Dreams Related To City


The city itself is a significant symbol in the dreamscape. In general, a city is a metaphor for social connections and your neighborhood. The context of the dream as well as the specifics of this city will provide a deeper dream analysis for this symbol. For example, visiting a city from your past means you miss your childhood friends or long for your carefree days. A strange city, meanwhile, reveals your feeling of loneliness and isolation. You have to connect your current experiences with this city in your dream to uncover struggles which may not be immediately apparent to you.

Being lost in a strange city

Getting lost in a bizarre or strange city indicates alienation in the real world. You are feeling left out and unsupported by your community, maybe because of your beliefs and opinions. In addition, you probably cannot relate to the struggles of the others because you live in a sheltered and comfortable bubble. In dream analysis, being lost can also allude to a lack of preparation. Your project may fail or plans may not pan out because you did not do the necessary research for a seamless execution.

Living in an unfamiliar city and a bird flying in

I was on the phone with my ex-bf whom I haven't been with for 5 years now, he was asking me where I live now. I remember looking around out the window and seeing tall buildings like I was living in the city. I then walked to the bathroom and I could see a bird flying towards me. The bird had a bright light around it, it flew in my window and on my head and pooped on me and the bird was saying like a poem or riddle. I can't remember what it was saying.

In a dream, conversing with an ex-boyfriend has negative connotations. It could denote one of the people close to you, such as a family member, spouse or friend, becoming ill or disabled. This vision does not reveal the severity of the condition, but the later symbols indicate you could profit or better your situation due to these circumstances. This is because seeing tall buildings signifies a fortunate event positively affecting your finances. It suggests that you are likely to receive a financial incentive, like a stipend, bonus or reward. This positive event is further strengthened by the talking bird, as this particular sign symbolizes fortune and good luck. It would be wise to take a chance and go forward with activities that you have been planning for a while.