Dreams Related To Coins

Husband with coins

I dreamed that husband had a lot of coins or change in his pockets. He emptied both pockets out and gave me all his change. There was handfuls of quarters, dimes, nickles, pennies.

Dreaming about coins as change could reveal some internal discontentment you have with your current situation. Given that the change came from your husband, it seems likely that your unhappiness may stem from some aspect of your marriage. For example, your husband may not be giving you the attention you desire or perhaps you have been absent too much to spend time with him, leading to a lack of physical and emotional intimacy. This vision should be considered a message to look at your relationship objectively and take steps to address the issues you find.

Coins in general

Seeing the image of coins in a dream vision is usually interpreted as a sign of having to directly face someone you consider to be a rival or competitor. This is likely in an effort to defend your honor and reputation against their slander and lies, because this person has been spreading gossip behind your back and turning your friends against you.

Silver coins

Dreaming about silver coins in particular, whether you are holding them or just see them on some surface, is often interpreted as a negative sign pointing toward disagreement and conflict within your closest relationships, specifically family. This sign, when seen in a vision, means you are about to experience a string of unpleasant encounters with one or more family members, the result being a wedge or period of estrangement from that part of the family.

Collecting coins

Having a collection of gold and silver coins in a dream or actively collecting them represents careless behavior, such as not paying attention to what you are doing or not putting your full effort into an important task. Because of your lack of thoughtfulness, you are likely to experience an accident or some other unfortunate event which may have multiple negative repercussions in your life.

Giving coins to someone

Giving coins to someone during the course of a dream vision is an ancient sign associated with disappointing and hurting others. The individual to whom you gave the coins may suffer because of your harsh words or bad behavior, even if you did not intend for such an outcome. If you did not recognize the individual you gave the coins to, it is possible there is still time to avoid hurting those around you by carefully considering your words and realizing that you are not an expert on every topic.

Being given silver coins

Receiving coins made from silver in a dream from your significant other, especially if it is a new or recently started relationship, is an ill omen associated with disappointment in the relationship. Specifically, this vision indicates that your partner may act or behave in such a dishonorable, abominable way that it completely erodes away the base upon which the relationship has been built, significantly limiting the prospects for the future of it.

Copper coins

Dreams involving coins that appear to be made of copper, especially if you consider such coins to be of little to no value in the vision, are often interpreted as a sign that you are about to experience a period of time filled with happiness and joy. However, this is not predicted to be a miraculous change in the state of your affairs. Rather, this change may come about through the work of your own hands, meaning that if you work hard and do good for others, that good karma may reflect back on you, allowing you to grow and prosper.

Coins for young women

Dreams involving coins, in the case of a young woman, are often interpreted as a sign of being left or betrayed by a boyfriend, lover or partner. This person may leave you for someone else or suddenly fall off the grid, making it near impossible to find closure. For women, a vision of coins may also represent some connection to multiple sexual partners or engaging in acts of sex in exchange for material compensation.

Finding coins

Dreams about finding coins, either among your current possessions or by chance, is associated with spending money in real life. This is likely related to investing in activities meant to entertain those closest to you, such as friends, family and loved ones. Such activities may include concerts, trips to theme parks, or movies. While the memories you make are sure to be enjoyable, it might be wise to keep an eye on your expenses lest things get out of control.

Old coins

Having a dream about old, collectable coins, whether you own them or just see them in a museum, predicts having to deal with tedious and busy work. These time-consuming tasks, such as filling out paperwork, running around from place to place, and answering endless emails, are likely to all be in the pursuit of some goal you are currently working toward. While you may not have anticipated such small, meaningless activities originally, they are necessary and inherent to this project.

Coming across coins

Coming across or discovering coins randomly in a dream vision is an auspicious sign which points toward receiving an invitation to a large, exciting social gathering in the near future. This event is likely to be very fun and interesting, making you the envy of all those who were unable to attend. Remembering this event may bring a happy, nostalgic smile to your face for years to come.

