Dreams Related To Clown

Being chased by an evil clown and saved

Female. My dream was about a clown chasing me and I was saved my a mysterious girl.

Having a dream about an evil clown chasing you could mean you are experiencing some tensions with people from your social circle, maybe due to changes in their lives which take them away from you, such as when they move away, become married or have a baby. If your dream about the clown chasing you was perceived as a nightmare, it could mean you are attempting to restore these broken connections, but you feel frustrated because none of these individuals seems to be supportive of your efforts.

A clown following you

Seeing a clown follow you in the realm of dreams may predict an upcoming embarrassment or sticky situation in reality. Just as a clown might sneak up on you to play a trick, so does this vision suggest you may fall victim to something awkward or shameful. The cause of your troubles lies in making rash decisions or not staying focused on what really matters in a given situation. Therefore, it may be a good idea to think more carefully before you act.

Yourself as a clown

Envisioning yourself as a clown or in the apparel of a pierrot is often interpreted as a negative sign in the realm of dreams. It predicts upcoming hardship and tragedy, often with you as the main character in the drama. Your personal involvement in such a sad and trying time could greatly affect your overall happiness and satisfaction with life. While the cause of your pain is not clear by this symbol alone, it does suggest someone you trust would disappoint you or injure you in some way.

A clown performing

Watching a clown perform at a venue could reveal an internal desire to do something fun, exciting or out of the ordinary. However, this could backfire, as your behavior or actions while doing these things could cause others to be disappointed, hurt or humiliated by your actions. For example, a significant other or romantic partner may catch wind of your behavior and leave you over it, causing much sadness and heartache for both of you.

A sad clown

The image of a sad clown, either as a real person or a picture of some type, sheds light on some of the fears or concerns present in your current circle of companions. Your friends and family may be worried about whether they can really trust you to do something or act in a certain way, and that lack of trust may have the additional effect of actually making you react in just the way they do not want. You may also feel sad, upset or hurt due to the negative emotions circling around you during this time.

A circus clown

In the context of a dream vision, the image of a circus clown is often thought to be the manifestation of stage fright or a fear of public speaking in general. You may have an upcoming speech or presentation that you are worried about, leading to the appearance of this symbol in your dreams. This could also be a message from your subconscious to practice more so that you would be more confident and less scared of your impending public speaking engagement.

A clown teasing

Seeing a clown tease or mock you during a dream vision is a fairly positive symbol to perceive as it predicts positive career developments. In particular, it suggests that a new or current position may provide challenges which at first might seem frustrating but actually provide you with the tools, skills and know-how to really succeed in your chosen industry. You would be able to make good money and find fulfillment in your work.

An evil clown

The presence of a creepy, evil clown in a dream vision predicts soon being hurt by or disappointed in someone you once thought you could trust. This family member, friend or companion was once someone you could go to with your problems and worries. Now, however, their behavior or actions toward you suggest they cannot have confidence in their friendship and goodwill any longer.

An evil clown in the bedroom

It always is the same (has been since I was younger). I'm on the top bunk of a bunk bed, I awake (in my dream) because of the bed shaking then it stops and I see a bowler hat on the floor. Next thing I know I'm in the corner of the bed and know, trying to get away from this clown under the pile of hats.

The clown in your dream vision represents a facade or mask used to conceal emotions while, on the other hand, the bed symbolizes privacy and intimacy. These two symbols combined could be hinting at repressed feelings or secrets you have been hiding for a long time. The clown likely reveals a persona you created years ago that is starting to unravel. Your seemingly well-adjusted and joyful personality may be cracking before your eyes, making you feel even more isolated and miserable. This vision could be a message from your subconscious reminding you that being true to yourself leads to peace of mind.

Trying on clown's suit

Dressing up as a clown or putting on face paint in an attempt to look like one is a powerful portent to behold. It reveals an upcoming period of temptation and moral murkiness where the right choice would be unclear to you. The source of this confusion is likely the interference of rivals or enemies who would like nothing more than to see you trip up and make a mistake. It would be wise to carefully consider all options in your situation and perhaps seek the advice of someone you trust before coming to a final decision.

