Dreams Related To Cow

Dream meaning interpretation of a cow following you

A cow following you

To dream about being followed or chased by a cow indicates being an unexpected recipient of substantial inheritance or assets left by a family member or relative. On the other hand, this dream vision could mean having to deal with a rival or competitor in your line of work, business or romantic relationship. If the cow is unable to overtake or overrun you in the dream, this indicates that despite the competition, your state of affairs would go smoothly as planned.

Being chased by a cow and villagers

I had a dream were I was being chased by a cow and when I entered the house even the door couldn't be locked, the cow was tough and serious. The second dream was I was in a certain village, the day was sunny and raining after awhile, people began chasing me because they wanted to eat me. While running I saw a lake.

Negative dreams often appear when the dreamer is overwhelmed by difficult circumstances. Your subconscious is trying to message you that you should put an end to a bothering situation through these dream visions. Being chased two times during different dream scenarios reveals your fears of a change that you cannot let go of. However, being chased by a cow does not predict an adverse event in your life, but it may foretell financial improvements. You may be thinking about business investments, but your fears prevent you from taking action. Seeing other people chasing you can indicate that some individuals with significant influence in your surroundings are prompting certain emotions in you which you feel uneasy about.

Blood from a slaughtered cow

I dream someone asking me to slaughter a cow, then when I cut three times, the blood came heavily like rain and it spilled all over me.

Slaughtering a cow could signify your desire to express your ambitions. It is possible there is an opportunity you wish to take advantage of, and other people noticing your efforts would make you happy. This symbol can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you. The idea that someone asked you to do this could reveal the presence of peer pressure, suggesting either your ambition or anger is not entirely your own. The blood that spills over you at the end of the vision could predict receiving important and unexpected news, although whether this would be the trigger to your actions or a response to them is unclear.

A herd of cows

Dreaming about seeing a herd of cows symbolizes unexpressed remorse and guilt. A very close friend or family member may have committed a wrongful act in the past that you knew nothing about. Out of shame and fear of being castigated, this person could not yet muster the courage to tell you about it even if he or she was truly sorry for the lapse in judgment. This dream vision is reminding you to go easy on the person and find it in your heart to forgive as soon as you discover the truth.

A white cow

Seeing or standing near a white cow in a dream symbolizes random acts of kindness. Someone would do you a favor or be nice to you anytime soon. A simple gesture such as opening a door for you or giving you a hand with that heavy luggage would put a smile on your face. But then you might also get the biggest surprise of your life by becoming a recipient of a life-changing gift, like a college grant or a really huge compensation.

A black and white cow

Dreaming about encountering a cow with beautiful black and white spots is a symbol of monetary incentives. You might soon get a salary raise in accordance with your work promotion. You could receive a substantial amount of money as a gift from a member of your family or a relative. You could get a big tip from your waiting tables or doing any other service-oriented work.

A cow giving birth

If you are a female reader, witnessing a cow giving birth to a calf in a dream is a symbolic reference to the pains and difficulties experienced during pregnancy or child birth. If you have yet to get pregnant, this dream vision reminds you to brace yourself for a nine-month period of inconvenience, but the ultimate reward of becoming a mother to an adorable baby would all be worth it.

Running into a cow

Having a dream about running into or coming across a cow is like colliding with success head on in real life. You could soon get a job which would pay you more than your current work. Or you might engage in a business activity which would make you considerably wealthy. In other words, you would be able to find an excellent source of livelihood, or what sometimes is referred to as a cash cow, just like the useful animal in your dream symbolically represents.

Worrying about cows in a field

I had a dream about me and my son were in this room, some lady was asking us questions and all I seemed to be worried about was the cows lying down in the field because there was a lightning.

Seeing a herd of cows lying down in a field reveals your yearning to be a member of a community. You may be thinking about bringing your son into a group where he would thrive. The symbol of lightning alludes to quick and significant events, which means you may be planning on making some major changes in your current situation. Perhaps you are thinking about moving to a new home, getting a new job or introducing your son to a better social environment. Whichever is the case, your decisions would have lasting effects on your family's life.

Slaughtering a white cow

Slaughtering a white cow.

A white cow embodies kindness and selfless acts. In the context of your dream, slaughtering this white cow could reveal your anger and frustration about people's expectations towards you. Perhaps others see you as a meek, nurturing and domesticated character which is not how you see yourself. You may have grown tired of always giving your time and effort to others without getting anything in return. In that sense, the killing of the cow alludes to transformation. A fire has been ignited inside of you and you are now ready to pursue your passions instead of succumbing to peer pressure.

