Dreams Related To Corridor

Mysterious corridor

A mysterious corridor, such as one which is shrouded in darkness or decorated with mysterious artifacts, depicts a personal transformation. You are about to embark on a risky yet exciting journey. This could entail travel to an exotic location or simple relocation to a new neighborhood. Expect to make new friends as well as a total revamp to your routine. This period will result in a huge personal growth because of your decision to get out of your comfort zone.

Wandering through corridors

My dream was that I was on backside of my new home and was chased by a man (worker at my hospital). I ran and looks like I'm running on the back lawn of the hospital. Then I enter a corridor, but the corridor looks like the corridor of my old home. I then entered the first room on the left side in the corridor and shut the door. Then I woke up.

Being in a new house while in REM sleep alludes to new opportunities appearing in your future. However, the man who chases you suggests you either do not want or are not ready for this change. For instance, you may have been offered a new job. While this is surely cause for celebration, the new responsibilities or location may make you hesitant to accept. The hospital corridor that appears like the hallway in your old house is symbolic of living a comfortable happy life. You would be in such a relaxed, peaceful state that it would be like when you were a child, content with the simple things and completely unaware of the troubles around you.