Dreams Related To Clothes

Good quality unfashionable clothes

Seeing or wearing good quality unfashionable clothes in your dream foretells receiving good fortune in your current undertakings. However, it can also mean that you tend to overlook some valuable insights or perspectives given by people who are working with you on this project. In the process, you might miss out benefitting from the possible gains these important inputs can give.

Clothes white in color

If you dream of clothes white in color worn by others or yourself, it is a symbol of substantial changes in your life that will happen in the near future. However, these events or circumstances would have a negative impact on your current situation and thus would likely lead to undesirable outcomes.

Clothes blue in color

Wearing or seeing clothes blue in color in your dreams refers to having your dreams come true. You will be able to realize your wants and aspirations some time in the future and this will give you much satisfaction. This will be possible because of the unrelenting effort you exert to attain them, as well as the solid support and bounty assistance you get from your friends and family.

Wearing black clothes for a female

Dreaming of wearing black clothes for a female signifies sadness. If you are a female and you see yourself wearing black in your dream, it means that you are about to be faced with a personal experience that will bring much sorrow in your life. It could be due to any reason such as losing someone you care about, failing in your plans or maybe being deceived by a trusted person.

Someone wearing black clothes

If you dream of seeing someone wearing black clothes, take heed because it is a warning. It means that some time in the near future you might suffer losses which you will not be able to avoid. This can be in your business or related to your material possession. It can also be in your personal life, maybe in your love affairs, since it will be emotional in nature. Whatever the nature of your loss, be prepared when you experience this vision in your dream.

Clothes green in color

Having clothes green in color in your dream symbolizes prosperity and happiness. You will be able to receive bountiful blessings in life and these will bring you much satisfaction and contentment. These blessings can come in the form of material wealth, abounding love of family and friends or success in your undertakings.

Dreams about yellow or light brown clothes mean

Clothes yellow in color

Dreaming of clothes yellow in color foretells upcoming success. You will reap financial gains in the near future which will bring you much happiness and satisfaction. It is also an indication of finding enjoyment through fun-filled activities or events such as a gathering with loved ones.

If in your dream there is a ghostly apparition in yellow clothes moving clandestinely against unnatural light, it means unfavorable developments which are about to occur in your life. There could be changes in the near future which might not be according to your liking, maybe in your place of work, social circle or in your family. However, dreaming of yellow fabric is a sign of being successful in everything you undertake.

Walking with someone wearing white clothes

Dreaming of walking with someone who is wearing white clothes signifies facing misfortune. The person wearing white in your dream could be facing undesirable events in his or her life, which could lead to misery, financial problems or deteriorating health.

If a young lady or a child was the one wearing the white clothing in your dreams, you should expect good things in the near future. You are about to receive a wonderful surprise which will bring you much joy. It can also mean there will be pleasant developments in your life which are about to occur soon.

Piles of clothes

Seeing piles of clothes in your dream, specifically strewn on the floor or on the ground, signifies losing time for yourself. You are too focused on the daily grind of routines and chores that you do not make time for yourself anymore. If you experience this vision, take heed. Maybe it is time that you enjoy life more.

Someone wearing a suit as clothes

Seeing someone like a young or old man wearing a suit as clothes in your dream, particularly if it fits them very well, signifies something unpleasant which is about to happen. You could be involved in a certain undertaking such as a project, business, or an event, that would eventually prove to be a waste of your time and effort. As such, it would turn out to be an unpleasant experience for you, possibly causing you some disappointment or frustration.

Wearing clothes black in color

Wearing clothes black in color is a symbol of difficulties that could happen in the near future. It refers to possible hardships or illness endured by someone who means a lot to you. If you are planning a trip elsewhere or if you have scheduled court appearances, it might be best to postpone them for now, for if you had this vision, it could be a warning that the outcome of such activities will not be favorable for you. If you are in a love relationship with someone, it can mean that your significant other could be in danger or possibly in a great deal of hardship. Try to be more cautious when you had this dream.

Clothes not fitting well

Dreaming of your clothes not fitting well, either by being too large for you or being too small, signifies change. It refers to ending old habits or changing the way you do things. However, be careful, for it could also mean committing a mistake. Such an error could occur while in the pursuit of a new venture or while performing certain activities.

Dirty and torn clothes

Dirty and torn clothes in your dream is a warning about possible deceit and abuse. You need to be careful because someone you have just met or maybe even somebody you know already, is out to take advantage of you. Be mindful when disclosing information to strangers or those who seem to be distrustful. He or she could be waiting for the right time to use that bit of information against you.

If you experience this vision right before making an important decision about something that is doubtful to you, take heed and listen to the warning. Not doing so could prove to be harmful to you, for this could be a fraud. Entering into this situation can ruin your reputation and destroy the good name you have built for yourself.

Losing an item of clothes

Losing an item of clothes in your dream or missing a piece of your clothing is a warning sign. It means being faced with roadblocks to your financial plans such as putting up or entering a business venture. This can also mean encountering some difficulties or problems in your love affairs. Try to be mindful about entering ventures when you have this dream.

Clothes of many colors

Seeing clothes of many colors or dreaming about wearing clothing that has a mix of different colors signifies undergoing a rollercoaster of events. You will soon be facing both ups and downs in life as you will alternately experience favorable and unfavorable circumstances one after the other. Each event will happen in short intervals between each other and might catch you in surpise. What is good is that you will be sure to find relief after every negative experience.

This dream could also mean that you could be involved in a disagreement with a loved one in the near future. Such conflict can be resolved through the help of trusted friends or your family who will act as mediators between the two of you. This misunderstanding can arise due to various reasons such as financial, personal or a clash of personalities or ideas.