Riding on a cow

Riding a cow in a dream symbolizes a favorable occurrence in real life. This piece of good news could be anything from passing a state board examination, getting a job, starting a business, going on a weeklong vacation, winning a lottery, to snagging a future wife or hubby.

A black cow at the wedding

I am preparing to get married and I dreamed of my wedding with lots of people, but most of the people was my family, however the wedding was kept at my house and between the fence that divided me and my neighbor, a black cow was standing. Right between the fence.

Dreaming about your wedding reveals your excitement about this upcoming milestone in your life. Unfortunately, the black cow is an ill omen in the dream world. It predicts an illness, even possible demise. Perhaps the stress of all the planning would take its toll on your health, so it may be helpful if you take it easy before the big event. Alternatively, the fence itself symbolizes an obstacle or challenge. The prevailing pandemic may hamper this joyous occasion as you ensure the safety of your guests with proper protocols.

Cow following you in dream meaning and interpretation

A brown cow

To dream about seeing a brown cow is symbolic of a sweet reunion with good old friends. You would have the opportunity to meet up with elementary or high school classmates or old buddies for a long-awaited get-together. Such an occasion would bring back happy memories as well as set forth plans for meaningful projects in the future.

A black cow

Crossing paths with a black cow in a dream is ominous of physical discomforts and pains, illnesses and health scares, and possibly even death. You may actually have good reasons to be worried about as far as your physical condition is concerned. If you feel that something is not right with any part of your body, you need to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you can. You should not play it down or think that it might only be a temporary case. Delaying the diagnosis could put you at great risk of falling seriously ill or dying.

A peacefully grazing cow

Dreaming about a cow peacefully grazing on the vast grassland is a symbol of abundance and prosperity in real life. It is only fitting that all your hard work and diligence would culminate in the realization of your dreams and aspirations, and this is exactly how it would unravel in your life in the near future. You deserve all the rewards and blessings you would soon reap after all those years of hard work and personal sacrifices.

Milking a cow

Milking a cow in a dream is a promising sign indicating the high likelihood of receiving a huge inheritance. It could also mean acquiring something which has long been hoped for, such as a material possession or a romantic relationship. On the other hand, seeing someone else milking a cow in a dream is a literal symbol of your desire for simpler and uncomplicated rural living. You are most probably fed up with your urban existence, and now you may be longing for a peaceful and quiet life in the middle of arable land surrounded by domestic animals.

For a different interpretation, having a dream about milking a cow indicates that you may be able to reconcile with your romantic partner whom you are currently or have recently had a falling out with. If you are careful not to engage in finger-pointing, and make sure not to bring up past mistakes, you will succeed in rebuilding your trust in each other and rekindling the love which has temporarily gone sour. Chances are, you could even have a stronger romantic relationship this time around which would stand the test of time.

A cow for males

If you are a male reader, dreaming about a cow in general is a symbol of asexuality. For some reason, your relationship with the opposite sex may be cordial or superficial at best, but certainly not intimate or sexual. It is possible that you may even regard the female species with contempt. However, it does not mean that you have homosexual tendencies.

A cowshed

Dreaming about seeing or working inside a cowshed is a favorable sign which indicates a life-changing offer at work or in regard to your business. You might attribute this irresistible offer to pure luck, but your previous efforts actually had a hand in it, and you deserve what you would get. This dream vision also signifies an impending marriage proposal for individuals who are not yet married. If the cowshed is full of manure in the dream, it could only mean a lucky streak. That is, you would witness a succession of favorable events and beneficial occurrences.

A cow from a distance

Having a dream about observing a cow grazing from a distance indicates being busy and hard at work in real life. You would soon find yourself immersed in a lot of fast-paced activities in the office, at home or in your business. The fact that these activities are essential to your survival and economic progress gives you enough motivation to perform them willingly and wholeheartedly.

A healthy cow

Encountering a healthy, well-fed cow in a dream is a symbol of well-deserved success and prosperity. The affluence and abundance you are currently or about to experience would come as no surprise since you have toiled from the very beginning and given it all you have got to achieve this status. You not only nurtured the dream with positive thoughts, but you also fed it with good old hard work. The notion of your life being a bittersweet story of success would be an understatement.

