Dreams Related To Corn

A corn husk

A corn husk.

A corn husk represents a brilliant idea which would be improperly executed. You would waste a lot of time and money on a project that would end up failing because of mismanagement. Alternatively, this could also mean you would be deceived into investing in an over-hyped product or business which in reality is not making any profit. Joining the bandwagon would mean big losses for you, so practice due diligence before investing your hard-earned money.

Corn flakes

Cornflakes, like the cereal, represent a tendency to exaggerate things or blow things out of proportion. This may be causing problems in areas where you would normally be quite capable. For example, you may embellish your resume by pretending your second language ability is more fluent than it really is, causing issues when your employer expects you to use your ability to work directly with clients. You may need to take a step back and really consider your true abilities. Alternatively, this symbol can mean you fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, causing unnecessary conflict between you and others.

Boiled corn

Boiling corn or eating corn that has been boiled is a symbol closely associated with pleasant dining experiences. Seeing this symbol in your dreams can predict being served delicious sweets and savory dishes when visiting friends and family. If you plan to spend time with a close friend or relative soon, you would likely enjoy your meals and the company very much.

Canned corn

Seeing canned corn in a dream vision or opening such a can could mean you are about to run into a friend or family member you have not interacted with for some time. This individual would surprise you by their presence and also bring you much joy and relief. Additionally, this individual would probably treat you to a meal outside of your home, either at a restaurant or nice cafe.


Popcorn, whether it is in a machine or bucket, is often interpreted as a sign of celebration and excitement. Some members of your group of friends or social circle may organize a party at a local hangout, cafe or restaurant so that everyone can spend time together. This event would bring much happiness, both in its planning and execution, and you would make many great memories during this time.

Dreams about corn plants or corn harvest

Harvesting corn

The act of harvesting corn during the course of a dream could predict soon traveling somewhere for the first time. This new experience would have a profoundly positive effect on your life and inspire you to your deepest core. You would enjoy this trip so much that you may even decide to return multiple times at a later date in order to rekindle your passion and uplift your spirit.

Green corn plants

Green corn stalks growing on an open farm could mean you are setting your standards too high when it comes to parties or social events. You may want to go out to all the best and brightest parties in town, hoping to increase your reputation and get to know people who are rich and famous. However, those around you, especially a significant other, know this would be a bad idea and try to prevent you from wasting your time and money in this way. Even though you do not understand their reasons, it would be wise to listen to their concerns and advice.

Eating corn

In the context of a dream vision, eating corn represents soon having a conversation about your health. You may soon seek the advice of a doctor or be called out by a worried friend about the state of your health and well-being. This could be related to physical aspects of wellness, like weight or disease, or it may be related to your psychological or mental health. For example, a friend or family member may inquire as to whether or not your are handling your work or school stress in a productive manner. What you learn from this conversation may spur you to incorporate healthier habits into your everyday life.


Cornmeal, whether you see it as an ingredient on the shelf or part of a dish, can predict hopes and wishes becoming a reality. This symbol by itself suggests something you have only dreamed about would come true. However, cornmeal being used to bake bread has a slightly different interpretation. It means you are probably acting in a way that sabotages what you really want out of life. For example, you may truly desire to become wealthy but never save any of the money you earn.

If you became covered in cornmeal at some point in the dream vision, such as dropping it on yourself and your clothes, it could reveal that your lifestyle, although modest, would be stable and capable of providing you with the necessities in life. You would also have stable, enjoyable relations with those you live with, having a good and complete understanding of each other's wants and needs.

Buying corn

Envisioning yourself picking out and buying ears of corn is a happy portent in the realm of dreams, as it predicts both great joy and positive feelings in reality. The source of your emotion is likely a kind or generous act by someone you know intimately, either a close friend, family member or companion. Their sincere behavior toward you would move you to tears in some cases, and your bond would grow deeper during this time.

Yellow corn ears

Yellow corn ears are a highly auspicious image to perceive in the dream realm, as they are often considered indicators of luck and good fortune. Beyond representing wealth and prosperity in a general sense, the image of yellow corn ears can reflect an independent lifestyle, meaning you would have full control over your life and destiny. While some people may look at independence as a burden, you would relish the challenge to be all that you are capable of.

A corn field

Walking through or seeing a vast cornfield represents an upcoming meeting with a group of people you would find very intriguing. They may have interests that align with yours, or they may have accomplished very interesting and exciting things for themselves. Alternatively, you may only meet one person. However, this individual would leave a deep, lasting impression on you, possibly leading you to even change how you look at life and the world around you.

Selling corn

The act of selling corn can be tied to involvement in risky, dangerous endeavors. This vision is often seen in times when the dreamer is being offered an opportunity that seems too good to be true or, alternatively, the dreamer is considering a dangerous, immoral or unnecessary course of action. This symbol warns that partaking in this action is likely to lead to doom and complete failure. As well as not having the desired result, it may ruin your reputation or leave you with less than when you started.

Feeding someone with corn

Feeding someone else a corn-based meal, such as giving a baby a dish of corn or preparing dinner than includes corn on the cob for someone, may represent instances in which you have acted generously toward that individual or someone close to you. In turn, this vision suggests the person you serve would reciprocate, meaning they would either pay you back equally or provide you with some other good or service as compensation. More loosely, this is associated with the law of attraction. If you did not recognize the person you fed corn to in the vision, it may mean your general spirit of giving would inspire those around you to be generous with you.

Enormous corn harvest

Dreaming about a corn harvest that is especially bountiful means you tend to put yourself in situations where you are outnumbered by foes. You may hangout in the same places as those who find you annoying or off-putting, increasing your chances of being bullied, belittled or attacked. Your own attitude comes into play in this situation. For example, they may get a rise out of causing you grief or making you squirm. Therefore, it would be wise to distance yourself from these types and keep company with those who actually love and appreciate you for who you are.

A corn plant with many ears

A stalk of corn that has many ears of corn predicts your future children would be attractive, intelligent and very obedient if you take the time to raise them well. This vision suggests your children would be very adept and naturally talented, but your own efforts to educate them and teach them right from wrong are what would make them skilled, ethical individuals. These children would be a source of pride and contentment through their whole childhood.

A half-burnt cornfield and a chipmunk

I dreamt that I saw cornfield but the top of the corn was burnt, the rest was in good condition because someone was able to save the field. And I was on a small hill looking at the field feeling relieved that it didn't burn down. Also I saw a little toy chipmunk.

A cornfield in a dream symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Seeing the top of the corn burnt, however, could signify certain problems in your current financial situation. Perhaps there are certain negative influences which have kept you from achieving the desired amount of wealth. The toy chipmunk could represent juvenile decisions made by you, therefore these may be what have caused obstacles in your road towards success. At the same time, seeing the rest of the corn being spared suggests upcoming events which could eventually lead to your well-being and success albeit after a few trials and tribulations.

Eating corn and walking in dirty water

I dreamt eating black corn placed on a white closed container full of white corn. I also dreamt walking in dirty water and there was a dead snake in the container.

Corn is often considered a symbol of wealth in the dream world, so black corn mixed with white corn may represent alternating periods of prosperity and financial difficulty. Because each kernel of corn is relatively small, it suggests that these would appear more as minor fluctuations rather than major differences in lifestyle. The dirty water and the dead snake both reflect concerns you hold in your heart about this type of situation. However, you may be worrying more than necessary given the minor changes predicted.