Dreams Related To Cockroach

Cockroaches crawling from under skin

Last night I dreamt about a cockroach that kept on appearing on my hand, and then one emerged from my mouth. I then looked at my hands and there were 2 large lumps on the both. Another person made an incision on my hands, one by one different sized cockroaches walked out. I could feel every single one crawling through my arms trying to escape. A really large one burst some flesh on my hand and about a dozen came out afterwards rapidly. Very vivid and very real I could feel it.

A cockroach emerging from your mouth is considered a bad omen. This is a warning that you are going to be in harm's way, getting involved in an accident or injuring yourself. You need to be extra watchful and cautious about your surroundings to avoid getting physical trauma. Meanwhile, the imagery of cockroaches on your hand denotes toxic relationships and communication problems. You and your closest friends could soon get into an altercation over issues that have been brewing for years. The incision suggests a pivotal event or encounter which would force all those issues to surface. You need to finally fix whatever problems you have with each other, or part ways to avoid further problems.

Killing cockroaches

Killing cockroaches in my home. I'm a female.

Your home is a reflection of the current state of your life. Therefore, seeing a bunch of cockroaches in your house may represent a rise in the number of fights or disagreements among the members of your household. If you are married, your spouse may refuse to do an equal amount of work around the house. If you have roommates, there may be conflict over who does the dishes or how the bills are split. Killing the cockroaches, then, represents both your responsibilities piling up before you and your attempts to stamp them out one at a time. You would likely feel overwhelmed and frustrated during this period of time.

Dreams about killing cockroaches interpret meaning

A cockroach in general

To dream about seeing a cockroach signifies a chance encounter with an affluent and wealthy person or someone who wields enormous power in the community. You should not worry about the possibility of being dismissed as a lowlife like the cockroach seems to represent in your dream. On the contrary, if you know how to play it cool and carry yourself like you were "to the manor born", this person might see something in you which he could use to advance his interests, and you would also stand to gain in the process. Moreover, this dream vision indicates that you could hit the jackpot in the lottery or win big in a legal numbers game, receive a salary raise, bonus or monetary incentive for an exemplary work performance, acquire new property or be able to buy expensive home appliances and furniture from your recent earnings.

This dream vision is also an indication that you may be currently wasting your time on something which does not really translate success or contribute to your personal growth and development. You must remember that life is too short to be spending time stressing out or tiring yourself with trivialities. You should use your energy on more meaningful and productive pursuits instead.

A flying cockroach

Seeing a cockroach flying across the bedroom or any part of the house in a dream indicates that a person would enter your life and pose some serious competition to you at work, in your business or in your relationship. As a good sport, you would treat this person not as a threat but as a challenge, and try to stay ahead of the competition without resorting to dirty tactics and unfair practices, even if he or she may be getting a little bit too close for comfort.

A cockroach on your body

Dreams about feeling a cockroach crawling on a part of your body is a forewarning that you might get into an accident or inadvertently put yourself in harm's way while you are outside of your home or place of residence. You should watch out for onrushing vehicles, objects falling from buildings, manholes and earth cracks which could swallow you whole and hide you long enough for your loved ones to file a missing persons report, and the like. It may be best to just stay put for a while if you have nothing really urgent to attend to which would otherwise require you to leave your house or place of residence. You could also ask somebody else to run errands for you on a temporary basis just to let the jinx pass.

Eating a cockroach

I was eating a cockroach, later I discover I started spitting it out.

Dreaming of eating a cockroach suggests you may have to face the consequences of certain questionable decisions or reckless behavior. You may have been indulging in unhealthy habits or taking part in wrongful acts without fully considering the repercussion not only to yourself, but to your social connections as well. Eating the cockroach then spitting it out as an afterthought is a metaphor for cleaning up after your own mess. You could be dangerously close to making your life much more difficult if you continue being careless in your pursuits.

Killing a cockroach

Killing a cockroach, by crushing it under the soles of your shoes or by hitting it hard with a slipper, in a dream indicates that something pleasant is about to happen which could set things in motion and pave the way to your success. As there may be a lot of good things happening in your life at this point, you may have a hard time distinguishing which particular event or occurrence would lead to the fulfillment of your aspirations in life. This dream vision will serve as a clue and guide you in the right direction.

