Dreams Related To Concrete

Wearing concrete shoes

Envisioning yourself wearing concrete shoes means you are entertaining the idea of traveling to a popular tourist destination, perhaps Disney World or Japan to see the the cherry blossoms during spring. Unfortunately, this dream symbol portends disappointment and disaster. Instead of a relaxing vacation, you will contend with droves of tourists, misunderstandings and other inconveniences which would dampen your holiday mood.

Concrete slab

Having a concrete slab beneath your feet symbolizes a solid foundation. You have a very strong work ethic, and this will help you overcome a lot of tough situations. A cement floor can also mean that you are reliable and level-headed, which is why people often go to you when they want things to get done. Someone you love might also lean on you during a tumultuous period to get them back on their feet.

Broken concrete

A crack or break on a concrete floor or cement wall represents weakness. Someone in your family could be close to breaking. They may undergo a stressful period or a traumatic experience in their life which could knock them off their feet. This person may have been a reliable fixture in your life, hence their sudden breakdown would have a strong effect on your family life. This loss of something solid may dishearten other family members, so you may need to rally around them to help them recover.