An undernourished cow

A dream about coming across an undernourished, emaciated cow symbolizes the possibility of experiencing the same sad situation in life. Leading a Hellenistic lifestyle and partying day and night could trigger and accelerate your descent into vagrancy and extreme poverty. This dream vision is a reminder that your wasteful ways should stop or you could end up panhandling and holding a coin cup.

Shepherding cows

Shepherding a herd of cows in a dream is an ominous sign indicating the impending arrival of people who may harbor a grudge or seethe with envy. Extra caution is called for in these times, especially since you have worked so hard to reach your current status in life. You could not afford to lose your hard-earned success just because some people who do not exist in your book might be plotting to pull you down. You must be prepared to counter their attacks from behind, verbal, physical or otherwise, so that they would not stand a chance to overpower and control you.

A cow for females

If you are a female reader, having recurring dreams about a cow in general could mean harboring feelings of being ignored or neglected by the opposite sex. You could be going to great lengths to try to look attractive to the male members of your immediate social circle, but your efforts do not seem to have any effect. If you are already in a relationship, you might wonder why your partner seems to grow more and more distant, and yet the last time you checked you were sure you did not have bad breath. Perhaps the problem lies not in your outward appearance but in your attitude or personality.

A ruminating cow

To dream about a ruminating or masticating cow is a reflection of your indifference and insensitivity to the needs of others. Your unwillingness to help others may be due to the fact that you also often have to fend for yourself, with no one to lean on in times of need. If you can do it on your own, then the only reason people find themselves asking for assistance is because they are too lazy to sweat it out and would rather rely on other people's benevolence. Therefore, they do not deserve your attention. The downside is, you may be called a heartless person who would not respond to an urgent need.

A cow with a calf

Having a dream about observing a cow and its calf grazing side by side represents double fortune. A sudden but favorable turn of events at work or in your business would increase your earnings exponentially in the near future. You would soon be able to afford a lifestyle you have only envisioned in your dreams. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you could bankroll a passion into a profitable business in order to make even more money.

Being chased by a brown cow

I had a dream being in a graveyard and looking for my mother. But there was a brown cow and it was chasing me.

Although it is not clear to us from your request whether your mother is presently deceased or alive, looking for her in this dream represents possible hardships or trials you could be going through in wake life at the moment and seeking help with. Traditionally, the symbol of deceased mother appearing in dreams signifies a promise of receiving help and support in difficult situations. The symbolic vision of a brown cow is a positive sign of having reliable old friends in waking life, such as school classmates or childhood buddies, who would always be there to help you when a complicated situation or uncertainty enters your life, and they are the ones who would be able to lend a helping hand in times when you need it.

A cow serving you dinner

Dreaming about a cow wearing an apron and serving you dinner could be a tell-tale sign of neglect in the household. You may not be aware of it, but you could be leaving your romantic partner out and forgetting his or her own needs. You might be so absorbed in your own preoccupations that the simple acts you used to do for your spouse, such as a dinner together or a night at the movies, may no longer be part of your priorities. Feeling perpetually stuck in his or her monotonous, drab existence, your partner might want out of the relationship. To keep the relationship fresh and spiced, you might need to occasionally engage your partner in activities which can be naughty and exciting for both.

Cows butting each other

Dreaming about two or more cows engaging in a fierce butt fight is a symbol of favorable outcomes both for your current and future undertakings. Whatever you are doing right now, you can rest assured that it will be financially beneficial for you and your entire family. Whatever you are planning to do in the near future, you could expect that such an endeavor will make your life and the lives of people who matter to you a lot more uncomplicated and comfortable.

Mooing without the cow

A dream about hearing a loud, mooing sound even with no cow in sight indicates that someone pretending to be a friend intends to destroy your good social standing by making disparaging comments about you behind your back. This person might actually succeed in altering people's perception about you, and you could find yourself at a great disadvantage even if the rumors are not true. Before it happens, you need to find out who among your friends might want to harm you, so you can stop that person in his or her tracks.

A cow butting

Dreaming about being butted by a cow is a symbol of unwanted company. You would soon receive a surprise knock on your door. Someone whose mere presence would cause your blood pressure to shoot up would pay you a visit or join your group conversation, and you would be forced to receive this person in the name of decency. You might be tempted to express your disdain with hints of sarcasm, but you would choose to remain calm and composed throughout the entire proceeding. You might even be surprised to find out that this person is not as bad as you previously thought, and this initially awkward meeting could turn out well in the end.

