Dreams Related To Closet

Friends as zombies and hiding in a closet

A friend of mine was performing sexual acts on the corpse of a mutual friend. The corpse was moved around during the dream and was decaying. The other friend was in a drug-induced zombie type state. Older men in black came to the home and I hid from them, cleaned up the house and escaped over a fence. Somehow I am back in the house with friend's wife in a closet hiding from men. They find her easily, then find me under clothes, but not easily. I wake up. This left me feeling terrified for the entire day.

Dreams about necrophilia or sexual acts with a corpse usually mean finding pleasure in other people's demise. In the case of your dream, being a spectator or observer of this act reveals your tendency to stay quiet about injustices happening all around you. You are going to discover unethical actions or wrongful behavior but because you do not want to become involved or put yourself in a compromising position, you would decide to stay quiet even if it means others would suffer and are being treated badly. Meanwhile, those men in black clothes refer to bad news or events which would lead to your disappointment and disillusionment. This most likely refers to your discovery as someone close to you, or someone you respect, is not as trustworthy and decent as they seem. So your friend's wife hiding in a closet could indicate her refusal to accept darker aspects of her husband, but both of you must acknowledge this new information and learn to deal with it.

Coming out of the closet

Coming out of the closet during a dream vision, whether or not you are gay or lesbian in reality, may be a sign that some flaw or weakness in your character is bothering you. This is most likely not related to your preferences in sexual partners. For example, you may feel that you are too timid and do not stand up for your beliefs. Alternatively, you may have picked up a habit, like vaping or spending too much time comparing yourself to others on social media, that is bringing you down physically and mentally. This may be a sign from your subconscious that you need to put some extra time, effort and TLC into yourself.

Closet full of new coats

It's my sister's dream. She dreamed in her closet she had brand new fur coats, all different colors, white, blue, etc.

A closet full of brand new, high-quality fur coats is a highly auspicious symbol in the dream realm, and your sister should be on the lookout for good things coming her way. She would soon find herself at the center of a large number of interesting and potentially profitable projects, though this does not necessarily mean that they would be related to money. For example, your sister may get to work with someone famous or well-respected in her field, giving her the chance to learn from the best of the best and be intellectually enriched.

Things and people appearing from a closet

I have been having this dream since I moved into my room, so I have this closet and it has a hole that leads to the attic well. In my dream there is always something climbing out of the hole, like yesterday there was a little girl with black hair and a white dress and she is either climbing up or down the hole or staring straight at me when I open the door, but when my mom opens it she is not there. What does this mean and why is it always happening to me?

In general, envisioning people or things entering your private living space in a dream could be reflective of your internal fear or concern that you are not going to stay in this place, in this case, your room, for long. You could be feeling insecure or intimidated by the signs in real life which clearly show you that soon you would have to move. As for the image of a little girl crawling out of the hole in the closet, it predicts upcoming unexpected visits. That is, someone or some people may show up at your door unannounced. These uninvited guests may be the answer, good or bad, to your fears and uneasy feelings projected into these subconscious visions.

Walk in closet

A vision of a walk-in wardrobe is an allusion to how you perceive and show yourself to others. If the closet has missing items, then this signifies that you tend to hide an aspect of your personality from people to protect yourself from judgment. In your mind, you always strive to make other people see you as a respected and virtuous figure in your field of work. This image also signifies looming issues that could potentially tarnish your image.