Dreams Related To Compliments

Receiving compliments while at the mall

I was in an almost empty mall and a boy I know whom I have recently started talking to again was buying ice cream. He came over and we started talking. I laughed at something and he said "Wow, I never knew you had dimples!" Before taking a hold of my face in both hands and poking my dimples he drew his face really close to mine but continued to talk casually to me before he had to collect his ice cream. He said goodbye and left. My friend and I looked at each other and then I woke up.

Malls in dreams symbolize materialism and facades or outward appearances. Being inside a mall in your dream connotes a need to make a good impression on someone, in your case, the boy. Perhaps you have fond feelings for the boy and you want to have a stronger bond with him, maybe even develop some sort of romance. Similarly, the ice cream refers to sweetness and love. Combined with the part in which he was touching your face, the vision reveals your yearning for affection and love. The giddy feelings you feel in the waking world are being manifested in your vision through these intertwined scenarios.