Clothes red in color

Clothes that are red in color in your dream is an indication of your current standing in your love affairs. You are feeling romantic lately and this emotion will lead to some success in finding someone interesting to you. Somebody whom you find attractive will go out with you and you might develop strong physical and emotional attachment to this person.

Clothes crimson in color

Clothes crimson in color signifies being able to remove enemies or rivals who are in the way of your plans and aspirations. You will be able to do this by rethinking your plans, re-strategizing and changing how you approach life. These changes in the way you do things will blend well together and work to your advantage.

Clean and neat clothes

Having clean and neat clothes in your dream is a good sign. It means that you will be blessed with material wealth and will live in prosperity. Contentment and happiness will be with you not only in the near future but also for a very long time.

Brand new clothes

Dreaming of brand new clothes or having a vision of wearing them signifies something promising. It is an indication of fulfilling your wants and aspirations. It means that you will be able to finally embark on that project or venture that has been in your mind for a long time now. It also refers to having your wishes and dreams granted in the near future, as well as being commended for the work you do in your profession. You will receive recognition from your peers and coworkers because of this.

Clothes grey in color

Seeing clothes that are grey in color in your dream is a promising sign. It signifies success and fulfillment, particularly in your job or profession. Your plans in your field of work will finally find fruition and this will bring you much satisfaction. This vision can also refer to material gains. Your family's status in life will be greatly improved as you achieve financial advancement.

Clothes of bright red color

Seeing clothes of bright red color in your dream or having a vision of wearing them, is a warning against possible discord in your life. It can refer to difficulties due to illness or being separated from friends and loved ones who mean a lot to you. It can also mean that there could be fights, conflict or misunderstandings due to very minute or meaningless reasons or the possibility of being overly stressed by the unbecoming behavior of your children.

Washing clothes

Dreaming that you are washing clothes is a warning. It could mean that your current love relationship is not beneficial to you and might possibly bring you problems in the future. It can also refer to your frivolous behavior and that continuing your current ways can pull you down, creating bigger problems for you in the future. If you had this dream, try to analyze which is applicable to your current life and take action.

Old clothes

Seeing old clothes in your dream is a negative sign. It can refer to undergoing financial stress due to losses in your income. It can be due to a business that will fail or possibly bad spending habits. If you are wearing the old clothes in your dream, it can mean that you will be faced with troubles in the near future. The nature of these troubles can be financial, personal or professional.

Being without clothes on

Being without clothes on in your dream or being naked is a warning sign. There is a possibility that you could be the subject of slander and rumors, and people you know and trust might be going behind your back. Some people may wrongfully accuse you of something you did not do. This vision could also mean that you have a tendency to dress fashionably and with flair so that you often become the subject of other people's attention.

Donating clothes

Donating clothes in your dream is actually a negative sign. It is a warning of being in an extremely difficult situation that you could be involved in. These circumstances could be caused by hardships brought on by material losses which can lead to possible poverty. It can be also due to worsening health conditions or frustrations and disappointments in life that may be hard to overcome.

Unhappy with the clothes for females

Dreaming of being unhappy with the clothes for females or not being satisfied with what you are wearing particularly if you are a female, symbolizes facing competition. A female rival is coveting your status in life and would want to compete with you in order to get ahead. She might be envious of your success at work or in your personal life and wants to have what you have.

Elegant clothes

Having a vision of wearing elegant clothes in your dream is a positive sign. It refers to being highly regarded by your peers and you might receive a great deal of respect from them. It can also mean something promising for your love affairs. The person whom you are currently seeing has developed deep affection for you and reciprocates the love you are feeling for him or her. This could be the start of something deeper between the two of you.

Losing clothes

Losing clothes in your dream or not being able to locate them is a warning. There is a possibility that you could be undergoing a situation which could jeopardize your name. Such event might bring you shame. Maybe you will behave or act recklessly or commit a major mistake. Regardless of how it might happen, it will be something that will be hard to get over or reverse.

Colorful and fashionable clothes

Having a lot of colorful and fashionable clothes in your dream is a gentle reminder. It is telling you that you need to use good judgment when it comes to your decisions because you tend to overlook more important things in life. If you are not mindful about your choices, it can lead to problems and unwanted situations because you might neglect the most essential things in your life. If you are a young female who had this dream, it is telling you that you have certain dreams or wishes that you have not fulfilled yet but which you are still aspiring for.

Changing clothes

Dreaming of changing clothes or experiencing a vision of changing from one type of clothing to another, is symbolic of your current situation. It can mean that you are about to undergo some kind of transformation in your life, but this could only be superficial or external in its nature. Maybe you will change the way you dress or look by improving on your make-up or updating your wardrobe.

Clothes of dark red color

Having a dream that you are wearing clothes of dark red color, or just seeing them, is a sign of good things to come. You will be able to live a long and happy life ahead of you. It can also mean that you will receive wonderful news that will bring you happiness. If you have a partner or spouse who is about to go on a short trip, it means that he or she will remain loyal and devoted to you despite the distance.

Seeing another female in a crimson dress

Dreaming of seeing another female in a crimson dress and veiled in a black mourning veil symbolizes losing to a female rival. If you are a female and had this dream, it means that you will lose your battle against another woman, whether over a man, a position at work or for social recognition. This failure could push you to start despising or go against other women and succumb to disappointment and despair.

Refusing to wear unfashionable clothes

Refusing to wear unfashionable clothes in your dream indicates that you are considering parting ways with people from your current social circle. This decision could be the result of your desire to pursue new ventures, ambitions or plans of entering into a new relationship. This move can however lead to a major change in your outlook and character, therefore it would probably require careful consideration and thought before giving it a green light.

Buying clothes you like

Dreaming of buying clothes you like or those that fit you nicely is a promising sign. It is a vision of better things to come as you learn more about yourself. You would be able to improve yourself in the process, increase your self-confidence, have a better perception of how others see you, and because of all these, be able to achieve more in life.