Family members turning into cockroaches

Girl. My dog and my family turned into cockroaches.

Cockroaches usually represent dirt and undesirable qualities. So to see your dog and entire family turn into cockroaches in a dream alludes to negative energy permeating your household. You may need to confront issues that are perhaps turning you against each other. Although on a positive note, cockroaches have also been associated with longevity and resilience. In that sense, your family could face a challenging period which would strengthen all of you individually and also your bond with each other because during tough times, that is when you can appreciate how much you depend on each other.

A lot of cockroaches

I dreamt of cockroaches. Lots of them.

Dreaming about cockroaches is a good sign. You may soon start receiving stable income. This would allow you to consistently provide for your household. The cockroaches might have swarmed or grouped together in this dream. In this case, you might be paid a visit by an unexpected guest. This vision's interpretation is also related to the way you felt during the dream. For example, you might have been bothered by the cockroaches in the dream. You might have felt that the cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you. In these cases, the vision could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need.

Swarms of cockroaches

To dream about swarms of cockroaches crawling under your feet is a symbol of your fear of losing your hard-earned wealth and material possessions. You have made a lot of sacrifices and gone through a lot of hardships and pain to come this far, and the possibility of losing it all for whatever reason could be bothering you. You could get so eaten up by these negative thoughts that you might decide not to take any more risks for fear of triggering events leading to your downfall. This dream vision is a form of assurance that you will not meet such a fate unless you are a reckless squanderer, and you are definitely not.

If you are trying to kill the invasive cockroaches in your dream, it is an indication of your desire to be free from your fear of material loss. However, it could also mean that you would do whatever it would take to eliminate the source of your fear, even if it would involve committing a criminal act, such as murder, to destroy the threat forever and to ensure your peace of mind.

A dead cockroach

Seeing or coming across a dead cockroach in a dream is the symbolic death of a wish, desire, or aspiration you have been hoping to happen but would never be realized. From the very beginning, you truly believed in the viability of a project, in the profitability of a business venture, or in the merits of a current romantic relationship. In fact, you invested a lot of money or put all your energy and effort into it, convinced without a shadow of a doubt in your mind that it would turn out in your favor. Just when you think your long-awaited dream is about to happen, an unexpected occurrence could turn things around, and all your hope, faith, pride and self-worth could come crashing down with you and dissipate under your own weight. This experience could be a test of your ability to pick up the pieces of your life and rise from the ashes of your failure. Otherwise, it could become just another sad story about someone who succumbed to this world's injustice and cruelty.

Cockroaches on the lower body

I was sitting down and there were cockroaches crawling on my butt, and bottom of my legs but not on the top. I felt fear and then eventually with that fear I got up and wiped them away. They fell and disappeared and I just walked away.

In general, dreaming that a cockroach is crawling on your body is a warning. You may be involved in an accident or a situation which would put you in serious danger. Since there were many cockroaches crawling on your lower body, it could be a reference to self-destructive habits and unhealthy vices. Certain tendencies involving addictive types of behavior may end up clouding your judgment and give you further problems both physical and psychological. You may have to reflect on your bad choices and make a concerted effort to clean up your lifestyle in order to avoid putting more strain on your body.

Cockroaches attacking

A dream about warding off attacking and aggressive cockroaches is an indication that you would soon experience a form of injustice at work. Someone in a higher position than you would threaten to harm you or cause your untimely dismissal if you refuse to follow orders, even if the orders clearly violate company policies. Or you could be a victim of sexual harassment, a case in which the sex crime is only incidental, and the real issue is grave abuse of power. It is possible that your fear of the authority might prevent you from confronting your abuser, and you might dismiss the abuse as part and parcel of what is called structural violence by which you and everyone else in your company have been preprogrammed into submission. But if you are a born fighter, the harrowing experience would embolden you to battle evil head on or, as one might say, to take the bull by the horns, no matter the outcome. Sure, power and privilege may often tip the scales in favor of people who are in positions of authority, but this would not deter your from seeking and finally obtaining justice.