Counterfeiting coins

Dreaming about counterfeit coins, whether you made them yourself or just realized they were fake upon receiving them, represents repressed feelings of guilt and shame which manifest from your subconscious. This period of sadness likely stems from some past behavior or action that, upon reflection, seems to be inappropriate and does not conform to normally acceptable conduct.

Metal coins

Envisioning coins made of metals other than silver and gold, such as copper, steel, and so on, is an ill omen associated with disaster when traveling or when away from the safety of your home. Metal coins usually represent a sign of physical danger, such as a shipwreck, plane crash or vehicle breakdown while traveling.

Shiny coins

Seeing, touching or using especially shiny coins in the context of a dream is often interpreted as an auspicious sign associated with good fortune and success. This means you are likely to experience smooth progress and favorable outcomes in projects which you are currently involved in. This may be related to both business and personal matters.

Digging up coins in the garden

Female. I was in my estranged father's dead garden and to my surprise I dug up coins, realized immediately that these were valuables intended for me from my paternal grandfather, but why were they buried in my father's garden.

Dreaming about your estranged father could mean that there is some existing problem in your waking life which you have not been able to solve yet or some kind of a pending issue. It could possibly be related to something the two of you had in common or were involved in together at some point in the past. However, since your father is no longer present in your life, it is up to you to make sure you find a solution and the issue can have proper closure. Finding coins in a dream is symbolic of a big event or gathering in your future, so maybe this circumstance could serve as a starting point for you to deal with these existing issues.

New coins

New, recently minted coins, when seen in a dream vision, symbolize unexpected financial gains. This means you are likely to receive some extra money or other material assets from an unusual or unexpected person or place. This could be in hopes that you pledge loyalty to a certain cause or for no reason at all.

Sorting coins

Having a dream about sorting and organizing multiple coins, such as inserting them in a coin sorting machine or physically wrapping them in paper rolls, represents the attention you are receiving from other people. However, these people are unlikely to add any special value to your life, meaning if you return the favor you may be wasting your time. It would be better to focus your energy on people who truly benefit your life and make you a better person.

Ancient coins

Examining or discovering old, ancient coins, for example in a museum or private collection, is often interpreted as a sign that you are in or about to enter a period of time filled with self-reflection and discovery, meaning you are gathering information and turning it into wisdom. This wisdom may help you find the true meaning to your life or an answer to the question that has been bothering you most. What you gain from this knowledge may continue to aid in your emotional and spiritual development.

Getting a position after a coin toss

I was in a hotel with many other people sitting in round tables having dinner in a function-type arrangement. The master of ceremony walked near me and then flipped me a new shiny silver coin which I caught. I had examined the coin and it had designs and writing of Middle-Eastern origins on it. Then the guy made announcements that I was the head of an organization, Secretary or a State Department, I was shy and asked him not to make a public announcement.

Being inside a hotel in the dream world usually portends misfortune and disappointments. When it comes to work and career, this could mean that you would suffer setbacks or be singled out due to under-performance. The silver coin you caught signifies disagreements and conflicts perhaps with colleagues or even with family members. Those disagreements may either be the cause or result of the unfortunate circumstances you would experience. Furthermore, the unpleasant encounters could end in breakups in your personal life or resignation in the professional aspect. Being appointed as a leader of an organization likely reflects your tendency towards passivity. Perhaps the dream is your mind's way of telling you to take action and be more proactive with your decisions, otherwise you could get swept away with other people's expectations of you.

Minting coins

Minting coins or imagining yourself pressing gold and silver into the shape of a coin suggests you have recently finished a project or completed a task that did not turn out quite as well as expected. Your efforts to go back and redo or correct what happened are likely to be in vain, since seeing this sign predicts that successful completion of this project is not meant to be achieved.