Gold-embroidered clothes

Having a dream containing gold-embroidered clothes or having a vision that you are wearing them, signifies positive vibes. It means that you are well-respected by your peers and loved ones. It could also mean that in the near future, there will be events that you will be involved in which will bring you enjoyment and happiness.

Uniform as clothes

Wearing uniform as clothes in your dream or seeing this kind of clothes in your dream is a reflection of your personality. It is telling you that you tend to be selective in what you share with other people. You value your privacy very much and hide information which you consider valuable from other people. It also means that you tend to be shy in sharing your problems with other people, and that you try so much to please others, just following what they want you to do instead of being your true self. If you experience this dream and you are in this situaiton, maybe it is time to stand up for yourself and not be afraid to express who you are.

Short-length clothes

Wearing short-length clothes or seeing them in your dream, such as a mini-skirt or shorts, means that you are being too focused on youthful activities. It is telling you that maybe you are being too hung up on doing activities which are from your younger years, maybe partying or drinking or going out too much. This could be important time that you focus on something more appropriate for your age and life situation.

Light and comfortable clothes

Light and comfortable clothes in your dream, such as cotton or silk, is a promising sign. It indicates that things will happen according to your plans and this will bring you much satisfaction. It could also mean that you will marry someone who is domesticated and handy at doing household chores. If you are married, it could refer to having a peaceful and harmonious marriage, because you will have utmost understanding with your partner.

Many people in purple clothes

Dreaming of seeing many people in purple clothes is a symbol of substance abuse. You could have a tendency to succumb to certain substances which can be harmful to your health or use them excessively. Maybe you are using them as a way to escape from stress in life or you could be using this substance socially with your peers. Whatever the reason, it is time to be more aware of the amount and frequency by which you use these substances before you get too hooked up on them.

A friend dressed in the same clothes

I pass a friend in an old wooden hallway wearing similar clothing to me and hat to me and I say "Ha, we're dressed the same" after passing with no response but the friend responds in a cold way towards me and we pass.

Wearing clothes that are similar to those your friend is wearing could symbolize your desire to possess qualities your friend has. For example, your friend may be particularly smart, out-going or confident, and you hope to develop such qualities in yourself. Your friend's cold reaction could be your internal concerns that you would be seen as a copy cat. However, if you truly want to gain positive traits, you should not worry about what others think and only focus on making yourself better.

Clothes with holes

Seeing clothes with holes or dreaming that you are wearing such clothing in your dream is a negative sign. It is a warning about the people around you and those whom you trust. Some of these people you consider friends might cause you hardships in the near future because they will deceive you. Maybe they will steal from you, destroy your reputation or side with your rival or enemy. Try to be more cautious with those whom you trust.

Many people in white clothes

A dream with many people in white clothes is a sign of being overly busy. You have an extremely busy schedule, trying to juggle many projects and plans all at the same time. If you have this dream, maybe it is time to go easy on yourself and breathe a little bit because you might be overworking yourself towards burnout and stress.

Many people in red clothes

Dreaming of seeing many people in red clothes is a very promising sign, particularly financially. It is an indication of gaining material wealth and in turn, happiness in the future. This good fortune will last for a very long time. You will live a life of fulfillment, contented with the blessings that have been bestowed upon you.

Baby clothes

Baby clothes, regardless if they are colorful or soiled, depict unfavorable developments in your life due to your own actions. This could be an allusion to possible discord within your household or financial loss due to misconduct. No matter the scenario, you would end up in pretty miserable condition which would make you question your ability to make sound decisions. This failure you are about to face could also force you to explore your spiritual side as you re-assess selfish ways.

Black clothes at a funeral

Having a vision of wearing black clothes at a funeral is actually a favorable sign. It means that someone close to you is about to get married and this union will bring good things to you and to the people around you, like friends or family members. Maybe because the bride or the groom will bring a new connection to you, that will be helpful in your profession, or maybe the marriage will be the key to added financial assets.

All kinds of clothes

Envisioning all kinds of clothes in your dream, such as those inside a closet or a wardrobe rack,reflects your discontent with your sense of fashion at the moment. You often desire to change your look by having a new set of wardrobe or adding some pieces that will make your style more interesting and appealing.

Many people in blue clothes

A vision of seeing many people dressed in blue clothes refers to being separated from the people you love or your family, as well as leaving behind or abandoning things that mean a lot to you. You might travel far from everything that you have known all your life, not because you want to but because you need to fulfill certain duties and responsibilities that require you to do it.

Selling clothes

Dreaming that you are selling clothes is a sign of travel or adventure. There is a possibility that in the near future you will go on a trip for business or leisure. There is also a chance that it will involve widening your social circle, since the image involved suggests meeting different kinds of people. You could soon make new friends or connections during your travels.

Shortage of clothes

Having a shortage of clothes in your dream or not having the money to be able to buy them is actually a good sign. It means the total opposite of what the dream tells you because in real life you will be able to have a lot of clothes. You will have the kind of clothes you want and have the kind of look that will be pleasing to you.

A well-known person with no clothes

Seeing a well-known person with no clothes on or completely naked in your dream is a negative sign. It refers to being insulted or disappointed by people you know and trust. These people can hurt your feelings, and could possibly cause you much distress. If you have this vision, maybe it is high-time to evaluate the people around you and think well before you put your trust on others.

Wearing the wrong clothes

Wearing the wrong clothes, whether they are ill-fitting or inappropriate clothing, means there is a big change about to happen in your life. You could finally get rid of a bad habit, move to a new house or cut ties with fake friends. Alternatively, this symbol can also mean making a mistake. A tactless comment could get someone hurt or not paying attention could mean missing a flight. Try to keep yourself focused in the present to prevent yourself from committing errors which could easily be avoided.

