Dreams Related To Cistern

Fishing out an item from a cistern

If you dream of retrieving an item from a cistern it could signify that you are about to participate in dubious as well as dangerous activities. Such activities might prove to be troublesome and could put you in jeopardy. You must be aware of the dangerous paths which you would be treading because of these nefarious activities.

After having this dream, make sure you do not attend any receptions uninvited and refrain from passing judgement on others actions or behaviors as this might back-fire and cause many problems for you.

Empty cistern

If you dream of looking at an empty cistern, it is symbolic of approaching disappointments, either in love or money matters. It's a warning which must be heeded to. You must prepare yourself to face a period of difficulties and disappointments.

Cistern with unknown contents

Dreaming about a cistern whose contents are unknown to you is a significant warning of a plot being hatched against you, behind your back. Something which might not be in your favor without you having any prior knowledge regarding it. It means that you are going to become a possible subject of a conspiracy plot.

Putting something in the cistern

If you dream about yourself or someone else putting something in a cistern it means that there are bad tidings for you in the near future. It is significant of troubles which you will have to face all because of the petty jealousies of those around you, who are envious of you. These people might also cause you troubles simply because they dislike or despise you.

Taking something out of the cistern

If you dream about taking something out of a cistern it is symbolic of your success. Success at being able to overcome obstacles placed in your path by those who are plotting against you or trying to create problems in your everyday projects and activities. But no matter how hard they try, they cannot come in your way of success.

Seeing a cistern

A dream about looking at a cistern which is either filled with contents or not, it signifies that there is something deceitful going to take place. It also shows your inability to overcome certain obstacles placed in your path. These obstacles will render you unable to overcome difficulties and come out successful.This dream can also be taken as a warning, one which warns you to be more tight-fisted and spend a little less.

This dream must be considered as a warning to curb your spending ways, otherwise there are dire consequences awaiting you, which might tip the scale of your financial balance, leaving your broke.

Filling a cistern with water

If you dream of trying to fill a cistern with water it could signify your desire to know the outcomes of possible ventures. But you would be taken by surpirse at these outcomes because of their unpredictability. You will be unable to predict the results.

Draining a big cistern

If you dream about draining a big cistern in order to empty it, it should be taken as a warning to be mindful of your spending habits, and not to spend on things which are of no or little value to you. Such a warning must be taken seriously and not be brushed aside, otherwise you might have to face dire consequences like ending up broke.

Smashing an empty cistern

If you dream about hitting an empty cistern and hearing muffled sounds after banging on it, it is symbolic of the fact that you are about to get involved in nefarious activities by becoming a part of a group of people. These people are in no way beneficial to be around and would only bring you trouble. You will most certainly not get any pleasure or satisfaction from their company.

Several empty cisterns

If you see several empty cisterns in your dream, it is symbolic of the kind of life you are living. One which is devoid of any friends or close relationships. This is only because of your inability to maintain good relationships, due to misunderstanding and wrong notions about people or things. It is indicative of your own stubborn nature.