A black cockroach

To dream of seeing or coming across a black cockroach or a swarm of black cockroaches is a thumbs-up sign which could indicate a well-deserved work promotion, a lucrative offer, a mind-blowing business deal or a long-desired romantic relationship. As the dream vision suggests, things would turn out in your favor which would put you back "in the black", or in a good position in terms of your career, business or personal relationships. On the other hand, dreaming about an enormous, black cockroach is a warning that a powerful person or someone with great authority could be plotting to put you down, harm you or silence you forever.

A cockroach falling on you

To dream that a cockroach has fallen on the head is a sign that something you have been wishing for would soon come true, much to your delight. You were about to give up on this wish, so it could not have come at a better time. However, this dream vision is also a bearer of bad news. You could soon receive disappointing information you do not want to hear, or sordid stories you wish were just products of your imagination.

Forced to eat cockroaches

My parents are cooking in my childhood home. My mom heats soy sauce in a small dish on the stove top. Small black cockroaches start appearing and moving toward the dish. Two crawl in and are cooked. I am then asked to eat this and I do. I then fight with my dad and mom about the state of the house and how disgusting it is to eat cockroaches. While we are fighting, I am feeling very angry and start organizing. I find important documents that are mine and then feel guilty for taking care of my stuff better. I start yelling more and my dad laughs and offers me more cockroaches to eat.

Dreaming about feeling that cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you or being outright disgusted by them could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things, not necessarily as bad as it was perceived in the dream. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need. Dreaming that your or your parents' house was unclean and messy to live in could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, starting to experience financial troubles or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually lead to these possible problematic outcomes.

A cockroach on a chocolate cake

I was standing at a table that had a whole chocolate cake on it with some of the edges of the cake eaten, crumbled. There was a 2-inch cockroach running in circles around the cake and in the edges of the frosting and I was trying to hit it off the cake, but could not catch it. It just kept going in circles on the cake. I was disgusted and repulsed by it. Frustrated that I couldn't get it off the cake.

A chocolate cake, in general, signifies romantic relationships. If it was very beautiful or perfectly decorated at first, it indicates having positive, loving feelings toward your current partner. However, seeing the cake in a state of disarray, in which some parts are missing or falling apart, indicates that things are crumbling beneath the surface. You and your partner may act happy in front of others, but there are some issues that have not been openly discussed. The image of the cockroach in the cake that you cannot catch supports this idea, pointing toward issues of inequality within the relationship. Your partner may feel inadequate compared to you and the things you have accomplished, or, on the other hand, they may feel like you are not pushing yourself and, as a result, are holding them back. This dream can be taken as a warning that you need to improve communication with this person and work on fixing the issues if you want to save the relationship.

Cockroaches scattering in all directions

To dream of entering a pitch-black room and, upon turning the light on, being greeted by cockroaches scampering in all directions is a reminder that it is time for you to put your act together. Your bad habits, dubious dealings, questionable transactions or suspicious activities should end. You know only too well that it is not easy to quit smoking, give up drinking, stay away from drugs, control your computer game addiction, abstain from sex outside of your current relationship, keep your eyes off pornographic material, stop cheating at exams, avoid swindling people of their hard-earned money, leave a gang, or resign from your sleazy job as a pimp. But you must do it while you still can, before you reach a point of no return and everything gets out of hand, or before someone turns you in.

Cockroaches falling on me

Envisioning a large amount of cockroaches falling on you from above is a harbinger of misfortune and sadness. You are likely to experience a string of accidents, bad luck or ill timing over the coming weeks. You should be especially careful of dangerous or risky situations, such as rickety staircases, precariously placed pots and thin layers of ice on the ground.

A white cockroach on the penis

I dream about a white cockroach on my penis.

A white cockroach portends betrayal by a trusted family member or friend. Since the penis represents pride, sexuality and masculinity, this traitor may undermine your confidence and cause a big blow to your ego. This vision warns you against personalities appearing clean and sincere in their motivations but are in fact hiding dirty, little secrets. You could end up besmirching your reputation or welcoming unneeded troubles into your life.

