Dreams Related To Cloud

A cloud resembling something

Seeing a cloud resembling something familiar in a dream when you are gazing towards the horizon from a cityscape or contemplating to go somewhere, those clouds you see taking different shapes of animals, faces or objects from real life, could be interpreted based on the shape you see and the overall feeling or atmosphere present in the dream. This imagery may be showing you happy or sad representations of your feelings which could be forming themselves through shapes of the clouds.

Faces in the night sky made of clouds

I was standing in my driveway with my parents, it was night time and the sky was coated in stars. In the distance there were a few fireworks. I later looked into the night sky and I could vividly see about 10 faces made of clouds. The stars had disappeared, there were 3 male faces, the rest female. My parents said they couldn't see the faces. What could this mean?

The fireworks in your dream refer to wonderful opportunities in your future. However, there is a downside to fireworks as symbols in dreams. The imagery means your excitement about fulfilling your goals may get to your head. There is a likelihood that the amount of blessings you receive would make you feel entitled or arrogant. Similarly, the starry sky reveals your desire to achieve your full potential and find your true purpose. The path to get closer to your ambition is going to be within your reach if you play your cards right since the numerous stars symbolize success and the high possibility of enlightenment. On the other hand, the clouds in your starry sky allude to uncertainties and self-doubt. There may be personalities in your social circle making you doubt your decisions and capability to succeed. If you allow them to influence you and dampen your enthusiasm, you could miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. As such, the challenge for you would be to remain focused on your goals and to keep believing in your ability to triumph over adversity.

Dreams about heavy clouds hanging low meaning

Heavy and dark clouds

Heavy and dark clouds, formations that are threatening to cause a heavy downpour or clouds that accompany a thunderstorm, point to a series of failures due to ineptitude. There may be a mismatch in skill set and job position which is why you are underperforming, or it may be entirely your fault because you tend to ignore responsibilities or you do not take your work very seriously. At the end of the day, you need to be able to give justice to your work so you can be proud of your achievements.

Clouds completely covering the sky

Dreaming that clouds are completely covering the sky out of the blue much like from a scene from a recent apocalyptic movie that you have watched, signifies a high probability of getting in a road accident. Pay close attention as it means danger is looming on the horizon, and you should not engage in any activities that require you to be in a moving vehicle or on the road. You should heed this warning and avoid getting on the road unless absolutely urgent, so as not to get in any hazardous situations.

A single cloud

A lone cloud or a single cloud in the sky, during noontime or one you spot as you are on you back and sunbathing, may reveal your desire to give your ex-partner another chance or try to win him or her back. A case of utter loneliness and nostalgia may push you to swallow your pride and try to reconnect with an ex who left you. As such, this dream symbol is more likely your mind's way of telling you to be more rational with your decisions and giving yourself a bit more self-respect.

Clouds from a distance

Seeing clouds from a distance in a dream, when you are walking down the beach or sitting down on a porch reading a book, symbolizes an upcoming trip or travel so start packing those bags! White clouds on a clear, blue sky mean that it is going to be a joyful and memorable trip, full of positive and colorful experiences. Finally, all your hard work will be rewarded and you can relax. On the other hand, beware when you see dark or ominous clouds accompanied by lightning in your dream. These images signify possible obstacles or mishaps during the travel. It means you should take extra precaution when planning a trip, or you may reschedule as needed to stay on the safe side.

Trying to reach the clouds

Dreaming that you are trying to reach the clouds, like when you are trying to pull back a flying balloon, frantically recovering it after unintentionally releasing it to the air, means that your current plans or projects may not come true and encounter many obstacles no matter how much you try. On the bright side, this could also mean you may need to be creative and try another route for completing them successfully or pivoting to another plan altogether.

Low-lying menacing clouds

Low-lying menacing clouds in a dream, for instance while observing them when lying by yourself in a hammock or sitting under a tree, and when a rumbling thunder sound emanates from above signalling a downpour of rain anytime soon, could mean a possibility of growing tensions inside your family circle which need to be resolved soon. The dream could be pointing to you the main reason or root cause of these events or conflicts, and it may be wise to be alert and diplomatic in any existing or future family situations.

If you see that patchy clouds were flying low, similar to some initial feathery sketches one draws on a drawing pad before creating the final piece, this could point to only minor conflicts and misunderstandings which would require minimal effort to resolve or leave behind for everyone involved. Still, it would be in everybody's interest if you act as the mediator rather than initiator of arguments within the family or circle of friends.

