Dreams Related To Coffee

Brewing coffee

Brewing coffee, whether you use a regular coffee machine or a special device like a French press, suggests your current business endeavors or personal projects are destined to never see completion. You may not have the tools you need to see them through or some other factor may get in your way of success.

Tasting coffee

Taste-testing coffee is often considered an auspicious omen in the dream realm. It means you would be blessed with good luck and fortune in your current business and personal endeavors. For those who are currently uncommitted, tasting coffee is also associated with meeting your future spouse or partner.

Selling coffee

Selling coffee, either at a stand or in a coffee shop, suggests you are not talented at handling business transactions or commercial deals. This is likely due to your own inexperience or lack of knowledge about how to conduct business, although this may be for the better in the long run.

Buying coffee

In the context of a dream, buying coffee or coffee-based beverages is often seen as a positive omen. It sheds light on your ability to maintain your reputation and honor in the face of certain challenges or bits of drama. No matter the scandals that touch others, you would come out on the other side unscathed. The act of buying coffee is also associated with getting good returns on the vast majority of your financial investments.

A coffee grinder

The image of a coffee grinder in the dream realm is interpreted as a harbinger of misfortune. It often points toward a need to be very observant of your surroundings and cautious about the actions you choose to make. You finances may be in trouble from an outside source, like a burglar or shady investor. You would have to expend much time, energy and mental willpower in order to get through this ordeal.

The taste of coffee

Dreaming about the taste of coffee can indicate different things depending on how you perceived the taste. Bitter tasting coffee or coffee without milk and cream could reveal some unpleasantness in the future. You may have to take on more responsibilities at work, deal with malicious gossip or spend time with people you find irritating in reality. On the other hand, tasting coffee and finding it to be sweet and delicious can predict receiving excellent and uplifting news. It can also mean that you would be visited by someone you love or think well of.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds, be they fresh or already used to brew a cup of joe, can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon need to protect or defend yourself in reality. Some adverse situation may be developing that requires some preparation to counteract or perhaps you would need to find a way to avoid such circumstances in the first place. In either case, you would be victorious when things are said and done.

A coffee mill

Making coffee in commercial quantities at some kind of coffee mill or factory can be interpreted as a sign that you are good at making your home a comfortable, liveable space for yourself. You know just the right furniture and decorations to use so that your rooms are both practical and reflective of your personal style.

Drinking or preparing coffee

The act of drinking or preparing coffee during the course of a dream vision represents an upcoming period of time where you would be intellectually stimulated. You may have to partake in some problem-solving activities or interact with intelligent, highly skilled individuals.

Serving coffee to someone

Serving or offering coffee to a friend or a companion during a dream is an unfortunate omen to perceive. It often precedes events that would cause you to lose money or some prized material possessions. It could cause you some hardship or disappointment as well.

Growing coffee plants

Growing a single coffee plant or multiple coffee plants often means you would have to represent or explain someone else's big ideas, personal interests or business plans. While this task may be offered to you as an honor or chance to distinguish yourself, it would turn out to be rather boring and tedious over the course of your assignments.

Drinking coffee for men

For men and those who identify as male, drinking coffee takes on a special meaning. For those who are single or currently unattached, it suggests that his friends and family are not completely satisfied with his choices in the love department. The love interests he has pursued in the past have likely caused some conflict or general disharmony among his companions. For married men and those in committed relationships, drinking coffee may be interpreted as a sign that he would have conflict or disagreement with his spouse or significant other. The root cause of these issues is likely trivial matters that have been piling up for some time.

Being inside a coffee house

Reading a paper or doing some work inside a coffee house can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon make the acquaintance of some new individuals in reality. While you may be excited to be involved with a new group or social circle, they may try to get you involved in some shady dealings or illegal activities. It would be wise to be on your guard around them.

Spilling coffee on the table

Spilling coffee across a table, whether it was on purpose or by accident, is considered an ill omen for your health. It suggests you would have minor health issues in the near future, such as a cold, a headache or some other inconvenience.

Pouring water into coffee

I was with my family and I was pouring water into their coffee cups.

Pouring coffee for your family in the dream world is a negative symbol associated with pain and embarrassment. Specifically, making coffee predicts unfortunate developments in your plans and goals, perhaps leading to a setback or major loss. The act of pouring water to make the coffee, then, suggests you would be the cause of your own problems, meaning it is likely you have put yourself in a compromising situation through your own actions. If you are currently engaged in an activity that would bring shame to your family or cause you to lose something you have worked hard for, like a scholarship, promotion or special role, now may be a good time to give it up before it is too late.

Roasting coffee for women

In a dream vision, roasting coffee is a particularly auspicious symbol for women and those who identify as female. It often portends becoming romantically involved with a foreigner or someone from a different cultural background than yourself. It is also highly likely that this loving relationship would lead to wedding bells before too long.

