Dreams Related To Couple

Visiting an elderly couple

Every year I have a dream about me and my parents visiting these two elderly people in a very large old house and I always have it at summertime. The first dream was me and my parents walking up the dirt road towards the house and then having afternoon tea with the elderly woman and man, the next year around about the same time of year we went to visit again, but this time the elderly woman said her husband had died and was talking about how lonely she was, then the next year it was different.

The presence of the elderly in your dream vision could point toward an inclination for psychic powers or special sensitivities, as older people who are strangers to you are often associated with the idea of strange events and the other worlds. This could also be connected to something much older, like the forgotten knowledge of times past. Depending on the time and place you were at the time of each dream, you could determine what is pulling these powers out during the summertime. Going back to the vision, the death of the older gentleman could indicate your powers are weakening, either due to lack of use or distance to the source of your energy. If you want to capture and utilize this power, you should analyze the past occurrences and move from there.