Black clouds descending

To see black clouds descending from the sky to the ground, like seeing a multitude of alien spaceships invading the earth from outside in a classic sci-fi movie, could mean that you could catch a possible respiratory illness soon in your waking life, which may affect you, your family or someone you care about deeply. This imagery may be signalling you to have your health checked up to rule out any illnesses or have them treated immediately.

Clouds with rain

A rain cloud or clouds with rain, such as low hanging clouds carrying light to moderate rain, portends possible health issues, disappointments and regrettable actions. Those three may be interconnected or only one may happen to you. For example, the guilt and shame that would result from a mistake or error in judgment could take a toll on your health. Alternatively, it could just be a passing illness cause by erratic weather patterns. Feeling under the weather means missing a few days of work for proper recovery.

Admiring clouds in the sky

Dreaming that you are admiring clouds when you are lounging on a beach or hiking in the mountains, similar to curating a painting in a gallery or museum, could mean a possible meeting with a very interesting, intriguing or eccentric individual in the near future. It may be that you would be quite taken with this person and he or she could have an impact on your life, and you would like to deepen your relationship further with this individual.

Clouds of many colors

Clouds of multiple colors in a dream, for example when driving in a car or walking down the street and a rainbow arcing through them during a slightly rainy weather causing the burst of different colors, could mean a possibility of dating or getting to know someone new within your social circle. Alternatively, this vision may also be a sign of pending happiness, prosperity and ability to achieve a lot in your life which you have been hoping for a long time.

Floating inside clouds

When you are floating inside clouds in a dream, with blurry vision while trying to glide through the white foggy haze and feeling cold with the moisture enveloping you, it could be an indication of being immersed into daily grind and routines and just going through the motions like a zombie. You could be in autopilot mode and may need to pause and rethink what you really want in life. This could possibly be due to peer pressure from colleagues or family members, forcing you to meet unwanted responsibilities or obligations.

Clouds rising into the sky

To see clouds rising into the sky in a dream, when you are camping and waiting for sunrise during breaking dawn, and they appear to float up similar to billows of thick smoke you see coming out from large factory pipes or volcanoes, could potentially signify huge success and profit in your current projects or endeavors which you have been aiming for. The dream could be telling you that you would be reaping the fruits of your labor after many years of hard work and perseverance.

Dark clouds, lightning and a pesky bug

There were clouds that turned grey, almost black. They were moving fast, a bug kept touching my face driving me crazy. Lightning was striking and I woke up.

A dream wherein you can see flashes of lightning against dark skies portends gloom and destruction. It symbolizes the arrival of certain hardships and difficulties in your life. These could either pertain to the financial side of a business or, if you are in a relationship, you may need to keep an eye on your partner. Being annoyed by a bug is indicative of the presence of a certain individual who might be trying to create obstacles for you in wake life. The problems you experience might somehow be directly related to this individual. The best course of action would be to remain on high alert and stay away from those who feed on negativity.

Dreams about clouds and not bad weather

Light and fluffy clouds

Light and fluffy clouds in dreams, like on a sunny summer day with a nice and gentle breeze beneath the bright sunlight, usually suggest a period of success and optimism immediately following a long and challenging experience. A series of unfortunate circumstances may push you to the point of giving up, but before you reach your lowest low, things would take a turn for the better. In most cases, even in the bleakest hours you may fervently hold on to a glimmer of hope. If you do not let go of this hope, then you can expect light and happiness to bless you.

Clouds you can see through

See-through clouds, or wispy thing cloud formation that are practically transparent usually on sunny days or a relatively clear night sky, denote fleeting moments of happiness and personal triumphs that you would naturally relish. However, not-so-happy events may follow this moment of euphoria. Maybe envious friends or colleagues would try to dampen the mood. You could also immediately dive into another challenge after successfully completing a task or project.

Fiery clouds

Fiery clouds, such as the red orange clouds on the horizon during the magic hour or twilight, is a bad omen among dream symbols. This typically points to a terminal illness. For example, you could be diagnosed with an incurable disease which means eventual death due to this sickness. Though this could also mean a treatable but nonetheless serious ailment which would completely change your lifestyle as well as your outlook. This may be the crossroad that finally pushes you to take better care of yourself.

Sitting on a cloud

Dreaming that you are sitting alone comfortably on a cloud, like flying on a magic carpet and watching glimpses or snippets from your childhood which were long buried and forgotten during your busy working waking life, means you could be wishing to be somewhere else and are setting unrealistic goals or plans for yourself. In the dream, you perhaps were able to see the earth from high up above, reminding yourself to be more grounded in what you are trying to achieve in your life.