An electric coffee grinder

An electric coffee grinder is often considered a positive symbol to perceive during the course of a dream, especially for those who are unhappy in their current relationship or are unattached at the moment. It means they would soon meet a special someone who would become their lifelong partner and love, bringing them great happiness and satisfaction.

Drinking a very strong coffee

Drinking coffee that you perceive as being particularly strong or hot portends soon having your personal life scrutinized under a microscope. Your romantic endeavors or personal goals may become the subject of talk by those around you in reality. While gossip and hearsay is not usually a good thing, in this case it seems your friends and family may be engaging in this behavior because they care about you and do not want you to get hurt.

Drinking coffee with your spouse

Drinking coffee with your spouse or life partner means that those you surround yourself with in reality, such as family, friends and co-workers, may not accept your significant other fully. Perhaps they believe that your romantic connection is just a phase or that you would eventually get tired of each other. This symbol is also associated with quarrels and may reveal that either you or your partner is in the habit of picking fights.

Coffee for young women

For young ladies, coffee is sometimes associated with somehow losing face or becoming a bit of a social pariah. The cause of her troubles would likely be her own behavior. For instance, some careless, offhand comment or frivolous, shallow actions may reflect badly on her, causing her to be shunned or gossiped about.

The sound of coffee being ground

Hearing the sound of coffee being ground up and prepared in your dream vision is often interpreted as negative symbol. It usually means that someone is planning against you in reality. For example, an enemy may be plotting to ruin some of your plans or turn one of your friends against you. Even though you have some advanced warning that trouble is brewing, your chances of successfully avoiding or counteracting their plans would be slim to none.

If you specifically heard your own coffee grinder working to grind the coffee, it suggests you would welcome or at least accept this negative occurrence happening to you because you would feel that it is just and right based on your own actions and behavior. If, however, you were in someone else's home or a coffee shop when you heard the coffee grinder, you may find a way to avoid the damage or mitigate some of the trouble you face.

Grinding coffee by hand

The act of grinding coffee by hand in a dream is often associated with feelings of nostalgia. You may be shocked by how suddenly and strongly your emotions about the past come back to you, especially surrounding your childhood and adolescence. There is a strong possibility that you would run into old friends or a past love interest.

Drinking coffee with alcohol

Drinking coffee mixed with alcohol is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon be visited by or run into someone from your past. You may meet old friends from your younger days or acquaintances you were familiar with many years ago. This would likely trigger feelings of nostalgia and a longing for the good old days.

Pouring coffee into cups

Pouring coffee into cups or mugs, such as for guests at your house or customers at your store, can reveal a tendency to stick your nose where it does not belong. You have a desire to find out what is going on in other people's lives and maybe share gossip with others too. Your nosy behavior may cause some trouble if you are not careful, however.

Fortune telling using coffee grounds

Using coffee grounds to predict the future or have your fortune read can reveal that your day dreams and deepest, wildest wishes may actually give you a leg up on the competition. More careful, pragmatic individuals lack the imagination and creativity you have in excess. You would be able to surpass them easily by using your skills to their full potential.

Owning a coffee house

Owning or running a coffee house while you are dreaming often means you would soon bear witness to the death of someone in reality. You may see a murder happen right before your eyes or watch helplessly as someone passes away due to natural causes. While your connection with this individual is unclear, the image of their final moments on this planet would leave a major impression on you.

Picking coffee with boss

Picking coffee with my boss.

Picking coffee with your boss is a two-fold symbol. On one hand, time with your boss suggests growing stress at work. Perhaps you are under too much pressure at this time of year, or maybe you feel underappreciated and unrecognized for your achievements in the past year. On the other hand, picking coffee points toward career growth and improved income. It is possible that your hard work would finally be recognized, and you could find yourself in an even bigger or better position. Another possibility is that you would find a new job that would give you the fulfillment and status you want and deserve. In either case, you would find more happiness in your working environment in the near future if you continue to do your best and look for new opportunities to shine.

Coffee shop

A coffee shop or a café, as a location in a dream, has positive connotations. If such a building appears in your vision, it suggests that you have a positive mindset and a can-do attitude. It also reveals you tend to choose the simplest or most natural decision, which makes you feel more grounded and connected to others.

Black coffee

The dream of drinking black coffee represents a need for change or a sign that you're feeling bored or dissatisfied with your usual routine. Black coffee is a strong and bitter drink that some people drink to kick start their morning or to get through a long day, so it also indicates the desire for something to help them feel more alert and motivated. Moreover, the dream is a warning to cut back on certain types of food or drink. For instance, if the dreamer is a regular coffee drinker, the dream tells them to cut back on caffeine or a need to break away from usual patterns.