Dreams Related To Cliff

Driving off a cliff with a coworker

My cousin who is my main employee in my company was driving me in a work van and we drove off a snowy cliff. We looked at each other and knew there was nothing we could do.

The cliff in your dream represents a significant turning point in your business. The steep drop means that this defining moment is critical for the survival of your company. Perhaps you are apprehensive about the obstacles that are ahead for your company and you feel like you are losing control of the situation. Furthermore, you may have put a lot of trust and faith in your cousin since he or she is the one driving in your dream vision. As the main employee, it is possible that major decisions were made by your cousin which can have both positive and negative repercussions. Maybe this vision is meant to encourage you to be a little more hands on when it comes to big decisions, otherwise you may just be giving others the power to run your company to the ground.

Jumping off a cliff

A dream where you jump off a cliff, without context or as part of an extreme sports activity, means you may face big changes in your reality. You could get married, change your career, move to a distant place or something else that would shift your entire existence. This could also point to a critical moment in which you would need to make a big decision in order to keep going or move forward. It would require a lot of courage because a lot of the consequences may be unknown to you.

Someone else falling off a cliff

Envisioning someone else falling off the edge of a cliff may reveal that you are having some kind of prophetic vision about someone close to you in wake life. It may be the individual you saw in your vision or someone with similar features. In essence, this vision suggests this man or woman likes to test the depth of water with both feet, meaning they tend to get involved in things without thinking things through. Your dream may be your unconscious mind urging you to help this individual figure out a better way of dealing with their situation by relying on your experience or knowledge.

Driving off a cliff

Driving off a cliff is a sign closely associated with turning points or shifting control in reality. The exact meaning depends on the situation and who else was in the car with you. For instance, purposely driving off of a cliff yourself could mean you are attempting to wrench control of a situation away from someone else by dominating the decision-making in a particular situation. Alternatively, if there was no clear reason why you went off the cliff, it suggests you are in a bit of a freefall or being controlled by outside forces that may or may not be recognizable at this point.

Standing at the foot of a cliff

If you envision yourself standing at the foot of a cliff, perhaps by the side of the sea or as you are hiking your way to the mountaintop, refers to a flash of inspiration or unlocking your creative juices. Someone or something could inspire you to pursue a creative undertaking. You may start an arts and crafts project, write something literary or use your artistic talents to fix up your space. Maybe you would decorate your house or do some renovations to make your room feel more comfortable or pleasing to the eyes.

Falling off a cliff in a car

To fall off a cliff while driving or being a passenger of a car in your dreamscape is an indication of too much bravado. You may have a tendency to jump the gun without carefully considering the ramifications. You may invest your money in an investment opportunity which will turn out to be impractical. It is also possible that you would volunteer yourself to a project without thinking about the amount of time and work required. You need to be more self-aware about your brash actions to avoid wasting resources.

Family members pushing the car over the cliff

I was tied up in the driver's seat as my mom, sisters, brother and son were pushing from the back of the car and my ex was pushing from the door and saying "I knew we could push you over the edge". In the background my best friend was sitting on the ground in a straight jacket and my other friend was watching from a lawn chair while drinking a mountain dew and smoking a cigarette with her husband standing behind her. All of them were laughing. I woke before the car went over the cliff.

Dream scenarios in which people are laughing at you imply that you need to relax and not take everything too seriously. Your mind is stressed out at the moment because you tend to overthink even the tiniest issues or concerns. In addition, the presence of family members and close friends reveals ongoing discord in your household and you feel responsible for restoring peace and harmony. For instance, your ex's statement about pushing you to the edge indicates your role as the conscientious member of your family and social circle. However, the downside of being too responsible is the opportunity for others to slack off and depend too much on you. Being strapped and tied to the driver's seat suggests your role as a leader and peacemaker is against your will. Since you are being overburdened by problems, you need to pick your battles. Some situations do not need your intervention, so you need to prioritize wisely.

Standing on a cliff

Dreaming that you are standing on the edge of a cliff, with a dark and ominous sky overhead or jagged rocks below, means you could be delivering a speech or presentation to an important audience soon. It could be for work as part of your responsibilities or a social occasion like a wedding or a tribute to someone special. This dream means that you are probably stressing over this public speaking engagement so you would have to practice your speech beforehand to help you get over your nerves.

Falling off a cliff and surrounded by wolves

I am running from something, then I fall off a cliff and stay in a fetal position while I hear wolves surrounding me, but they just snarl and sniff, never harming me. I've had this dream for 16 years now. Just curious about what that means?

To fully understand this vision, we need to look at the signs in reverse order. Being surrounded by and hearing wolves suggests you sense the presence of people around you who you think can do you harm. These are likely in the form of fake friends who are "wolves in sheep's clothing." This is preceded by falling off of a cliff, which indicates constant anticipation of some terrible events befalling you, possibly as a result of bullying or hateful gossip by your "friends." You may have realized this situation is a possibility, which is seen in the image of you running from something perceived to be a threat. You recognize the need for change and understand the importance of getting out of this predicament, but cannot pull yourself together to make it happen, thus causing the dream to keep occurring.

Driving off a cliff and drowning

I am a single mother of six with a recurring dream pattern of me driving off a cliff and drowning, but I recently had a similar dream but with a twist... I'm driving with my two daughters and I was fussing at the oldest and went over a cliff... I jumped out... The car went over and all I heard was screams... Then out of nowhere I don't know who they were, guys jumped in and rescued them.

Driving off a cliff with your daughters in the car with you speaks of disagreements and possible discord between you and your children. It could be that you and one or all of them cannot find a compromise or reach an agreement in some serious matter which affects each of you. It is also possible that you always try to take control of the situation without letting them to make their input in decisions the outcomes of which would affect you all. Should you let emotions drive you to the edge, you could end up damaging your relationship with your children. This vision reminds you to remain understanding and magnanimous when your family matters are at stake.

Standing alone on a cliff

It is neither day or night, no sun, no moon, no stars, no wind, no clouds. I'm standing alone and calm on a cliff high above the ocean, behind and beneath me there is a city completely burning.

Subconsciously, cliffs represent standing at the precipice of some great change or new phase in your life. The direction of this upheaval, however, is unclear because the image of the ocean spread before you predicts a vast number of opportunities for you to choose from. In this case, you may be able to study something you are deeply interested in, find a new job or meet the person of your dreams. Whatever the case, this change in circumstances is likely to bring you great happiness and pleasure, as the image of the burning city behind you suggests that whatever you experience can ignite the fire of passion and motivation within you.