Holding a cow by its horns

Having a dream about holding a cow by its horns while someone else is milking it symbolizes dangers pertaining to material losses and burglaries. It indicates that you could lose a lot of money or be hard up for cash, probably as a result of a job loss or an increase in your business liabilities. Unless you could avert the situation by getting another job or turning the business around soon, this difficult phase would threaten the survival of your entire family. On the other hand, this dream vision is warning you that your house could become an easy target for theft because you ignored to implement better safety and security measures.

A cow with a star on its head

To dream about a cow with a star shape on its forehead signifies a long-awaited visitation by a dear friend or acquaintance. The fact that you are always in deep thought about a very special person whom you have not seen for a long time is already an indication that this person will pay you a visit any time soon, much to your surprise and delight. As they say, the more you wish for something to happen, the greater the chance it would turn into a reality.

A cow being slaughtered

The slaughtering of a cow in the dream world can have different interpretations depending on your situation in wake life. Specifically killing the cow to provide food for yourself and others is interpreted by Jungian sources to mean that you are a responsible individual who is cool and calm enough to take control of yourself during difficult situations, like natural disasters or terrorist attacks, when they take place. Hindu sources, however, suggest that killing a cow for no particular reason may be reflections of your unconscious ambitions. You are likely willing and capable of doing a lot of things, and not necessarily good things, for the sake of your own benefit.

Cow dung on the ground

I dreamt of a land full of dry cow dung.

Cows, as animals, are often associated with bountiful harvests and plenty of food. Feces is another positive symbol that is often connected with the idea of money and wealth. These two images combined seem to suggest making a profit from some sort of agricultural activity or food-based company. If you have an idea for a restaurant or are thinking about investing in such an endeavor, now may be the good time to do it.

A cow on a mountain slope

To dream about observing a cow grazing on a mountain slope is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. Having made the right decisions in your career and in your life in general, you will be assured of a bright future filled with a lot of opportunities for career growth and material abundance. Since you have been faithful to and focused on your plans from day one, you would be able to complete all of the requisite tasks on your way to realizing your dreams.

A cow tied to the roof

Seen a young fat cow been tied up the roof, struggling to be free.

Seeing a fat cow in a dream is an auspicious sign that points toward receiving some well-deserved success and recognition. The rewards you reap from your labor should not be a surprise to you because you have likely been working hard with this goal in mind for a long time. However, seeing the cow tied to the roof indicates there may be at least one more hurdle that is preventing you from attaining your earthly glory. To overcome this, you may need to make one final effort toward your goals, working harder than ever before to put this last piece in its place.

Petting a cow

To dream about petting or touching a cow is a symbol of selfishness. You seem to be concerned only about your own personal welfare. Every time you go out of your way to help others, you would expect something in return. Before providing assistance or making a contribution, you would pause to think whether you would stand to gain in the process. But sometimes, an unrewarded act of kindness and generosity is what makes a person truly happy. On a lighter note, this dream vision could mean acquiring more wealth and fostering better relationships within the family.

A hornless cow

Having a dream about encountering a hornless cow represents a fateful encounter with a domineering person in real life. This person's airy antics might strike you as cool at first, and you would want to be around him or her to feel safe or even superior to others. But as days go by, you would feel a growing tension between the two of you because this person would try to control your every move and treat you like his minion the way he does others. As you continue to associate with him, your other relationships would suffer, making you wish you had not met this airhead in the first place.

Cows on top of a tree

I dreamt of cows, very big cows on top of a very big tree and as I went forward, I found a very big cow grazing and then it chased me, but it never caught me. It was of black and white color.

Cows are symbols of abundance and seeing such a sign in a dream predicts being well provided for or have a plentiful amount of food. However, envisioning these cows high up in a tree and then running away as one of them chases you, suggests that this prosperity is somehow out of your reach or that you are working hard toward a goal, but often fall short of attaining it. The black and white color of the cow indicates this is related to money, such as getting a better job or receiving a raise. While there is no indication of either complete success or failure, this vision does point toward the need of working hard, if this is what you consider your first and utmost priority.