Depending on which symbols you see in conjunction with clown apparel, it is possible the meaning can shift from mental confusion to great disappointment and hardship due to moral shortcomings. This interpretation suggests you have recently backstabbed someone or tried to use someone else for a scapegoat when you were really at fault. Your lack of ethical action and two-faced behavior could lead to a loss of friendship with the injured party or lead to you being shunned by those you once considered friends.

A clown with circus animals

Seeing a clown perform or interact with other circus animals, such as a seal, horse, lion or elephant, may predict disenchantment, disillusionment or disappointment in reality. You may soon take a good look around yourself and find things are not anything like what you want them to be. This dissatisfaction would cause you to separate yourself from others and withdraw into yourself, further fueling your apathy and indifference to the world around you.

A clown pretending to die

The image of a clown pretending to die or be killed in a dream vision speaks of your personal tendency to create and hold on to a fantasy version of the world. Even while awake in reality, you tend to make up stories or believe in things about the world that are not really true. This self-deception could be causing those around you much trouble, and it may also be holding you back from improving yourself and your situation.

A clown pretending to cry

Seeing a clown pretending to cry reflects your subconscious understanding that the image you are currently projecting to the public is not really you. Perhaps you put on an air of confidence when you are really quite scared, or maybe you act like you keep a perfectly neat home when you actually tend to be rather messy. Whatever you are pretending to be, you may soon become more aware of the deceiving persona you are creating for the benefit of others and yourself.

A clown without spectators

Envisioning a clown who is lacking spectators or an audience could mean you are having trouble articulating what you really need in life. Others may want to help you in some way, but you are incapable of telling them what you really want or need. This feeling of being held back and misunderstood is probably very frustrating for you, leading to disappointment, anxiety and conflict in some situations.

Clowns on the plane and killing them

My mom was fleeing the country and my whole family was on a plane and there was a guy putting clown makeup on everyone. But the clowns didn't like to be seen and my cousin saw them, so they attacked us and we were slicing them with swords and they would fall apart.

This dream vision contains two distinct elements which could be important in trying to interpret its meaning. First, your whole family being on the airplane and seeing someone masquerading passengers as clowns means that you could currently be experiencing some minor issues, problems or disagreements which you think are drawing a wedge into your family's cohesiveness and integrity. You are anticipating that something which otherwise preserves family ties and values is jeopardized and threatened. This could be related to family members getting divorced, married or leaving the family circle for some external reason (for example someone going to college or relocating to another town). The airplane (enclosed space) signifies that these are internal family issues. The second vision of killing passengers who were transformed into evil clowns, and more importantly, seeing them fall apart upon killing them, could be indicative of the fact that you and other family members are working on solving these issues separately and without much communication, which could be counterproductive to the efforts to find a reasonable compromise if this is the case.

Pursued by an evil clown

Myself and others I don't know are living in a grocery store or dorm rooms and a clown is chasing us around the store, trapping us in our room, then possessing us until we kill ourselves. I barely escape until I'm the last one. Then he traps me and I wake up. I have had this dream for years.

Envisioning yourself living together with unfamiliar people could mean that you are currently experiencing some minor issues, problems or disagreements which you think are drawing a wedge into the cohesiveness and integrity of your social group. You could be feeling that something which otherwise preserves this group's ties and values is jeopardized and threatened. This could be related to your friends or acquaintances moving away, getting married or simply outgrowing this relationship. The vision of a clown trying to possess and kill you and others could be significant of your attempts to restore these broken connections, but without any willingness and enthusiasm coming from other people who once belonged to this social circle.

Escaping a building through a clown mouth

I dreamed that I in a crowd of people inside a building, I forgot a lot that happened in the dream, only remembered bits and pieces. Then I moved away from them looking for things. Eventually, we had met this bad lady, we wanted to avoid her seeing me. I went through doors and came across a big clown mouth. It opened its mouth and I crawled in. Eventually I found outside, my dream shifts to being fully outside admiring the view. I am free.

Being in the confined space of a building with a bunch of people conveys an almost claustrophobic feeling. You may tend to feel like you do not belong with your current set of peers and colleagues, hence you keep moving around in search for something more. In addition, your friends and family according to your point of view may be too focused on adult responsibilities and acquiring stuff they think they need because society deems those acquisitions as part of being grown-ups. For you, however, it may get a little too taxing to keep on comparing yourself to others and conforming. As such, the clown's mouth which points you to your freedom is a reminder to try not to take things too seriously and just enjoy what life has to offer.