The shapes of clouds

If you see cumulus clouds in your dream, those fluffy cotton-candy like formations that appear on clear blue skies, it means you may soon be impeded with bouts of rainy weather in your daily routines. You could be stuck home or somewhere else, so be prepared. If you however see the cirri type clouds, thin feathery or ice crystal-like shapes you see only when the sun is high up during the day, it could mean that you have wild imagination and living in a fantasy world. Seeing these clouds in the dream could also lead you to something or someone that you have longed for or lost in the past.

Clouds moving fast

Dreaming that clouds are moving fast when looking through a window or walking outside, very much like those time lapse shots in movies capturing the entire day in several minutes, means you may be experiencing very fast changes in your waking life, to the point of you not being able to control or manage them. This could mean a breakdown if things spiral out of control. It may be better for you to slow things down, unwind from your busy schedule, and go with the flow to see where things may lead you down the path.

A very bright cloud

If you see a very bright and white cloud in your dream, like those in a sea of clouds at a mountain's summit or when flying in an airplane high above the atmosphere, it means that you may experience pleasant encounters or get involved in a romantic affair soon. Bright and pinkish clouds, resembling a cotton candy, could mean a start of a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with someone in your life. This could be a start of a wonderful relationship as personal journey that you have been waiting for.

Falling off a cloud

Falling off a cloud in a dream when you could be strolling happily with friends or family and then, similar to Alice in Wonderland, falling endlessly into a dark rabbit hole with nothing to grab on the way down, may be an indication of some existing problems or issues inside your current relationship that need to be resolved. This could also be referring to your household conflicts which need to be fixed before they take a turn for the worse and be out of our control.

Riding on a cloud

Dreaming that you are riding on a cloud, like Aladdin and Jasmine riding a magic carpet high up above not caring where you turn or headed, could be taken as a warning to avoid getting in a risky business or activities that could potentially bring you and those close to you harm. It would be best to steer clear from shady transactions anytime soon as these could turn out to be unethical, fraudulent or even criminal. Moreover, it would be better if you could research business deals thoroughly first before committing to avoid these bad instances.

Multi-layered clouds

Dreaming of multi-layered clouds while enjoying a picnic in a park or during a company outing, when you see the thin layers appearing as a royal crown over a dormant volcano waiting to explode anytime, could mean the onset of potential roadblocks. Brace yourself as you could be navigating your way through some serious obstacles and inability to make your dreams come true which may bring you disappointment. This could mean a test phase for you and how you would manage certain challenges in your life.

If you see that the clouds were white and close to each other, like there were no gaps in between, similar to a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a cone, then these could be indicators of gradual improvements in the challenges or roadblocks you would be facing. After the initial downfalls and struggles, you may be finding sudden ideas and inspirations on how you would be able to push through and finally reach your utmost dreams in life.

A weirdly-shaped cloud

To dream about a strangely-shaped cloud and puzzling over it, something like a scattered form of your favorite mythical legend hero or cartoon character or someone that you always think about, when it is recognizable or familiar but you are unsure or could not quite put your finger on what exactly it is symbolizes an unexpected but pleasant event, encounter or outcome in your waking life that was always at the back of your mind and which would be manifesting soon.

Walking through dense clouds

Dreaming that you are walking through dense clouds when you are climbing a hill or mountain or beside a lake, like Red Riding hood walking to her grandmother's house through thick and misty woods, could mean that you are navigating a complicated and particularly challenging situation right now. Walking through these clouds in the dream may mean that these issues would soon be resolved in a positive way and to your personal satisfaction.

Clouds blocking sunlight

Seeing clouds blocking sunlight in a dream when you are in a boat in the sea in the middle of the day, similar to when an eclipse is slowly happening and it causes the sky to darken suddenly, could indicate the existence of some shady dealings or machinations in your waking life, which prevent you from moving forward and succeeding as you initially expected. Take this dream as a warning sign and it could help you save yourself from potential troubled or questionable transactions.

Two clouds touching each other

Sir, last night I had a dream about two separate clouds in the sky. Sometimes they met very slowly each other. What is the meaning of this dream, plz, Sir I request?

This vision of clouds touching each other in a dream is an indication of possible trip or travel you are about to take on or find out about. If the clouds in this dream were white and fluffy, this could mean a very pleasant and delightful trip, if the clouds looked dark and heavy, you could be disappointed by the news about this trip or unwilling to go.

