizes upcoming travels. You may soon pack your bags to go off on a trip you have been wanting to take, possibly work-related or purely for pleasure. You could have been delaying it up until now due to your busy schedule, work overload or family concerns.

Being tested by an unknown creature

I'm pressured to identify shapes, numbers, and letters on a huge white screen. The process speeds up and it's hard to keep identifying them in the sequence they appeared in. All the time during this "test", I am monitored by a being or entity I can't make out, as they're right at the edge of my peripheral vision. They don't seem human and are very detached.

Being tested by unknown entities in your dream reveals a fear of failure. Perhaps you have been feeling extreme stress and pressure in reality as a result of piling workloads or rising expectations from your superiors. Maybe you feel as if they are expecting too much out of you and you could be headed for burnout if you do not slow down. For this reason, you view bosses or clients in the waking world as cold and calculating creatures, the same way they were depicted in the dream. Perhaps a little understanding and acceptance on both sides, you and them, would help make working conditions better for all.

Water and sea creatures

Ocean animals or amphibians are a poignant symbol to perceive in the dream realm. It can have different interpretations in waking life, depending on what you saw or felt. Seeing a beautiful fish or an interesting marine creature represents emotional growth and developments in your personality. Seeing some type of monster that gave you a scared or unsettled feeling, however, may reveal a need to evaluate some aspect of your life that is causing you stress.