A lost cow

Having a dream about looking for and eventually finding a cow which has gone astray or has been separated from the herd portends the grim possibility of experiencing difficulties and hardships in a current undertaking. It could take some time to be able to completely overcome the obstacles, but that is exactly the point. This dream vision is a lesson in patience and perseverance. There are things in life which only time can heal or make right.

A yellow cow attacking

I dream of a yellow fat cow with horn trying to attack me while I was on the floor. I tried to stop the cow with one of my legs.

Dreaming of a fat cow with a horn indicates you have a lot of pent up creative energy that is trying to escape. Trying to stop the cow from attacking you may mean that you feel too busy or stressed to give into these urges, but it might be worth your time and effort to utilize this creative energy. This could be done, for instance, through crafting and selling products online or displaying completed works of art in a gallery.

Having a cow for a pet

I had a dream that I had a pet cow. I was at the beach with it. It lay on the sand, under an umbrella as I was enjoying the clear beach water. There were many people around admiring the cow, but nobody was afraid. I then walked the cow on a leash as if walking a dog.

Both the images of a pet cow and being by the sea have congruent meanings. A dream of petting a cow is a symbol of selfishness, you seem to be a very egocentric person. You may help others, but only after you have evaluated the potential benefit to yourself as well. Dreaming about being on the seashore demonstrates your remorse for something mean that you may have done to another person, who does not deserve this treatment. You are probably worried about how to correct this situation and, luckily for you, the cow dream could mean improved personal relationships within your family and social environment.

Cows in an abandoned house attacking

Male, 25 years. Last night I saw a dream. It is an old broken room without a roof. The doors are broken and there are holes 1-2 feet large in the walls. I saw there was a cow with its newly-born baby. Someone told me that a mother cow will attack anyone who tries to harm its baby. I move forward, there is another room in the same condition, but the cow in this room just attacked without caring for its offspring and looking angry and tried to break through the wall to attack me.

The old, broken house you saw in your vision, complete with cracks and a missing roof, indicates changes in your life that are not for the better. For example, you may find that you have to move house, not because you want to, but because some outside forces are prompting this change. This sign can also represent sickness and death within the family or a close circle of friends. The second sign further supports this notion. While a cow and calf normally represent fortune and luck, the angry disposition and attack point toward internal frustration at your situation, meaning wealth and opportunity are just beyond your grasp, but you are powerless to get them at the moment.

Cows turning into people

It was with herds of cattle, cows. I gave them water. But in the dream they complained they needed water and were arguing among one another who should be fed first with water. My surprise is that they turned to humans in my dreams. They all turned to humans. They even attended an occasion like a wedding in my dream, but I don't think they were really properly dressed.

Dreaming of a herd of cows or cattle symbolizes guilt and unspoken remorse. Someone in your family or circle of friends may have wronged you without your knowledge. Alternatively, cows being gentle and nurturing creatures are also associated with female figures in your life as well as traditional feminine associations such as motherhood, fertility, warmth, even passivity. Water, on the other hand, represents emotional stability, nourishment, clarity, health and spiritual enlightenment. Giving water to the cows denotes a desire to achieve clarity in your relationship with a female or satisfy her needs. Evidently, the women in your life are looking for you to come clean or put an issue to rest. Perhaps this decision or action that is being asked of you has something to do with the occasion in your dream. Look deeper into your current preoccupations to find the loose end that is tugging at your subconscious.

Slaughtered cows and deceased mother

Many many brown cows were slaughtered and I am laying on the ground, then stepping over them and I could also see my late mum in the distance. The animals were ready to go for sale.

A dream containing images of slaughtered cows usually indicates that you are subconsciously dealing with issues concerning your maturity, especially sexual maturity. This dream commonly occurs in younger people while they are making the difficult transition from adolescence to adulthood. The color of the cows, in this case brown, symbolizes meeting old friends, enjoying happy memories shared with them and making new plans. This is reinforced by the appearance in the dream of a late mother, which often indicates a passage into a new, positive phase of your life.

A red cow

Dreaming about seeing or standing next to a red cow indicates possible fire incidents in the near future. It could happen at home or at work, which could mean losing things of great value, or God forbid, losing lives. Before it happens, you might consider fixing faulty electric wires and ridding your house of highly combustible materials stored in places which could burst into flames or become deadly traps if the unthinkable event happens. You might want to recommend the installation of fire safety kits, fire alarms and fire extinguishers in strategic places in your office building. The costs of such installations might set you or your company back a bit, but you would rather invest in safety measures than lose everything at once in a fire.