A cockroach of a reddish color

To dream about seeing reddish-colored cockroaches is a symbol of benevolence. You could soon receive a lot of money as a gift from a person close to you or from someone you would least expect to give. In any case, you would feel lucky and thankful for being the recipient of this touching act of generosity. The number of reddish-colored cockroaches you see in the dream is proportional to the amount of money you will receive. That is, the more cockroaches, the larger the amount.

Cockroaches instead of eyelashes

I was getting fake lashes put on by someone who wasn't very good at it. I went to take them off and when I pulled one of them, I pulled from the legs of a cockroach and a dead cockroach came out from under my eyelid?

Dreams involving eyelashes are associated with fixations on appearance. For instance, you could be the type of person who likes to be in control of your image and the impression you give off to others. In that sense, the cockroach you pulled from under your eyelid may be an indication that an influential or wealthy individual can see through you. This person may appreciate the brave front you put on despite the vulnerabilities lurking underneath. Perhaps he or she would be able to open some doors for you that would lead to the fulfillment of your dreams.

Cockroaches on the head

Lots of medium brownish roaches crawling mainly on top of my head. I even woke up and smelled bug spray RAID.

The image of the cockroaches crawling on your body is usually associated with danger and personal injury. The fact that they were concentrated on your head points to that being the region of your body most likely to be hurt. This could be a simple injury, like bumping your head, but it might also be something more serious, such as a concussion. You may want to take care while out and about and be extra careful if you are participating in sports or athletic training.

Nuisance due to cockroaches

To dream that the house or place of residence is invaded by a relentless army of pesky cockroaches and you can no longer put up with the gross and embarrassing nuisance is a direct reminder of what your house or place of residence may be literally full of. Over the years, you may have amassed tons of items from your travels and years of frequent shopping, or hoarded gifts and items which you may refuse to throw away for their sentimental value or for reasons only known to you. As a result, you could be living amid a clutter of dusty knickknack and souvenirs. Your garage may be adorned with unsightly sets of DIY tools and spare parts, your kitchen is a messy scene of half-opened flour and seasoning packets, rusty pots and broken utensils. Your dressing room may be filled with half-empty perfume, lotion and hairspray bottles, your closet littered with crumpled shirts and mismatched pairs of footwear. This dream vision is telling you that it is time to clean up before someone suspects you of having a hoarding issue.

Infestation with cockroaches

To dream that the house or place of residence is infested with swarms of cockroaches is a warning that you may become a party to a serious disagreement over domestic affairs or financial matters. Such a dispute could strain your relationship with your loved ones or with your business and project partners. If you leave it unresolved for too long, it could lead to a marriage breakdown or it could put your business or project at risk of being shut down.

Trying to exterminate cockroaches

To dream about trying to exterminate cockroaches but it looks like they are increasing instead of decreasing in number indicates that you would receive additional duties and responsibilities following an unexpected turn of events at work or in relation to your business or project. A colleague may be poised to leave the company, or a business or project partner may suddenly withdraw financial support. Instead of griping about added work, you would welcome the change and take it as another opportunity for further career development.

Monstrous cockroaches

Being attacked by giant cockroaches in a dream is a grim sign that you may be overdoing everything. Nails are all it would take to fasten a wooden accessory, but you would use the sturdier screws to satisfy your own psychological needs, not necessarily to bolster the furniture's durability. A sumptuous meal would do, but you would want a full-course dinner. A monthly supply of groceries would be enough, but you would insist on stockpiling three months' worth of reserve items. You could have a really fancy party, but you would take it a bit further and make sure the lavishness would have its shock value. A four-door car may be all you would need, but you would not settle for anything less than a sporty SUV. You are in the habit of doing more than is necessary, and it could be doing you more harm than good.