Husband buying clothes

My husband for the first time in my life was buying traditional clothes outfit for me.

Dreaming that your husband is buying clothes for you means he is trying to force his beliefs and opinions on you. He wants you to turn into someone you are not. Specifically, traditional clothes refer to conservative values and conventional views. Depending on how you feel about it, you could clash and have a big argument or you could choose to let him call the shots to maintain peace and harmony in your household.

Wearing new clothes and shoes

A perception of yourself wearing brand new clothes and shows implies financial gains and fulfillment of your goals. This may revolve around your work or your endeavor. You can also receive recognition and compliments from people you look up to. Overall, this vision brings favorable news, so if you plan to venture into a business, you can heed this dream as a go signal.

Clothes with tassels

Dreaming of wearing or seeing clothes with tassels is a bad sign. It refers to a situation or event that will happen in the near future that will bring much disappointment and frustration to you. It can be failed plans, hindrances to your venture and the like. Or it can also be family-oriented in nature, since the tassels suggest a close connection between you and the possible source of such negativity. Be more cautious about what you say or do towards your family or even your friends, because this might lead to misunderstanding.

Stealing clothes

Stealing clothes.

Stealing clothes in a dream vision is often connected to low self-esteem but also a penchant for false confidence and pride. In a sense, you are robbing yourself of opportunities to grow and learn about yourself by putting on a fake persona in front of others. The clothes you stole, then, are those other personalities. It is likely that you act more strong, obnoxious or careless than you normally would in order to please those you consider friends. However, doing so not only ruins your image in their eyes, but hurts your self-confidence as well. It would be better to be honest about your feelings and preferences instead of hiding who you really are.

Buying clothes for special occasion

Dreaming that you are buying clothes for special occasion or purchasing clothes with special properties such as magical qualities shows your need for attention. You currently seek understanding and acceptance from people around you, particularly those who play a significant role in your life such as family, friends, and some people from your profession. This can also be an indication of your need for added protection from someone who is very close to you like your partner or significant other, a family member or your best friend.

Tearing off your clothes

Tearing off your clothes in your dream is a sign of a positive change. It reflects your efforts to change for the better and get rid of your bad habits. You are trying very hard to improve yourself so that your weaknesses will not hamper your pursuits of a happier and more fulfilled life ahead.

Long clothes

Seeing long clothes or dreaming of wearing them is an indication of your outstanding personality. It is a symbol of being highly regarded by people close to you. Your coworkers respect and admire you and your peers and family adore and love you very much. If you are having doubts about yourself and you had this dream, regard this as a strong assurance that you are loved and respected.

Clothes with beadwork

A dream about wearing or seeing clothes with beadwork is a delightful sign. It means that you are about to become a part of an event that is joyful and heartwarming. Maybe one of your friends will propose to his or her partner and you will be in on the surprise. Maybe a friend or relative will have a bridal or baby shower.

Selecting clothes to wear

Having a dream of selecting clothes to wear, such as browsing through your closet, is a sign of being promoted or getting ahead. You could soon receive a promotion at work for all the great work you are putting in. It is also an indication that you will soon advance in your plans and projects, whether at home or in your professional venture.

Lacy clothes

Seeing or wearing lacy clothes in your dream is a sign of being reunited with friends. You are about to see old friends or a close friend from way back in the past. Such meeting will bring much happiness for both you and your friend or friends, for you will be able to relive fond memories from the past, as well as rekindle old friendships.

Friend wearing dirty clothes

My friend came to me with dirty clothes and in need of a bath.

Dirty and torn clothes worn by your friend in this dream could serve as a warning about possible deceit or abuse this person is experiencing at the moment. He or she needs to be careful because someone new in their life or even somebody they already know, is out to take advantage of them. If this person is about to make an important decision about something that is doubtful, they should take heed and listen to the warning. Not doing so could prove to be harmful. Dreams about seeing other people in need of a bath, as to clean of something filthy, is an indication of them having some unhealthy or abnormal wants and desires. They could be in a risky or dangerous situation when following these questionable pursuits.

Washing dirty clothes

Washing clothes that you perceive are particularly dirty or soiled suggests you are being tricked by someone close to you in reality. A lover or friend may be stringing you along, and while you think they are sincere, the truth is that they care little for you or your needs. Looking closely at the true motivations of your closest allies may shed light on who is sincerely interested in your well-being and who is only with you for their own benefit.

Helping crush to find his clothes

My dream was of my crush (male). He was naked and only wearing his underwear. We where both in my sister's room alone but I (female) had on all my clothes. He was trying to find something to wear quickly but we couldn't find anything. Our main focus was finding a purple shirt but no luck. After this I woke up. I hope you can tell me what this means because I'm confused, thank you.

Envisioning your crush or romantic interest naked and then trying to find clothes to cover his nakedness signifies that he has been struggling with inner conflict. He might be seeking your or someone else's help to show him the right direction so that he could find an answer to his doubts. It also indicates his urge to satisfy some deep desires concerning taboos in an intimate relationship with someone. However, he probably only wants to find someone to support him by giving advice to choose between what is right and what is wrong.

Clothes with grease stains

Clothes with grease stains or dreaming of wearing stained clothes could mean something promising in the near future. You might receive a profitable or lucrative offer in the near future from someone. It could be a high-paying job or a chance to make financial investments. Also, if you are a young person who had this dream, it can mean that you could soon marry someone who is rich and influential.

Lots of beautiful clothes

I am a girl and I have dreamed about many beautiful clothes. What is the meaning of this dream? Please reply with your answer as soon as possible.

Dreaming about nice clothes signifies your well-balanced lifestyle and contentment regarding your current plans and obligations. This could also be a sign of meeting with those you have not seen in quite a while or attending a big event someone has plans to invite you to.

