Dreams Related To Coat

A friend stealing a pink coat

I had a new coat, pink and woolly (I wouldn't normally wear something like this) and it was suddenly stolen from me by a once close friend whom I haven't spoke to in over a year! The coat just seemed to vanish but I seemed to know it was her that took it, I told my mum who didn't seem particularly bothered about it and when I wanted police involved she told me to go find my receipt to prove to police it was mine. She usually has very strong feelings about things that happen to me! I am female, 32.

A lost coat in dream visions generally pertains to a period of change or transformation. The coat itself is a metaphor for safety and comfort, but it can also refer to a defensive characteristic and a tendency to put up walls. In your case, perhaps losing the pink coat refers to your desire to reconnect with old friends. Specifically, the friend who stole your coat in the dream is likely the one you are missing in reality. After over a year of silence and lack of communication, you may be ready to reach out and clear the air. In addition, your mom could be the voice of reason and experience that you have been looking for as of late.

A coat in general

The general image of a coat in a dream reflects how you wish others would perceive you or react to you in wake life. In a sense, it points toward a desire to conceal some less than flattering qualities while putting on a bit of a mask for the benefit of your own pride. However, your wish to be seen in a certain light may actually be hurting you. This is because you would never be able to relax or know if your friends love you for who you really are. You would always be worried about exposing yourself while conversely wishing others could accept you.

Wearing a torn coat

A torn coat is often connected with the idea of hardship and misfortune. It is a harbinger of ill omens for your everyday life, suggesting your day to day activities and relationships would be plagued with troubles. The length of time you would be forced to deal with this situation is unclear based on this symbol alone.

Seeing a coat

A coat that is hanging in a closet or tossed over a chair may represent your stubborn attitude in wake life. This tendency to be obstinate for the sake of your own pride could get you into a lot of trouble in the near future, and you may find certain paths would be difficult if not impossible to follow.

The image of a coat in a dream vision is also thought to characterize an upcoming period of time when you would be apart from those you love and cherish in reality. You would be deprived of the love and counsel your closest allies provide, which would be even more difficult because you would probably be in a situation that requires protection, advice and support.

Wearing a coat that does not belong to you

Putting on a coat that does not belong to you, whether you were purposely taking it or just trying it on, can reveal that you would face some challenges or roadblocks in the near future. You would be unable to overcome these difficulties by yourself. Rather, you would need the assistance and support of close friends and allies to move forward. This symbol is also sometimes seen as a reflection of your ability to look put together and serene even when things are not going well or you are facing financial difficulties.

Wearing a coat while inside

Wearing a coat while walking around or working indoors means that you are a good secret-keeper. You are someone that others can trust to protect details, and you probably do not get involved in the spread of gossip. Beyond keeping the secrets of others, you probably tend to be pretty selective about the information you share about yourself with others.

Someone wrapped in a coat

In a dream, seeing a person bundled up in a coat during cold weather represents an upcoming romantic relationship with someone in wake life. This could refer to dating someone or going steady, or it may just reflect some flirtatious behavior between you and your crush.

Putting your own coat on

Putting on your own coat while you are dreaming, such as a coat you recognize and own in wake life, predicts soon having the opportunity to travel for business purposes. Perhaps you would have the chance to attend a conference in your field or get training from the national headquarters of your brand.

Wearing an oversized coat

Wearing a plush, oversized coat during the course of a dream vision often reveals that some upcoming event would cause you to become shocked, surprised or scared. This particular event may be related to a certain individual's foolish prank or some poor behavior on the part of someone you know and respect in reality.

Trying a coat on

Trying on a coat during a dream, such as when you are considering buying it, can be interpreted as the manifestation of your stubborn nature. It means you have a hard time giving into others and compromising, especially when you really believe in something. The darker the shade of the coat, the more trouble you are likely to experience due to your behavior and attitude.

The symbol of testing or trying on a coat is also associated with suffering, sadness and disappointment. Someone you once trusted without question may have a change of heart and abandon you. This could leave you feeling hurt and confused because you would either not understand their reasons or not receive any explanation at all.

A black coat

A coat made of black fabric or fur suggests you would soon accomplish something great due to your dedication or your ability to work well with others. Beyond the satisfaction of doing a good job, you would also likely receive some other form of compensation for your hard work, such as a fresh batch of cookies, a thoughtful thank you note or some money.