A milkmaid by the cow

A dream about seeing a milkmaid standing next to a cow symbolizes animosity and aversion. If you are a male reader, showing interest in the girl you initially thought would make an ideal mate would be met with hostility and rejection. The fact is, she does not feel the same way about you, and your insistence would only intensify her hatred toward you. Understandably, it would cause you a lot of heartache. But it is better to experience the pain early on than to invest in a futile relationship and rely on false hopes, only to end up completely devastated.

Owning a herd of cows

Having a dream about owning a herd of cows symbolizes a dramatic increase in wealth and assets in the near future. If you are employed, you could quickly rise through the ranks and be promoted to executive positions in the company on account of your exemplary skills, regardless of seniority. Owing to your business savvy, you could turn a small-scale enterprise into a multi-million dollar business. If you are investing in stocks, you would have the eye for winning companies and be able to multiply your investments in a short period of time.

A friendly and an aggressive cow

Dreaming of calm water up to my shoulder inside a small house. I opened the front red door to the house and saw a squad of military men that are armed with weapons waiting on a very important person to come, and then saw a cow running towards me aggressively, and I closed the door in fear. I thought "How am I going to get to the other door with all this water I'm in?". I finally walked through the calm water, I was into the other door and another cow was waiting for me there. I felt that the cow wasn't aggressive, so I came out of the water and the cow came along behind me.

This vision has several complicated symbols, but there are a few features of importance. The first is finding yourself in a house filled with water, which is symbolic of good and evil forces around you battling for supremacy. You may have felt the pull of one side or another when presented with a choice or an opportunity recently. This may be related to food or sustenance, as cows are often associated with bountiful surplus and prosperity. In this case, then, sharing your riches with others may be the moral obligation you felt drawn to and your desire to provide for and protect your family's interests are the selfish, immoral feelings. This vision is possibly a warning or lesson that there is no right answer. Giving may leave your family vulnerable, but not helping others does not satisfy our desire to be good people. You should weigh the pros and cons of each option carefully before making a decision.

Looking for a cow

Dreaming about trying to locate a cow is reminiscent of the biblical story about a prodigal child. In reality, you would soon be dealing with problems concerning your own child, a younger sibling or someone close to you who is younger than you are. This person may be subject to peer pressure or going through a difficult phase of self-discovery, and his or her desire for social acceptance might garner the wrong set of values or friends. This person would need the full support and proper guidance of an older, more experienced relative or friend like you.

Chasing a cow

Chasing a cow.

Dreaming that you are chasing a cow could symbolize some looming danger or threat. You would only be able to prevent or avoid it by exercising some degree of caution. You would need to approach every new situations or developments with careful analysis and assessment. Alternatively, you might be trying too hard to make something happen. In both cases, you would be better off by thinking before you act on it.

A cow munching on the hand

A cow with a big sharp horns came towards me, I was scared, but it was wanting my hand in her mouth, she raised her mouth making sure I am not hurt by horns, as if trying to tell me something, took my palm in her mouth and I could feel teeth, but softly touching my palms, I was still scared. Then I felt my teeth hurting my palm, I got more scared and I tried to pull my hand out, but it won't open its mouth and then I started hitting its neck and mouth, which opened and I took my hand out.

Cows are considered holy in some cultures. Their appearance in dreams symbolizes prosperity, ample food, as well as feelings of love and affection towards a maternal or authority figure. Your hand pertains to your will while the palm represents your fate. Being scared of the cow biting your hand indicates your fear of losing control of your own life. The notion that the cow avoids hurting you directly with its horns suggests a gentler way of persuading you to enter into an arrangement which could have major repercussions in your future and seeing it sinking its teeth on your palm signifies a shift of influence and power from you to the other party. While you manage to extricate your hand from the mouth of the cow, hitting its neck and mouth could mean getting your way or regaining your freedom at the cost of hurting someone or damaging something precious.

A cow with a big udder

Dreaming about seeing a cow with a big udder is a green light signal to start an important endeavor. This is the appropriate time for you to put your plans into action because you will have greater chances of succeeding. However, if the cow in the dream looked undernourished, with an empty-looking udder, it indicates that you may have to go through a lot of hardships and difficulties before you could finally reap the fruits of your labor and hard work.

