Dreams Related To Colleague

Work colleagues

Envisioning your work colleagues or a specific co-worker in the dream realm is often a sign that you have a supportive, positive work environment. While there may be some stress, there are people who support and care about you at your job. Furthermore, there is a real chance that you could greatly benefit by maintaining a good working relationship with these individuals, although why may not be clear for many years after.

A male colleague

A male co-worker appearing in your dreams signifies a close bond between you and this person. Perhaps he helped you out on a difficult project or you admire his work ethics. On the other hand, this can also be a projection of your fears about job security or an ill omen about an upcoming work issue that could potentially affect your team negatively. Make sure you reaffirm your trust in each other so you will have each other's back when things get tough.

A new colleague

Envisioning a new colleague from reality in your personal dreamscape is often considered a positive image to behold. It reflects a desire to share the love and give someone close to you a pleasant surprise. Most likely this is someone in your immediate family or among your circle of friends. Your actions would touch this individual's heart and bring them great happiness.

Being inside the heart of a colleague

I saw myself walking inside the heart of my colleague who is a married man. At the same time, his wife and daughter are wandering outside his heart aimlessly. I am inside his heart which is bright red.

A dream about a person you work with represents that you have strong feelings about some characteristic of that person which you would like to apply in your own life. The heart shows that you consider him a very sympathetic, caring person, but could equally signify the unconditional love you may express toward him. The redness of the heart indicates that you have no sexual interest in this person, but you could be envious or wish you were closer to him, maybe as his family member, as represented by the vision of his real family members outside of his heart.

Your existing colleagues

Seeing your current co-workers and colleagues while you are dreaming at night often reflects the gratitude and appreciation you hold for them in your heart. You probably consider your team like a family and enjoy working together with them during the week. In some cases, however, this symbol is seen by those who are worried that something or someone would disrupt the harmony of the team, and in this situation, the vision can shed light on your perception or opinion on the issue.

A colleague in elegant clothes

Hi, I dreamt about my work colleague wearing a really elegant white shirt and navy blue fluffy skirt, although she is veiled and always wears black in real life. In the dream, she was coming to talk to me about someone she was in love with and not sure about, which didn't sound very promising. In the dream, she appeared with much shorter hair than in real life.

A dream in which you see a colleague looking different than usual and engaging in a conversation with you portends a promotion or some sort of similar improvement or advancement at work. It could also be interpreted as a possible change in careers shortly outside your regular field. You may get a job you have been secretly or subconsciously coveting for some time now. The short hair in this case symbolizes the big surprise you are about to learn about in a short period of time.

Colleagues being aggressive

Colleagues who are acting aggressively or antagonistic towards you in the dream world can predict upcoming work-related conflicts in reality. This is especially true if you generally like and get along with the people you work with. You should be extra careful of what you say and how you say it lest you inadvertently cause the spark of trouble with thoughtless words or actions. If you do something to annoy or hurt those you work with, it may involve you in workplace drama you would be better of avoiding.

Arguing with your colleague

Arguing with a co-worker or colleague in the dream realm, whether or not you really work with them in reality, is an ill omen to see in a vision. It suggests you would soon go through a period where you feel humiliated, embarrassed and unfairly accused of certain behaviors or words. This does not necessarily have to be related to your place of work, however. It is equally possible that the source of your shame would be something started at home or among your group of friends.

Being yelled at by a colleague and being chased

Being chased in the dream world is usually considered a negative symbol, as it often pertains to fear, dislike and anxiety in reality. In a sense, running away from someone or something in the dream world is the manifestation of such desires in reality, namely to avoid a problem or get away from a situation that is making you uncomfortable. In this case, you are running away from a co-worker who is yelling at you, so it seems work may be on your mind. Perhaps you have recently been having conflicts with your boss, or maybe some of your tasks are less than agreeable. You may need to renegotiate your hours and responsibilities or come to some type of arrangement with those you work with in order to find peace and harmony at your place of business.

Liking colleagues you dislike in reality

Feeling affection or comradery for coworkers you generally despise in reality can reflect a streak of indecisiveness and difficulty making or sticking to decisions in reality. You may act wishy washy because you do not wish to be responsible for a decision if it turns out badly. It can also mean that you tend to use others as scapegoats for problems rather than trying to raise others up and create a productive, supportive work environment.

Being a colleague at a place you do not work

Envisioning yourself as a colleague or co-worker at a place you do not actually work in reality is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It points towards getting into trouble at your own job, and it could even lead to you getting fired if your offense was big enough.

Becoming a lower rank colleague

Finding yourself in a lower-ranked position than you normally hold at your job, such as being an intern or a cashier when you are usually a manager or a supervisor, means you would have to help out or take on some of the tasks you normally assign to others. For example, you may need to jump on a cash register to help with an influx of customers or help out with end of the day tidying if someone is absent. It is also possible that this would not be work-related at all. At home, you may need to take on extra chores if your roommate or significant other is out of town or under the weather.

People you depend on as your colleagues

If you see those you generally look up to or depend upon as your co-workers and equals in the dream world, it often means your personal hopes and ambitions would not amount to anything. This is possibly due to your own lack of ability to accomplish important tasks without the constant guidance and prodding from others.

A colleague you know and dislike

Seeing a colleague whom you know intimately and dislike greatly in your dreamscape is often associated with responsibility and duty in reality. It often precedes being tasked with some important job or goal, usually at your place of work.

Your colleague breaking something

A vision that centers around the image of your co-worker or colleague breaking something, be it a small coffee mug or a large, expensive copy machine, means trouble for your own business ventures. It suggests your own business or side hustle would suffer and possibly fail due to a partner or helper who is not detail-oriented.

Your schoolmates as your colleagues

Seeing past schoolmates and school friends as those you work with in the dream world may serve as a prediction that you would soon stumble upon a truly unique and innovative idea that could change the world. Your great idea would surprise you just as much as it astonishes and delights everyone around you.

A female colleague

To experience meeting a female colleague or coworker signifies financial fortune in the future. Therefore, be focused and vigilant at work and give proper attention to the smallest details. Your employer might be having an eye on you for an upcoming raise or a promotion. Alternatively, if you're in a relationship with a woman coworker then this dream is perhaps a message from your subconscious mind that you really miss this person. More so, being with or around that person gives you a feeling of an improved social status.