Dry clothes

The presence of dry clothes in the dream world represents all your efforts to climb up the ladder at work or receive a promotion. However, all these efforts would not guarantee a positive outcome. This will likely tempt you to go to all lengths just to reach your goal without realizing that you are putting everyone's welfare at stake. You might want to reassess your actions and determine the best way to achieve this without sacrificing your relationship with your coworkers.

Clothes falling off

The image of clothes falling off or being removed from your body is often associated with letting go. In a sense, you are removing the weight of expectations, old memories and unfulfilled dreams from yourself. This process would literally lighten your load and give you peace of mind, letting you feel free to choose a new path or let go of the baggage that has been holding you back.

Receiving clothes from an unfamiliar girl

It was about a girl whom I don't know in real life giving me a piece of clothing and I was very happy to see her. Her name was Richa, with long black hair. In a box she brought me a clothing piece.

Being given clothes which made you feel happy is a very auspicious sign to experience in a dream. It could mean a variety of positive outcomes, including possible improvements in everyday aspects of your waking life. However, because the girl giving this piece of clothing was unfamiliar to you in the dream, it could be some time before you attain complete inner peace and harmony present in your life.

Clothes in the closet unfit to wear

My dream is, I am rummaging through my closet (in my dream it is the same one I had as a child) and I can't find my clothes. I am in a hurry, need to change for work or in another scenario for a party, but the only clothes in the closet are children's clothing or someone else's clothes that don't fit or are inappropriate.

A closet without appropriate clothes for you to wear refers to an identity crisis. Because things are moving fast in your life and you need to adapt quickly in order to thrive, you may be losing sight of your core values. For instance, finding a child's clothes suggests regression while finding someone else's clothes symbolizes the pressure to fit in with your current social circle. For both scenarios, it means you are struggling to find your place in this world while being true to who you are. Once you find your true identity, including finding out what will give you fulfillment, then you can begin to carve out a path for yourself where you will succeed by your own merits.

Being followed by a person in black clothes

I dream about being followed by someone in black clothes, this person was a white guy. Later in the dream he stopped following me.

This vision could mean you are sad or unhappy at this point in time, or perhaps you are dreading some event about to take place in the future. This is seen in the image of the man following you in all black clothes. However, the white man may actually represent happiness or fulfillment, suggesting that whatever is bothering you may be a blessing in disguise. It may be that you need to look at something from a different point of view or try to see the silver-lining in a difficult situation. In any case, your dream is a reminder that things are not as bad as they seem.

Clothes with bows

Seeing clothes with bows or wearing them in your dream refers to being a part of something that is unexpected. An event might transpire or a situaiton could happen that could bring you much surprise. It is something that you will play an active role in. Maybe you will help plan a surprise party or a fundraiser for a friend in need or something to help others when they need your support or assistance.

Flamboyant clothes

Wearing flamboyant clothes in your dream, such as those with sequins, bright colors or outrageous details, signifies being in a sticky situation. You could be digging a hole for yourself right now or be in a situation which tends to place you in a precarious position. Be wary of your decisions in order to avoid further trouble. Also, it can be an indication that you are about to get into trouble in the near future.

Clothes stained with peanut butter

I dreamed I was having difficulty taking my clothes off and then I noticed it was full of peanut butter at my knees on the clothes.

Trying but being unable to take off your clothes suggests you are currently experiencing difficulty letting go of things in your life. The presence of peanut butter, in this case, can indicate one of two things. It sometimes takes on a physical meaning, indicating you may have hoarding tendencies or collections of items that have grown out of control. On the other hand, the peanut butter could just indicate obstacles in general, pointing toward letting go of emotional baggage like guilt or anger.

Giving clothes to another person

Seeing yourself giving clothes to another person in a dream should be seen as a warning sign that is linked to your personal life. This vision directly mirrors the possibility of sharing your partner with someone else in real life. You might be too confident about your relationship and do not realize that your lover is having an illicit affair. Perhaps it is high time that you pay attention to your partner's whereabouts and activities in order to save your relationship.

Clothes of unusual colors

Seeing clothes of unusual colors or wearing them under unnatural lighting in your dream signifies a warning. You need to be careful in the near future for you might be facing some hindrances or be placed in harm's way while you are in pursuit of your plans and ambitions. Be mindful after experiencing this vision to avoid any untoward circumstances or complications.

Taking off old clothes

Taking off old clothes in your dream is a symbol of letting go. It means that you need to let go of plans or ambitions that have been in your mind for a long time now. Maybe because these are actually wasting your time which could be used in more productive ways. Or maybe these are not meant for you and you need to devote your energy to something more worthwhile.

Black and white clothes

It started off as a football game with some family members, then changed to all my old graduating classmates wearing white, but me who was wearing my black work shirt.

Playing football in your dream can represent cooperation and competition. You could be faced with tasks and challenges in which you would need the support of your family and friends. The appearance of your graduating classmates wearing white clothes alludes to a busy schedule or juggling many duties, perhaps as a consequence of being part of the workforce and earning your keep. In contrast, your black shirt suggests looming difficulties as you try to relate to your peers. You may be off to a different path and you find it hard to fit in with your age group.

Receiving a piece of clothes from a teacher

Got a green blouse piece as Tambulam from a Brahmin teacher.

Receiving a green piece of clothing means you are being encouraged to be more confident and assertive. Green is the color of wealth and abundance, so your teacher in the dream symbolizes a mentor or elder who is guiding you in the real world and wants to see you succeed. You need to be open to advice as well as criticism from people wiser and more experienced than you because they can help you make better decisions.