Selling a cow

Having a dream about selling a cow predicts the possibility of losing a substantial amount of money and property as a result of bad decisions in life. You need to reexamine your future plans and actions because these might lead to financial losses instead of monetary gains. Sometimes, your judgment may not turn out in your favor even if it looks like nothing could go wrong. This dream vision may be telling you to enlist the help of other people who could give you an unbiased and objective opinion about where your current undertakings might be taking you. With their proper guidance, you would have a clearer picture of your future.

A cow fighting with a snake

Saw a big fat cow fighting a snake and defeating it. I know this in a real-world a cow can never defeat a snake.

Symbolically, cows and snakes are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Cows represent the loving and nurturing aspects of human beings, while snakes are associated with being cold-blooded and ruthless. As such, this dream may be showing you the two sides of your personality and serving as a confirmation that no matter what happens, you always choose to be generous and sympathetic towards others, especially your loved ones.

Buying a cow

For young couples, dreaming about buying a cow could mean a productive partnership and an opportunity to make a lot of money together or through a concerted effort, as well as the possibility of getting married at the most opportune time. For married couples, this dream vision indicates a blissful union, a picture-perfect family, and a home full of love and peace. For couples whose current situation bears little or no resemblance to anything which has been described here, this dream vision is a reminder that they can only enjoy an ideal relationship or family life if they are willing to give up their current preoccupations and prioritize their loved ones' needs.

A cow leaving someone's yard

A dream about seeing a cow leaving or walking away from a person's backyard or grass-covered area behind the house is a symbol of death occurring in this person's family. If the person in the dream is a friend or a relative, the loss would also have a profound effect on you, and it might take you a long time to come to terms with the reality.

Drinking cow's milk

Having a dream about drinking cow's milk while the cow looks on portends upcoming changes in your physical condition. If you are currently in good health, either you will feel even better or you will fall ill. If you are currently ill, either you are on the way to complete recovery or your situation will take a turn for the worse.

A mythological depiction of a sacred cow

I see a golden cow "Kamdhenu Cow", Sacred Cow according to Hindu Mythology, and she constantly changes her appearance. First, she changes to a lion, then to some sort of a dragon-like and then some unknown animal and then finally has sex with an ox, but dog-knot style.

A cow in dreams typically symbolizes abundance, femininity, love and motherhood. This cow in your dream could represent a maternal figure in the waking world. The constant transformation alludes to the different aspects of her persona - perhaps the manipulative side (the lion) and a tendency to be arrogant and temperamental (dragon). To tame the beast, so to speak, perhaps this individual needs to find her match, that is, the symbolic ox in the dream. Alternatively, the cow could be your passivity and all the other transformations refer to your varying moods. To become more assertive in the real world, you may need to achieve a balance between your passive side (cow) and volatile side (lion, dragon) through hard work and diligence (ox).

Trying to catch a cow which has gotten away

In my dream, I was walking with a cow and a red handkerchief was the only tie on the cow's neck. Then suddenly I released the tie and let the cow run. And I just kept chasing the cow. And in that time somewhere out there came a man whom I don't know, he helped me chase the cow and he also declared he can't catch the cow.

Cows are symbolic of food and in this vision seem to indicate that your current situation is lacking nothing in terms of necessities. While you may be comfortable, the challenge is in not becoming too comfortable that you take your blessings for granted or treat others poorly. This can be seen in your action of removing the red handkerchief from around the cow's neck. As red is the colour of strong emotions, "letting loose" could predict an emotional outbreak which could damage your reliance on someone who currently provides most of your livelihoods, such as an older relative or your parents. This conflict could cause all your wealth and prosperity to evaporate overnight, leading to a life of destitution and misery.

Succeeding at raising cows

My male friend sent a text saying he dreamt I bought dairy cows and started selling milk. It was a very profitable venture and that I told him I make 20,000 shillings a day.

Cows are symbolic of hard work and industry as well as motherhood. Your friend's dream wherein you are profiting from selling cow's milk means that he sees you as a hard-working and goal-driven individual who would reap the rewards of all the effort you put into your work. It is a sign of admiration. Your friend probably sees you as an inspiration for focus and motivation.

A dying cow

In certain religions, a cow is a sacred animal. As such, dreaming of dying cattle, particularly a cow, portends bad luck in your future. You could face financial difficulty or a similar concern which would affect you and your loved ones. This bleak fortune, however, is not set in stone, and the nature of the situation could quickly turn depending on how you tackle your problems.