Dreams Related To Coconut

Eating coconut

Last night I dreamed again. Together with my brothers and sisters we ate coconut except for one of my sister was not there... We enjoyed eating them.

Seeing yourself eating food in a happy company of your family members in your dream foretells unexpected benefit, success in business, true friendship, happiness and love in marriage. Coconut as food is a symbol of discovering a secret or finding out about something you were not aware of and which may be very beneficial to you personally. The absence of your sister in this context does not add significance to or changes the message of this dream.

Baking with coconut oil

I dreamed I was making biscuits with coconut oil. Kept seeing coconut oil and biscuits, making them for several people. My husband, a CEO from an old job and others in the dream, they were waiting for the biscuits and I was using coconut oil to make them.

Making biscuits with coconut oil is an auspicious symbol synonymous with happiness and blessings in reality. While simply seeing the biscuits might only denote receiving good things in your life, making and giving the biscuits to others reveals that your presence would be a blessing in other people's lives. For instance, the normal kindnesses you perform for others on a daily basis may just be the difference between someone having a bad day or a great day. Your compassion and thoughtfulness towards others would not go unnoticed.