Clothes missing some details

If you dream of seeing clothes missing some details, like buttons, zippers or the like, be warned. This is a symbol of deceit and betrayal. People whom you consider friends are actually going behind your back, spreading lies and harmful information about you. If this doesn't stop, they could ruin your reputation in the future. Maybe it is perfect time to reflect on the people who surround you and be more cautious about trusting others too much.

Sharing your clothes

Dreaming of sharing your clothes or certain items of your clothes with someone is a warning related to your spouse or lover. It is symbolic of sharing your partner with someone else. Your significant other could actually be going behind your back, seeing somebody else whom he or she is having sexual relations with. If you experience this vision in your dream, maybe it is time to be more aware of your partner's activities.

Wearing chic expensive clothes

Wearing chic expensive clothes in your dream actually indicates the opposite of what it tries to show. It is a symbol of being penniless, and therefore not having any money to buy pricey clothing. This dream refers to not being able to buy the kind of wardrobe you want because you might not have the budget or the money available to do so.

Clothes made of fur

Seeing clothes made of fur in your dream is a sign of acquiring material assets. You could be gaining some material possessions or a property in the near future, as an outcome of a legal proceeding. Maybe you filed a complaint about a property or been aggrieved by a specific person or group, for which you will win the battle and be awarded for it.

Matching clothes with jewelry

I was collecting beautiful stones from under the bed. A lot of smooth beautiful stones that were rocks, not any kind of jewelry. However, I found a set of beautiful turquoise earrings. I smiled and chose to pair them with a black blouse and black pants. I held the blouse up to inspect it, asked my mother "Where are black pants?". She replied "On the line, drying". I looked out the window at the black pants and pictured the outfit on on me with earrings. Female.

Dreaming about discovering precious stones under your bed signifies fresh opportunities which you would find in unexpected places. These would help you improve your life to a great extent. Stumbling upon a pair of turquoise earrings predicts that you would make the most of these prospects and become successful. The presence of your mother in the dream further reinforces the notion of the accomplishments and triumphs appearing in your life's path. Make sure you remain open to new developments and welcome them with open arms. This is a period of great fortune because things would turn in your favor.

Receiving clothes from a deceased friend

I am a female. I dreamed I was in a cabin with other people, and a mutual friend brought me clothes in a suitcase that had been left to me by my friend who passed away. I tried on dresses and shoes. They seemed to fit. I didn't feel negative in the dream, it's like she was trying to give her old clothes to me just being nice. The cabin was leaking and other people were getting their items together to leave, just as I was.

The leaking cabin refers to an upcoming trip or vacation. Although you wish this would be a perfect getaway, there will be some hiccups. Instead of spending a stretch of period relaxing and recovering, you will encounter little annoyances and distractions. You could lose money, get scrapes and scratches, or you could even miss your flight. And while you will emerge not totally rejuvenated, this will become one of your go-to stories to tell during gatherings and reunions. Meanwhile, those clothes from your deceased friend reveal your changing perspective. You want to become more adventurous and take more risks. This may even be the reason for booking the trip. In this phase of your life, you will place yourself in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations which will help you get to know yourself better and become a more responsible adult.

Wearing your traditional clothes

Seeing yourself wearing traditional clothes is a manifestation of your feeling in real life. For a woman, this dream suggests that you need to look into your femininity, for doing so will help you overcome some situations in the real world and reach your full potential. Likewise, this dream is also a symbol of rigid attitude and inflexibility, either your own or the people around you, in terms of work or making important decisions.

Clothes given and running away from someone

I am dreaming about clothes, someone gives clothes to me and I put it in a suitcase then I go run away from my mother or my employer.

Dreaming about someone donating or giving you clothes which you noticed putting in a suitcase could be sign of potential hardship or disappointment brought about by the person who gave you clothes in the dream. The vision of running away from the mother figure you are describing could be an indication that these issues or troubles could also be coming from or caused by this person. These potential issues are likely to be related to your household or workplace.

Embarrassed to wear old clothes

I dreamed about wearing ugly old clothes and feeling embarrassed to go in front of my friends.

Seeing yourself wearing ugly or unfashionable clothes and feeling shame and embarrassment at the prospect of having your friends mock you for what it appears to look could be a subconscious representation of certain feelings that you may be harboring. It is possible you no longer enjoy the company of some of your friends, most likely the older ones whom you have known the longest. You may feel that they drag you down and may even be keeping you from reaching or achieving certain goals. You should perhaps talk with them before doing anything that you could end up regretting later.

Being given clothes and shoes by a deceased lady

I had a dream that a lady I knew when I was a small girl, she is now long deceased. She brought for me two huge sacks, one full of clothes, the other full of shoes. Apparently she had made this promise still in the dream and kept it. I opened the bag full of shoes. I found assorted shoes. Many baby shoes, a pair of sneakers too small for me and several different types of black sandals that could fit. None of all these shoes were new. They were handed me down. I packed them back to keep for me.

Your dream may seem contradictory at first because dreaming of a deceased friend could mean you may receive unexpected and exciting news, but envisioning old shoes could mean exactly the opposite, which is having to face some unwanted surprises and difficulties, most of which would involve trips to places or locales known to you. Perhaps the visit of the old lady you once knew is a sign that you should be preparing for some difficult times, while knowing that you have the strength to overcome them and embrace brighter opportunities which would allow you to improve your situation. The notion of old shoes could also mean that these problems you would face are not completely new to you, but you would finally begin to understand how to deal with them.

Deceased mother giving nice clothes

I dreamt of my late mom giving me fancy, beautiful very neat clothes. I was so overjoyed. What could it mean? I'm a lady.

Dreaming about receiving brand new clothes could mean that something important is about to happen in your waking life that would finally allow you to fulfill your wants and aspirations. The notion that it was your late mom giving you these items could mean that these events will be directly connected to your past, as if it was the conclusion of a long-term dream you once had and never thought you would actually be able to achieve.