A new coat

A new coat, whether you bought it at a store or wore it outside, can reveal that you would have good cause to be proud in the near future. Your current plans and projects are likely on the verge of bringing good results or happy news, earning you the admiration of others and bolstering your own confidence. For those who are fond of writing and literature, it suggests now is a good time to develop those skills and work toward publishing your material for a larger audience's enjoyment.

Someone stealing a coat

Envisioning someone taking a coat that does not belong to them means you would soon find yourself faced with various challenges in wake life. These issues would mostly be centered around a task you are attempting to accomplish at present or some other goal you are working toward. You are unlikely to make much progress at this time, which could cause a lot of disappointment and frustration.

Unable to put the coat on

Finding it difficult or impossible to put on a coat suggests you could soon find yourself in an embarrassing situation. You may be ashamed or humiliated by your own behavior or the actions of someone close to you. This may also prompt some self-reflection and personal development to avoid such circumstances in the future.

A red coat

A coat made of a red fabric or a reddish shade of fur is a harbinger of misfortune and sadness. It predicts soon going through a period of time characterized by hardship and challenges. The source of your issues would most likely be the evil energy and interference of those who are hoping for you to fail.

A weird-looking coat

A particularly strange or unusual coat, such as one in an uncommon shade or cut in an unflattering way, represents freak weather conditions or natural disasters related to the weather. For example, your area may suddenly be hit with an amount of rain completely out of character for the season, or you may be caught in a sudden storm.

Taking the coat off outside

Taking off your coat while you are still outside is often interpreted as an ill omen. It means you would soon find yourself fighting off an infection or feeling under the weather. Perhaps this would be a disease you contract by interacting with someone who is already sick.

Losing your coat

Losing your coat at some point during a dream vision is a negative symbol to perceive. It sheds light on a need to reevaluate your current lifestyle and budget. This would likely be due to some financial troubles or some hardship caused by blindly trusting someone close to you. You would be plagued by hardship for some time to come, and it would be difficult for you to handle everyday life.

A high-quality coat

A luxurious, high-quality coat predicts soon being an integral part of some event or project. Your participation and leadership would earn you the appreciation and respect of your peers and family members. This knowledge would bring you great happiness and satisfaction.

Buying a coat

Buying a coat in the dream world can have various interpretations depending on the quality of the coat in the vision. A stylish brand new coat points toward some roadblocks or setbacks in the projects you are currently involved with, particularly those related to your job. A second-hand coat or one from last season reveals that your personal and business-related affairs would have good fortune and success, bringing you great satisfaction.

Custom-made coat

A custom-designed coat made with your shape and style in mind is representative of your overall path in life. It means you are currently going down a road that is perfectly suited to your personality, background and need. It is also the right path to get what you want. Your journey would help you fulfill your ambitions and make the most out of life, bringing you great happiness and joy.

Old and dirty coat

A coat that appears to be in poor condition is an ill omen to perceive in a dream vision. Poor, dirty and ratty coats tend to be associated with hardship and loss of face. Beyond the emotional trouble, it is possible your finances would also suffer, and you may lose important material assets as well.

A coat that fits perfectly

Putting on a coat and finding that it fits you perfectly is a sign that is closely connected with good luck and karma. Your business endeavors and interpersonal relations would be blessed with good fortune, bringing you much happiness and peace of mind. Furthermore, it also suggests goals that you have been working toward for a long time would finally come true, and it is also possible that you could finally obtain the things your heart desires most.

A very worn out coat

A worn out old coat, such as one with patches or threadbare elbows, predicts soon being negatively affected by inclement weather. The days ahead could be rainy and terribly cold, and you could also fall victim to a natural disaster, like a strong typhoon or a terrible snowstorm.

Borrowing someone's coat

Borrowing someone else's coat during the course of a dream vision can reveal that you would be troubled or inconvenienced by the mistakes of others. Whether they accidentally provided incorrect information or purposely left out crucial details, however, is unclear from this symbol alone.

A light women's coat

A light coat intended for women represents soon becoming involved with someone in a romantic way. This could include going on a date with someone special or finding out that your love is reciprocated. Someone may even confess their feelings for you if the right moment arises.