Dreams Related To Collard

Collards growing in the woods

I dreamed of seeing big heads of collards growing in the woods where I grew up. Then I realized there was even more big heads of collards growing all through the woods. This is a property I own and love. They were big, dark green and with many heads. I have a house close by to this property and was surprised to see the collards. My sister lives close by to them also.

The collard greens and the old, familiar properties you know and love both represent a strong longing for times that have passed. You are likely feeling a great sense of nostalgia for the good old days, perhaps when you were younger and not aware of how deeply troubled the world really is. This reminder from the unconscious mind may have been triggered by a conversation with someone who knew you all those years ago, like your sister, or it may have come about as a reaction to all the bad news and media coverage taking place today. In either case, this vision should bring you some peace knowing that in your memories there is a safe place for you to rest your weary mind.