Husband receiving clothes from a dying man

I dreamed about a man and my husband, I didn't recognize who the man was in my dream, but I saw that the man is really sick and he is dying. My husband suddenly appears in my dream and it seems that he knows the man, then I don't know why but the man gives my husband clothes. 3 different colors - red, black, and I think the other one is gray. My husband took the clothes and he wears the black one and I found out in my dream that the man who gives him the clothes is already dead. That's all.

Seeing a dying person in dreams denotes impending hardship you and your husband would experience. The origin would be unknown which would make it harder for you to cope, especially if someone back-stabbed or betrayed you. The clothing given to your husband represents different outcomes to your personal trials. Red clothes mean you would triumph over your enemies and enjoy material gains as well as overall happiness. But since your husband chose the black clothes, then failure is ahead accompanied by misery and suffering from this setback. After the dust settles, your partnership and marriage would either become stronger or it would break under the sheer weight of your problems.

Men wearing dark clothes

My dream: 2 groups of men, one group wearing black and the other group wearing gray.

The two groups of men you saw in your vision represent two possible but equally unhappy paths your life could take. The group wearing black clothes represents difficulties related to illness and unfavorable outcomes to certain questions currently on your mind. Any uncertainty you are facing in your life right now would surely turn out badly if you tried to secure an answer now. The men dressed in gray symbolize financial troubles, possibly following some minor insignificant material gains, which could contribute to stress and anxiety in reality.

Burning clothes

Dreaming of burning clothes, particularly if you burned yours or somebody else's, symbolizes possible material losses. This can be caused by theft, erroneous business decisions, excessive spending or other similar reasons. If in your dream however, the clothes were burning while you are wearing them, it indicates that you could soon lose precious property that you possess.

Velour clothes

Having velour clothes or wearing them in your dream, is a sign of good things to come. An event will transpire which will be delightful and enjoyable to you, maybe a wedding, reunion or the like. It can also refer to being invited to an event that is social in its nature, like a party. If in your dream you were buying velour clothes, it is a positive indication about your business or venture. It means that your business is very stable and will remain successful for a very long time.

Several layers of clothes

The lady I'm in love with was putting on several layers of clothes with no regard for how they fit. She put on lace turquoise panties over jeans at some point. Asked why? She said she is getting ready for whatever we decide to do for the rest of the day.

Dreaming that the woman you are in love with is putting on clothes in the dream world refers to the numerous stages, events or situations you could find yourself in while pursuing a romantic relationship with her. In essence, each layer of clothing represents a layer of her personality you would learn about or a trial you would go through together. For example, putting panties on over jeans may refer to a period of time when lust would overrule more important values, like trust or loyalty. Either of you may be tempted to objectify the other in search of sexual gratification. While short periods of time engaging in this behavior are neither uncommon nor bad, there were obviously multiple combinations of clothing in the vision, alluding to the variety you may expect in the future. The best course of action should you wish to continue with this woman is to accept developments as they occur and try to keep an open mind to each new situation that unfolds.

Having different-color clothes

My girlfriend followed me with 4 sachets of water on a plate and wore white clothes when I was wearing black clothes.

Wearing black clothes in a dream is usually associated with sadness and death. This vision could be taken literally to mean the loss of someone close to you, however, the other symbols in this vision seem to point toward a more positive meaning. This is because white clothes represent happiness and prosperity which, in combination with the water symbol, predict being successful in an endeavor you are working on at the moment. In essence, victory and satisfaction in your results are going to be following you even though your immediate surroundings indicate otherwise. Things may look dark straight ahead, but if you keep pushing forward you can find a way to make things work.

Mending clothes

The act of sewing a piece of clothing or fixing torn garment is a lucky omen. This implies that a possibility of promotion at work or any stroke of luck is on your way. However, this dream might also represent your yearning to mend broken relationships in the real world or wanting to stay in contact with some people in your life. Thus, paying attention to specific details involved is advisable.

Sorting through clothes to be donated

I had a dream someone donated my clothes to charity. I didn't necessarily wanted to get rid of some items, others I did and I didn't know who, maybe my ex-husband, or how they got them. I had to sort through them in public with people around. I was with someone who used to be my neighbor, we are friendly, but she is better off than I am. Some items were expensive jeans that I don't wear and an old sweatsuit of mine my daughter wears.

Donation of clothes to charity pertains to shedding of certain qualities of yourself that perhaps no longer fit in with your current lifestyle. The notion that someone else donated these items on your behalf reflects your reluctance to change your attitude or adapt to the expectations of your friends and family. You may be feeling scrutinized by your social circle and you get a sense that they are trying to change who you are. With any kind of dynamics going, there would always be a compromise involved to maintain peace and order within a group. Perhaps sorting your stuff as they looked on is your way of looking within yourself and negotiating which qualities are essential to your persona and which ones can be shed off for personal development.

Admiring other people's clothes

Admiring other people's clothes in your dream refers to being suspected of infidelity. Your partner or spouse is having doubts about your faithfulness and could be thinking that you are going behind his or her back with someone else. Maybe this is the right time to assure him or her of your loyalty.

Others with no clothes on

Dreaming of others with no clothes on or seeing people who are naked is a warning. It is telling you that you might be overlooking something in your life. This something could be a source of happiness, news or a wonderful surprise, but since you are being dismissive of it, you could possibly lose it in your life. The people who appear naked in your dream will cause you to lose sight, so be mindful.

Wearing kid's clothes

Wearing kid's clothes in your dream is actually a warning sign. It symbolizes discord or upheaval. There could be disagreements or fights which might occur within your family and which might cause considerable distress to you. The misunderstanding can be due to any cause, such as difference in perspectives or financial issues.