Losing coins

Losing coins which you had been protecting or collecting inside your house is often associated with minor accomplishments or blessings, especially in regards to business endeavors. This means you are likely to make some progress which yields a nice, but insignificant reward. While it may not make you a hero or famous, this small victory could be the stepping stone to something greater with hard work and perseverance.

Coins of small denomination

Dreaming about a relatively small denomination of coins, whether you were using the money to buy something or simply saw it on a countertop, suggests you may be thinking and acting on the short-term. This can mean a number of things. For example, you may be involved in projects where the results are likely to prove insignificant. Additionally, this could also mean you are living paycheck to paycheck, and even though you may get recognition and some incentives to work hard, the job is not going to lead anywhere in the future.

Coins instead of water in the toilet

Going to the toilet and flushing with coins and taking out the coins.

You do not mention whether you are male or female, but, in general, seeing a toilet in a dream vision suggests some frustration with your sex life. You may want to try some new position or theme that your partner is not interested in or your partner may just not be satisfying you anymore. In either case, finding coins inside the toilet and taking them out means you might spend a lot of time and money trying to persuade the other party to give in to your desires.

Someone dying because of gold coins

I was walking in a street and it was getting dark and I found a book. When I opened it, it had gold coins that I knew were collectable, I rubbed them in between my fingers and put them in my purse and kept walking. While I still had them in my purse, I found out someone I barely knew had died unexpectedly and it was being said that he may have been killed. I went to his house and saw many people crying and talking about his death. All while I still have the gold coins in my purse.

Walking down a street as night draws near in a dream is symbolic of some unfinished business you have left behind. This outstanding task is more than likely something important that you forgot to do or have put off for as long as you possibly could. The result of your procrastination may be devastating and have far-reaching effects on your personal or social life if you do not take measures to make up for the work you have missed. This is predicted by the image of the collectable gold coins you had come across, which represent the troubles you may face if you do not finish what you are supposed to get completed.

Finding coins and receiving real coins

I am at my childhood home, out by the garage and there, on this grate, were tons of quarters and half-dollar coins... I kept picking them up in my dream... The next day (not my dream), the cashier at my food store gave me a half dollar as part of my change.

Dreaming that you are staying in your childhood home is often considered the metaphysical manifestation of feelings related to safety and comfort. They show how peaceful and comfortable your life currently is, meaning you have little to worry about, but could be a bit bored from the lack of action and novelty. This is followed by the image of you finding coins and picking them up, which predicts being invited to a large social event shortly. A party or gathering is likely just the thing you need to shake things up and break out of your current routine.

Searching for and finding old silver coins

Searching for a purse with old vintage coins. Searching through my mother's bedroom. Old coins from my grandfather were found in a dresser with a notebook with a breakdown of spending. Coins are all silver in a drawstring purse, very odd strange coins.

This dream about searching for old, vintage silver coins predicts having to deal with tedious and busy work. These time-consuming tasks, such as filling out paperwork, running around from place to place and answering endless emails, are likely to all be in the pursuit of some goal you are currently working toward. While you may not have anticipated such small, meaningless activities originally, they are necessary and inherent for the completion of this project.

Silver coins on heads

Finding silver coins on their heads.

The silver coins you find which show their heads in this dream point to trouble brewing for you. You may soon find yourself at odds with a close relative over some sort of disagreement or potential conflict. Dealing with this member of the family could lead to unpleasantness and frustration. This may, in turn, lead to a big fallout and even cause a schism among your other relatives, should they get involved.

Picking coins from a river bed

Picking up coins of silver, copper from a very clean river bed among pretty river rocks with a very rich lady.

When you dream about finding or collecting coins, it means you could soon invest too much in activities to entertain or please those who are closest to you and, in your desire to do so, you could lose track of the amount of money you are actually spending. The presence of a rich lady accompanying you, however, is a positive sign, since dreaming about being in the company of affluent people could predict material prosperity and better emotional states. Maybe this is what would lead you to want to spend money on your family, but you should make sure to keep an eye on your future expenses.