Dreams Related To Connection

A strong connection with others

I was on a mezzanine looking at a swimming pool in the garden through my teenage bedroom window. Then I realized other people were standing on top of individual skyscrapers, and so was I. The buildings sunk down, we got off and walked towards each other across the swamp. We felt a deep connection - I wasn't an individual any more, only a group. We knew that animals would soon emerge from the pool or swamp, and we looked back up at the bedroom window and knew we could never go back.

A dream wherein you find yourself looking at a swimming pool is symbolic of changes. It is an indication that you are about to start a relationship with a person whom you admire. The sudden shift which takes you on top of a large sky scraper denotes a few important decisions which you would have to make. The choices you are about to face would have a great impact on your life. The notion that you saw other people on top of sky scrapers as well could also point towards individuals in your life who too are at the brink of making important decisions. This is further reinforced by the idea that you believe that you would never be able to go back, thus pointing towards your resolutions which would only take you further from where you stand at the moment. Once you make these life-altering choices, things would not be the same. Perhaps the choice of embarking on a new relationship would change a great many things for you in your waking life.