Making children's clothes

Making children's clothes in your dream is a sign of childbearing, specifically if you are a female. It means that there could be a possibility of you becoming pregnant sometime in the near future. This could be delightful news if you have been wanting a baby for quite sometime now.

Adoring other people's clothes

Adoring other people's clothes in your dream is a symbol of confrontation. Some time in the near future, a loved one might approach you to clarify if you are being unfaithful or if you are cheating behind his or her back. It could also mean that a loved one may be jealous of you and might confront you because of it.

Wearing women's clothes for a male

Wearing women's clothes for a male or if you are a male and had a dream that you are wearing women's clothing, it is a reflection of your sexuality. You might have transvestite tendencies and desire to express your feminine side. It can also be an indication of your sexual preferences and you have possible inclination towards homosexuality. However, you are repressing such emotion because of your experiences as a heterosexual which could have possibly caused you some trauma.

A woman dressed in men's clothes

Dreaming of a woman dressed in men's clothes is a symbol of welcoming a new family member. It means that you will have an addition to the family in the near future and this will be a baby boy. It could be your own child, a nephew or a grandchild.

Men's work clothes for a female

Men's work clothes for a female or if you are a female and you see such images in your dream, is a warning about someone you love or like. You could be misreading the real intentions of the person you are currently dating, and this might lead to heartache or disappointment on your part. If you are a married woman and you had this dream, it means discovering your husband's rendezvous. Your husband's frequent absences could actually be due to some activity that he is hiding from you. You might soon find out about this because of a certain incident that might transpire.

Chef's clothes given as a gift

I dreamed of all white beautiful cook wear given to me as a gift.

Cook wear, such as an apron or a toque, alludes to self-confidence. You may be getting ready to tackle a challenge or start a new venture. An opportunity is waiting in the wings that will allow your skills and capabilities to shine.

Being told to wash clothes by a dead person

Someone in the grave told me to wash the dirty clothes.

Talking to someone in a grave, particularly if you know them, emphasizes the negative energy that surrounds them in wake life. If you did not immediately recognize the person, it could be because they are wearing a disguise, that is they could be acting differently than their true nature. Dirty clothes predict learning some troubling or horrifying information about this person, possibly the reason behind their deception or their true aims in befriending you, whether in person or online.

Dealing with clothes and money

I dreamt that I was wearing white sari with my one and half year old son. In that dream my daddy called me to a room were there is another man there, both wearing white robes with that touch of blue. They gave me to wear too, while trying to wear it on the old one, my mother stopped me that this is what my brother did too that ended him where he is. Immediately I left carrying my son, but forget to carry my 4 thousand money and an ATM card. I was worrying that if I carry a bike where will I get money to pay him.

Robes, saris and any type of outerwear in dreams typically represents issues or problems you are trying to hide. It is a layer you put on as a fa├žade to show the world a more well-adjusted version of yourself. In reality, you probably harbor insecurities, fears and anxieties you try to hide in order to protect your son. This is you putting on a brave front for him. Maybe your current predicament involves financial difficulties and you are keeping that problem to yourself. However, you may need to confide in trusted friends and family members so you do not dig yourself in a deeper hole.

Clothes of a deceased mother

My husband's cousin gave me 3 plum-colored dresses that used to belong to her mother. Her mother is deceased. She took them out of the bedroom closet and laid them on the bed for me. I did not touch them. She put on a beautiful spring dress that had a lot of wildflowers on it. I complimented her. She was very happy, spinning around like a little girl.

The plum-colored dresses in the context of this dream are symbols of wisdom and kindness. Perhaps your husband's cousin likes to dispense practical knowledge or share lessons she learned from her mother as a way of keeping her mother's legacy alive. Some of the advice she gives you may be unsolicited, yet it could be part of her coping mechanism for her grief. In the process of unburdening her personal baggage to you or other family members, she may start feeling a little lighter and more excited about what the future holds for her.

Retrieving deceased person's clothes

My mother passed away one year after my neighbor, on the same day with her anniversary. She had a green dress. Last night I dreamed my mother asked me to get the dress from my dead neighbor's family. One member of the family gave me the dress plus one extra crimson color velvet head shawl with Persian quilt design and many pieces of mirrors were attached to it.

Items of clothing that are crimson red usually refer to a renewed determination and zest for life. Perhaps you have been stuck in a rut recently and still grieving for your dead mother or coping with the loss of loved ones. As such, obtaining the dress with the red velvet shawl marks the beginning of your concerted efforts to pick yourself up from depression and finally put forward a plan to pursue your dreams and personal goals. This is why there are pieces of mirror on the shawl to symbolize introspection and self-reflection.

Someone putting worn out clothes on

An image of torn or worn-out clothes is an allusion to a negative incident that you might soon experience. For one, the possibility of someone deceiving you or taking advantage of you is highly likely. You could be a victim of fraud or find yourself in a compromising position. Additionally, this also suggests financial difficulty that might be rooted in lavish spending or a failing business. It would be wise to handle your finances well from now on.

Throwing away clothes

Getting rid of your used or old clothes represents an internal signal that you are in a fortunate enough position to rid yourself of the things that have been holding you down until this point. In many cases, this vision refers to getting rid of bad habits or aspects of your personality that were formed early on so that you can grow into the best version of yourself. In other cases, it can mean a more physical change, like losing weight or putting effort into your appearance.

Not finding clothes to wear

Not finding clothes to wear in a dream can reveal subconscious feelings of being exposed and vulnerable. Knowing the inability to find fitting clothes signify uncertainty or feeling out of place in a particular situation. In some cases, the dream indicates a sense of being unable to present yourself authentically or hiding a secret aspect of yourself. However, the shortage of appropriate attire may also point to a perceived lack of resources or answers in your waking life.