Clouds forming an arch in the sky

I was walking and saw pure white clouds merging above my head and they made an arch of clouds above me, an arch like a rainbow of white clouds and I looked behind and in front of me, the arch of clouds extended to the ground in front of me and behind me, no one else was in the arch. I called my sister to see it, she was a meter away from me and she saw it.

Clouds which multiply and merge throughout a dream vision, especially when they form strange shapes or depictions, represent an upcoming trip you are about to take or learn about. This could be a long-awaited vacation from work, a present for a special occasion, or a study-abroad experience which gives you a new perspective on the world around you. The fluffy, white clouds suggest that, whatever the occasion, you can learn many things during your travels and would enjoy this rare opportunity to the fullest.

A cloud performing magic

I and my brother walked from work, halfway home it rained heavily, later we got home but I had a pure white cloud above my head, I entered my house and still had it. I found a throne inside our house, we are 3 brothers, one bro had a sharp sword, I had a blunt one, was sad that my sword is not sharp and 3rd brother didn't have any. Then the cloud turned into a white snow-like one forming in the sky, descended to the throne and made a beautiful sword on the throne, I grabbed it, gave old sword to bro who didn't have it.

Pouring rain in a dream alludes to problems and challenges you and your family are about to face. These upcoming events would either strengthen or damage your bond with your brothers. The white cloud hovering over your head denotes clouded judgments and decisions colored by emotions. The sharpness of the swords reflects how each of you normally approach or try to resolve conflicts or overcome obstacles in your way. Are you incisive and direct to the point, passive-aggressive, or usually deny the existence of a problem? Ultimately, to overcome hurdles, you need to rely on distinct personal traits you all possess and support one another.

Fruits falling from a cloud

A pretty patch of clouds with some fruits of many colors and the cloud shook and one that looks outstanding and pretty fell out of the sky to the earth. And soldiers were searching to see what fell to the earth from the sky. It was the most beautiful sight of fruits I have ever seen.

Clouds in the dream world generally symbolize harmonious bonds and generosity. It means that you may be the type of person who prefers to see the good in others. This perspective allows you to attract similar kindhearted and kindred group of peers. Maybe you had some bad experiences in the past, yet instead of harboring a grudge towards those who have offended you, you still choose to forgive. Hence, the fruits falling from the clouds allude to wealth and rewards you would soon receive. You would start having a positive influence in your community and consequently be recognized for your time and efforts.

Different kinds of clouds while walking

I am a girl, in my dream I was walking with my father on the road near our neighbor's house. Then we saw heavy clouds threatening to rain. My father said "Let us go and hide inside that house before it starts raining", but before reaching the house, an ice-looking cloud came fast and covered the house. Me and my father ran to the nearby thick shrub to hide from the rain. My father picked a white cloud and covered his head and shoulders. But the heavy clouds disappeared without raining. We felt relieved and happy.

Heavy and dark clouds usually foreshadow a series of failures and disappointments in reality. You and your father could experience some financial difficulty and this would pose a lot of issues in terms of fulfilling your day-to-day needs. Your father could lose his job or the company he works for could go bankrupt or incur a big debt. The cloud that covered your neighbor's house refers to your safety net which may not help you out during your time of need. Certain friends, loved ones or lending companies may not be able to extend some financial aid to help you get through this tough time. Fortunately, since the heavy cloud did not lead to a downpour, you would not fully fall into poverty. The white cloud your father uses for cover points to odd jobs and other streams of income he would pursue just to make ends meet. At the end of it, your relationship would be stronger because of the shared struggle.

White and black clouds

I am a female aged 25, I had a dream about clouds with images of human beings. There were 2 types of clouds, black, which had three males who were dancing, and the other clouds were whitish with images of angels, the man in dark cloud tried to give me something and I refused, then something came out of me and get inside the pot which was situated at the whitish clouds.

The dark clouds in your vision filled with men represent troubles and eventual failure. This is likely due to some lack of skill or understanding, meaning you cannot progress until you learn something new. The white clouds filled with angels, on the other hand, symbolize getting good news and finding success in your endeavors. As such, refusing to take something offered by the dark side suggests you reject the part of yourself that is unknowing and seek to find the answers to the questions that would make you a better person at home, at work and in your community.

Clouds destroying my house

Weather-related dreams carry a myriad of interpretations based on specific images and context. In most dream interpretation books, lightning symbolizes a period of awakening. The awareness of what is good and evil in your life will help your decision-making process. However, if the lightning destroyed your house, this portends experiencing some troubles inside your family. Foreign elements in this dream, such as the presence of any work of fiction, will give assistance in a better elucidation of this vision.