Mutant cockroaches

To dream about seeing mutant cockroaches which are unusually large and seem capable of regeneration is a sign that your house or place of residence may be sitting on a radioactive site, or located close to electric substations, power plants, factories processing highly toxic chemicals and their by-products, restricted areas managing hazardous wastes, or plantations or agricultural areas subjected to regular airborne pesticide application procedures. This dream vision may be a stark reminder that you need to move out of this deadly neighborhood, or you will run the risk of damaging your cells, developing cancer, producing offspring with congenital diseases, or all of the above.

Cockroaches eating each other

I had a dream in which I saw a big cockroach eating a small cockroach, no anxiety, no fear. Just the incident happened very fast and a phone call woke me up.

In this vision, seeing a cockroach could represent "hitting it big," meaning you are likely to come into a large sum of money. This could be due to chance, such as a lottery, or as the result of your efforts. In either case, seeing the smaller cockroach eaten by a larger one could symbolically represent becoming consumed by money. This could manifest as an obsession with saving it or as a tendency to judge others based on their income. This could be off-putting to others, especially if you make your thoughts apparent to those around you.

Turning into a cockroach

I'm looking around... I realize the table is huge and I get an overcoming feeling that I'm a cockroach. I'm running to hide still feeling like me in the dream and I wake up with an unsettling feeling.

This dream has fairly ominous connotations related to your personal life. Specifically, the large table which you found yourself on suggests you currently have a very full plate, meaning you are too busy working or studying to have enough time for private life. The result is that there is also an absence of close or intimate interaction between you and others. Envisioning yourself being a cockroach, then, is the manifestation of how small you feel because of the lack of other people's presence in your life. You may need to purposely find time inside your busy schedule to accommodate social activities, which is likely to make you feel much more connected to others and fulfilled.

A cockroach in your food

To dream of discovering to your utter disgust a cockroach in your food is an indication that some people in your close-knit circle may harbor a growing resentment against you on account of your success. If you only knew the bad things they were saying or planning to do behind your back, you would find their evil thoughts hard to swallow. This dream vision may be telling you that you would rather "spit out" these bogus friends than lose your wealth or social standing.

Trying to catch a cockroach

Attempting to catch a cockroach with your bare hands or with an improvised trap in a dream is a reflection of your compulsion to be in complete control of every situation at home or at work. You like to see things in perfect order and in accordance with your own set of rules. In your opinion, a slight alteration or change would upset the balance and ruin everything, and you are not going to let it happen. This dream vision further indicates that if you are over-anxious about the possibility of a glitch occurring to disrupt the normal course of your life or an otherwise smooth operation, you could actually prevent it from happening because your excessive worrying would make you fully aware and therefore keep you on your toes at all times.

A white cockroach

Dreaming about seeing or coming across a white cockroach is a warning that you could fall victim to someone's act of insincerity or betrayal. This person could be a friend, a trusted business associate, a loved one, or a member of your own family, giving you the biggest shock of your life. Since this person has somehow earned your trust due to his or her close relation to you, you might find it very difficult to forgive him or her. After the incident, it is highly likely that you would start to view everyone else around you in the same way.

Killing flying cockroaches

I was walking and then a swarm of flying cockroaches came at me. One by one they started attacking. And one by one I killed them. By the time I woke up, there were 3 cockroaches dead and 2(?) buzzing about. I think I was with someone.

Seeing cockroaches flying in a dream indicates that a person would enter your life and pose some serious competition to you at work, in your business or in your relationship. As a good sport, you would try to treat this person not as a threat but as a challenge, and try to stay ahead of the competition without resorting to dirty tactics and unfair practices, even if he or she may be getting a little bit too close for comfort. If you were killing the invasive cockroaches in your dream, it is an indication of your desire and readiness to be free from your fear of some kind of material loss you are anticipating to happen. However, it could also mean that you would do whatever it would take to eliminate the source of your fear, even if it would involve committing questionable acts and resorting to behavior which is not typically something you would do, in order to destroy the threat forever and to ensure your peace of mind. Perhaps you will be helped by someone who is close to you, such as a friend or a family member, as you envisioned in the dream.

Black cockroaches coming out of a phone

I dreamed about small black roaches coming out of a phone.

Dreaming about a great number of cockroaches is often interpreted as a positive sign. It usually indicates finding a consistent, substantial income which you can use to support your family. It may also be predict a second source of income which can be used to supplement what you already earn. However, the image of the phone indicates being tricked or deceived, which is negative in nature. Because the bugs were coming out of the phone, it may mean that you might find a source of income that does not pan out or is far more work than you were lead to believe. This dream is likely a warning to carefully consider any new contracts or extra work before taking it on.

Cockroaches laying eggs under the skin

I had a dream that cockroaches were laying eggs into my skin.

Dreaming about insects laying their eggs inside your body suggests that the way you look at life is slowly becoming very dim and hopeless. You may be naturally pessimistic or have lately gone through some difficult times that have dampened your once high expectations. The notion of cockroaches under these circumstances could indicate becoming involved in a serious disagreement over domestic affairs or financial matters. Such a dispute could strain your relationship with your loved ones or with your business affiliates.

Cockroaches in a long-sold house

Dreamed of roaches in my dream coming crawling on my carpet, but it was my house I sold 20 years ago that I loved so much.

Dreaming of cockroaches crawling on the floor or ground represents a subconscious fear of losing your hard earned wealth and material possessions. Since this happened in your old house, there is a chance a business transaction involving an old acquaintance could present itself. It would be ill-advised to go through with it, since it could make your fears of a financial downfall come true.

Cockroaches on the arm because of food

I dreamt that I had some food on my arm, when I woke up in my dream I had roaches covering and hovering on my arm.

Food appearing in dreams refers to fuel, both mental of physical. Hence, the cockroaches hovering on your arm attracted by the food means that you may soon have to deal with something or someone that could drain your energy. The vision of cockroaches crawling on a part of your body is usually a forewarning that you could get into an accident or inadvertently put yourself in harm's way while you are outside of your home or place of residence. It may also point to health issues, so take heed.

Cockroaches on leftover food

In my dream, I went into my room to find out someone left food on my bed. When I got closer, there were hundreds of German roaches eating from it.

The leftover food on the bed represents old issues and concerns that are still taking up space in your head. The cockroaches feasting on the food means that in dwelling on those negative subject matters, you are allowing even more bad vibes into the fray, making you more miserable. The dream may be telling you to move on and close chapters of your past that are no longer relevant nor helpful towards becoming a better person.

Cockroaches in the mouth

I had a dream that I smiled and two big roaches were in my mouth and little ones were coming out between the two big ones.

Seeing cockroaches of different sizes in your mouth could be considered a warning. It is possible that certain circumstances in the near future may put you in harm's way. You may suffer an accident while driving, fall down the stairs, or maybe get into a physical altercation against your will. It would be prudent to refrain from any sort of behavior or activities which may prove risky to your personal safety.

Cockroaches thrown at girlfriend

A girlfriend has horrendous dreams of a man throwing cockroaches at her. What possibilities could this have? Thanks.

Cockroaches tend to represent the wealthy individuals around you who do not treat you badly even though you may be living in two completely different worlds. In this way, when your girlfriend saw this man throwing cockroaches at her, she may actually be envisioning a symbol suggesting that someone is willing to share their wealth with her either in tangible form (lending or gifting money) or as practical knowledge and experience, something that could be just as valuable or even more so than cash. Despite the disgusting imagery, your girlfriend is likely to have a very positive experience with such an individual in the near future.

A cockroach inside female genitalia

A dead cockroach in vagina.

A dead cockroach in a dream symbolizes the death of a wish, desire, or aspiration you have been hoping to come true, but which would never be realized. The notion that the dead cockroach was in the vagina may reveal intimacy issues. Perhaps you want to find the perfect partner to settle down with or build a family together, but your personal issues are hindering you from opening up and becoming close to someone, enough for a romantic relationship to flourish.

Cockroaches inside clothes

I dreamt that my old wardrobe was full of cockroaches in fact breeding inside, just too many.

The cockroach-infested wardrobe in your dream refers to the flaws in the fa├žade you are trying to project onto others. You may be misrepresenting yourself in front of friends or coworkers and the holes of your stories are starting to come out, gradually tarnishing the image and reputation you have worked so hard to build.